3 Day Cleanse for Weight Loss: Should You Try One?

These are the best 3-day cleanses for those who want to lose weight relatively quickly, with pros and cons of each product.

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Obesity is a medical condition that can greatly affect a person’s quality of life and their health. Being obese increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other diseases. If you’ve been recently advised by your doctor to lose some weight or you simply want to take charge of your health, you’re probably looking for effective ways to do so.

Even if you’re not obese, a lot of people have a few extra pounds that they would like to lose. Some people find it’s easier to lose weight than others, but it’s usually a challenge for most.

There are a lot of different methods, programs and diets that you can utilize to lose weight. From cutting out calories to taking weight loss medication, it takes some time to figure out what’s going to work for you. In this article, I want to talk about using a cleanse for weight loss. More specifically, a three-day cleanse, much different than a 1-day weight loss cleanse. The details of a cleanse can vary from product to product, and I’m going to provide you with some recommendations that I’ve selected based on my professional opinion as a registered dietitian.

What Is a 3-Day Cleanse / Detox for Weight Loss?

The methods used for a three-day weight loss / detox cleanse can vary. Some companies want you to reduce your calories during a cleanse to promote a quick drop of weight. Other cleanses will help your body detox, so you get rid of built-up waste inside of the body. This results in weight loss. Cleanses can boost your metabolism, increase your energy and balance your hormones in ways that will promote weight loss. Really, there isn’t one set of standards that describes what a three-day cleanse must include.

The ultimate goal of a weight loss cleanse is to ensure that you’re eating healthy, you’re getting enough nutrients, your body is clean from harmful toxins and your metabolism is functioning optimally. The three-day cleanses that I’m about to cover use everything from herbal ingredients to increased fiber intake. What you choose will really depend on what works for your lifestyle and what brings you closest to your weight goal.

How Much Weight Can You Lose in a 3-Day Cleanse?

The average amount of weight that you can safely lose during a three-day cleanse is about two pounds or so. This weight will usually come from water you’re retaining, and some built up fecal matter in the colon and intestines. There is also the potential to lose additional weight even after your cleanse has ended. These cleanses can increase the beneficial bacteria that is part of your gut microbiome. This helps to boost your metabolism, break down the food that you eat more efficiently and keep your energy levels up so you can work out harder. A more balanced gut can also help you feel full for longer periods of time, which reduces overeating.

How Often Should You Do a 3-Day Cleanse?

The great thing about three-day cleanses is that they are fast and effective. If you’re focusing on a cleanse that lasts for seven to fourteen days at a time, you can’t repeat that process too frequently. A three-day cleanse is something you can do over a long weekend, repeating the process a couple of times per month. This gives your body and your GI system ample time to recover.

Are They Safe?

Many people ask me, are cleanses safe to use? There are a few things you need to know before diving into a cleanse.

Cleanses that utilize herbal and nutrient-dense ingredients are incredibly safe. These aren’t artificial-based cleanses that cause a lot of uncomfortable wear and tear on your body. You’re essentially just boosting your own ability to detoxify and cleanse your organs and bodily systems.

Of course, there are certain people that should avoid cleanses. If you’re taking certain medications or have been diagnosed with a medical condition, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor about the potential of using a cleanse for weight loss purposes.

Do They Actually Work?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of research into specific weight loss cleanses. However, some brands have taken it upon themselves to study and test their products as well as use scientific information to formulate their programs.

What we’re looking at for a three-day cleanse for weight loss is the ability to cut back on calories for a specific period of time while still consuming a balanced profile of nutrients. There may also be the added consumption of fiber to clean out the gut. Herbal ingredients can be used to decrease inflammation in the GI tract, boost metabolism, improve satiety and much more.

Can a 3-Day Cleanse Help Me Lose Belly Fat?

Belly fat is often caused by bloating, water retention or unbalanced hormones. Because of this, you’ll want to look for a cleanse that contains ingredients that contain soluble fiber. This fiber will absorb some of that excess water in your gut while helping your GI system move along more efficiently. You could see a big difference in how you look in just three days.

Cleanses can also help to eliminate chemicals that have built up in the body and are affecting your weight control ability. A body that is clean and working efficiently will be far more efficient and experience less belly fat. Cleanses also eliminate foods that cause spikes in insulin. Frequent insulin spikes can lead to insulin resistance, which causes belly fat formation.

The Five Best 3 Day Cleanse to Lose Weight

Now it’s time to take a look at what I think are the five best three-day cleanses that you can use to lose weight. I’ve tried to include some different options, so you can really tailor your experience to what you’re trying to accomplish.

#1. Chef V 3 Day Cleanse

I think that the Chef V three-day cleanse is my favorite option because it helps you lose weight while also offering you the ability to detox your body with the use of very safe and natural ingredients. There are different options available from Chef V, including three-day cleanses as well as one-day and five-day varieties.

chef v 3 day weight loss cleanse

What’s Included

The three-day cleanse consists of three 64-ounce green drinks along with six protein shakes and three detox soups. When used together, you can boost your metabolism, streamline the digestive process, remove toxins from the body, increase weight loss, boost your energy levels and better deal with those pesky cravings for junk food that you have.

I like the variety that you have with this cleanse. The green drink contains ingredients like kale, parsley, green chard, apple and dandelion greens. There are chocolate and vanilla shakes, and the soups consist of hearty and delicious varieties like sweet potato curry and ginger carrot zing.


  • Supports weight loss, healthier digestion and boosted metabolism
  • Chef V offers customizable options, such as the duration of your cleanse and how many people you want to buy for (yes, you can get your friends involved too!)
  • Contains all-natural and organic ingredients
  • Different flavors and products are available


  • Definitely one of the more expensive weight loss cleanse options out there

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase Chef V products through the Chef V website, which is located at https://chefv.com. The current cost of a three-day cleanse is $289 for one person, but when I was writing this review, I noticed that the cost was marked down to $145, which is a tremendous savings. The cost tends to go down a bit when you’re purchasing for more than one person, so see if your friends are interested in participating as well.

Unfortunately, Chef V doesn’t offer any kind of money-back guarantee with the purchase of these products. Understandably so, as you are receiving fresh items as part of your cleanse.

chef v 3 day cleanse weight loss

#2. Raw Generation 3 Day Skinny Cleanse

The Raw Generation 3 Day Skinny Cleanse is an excellent place to start if you’ve been feeling slow and sluggish, resulting in the inability to focus on a healthy diet and exercise routine. This system is designed to help people lose weight quickly while also providing cravings control and increased energy.

raw generation 3 day weight loss cleanse

What’s Included

The Skinny Cleanse requires you to drink six cold-pressed juices per day. This includes flavors like Sweet Greens, Tarte Greens, Citrus Carrot, Sweet Roots and Cool Greens. These products are shipped frozen in order to lock in flavor, nutrients, and enzymes.

I’m a fan of the Raw Generation 3 Day Skinny Cleanse because it consists of natural and raw ingredients that are plant-based and very nutrient dense. No sugar or preservatives have been added. Not only can you use this cleanse to promote weight loss, but you achieve so many other health benefits as well. You can even boost your immune system and kick start healthier eating habits with this three-day Skinny Cleanse.


  • You can choose anywhere from a two-day cleanse to a 10-day cleanse
  • Advertises that you can lose five pounds in three days
  • Reduces bloating and gas
  • Boosts your energy levels naturally


  • Since the products arrive frozen, you will need to plan ahead for when you will drink them

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase the Raw Generation 3 Day Skinny Cleanse on the Raw Generation website, located at https://www.rawgeneration.com/. The current cost of a three-day cleanse is $127.99 for a one-time purchase. You can choose the auto ship option to save 15 percent on your order.

#3. Dr. Kelly Ann 3-Day Cleanse and Reset Kit

The Dr. Kelly Ann 3-Day Cleanse and Reset Kit is composed of products and ingredients that will both cleanse and detox your body in a way that provides ample nutrients while cutting back on cravings and increasing satiety. Different from some of the other weight loss cleanses out there, this is a whole foods-based product that also contains ingredients such as collagen, turmeric and apple cider vinegar. Dr. Kelly Ann has many weight loss products, including her super popular bone broth diet.

dr kelly ann 3 day weight loss cleanse

What’s Included

You can utilize the Dr. Kelly Ann 3-Day Cleanse and Reset Kit to improve your gut health, decrease bloating, ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals, promote healthy skin, hair and nails while also aiding in weight loss.

Your weight loss cleanse kit includes:

  • Nine bottles of Lemon Sips to help flush out toxins and boost hydration
  • Three bottles of chocolate or vanilla smoothies (you choose the flavors) that contain collagen, greens, berries and protein
  • Three bottles of bone broth loaded with collagen and nutrients
  • Three bottles of Super Berry Smoothies
  • Three Lemon Chicken Soups to help keep you full and nourished


  • Offers options for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Free of gluten, dairy and soy
  • Keto friendly
  • Boosts energy levels naturally
  • Improves the digestive process
  • Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee


  • Only chocolate and vanilla smoothies are offered
  • Not vegan safe

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase the Dr. Kelly Ann 3-Day Cleanse and Reset Kit by visiting https://drkellyann.com. The current cost is $141 for a one-time purchase. You receive your products organized into daily kits. You can subscribe to save 10 percent on orders that are auto shipped.

#4. Primal Cleanse (Budget-Friendly Option)

The Primal Total Cleanse by Primal Harvest is a detox supplement that is a bit different from some of the other products I’ve discussed in that it comes in capsule form. These capsules should be taken on a daily basis in order to reap the most benefits such as increased energy, boosted metabolism, weight loss and a healthier GI system overall. Each capsule contains probiotics and herbal extracts to provide cleansing benefits for the colon, kidneys and digestive tract. Twenty different ingredients are used in total.

primal harvest total cleanse 3 day

I like the quality of Primal Harvest’s products, which is why I’ve included their Total Cleanse as my number four choice. It’s a very gentle product that works quickly, providing you with the results that you’re looking for. This is a product that you can use for three days, but the most benefits will be seen if you use it consistently for a number of weeks. Many people have used this product to see better health overall, and this can take approximately two to three months.


  • Supports healthy bowel movements while aiding in the detoxification process
  • Contains 20 different ingredients
  • Probiotics are included for gut health support
  • Made in a GMP-certified facility


  • Not safe for vegans

Cost and Where to Buy

The Primal Harvest website is located at https://primalharvest.com/. You can purchase their Total Cleanse for the one-time cost of $29.95. If you decide to include more bottles as part of your order, you end up saving a little bit of money. You can also subscribe to save 20 percent and to secure free shipping.

#5. Lemonkind 3-Day Master Juice Cleanse

This 3-day cleanse has a proven track record for weight loss, and it comes from a very reputable brand – LemonKind. It's called the 3-Day Master Juice Cleanse, and it's designed for those who want to lose weight.

lemonkind 3 day master cleanse

What’s Included

The Lemonkind 3 Day Master Juice Cleanse includes 24 prepared juices that are packed with nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants. You are required to consume eight juices per day, every two hours. It’s important to note that this cleanse has you consuming just over 600 calories per day. You can use these products to drop a pretty substantial amount of weight in just three days, boost your metabolism, improve digestion, decrease instances of bloating and constipation, increase your energy levels naturally and so much more.

Along with this cleanse, Lemonkind recommends that you make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night, drinking enough water and taking it easy. Because of the lack of calories, you probably won’t feel up to your normal workouts on these days and should avoid them. If you do get hungry, you are permitted to eat raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. Herbal tea is also allowed.

Some of the included ingredients in these drinks are apricot, apple, acerola, blueberry, ginger, green tea, lavender, lemon, mango, chia, peppermint, pineapple, sweet cherry, turmeric and whole grain brown rice protein.


  • Contains natural botanical ingredients
  • Includes enzymes and antioxidants
  • No preservatives have been added
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Offers easy to consume, prepared juices


  • This cleanse cuts back on your calorie intake, which may be something you struggle with

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase the Lemonkind 3-Day Master Juice Cleanse for the price of $150. At the point of publication of this article, the cost was marked down to $119.99. Lemonkind ships to the U.S. as well as Canada, and you only have to spend over $44 in order to receive free shipping. Unfortunately, there isn’t a refund policy or money-back guarantee offered.


A three-day weight loss cleanse can offer some short-term health benefits, but this isn’t your primary solution for weight loss. Rather, I see it as a way to start out a diet or to boost your existing diet plan. A three-day cleanse is often something you can use to get unstuck from a weight loss plateau. It’s also a beneficial method of detoxing the body. If you have a great deal of toxins built up in the body, this can slow down your ability to lose weight and decrease your energy levels.

If you find that a three-day cleanse really benefits you, I recommend that you look into some of the other cleanses that are out there. Many of the brands that I’ve referenced in this article have longer cleanses and detoxes to choose from. As long as you’re hydrating, getting enough sleep and listening to your body, this is an excellent way to aid in weight loss. I much prefer turning to natural and whole-food ingredients to achieve results, and all of the products I’ve included in my list of the best three-day cleanses for weight loss take this into consideration.

Should You Try a 3-Day Cleanse to Lose Weight?

I’ve made sure to include exact information in this article so you can make an informed decision regarding which three-day weight loss cleanse is going to be the best option for your needs. Because of the shorter duration of this type of cleanse, I think it’s important that you’re realistic about the results that you’re going to achieve.

You’re not going to be able to drop 10 to 15 pounds in three days, but this can be a great way to kick start a more substantial weight loss down the road. If your metabolism is inefficient, your hormones are out of whack and you’re carrying around toxins in the body, you can’t expect to hit your weight loss goals with ease.

As a dietitian, I strongly encourage you to consider a three-day cleanse if you’re ready to take control of your health and want to lose weight in the process. Just pay close attention to the ingredients utilized in a specific product you’re considering and speak with your doctor if you are concerned at all with the safety of a cleanse.

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