Best One-Day Colon Cleanse at Home (Risks and Safe Picks)

Before taking a one-day colon cleanse at home, I cover everything you need to know including potential risks and precautions you need to take.

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The colon is a very important part of the body that is responsible for removing waste. It also plays a role in utilizing the foods that we eat so we’re efficiently making the most of the nutrients included. If our colon isn’t healthy, then our bodies will unlikely be healthy as well. The efficiency of our colons can be impacted by a number of things such as built-up fecal matter, toxins, electrolyte imbalance in the colon and any amount of inflammation.

A colon cleanse is a fantastic way to improve the efficiency of your digestive system, maintain regularity and remove toxins from the body. There are a number of processes and products that you can use to complete a colon cleanse, some of which can take days to go through. If you don’t have the time to embark on a lengthy cleanse journey, I’m here to tell you that there are one-day cleanses that can be extremely beneficial. They’re affordable, they don’t really disrupt your schedule and you’ll feel so much better from just 24-hours of cleansing.

In this article I want to walk you through the process of a one-day colon cleanse, how it can benefit your body, potential risks you may incur and the different methods that are used. I’ll also review seven different colon cleanses that you may be interested in learning more about for your own use.

What Is A Colon Cleanse?

Colon cleanses can be used as preparation for an upcoming medical procedure, but it’s also something that people have started to use electively at home. Using a variety of natural and herbal ingredients, a colon cleanse can kick start your digestive system to promote regularity, decrease inflammation, remove built up waste and even boost weight loss.

The colon is designed to absorb water and nutrients from what we’re eating and drinking while getting rid of toxins and waste that we no longer need. When the colon’s walls become impacted with waste, the whole GI process can be very inefficient. By increasing fiber intake, promoting bowel movements or flushing out toxins, you can utilize a colon cleanse to feel more energetic, reduce bloating, drop a few pounds, keep the body disease free and promote an overall sense of health and wellbeing.

Herbs and spices perfect to use for a colon cleanse

Benefits of Colon Cleanses

There are a number of benefits that you can achieve from a one-day (or multiple day) colon cleanse. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Good to Use in Preparation for a Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a procedure that looks for any swollen or irritated tissue in the colon, as well as potential polyps or cancer. A flexible tube is inserted into the colon, with a camera that is attached to the end of the tube. In order for the camera to see what’s going on inside of the body, it helps if you’ve flushed out your colon ahead of time. A one-day cleanse is often prescribed to be completed 24 hours prior to a scheduled colonoscopy. This will provide you with the most accurate results possible. A cleanse can also reduce the risk of infection as the procedure is performed.

Clean Out Bowels

Your bowels can hold anywhere from five to 25 pounds of waste at any given moment. If you have an efficient GI tract, you’ll be on the lower end of that spectrum. A sluggish GI system and frequent bouts of constipation can result in more built-up waste. That waste can cause you to weigh more, and it can result in toxins being held in your body for longer periods of time. This can lead to disease and health issues, even cancer.

Eliminate Toxins in Your Body

Toxins leave the body a few different ways. The liver contributes by filtering toxins out of the blood. Your lungs can filter toxins out of the air that you breathe. Your kidneys release toxins through your urine. Also, your intestines can destroy different parasites and organisms that are present in your GI tract. While your body is designed to efficiently remove toxins as often as possible, there is sometimes a breakdown in these processes. It may be because you’re not in optimal health. You may be exposed to a large quantity of toxins, and your body just can’t keep up.

When you consume certain cleanse and detox ingredients like fiber, ginger, lemon, milk thistle, probiotics, psyllium husk and burdock root, your liver is supported and some of these ingredients can actually adhere themselves to toxic metals in the body so they can be removed through waste. You can also stimulate more bowel movements, so things are flushed out easier.

Potential Quick Weight Loss, But Not Long Term

I’ve briefly mentioned the amount of weight that you can lose from a one-day cleanse. This is due to the increased bowel movements that you’ll typically experience when you’re consuming ingredients that are part of a cleanse. As this fecal matter is removed, you’ll find that the number on the scale can go down a few pounds.

It’s important that you’re realistic about the amount of weight that you can lose post cleanse. You’re not going to drop a fast 15 pounds and keep that weight loss going. Instead, you’ll lose a few pounds in waste and bloat, and you’ll go back to your prior weight loss routine. If you use a cleanse as part of a bigger diet plan and exercise regimen, it’s definitely a way to boost results. Since a one-day cleanse is relatively short and simple, you can repeat the process periodically to increase your energy, remove water weight, reduce bloat, etc. Even if you don't drop pounds, you may look completely different.

Potential Risk Factors You Need to Know

Any kind of supplement or cleanse can come with certain side effects that you need to watch out for. A one-day cleanse is no different, and these are some of the potential risk factors to be aware of.


When your body starts to experience more frequent bowel movements, you’ll be flushing more water out of your body. It’s important to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water leading up to your cleanse, during it and after. However, you could also experience an imbalance in electrolytes in your body due to this dehydration. This will affect your hydration levels but also things like heart function. Dehydration can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting and fatigue.

A Tear in the Rectum

A colon cleanse can potentially result in a tear in the rectum. While these tears often heal on their own, they pose a risk of infection, pain and inflammation. Tears in the rectum occur more frequently when you’re using a cleanse like a colonic, but it’s possible to experience one from straining during a bowel movement or from frequent bowel movements.


When you partake in a colon cleanse, you want to make sure it’s as gentle as possible. If you are expelling too much waste and fluid from the colon and rectum quickly and violently, this can cause an imbalance in beneficial bacteria in your GI tract. It can also throw your electrolytes out of balance because of additional water being absorbed through your colon. Some cleanses will include probiotics and electrolytes to prevent these complications from occurring.

Change in Electrolyte Balance

Electrolytes and minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium are needed for nervous system regulation, stabilization of blood pressure and heart rate as well as muscle contractions. You can drink water infused with electrolytes during your cleanse, but you could be expelling them faster than you’re able to replenish them. It’s a delicate balance to maintain.

If You Choose To Take a 1-Day Colon Cleanse, Take These Precautions

If you think that the pros of a one-day cleanse outweigh the cons, then there are some precautions you can utilize to ensure this is a safe and successful process. Here are some of the recommendations I offer to my clients.

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Check with Your Medical Provider

As a registered dietitian, I can provide my clients with some very valuable information on health and wellness. However, there may be health issues that you’ve been diagnosed with that impact your ability to use certain methods and supplements. If you’re working with a general practitioner or specialist that is prescribing medication or treatments for your condition, it’s probably a good idea to touch base with them prior to starting a cleanse. They may give you the ok to do a one-day, gentle cleanse. There may be some things they want you to keep in mind during the process, such as staying hydrated.

Make Sure the Colon Cleanse Is From a Reputable Provider

Always source your supplements and cleanses from reputable providers that use science, research and high-quality ingredients to offer support. Make sure a brand has positive reviews and a helpful customer service department that can guide you through the product selection process.

Check the Specific Ingredients in the Product You Want to Use

Make sure you’re thoroughly investigating the different products that a cleanse includes before you use it. I always like to utilize as natural of ingredients as possible to reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Opt for gentle, cleansing ingredients.

What Are the Best 1-Day Colon Cleansers?

Now that you know all about one-day colon cleanses and the benefits you can achieve while using them, I want to outline my seven best colon cleansing products.

#1. Colon Broom (Best 1 Day Colon Cleanse Drink)

(Best 1 Day Colon Cleanse Drink) Colon Broom

Colon Broom contains a unique complex of ingredients that boost your body’s natural detoxification process so you cleanse your gut and eliminate toxins that have built up over time. Made with the active ingredient psyllium husk, Colon Broom can create a more diverse gut microbiome, regulate your digestive system better and cleanse your body. You can use Colon Broom intermittently, so it can be used as a one-day colon cleansing drink to protect the intestines, boost energy levels, help you lose weight, reduce hunger and alleviate bouts of constipation.


  • Can reduce symptoms of bloating
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Regulates your digestive system
  • Balances your gut microbiome


  • Contains stevia
  • Contains non-organic natural flavors

#2. Primal Harvest Total Cleanse (Best 1 Day Colon Cleanse Pills)

(Best 1 Day Colon Cleanse Pills) Primal Harvest Total Cleanse

Containing natural and potent ingredients such as aloe vera, fennel seed powder, ginger, licorice, bentonite clay and senna leaf, Primal Harvest Total Cleanse pills contain 20 different natural ingredients in total. They can help promote more regular bowel movements, less bloating and constipation, a more diverse gut microbiome and cleanse toxins out of your body. Probiotics have been added for better nutrient absorption, an increased immune response and overall wellness.


  • Contains 20 natural ingredients
  • Promotes healthy elimination
  • Treats constipation
  • Supports optimal bowel health
  • Includes probiotics


  • May cause some initial intestinal distress as you get used to the product
  • While you can see results after just one day, the most prevalent changes won’t occur unless you’ve been taking this supplement daily for a number of weeks

#3. Microbe Formulas Intestinal Mover

Intestinal Mover Microbe Formulas

Intestinal Mover by Microbes Formulas is a natural digestive aid that boosts normal digestive function and provides bowel relief from constipation, gas, bloating, etc. Twelve different herbs and botanicals are included in this formulation, with a great deal of attention placed on the specific ratios used for maximum efficacy. Ingredients like aloe leaf, cayenne, fennel, clove bud, wormwood, garlic and bioactive carbon all work hand in hand to increase water absorption in your stool while supporting normal digestion and nutrient absorption.

BioActive Carbon is a unique ingredient in this proprietary blend. Full of fulvic acids, humic acids and polysaccharides, bioactive carbon will help to protect all of these important components from being digested too soon while also absorbing toxins and other contaminants so they can be removed from the body.


  • Natural digestive aid
  • Contains twelve herbs and botanicals
  • Increases water absorption in the stool
  • Supports normal digestion
  • Increases mineral absorption


  • Can cause some minor cramping and discomfort when taking for the first time

#4. Chef V 1-Day Cleanse

1-Day Cleanse Chef V

Chef V’s one-day cleanse consists of four green juices, two protein shakes and one detox soup. The green juices are designed to improve your metabolism and improve digestion. They are very rich in nutrients thanks to ingredients like green kale, black kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, green chard, curly parsley, green leaf lettuce and apple. The protein shakes help boost your energy levels and maintain muscle thanks to amino acids and nutrients. The detox soup is a way to flush out your vital organs and detoxify your body. This entire cleanse only lasts for one day, but you can opt for longer durations if you want. They cleanse your liver, improve digestion and regulate blood sugar levels.

See if Chef V is an effective detox cleanse for weight loss!


  • Based on natural, whole-food ingredients
  • Longer cleanses are available
  • Helps improve nutrient absorption
  • Can help you lose weight
  • Detox vital organs


  • Your products arrive fresh, so you’ll need to plan ahead for your cleanse so nothing goes to waste

#5. Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse Dr. Tobias

An affordable solution to address digestive health, the Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse helps support healthy bowel movements, aids in optimal energy levels, supports weight loss and helps remove toxins that you have come into contact with from a variety of environmental sources. The main ingredients in this product are senna leaf, psyllium husk powder, licorice root, flaxseed powder, aloe vera gel and probiotics. It’s recommended that you pair the Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse with the company’s 21-day Liver Cleanse.


  • Regulates bowel movements
  • Made with the finest herbs, fibers, and probiotics
  • Affordably priced
  • Third party tested for purity
  • The Dr. Tobias brand offers a number of other products to complement your gut health


  • May cause a bit of GI discomfort
  • It’s designed to be a 14-day cleanse


Supplements UMZU ZuPOO

UMZU ZuPOO is a colon cleanse that is based on natural and safe ingredients. It helps balance the presence of beneficial bacteria in the gut for a better immune response, more regular bowel movements, less constipation, less bloating and the elimination of toxins. ZuPOO strives to prevent waste material from staying in the colon for too long so your body is healthy, you experience less inflammation and you don’t suffer the consequences of long term toxin exposure.

The main ingredients in UMZU ZuPoo are cayenne red pepper, fennel and cascara sagrada. When combined, you get a very gentle detox and cleanse that shouldn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable or running for the bathroom. This isn’t designed to be a one-day cleanse, but rather something you’re supposed to partake in for 15 days in a row.

See if UMZU ZuPOO is effective for gut support!


  • Umzu zuPoo can improve your metabolism for the purpose of weight loss
  • Purifies the blood
  • Reduces hormone blockers
  • Regulates your bowel movements
  • Comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule
  • Treats constipation


  • Causes a bit of gas and discomfort when you first start the cleanse
  • Intended as a 15-day cleanse

#7. Super Colon Cleanse

Supplement Super Colon Cleanse

The active ingredients in Super Colon Cleanse by Health Plus Inc. include senna leaf powder, psyllium husk, papaya leaf and lactobacillus acidophilus probiotics. Lactobacillus acidophilus feeds on prebiotic fibers that the human body is not able to digest and may help to produce beneficial digestive enzymes. This Super Colon Cleanse is gentle, yet effective, taking into account poor diet, stress, fatigue and environmental toxins that could be affecting your gut and overall health. Because of the added fiber from psyllium husk, Super Colon Cleanse can be used for occasional bouts of constipation. You can also experience better nutrient absorption and the elimination of toxins with regular use.


  • Provides a gentle cleanse
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Reduces bloating
  • Helps with occasional constipation
  • May be gentle enough for pregnancy, but check with your doctor first


  • Contains gelatin


Unfortunately, our bodies come into contact with a lot of different things that may not be good for us. From environmental toxins (pollution and secondhand smoke) to chemicals that are in the food we eat, we can build up a lot of toxins in the body. When left there, toxins can cause your body to develop disease, inflammation, cancer, etc. People experience symptoms like headaches, fatigue, pain and nutrient deficiencies that can all be managed through the gut.

A colon cleanse is a way to remove toxins, balance your hormones, boost metabolism and regulate your bowel movements so you experience less constipation and bloating. You don’t have to necessarily sign up for a one to two week cleanse that is time consuming and uncomfortable. There are more manageable yet effective ways to promote a healthy colon. I hope that some of the products I covered in this article help get you started.

Should You Try a 1-Day Colon Cleanse?

From the standpoint of a registered dietitian, I determine if a person would benefit from a one-day colon cleanse by asking if they:

  • Experience bouts of constipation now and again
  • Deal with chronic fatigue
  • Have trouble sleeping at night
  • Have been diagnosed with or suspect nutrient deficiencies
  • Experience bloating on a regular basis regardless of what they have eaten
  • Have fecal matter that is very loose
  • Have bowel movements that are irregular
  • Experience skin that doesn’t look healthy
  • Have a lot of food intolerances

These are just some of the signs it might be worthwhile to consider a colon cleanse to boost your health. You could also speak with your doctor to see if they think you would benefit from this process.

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