Amberen Perimenopause Review: Effective for Perimenopause Relief?

In this article, we take a look at Amberen’s Perimenopause Relief supplement to combat perimenopause symptoms and see if it is effective.

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The period of being perimenopausal refers to the point in a woman’s life when she will begin making the transition over to menopause, when she can no longer bear children. The age that a woman experiences perimenopause can vary. Some women notice symptoms as early as their mid-30s, while others won’t notice any changes until they’re well into their 40s. The most noticeable symptoms tend to be fewer regular periods, increased anxiety and worry, mood changes, depression, sleep issues and hot flashes. These symptoms tend to worsen over the years until menopause has finally arrived.

The reason for these perimenopause symptoms is that the female hormone estrogen is rising and falling at an uneven rate. The balance is so disrupted that many women will not properly ovulate, and it can become difficult to get pregnant once perimenopause has begun. Once a woman has not experienced a period for 12 months in a row, she is considered to be menopausal. The transitional period has ended.

To make life easier and cope with the different symptoms that can occur during perimenopause, there are different nutrients and supplements that can be used regularly. I’m going to introduce you to one such product called Amberen.

Quick Summary of Amberen Perimenopause Relief Review

Supplement:Amberen Perimenopause Relief
Relieves up to:10 perimenopause symptoms
Helps restore hormone-balance:Yes
Helps restore menstrual regularity:Yes
Clinical testing:Amberen Perimenopause Relief has been clinically tested on perimenopausal women
Best alternatives:Provitalize, Opositiv MENO, Womaness Me. No. Pause.
Average Customer Rating:4.3/5 (5,800+ customer reviews)
Go Wellness Rating:3.8/5

Introducing Amberen Perimenopause Relief

Relief for Permienopausal amberen

Amberen Perimenopause is a product that you can obtain over the counter, as it’s much safer than a hormone-based prescription that you would have to get from your doctor. This supplement is designed to alleviate the most common symptoms associated with perimenopause, including hot flashes, trouble sleeping, joint aches, low libido and headaches. This is accomplished by restoring normal hormone balance thanks to active ingredients such as succinates, amino acids, B vitamins and minerals. There are 555 milligrams of beneficial ingredients in each capsule. There is a separate product by the Amberen brand that is for menopause symptoms.

There has been a great deal of research that has gone into the effectiveness and the safety of Amberen Perimenopause. There is a section on the company’s website that talks about the clinical research that was performed using Amberen Perimenopause. Just a couple of years ago in 2020, a 180-day study was conducted with 105 women participating, all of whom were in the stage of perimenopause. The results of the study showed that there were favorable results for the most commonly experienced perimenopause symptoms. Other studies have looked at the effects that Amberen has on estrogen levels in both women and mice.


  • Based on a great deal of research and medical studies
  • Alleviates the most common perimenopause symptoms
  • Doctor approved
  • Designed specifically with perimenopause in mind, whereas a lot of other products are more geared towards menopause
  • Can improve sleep quality
  • Reduces hot flashes
  • Improves mood
  • Affordable


  • Amberen utilizes animal testing for their products
  • Amberen states that their product has been heavily studied and tested, but you won’t find these results on any of the reputable websites like PubMed or the National Institutes of Health site
  • Contains MSG

Claimed Benefits: What Does Amberen Do?

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Amberen Perimenopause takes into account the symptoms that most women experience when they are dealing with perimenopause. Let’s look at some of the benefits you can achieve with this product.

Relieves up to 10 Perimenopause Symptoms

This supplement addresses the 10 most common perimenopause symptoms, which includes hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, trouble sleeping, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, libido, headaches and muscle / joint pain. While you may experience other issues related to your perimenopause transition, this is one of the most comprehensive products I’ve come across. There’s not much that hasn’t been addressed.

Helps restore hormonal balance and menstrual regularity

The way that Amberen relieves so many perimenopause symptoms is by helping restore hormonal balance in the body, mainly by way of estrogen production. When your hormones are out of whack, this can cause your period can become irregular. While it’s inevitable that your period will stop once you’ve reached menopause age, you want to minimize this irregularity when you’re only in your 30s and 40s. It’s what’s causing a lot of your problems.

No Herbs, No Soy, No Hormones

There are a few different ways that a medication or supplement can improve perimenopause symptoms, but Amberen has chosen to take a very natural and safe route. They have not included any herbs in their product, and they’ve stayed away from soy, which can have an effect on your estrogen production. Also, this is a completely hormone-free product that doesn’t produce any kind of dangerous side effects like a lot of prescription medications do.

Amberen Perimenopause Ingredients

ingredients for amberen perimenopause

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of ingredients that are used for Amberen Perimenopause. They’re all very natural and safe, while still providing effective results.


Succinates are naturally occurring antioxidants, and ammonium succinate has been included in the formulation of Amberen Perimenopause along with disodium fumarate. Our bodies naturally create succinates during the metabolism of carbohydrates that we consume. They function as an antioxidant, which can improve symptoms associated with perimenopause. Succinates can also impact the hypothalamus gland and endocrine system. Both play a large role in hormone balance. Both ammonium succinate and disodium fumarate are recognized as safe by the FDA when used in correct doses.


The minerals added to Amberen Perimenopause include calcium disuccinate, magnesium succinate and zinc difumarate. Calcium has been added for its ability to promote bone health and proper bone density, which can start to become a problem for women around the time of perimenopause and menopause.

Magnesium is a great tool to have for your symptoms, as it can balance your nervous system, help you sleep at night, promote optimal muscle function, aid in protein synthesis and keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

Zinc has been included in this product to boost the body’s immune response, help with healing and improve your mood. It has been largely studied in women who are dealing with perimenopausal depression.

Amino Acids

The amino acids included in this product’s formulation are monosodium L-glutamate and glycine. These ingredients can function as neurotransmitters, improving the communication that takes place between the brain and the cells in the body. They can also increase estrogen levels, regulate your body temperature, improve sleep quality, improve bone density, help you maintain a healthy weight and increase your production of vaginal mucus (dryness is also often a symptom of perimenopause.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful nutrient that can protect your body from free radical damage and reduce hot flashes while also reducing the occurrence of palpitations and high heart rate. It’s also great for your skin, which may see some changes during this transition.

B Vitamins

Amberen has included a full panel of B vitamins in their Perimenopause product. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s inside and why it has been added.

Vitamin B1

Boosts the growth and function of cells while turning the food that you eat into usable energy.

Vitamin B2

Riboflavin also helps make energy from food while promoting cell growth.

Vitamin B6

This powerful B vitamin aids in more than 100 different enzyme reactions and bodily processes.

Vitamin B9

Folic acid can help regulate your body temperature, so you experience fewer hot flashes and night sweats. You'll sleep more comfortably at night and be able to handle warmer temperatures during the day.

Vitamin B12

Methylcobalamin is essential for normal nervous system regulation and function. It also helps with the formation of red blood cells and DNA synthesis.

How Long Does Amberen Perimenopause Relief Take to Work?

Some of the symptoms that you may be experiencing can be altered rather quickly once you’ve started taking Amberen Perimenopause. A lot of women see a fast change in their mood, energy levels and temperature regulation. There are other benefits that may take a little bit of time, such as an increase in your bone density or a change in mood.

Is Amberen Perimenopause Good for Weight Loss?

Though this is not a weight loss product, Amberen Perimenopause may result in some changes that allow you to better control your weight. There have been some studies recently conducted on the Amberen Menopause supplement that have suggested use of the product for 90 days can result in better weight management when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Cost and Where to Buy

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You can purchase Amberen Perimenopause on the Amberen website. The cost of a 30-day supply is $29.99. The cost of a three-month supply is $59.94 marked down from $89.97. You can also purchase this product at retailers like amazon, Walgreens, CVS and HEB. There is a $6 off coupon that you can use from the website if you’re buying this product in-person.

Check amazon price here

Real Amberen Perimenopause Relief Reviews and Average Rating

Unfortunately, Amberen does not list ratings or reviews for their products on their website. The company does state that each individual’s experience with Amberen Perimenopause will vary. You can look through the various studies and information that is included on the website if you’re interested in learning more about how this product has performed in the real world.

There are also various websites that have included a review on Amberen Perimenopause as part of their content. I encourage you to seek out more information if you’re interested in learning about this product before taking it. You can also visit the websites for the stores that sell this product. Some of them, such as CVS, include reviews from people who have used their items.

Alternatives Compared to Amberen Perimenopause Relief

There is other natural perimenopause relief out there. While Amberen’s product definitely covers a lot of ground in regard to symptom relief, here are some of the alternatives that I recommend as someone who knows supplements very well who is also a woman that has experienced perimenopause symptoms.


first choice Provitalize

Provitalize is a weight management probiotic that can help you address some of the weight and gut issues that surround perimenopause and menopause. Three different thermogenic probiotics are included in each dose, such as L. gasseri, B. breve and B. lactis. Specifically, these probiotics target weight that has accumulated around your middle section, which is common when your hormones are unbalanced.

Other ingredients include turmeric, moringa leaf extract, curry extract and BioPerine. These components are very high in nutrients and can reduce inflammation in the body, boost your metabolism, balance your blood sugar levels and even control hot flashes. Manufactured in a delayed release capsule, you will benefit from optimal absorption when taking Provitalize.

MENO by Opositiv

meno opositiv menopause supplement vitamins

OPositive MENO is a menopause relief product that is completely hormone free. Instead, it contains natural ingredients like black cohosh extract, chasteberry, ashwagandha and vitamins D3 and B6. With a great deal of clinical studies backing it, MENO by Opositiv can quickly take care of perimenopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, sleeplessness and mood swings. It’s a very versatile product that takes into account a variety of issues you may be having in just two capsules each day.

The active ingredients in MENO by Opositiv includes black cohosh extract for hot flashes and night sweats, the powerful adaptogen ashwagandha for better sleep and mood, chasteberry for hormonal-related weight gain and mood and vitamins D3 and B6 for better bone density / bone health and an improved mood. A lot of these ingredients can alleviate symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, but they’re also great for gut health, immune support and so much more.

Womaness Me.No.Pause

Go to Me.No.Pause.

Womaness Me.No.Pause tackles some of the most uncomfortable perimenopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, memory issues and mood swings. It’s a hormone-free product that contains natural ingredients and has been thoroughly clinically studied. Some of the active ingredients include Pycnogenol®, Bacopa monnieri extract and ashwagandha. It’s doctor recommended and was voted one of W Magazine’s “Best Vitamin Supplements of 2021”. Very strict standards are used in the making of Womaness Me.No.Pause, providing you with a safe and natural option for all of your peri and menopause-related symptoms that are plaguing you.


There’s absolutely no reason why you should have to suffer through the years of perimenopause and menopause. There is a great deal of knowledge that has led to the development of some really great, natural supplements like Amberen Perimenopause and the alternatives that I’ve included in this article. Most women deal with many of the same symptoms as one another, but there isn’t enough said about what we go through.

As someone who has covered many supplements over the years, I see a lot of women want to talk about how nutrition can help them throughout this transitional stage in their life. So many of them are completely confused as to why they’re experiencing some of the symptoms that are going on. After talking to them a bit about their age and where they’re at in their reproductive years, it becomes quite clear that perimenopause is often to blame for their discomforts. I love that Amberen (and the other brands mentioned) has come up with a hormone-free method of helping women feel their best regardless of what their hormones are doing.

Should You Go with Amberen Perimenopause Relief?

You don’t have to be experiencing a long list of perimenopause symptoms in order to seek some sort of treatment or relief. There are actually some very effective and natural options that you can rely on to help you battle back against hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, brain fog, weight gain and more. If you’re looking for assistance and want to stay away from hormone therapy, I recommend that you consider Amberen Perimenopause. The other products that I’ve briefly covered (Provitalize, MENO by Opositv and Womaness Me.No.Pause) have also been proven to provide adequate relief from commonly experienced perimenopause symptoms. I encourage you to do some more research of your own to determine which product is going to be your best option for getting through this transitional period of your life with ease.

You may also want to talk with your doctor about the symptoms that you’re experiencing. I’ve mentioned approximately 10 different symptoms that a lot of women experience during menopause, but there are other symptoms that should be taken very seriously as well. For example, changes in blood pressure and heart rate are common, but this shouldn’t be written off as a symptom of perimenopause. While your hormones may be affecting these issues, you could be at a higher risk of a heart attack or stroke. It’s best to get checked out and be diagnosed with a specific issue like perimenopause. When you choose a product to help get your symptoms back on track, you’ll know that you’re making the right decision for your health and wellbeing.

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