Weight Loss Cleanse That *COULD* Work: Don’t get it twisted!

The best detox cleanse for losing weight (plus many other benefits like keeping your gut healthy, higher energy and better sleep) is at your fingertips, here are our top-rated choices with pros and cons!

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Fasting and completing cleanses are a proven way of promoting weight loss. Not only is this process good for our metabolism, but it can also help increase your energy levels, regulate your gut and improve brain health. If you’ve been on a weight loss journey for a little while now and are starting to reach a plateau with your results, you’re probably looking for something you can add to your routine to make a difference. Why not try a cleanse?

When we refer to a cleanse, this is an approach to remove toxins, lose weight, decrease retained fluid and promote an optimal state of health. Cleanses can include drinking fresh juices, special teas, smoothies, shakes, broths and even taking supplements for a certain amount of time. Some cleanses can be done in a 24-hour period, while others can be multiple days in a row. A weight loss cleanse will restrict the amount of calories that you consume during that period of time. What you do consume is very specifically chosen to provide results.

Top Detox Cleanse for Weight Loss

CleanseOptionsWhat's IncludedHow Much weight can you loseGW Rating
Chef V1 Day, 3 Day and 5 Day Cleanse, 21 Day Detox PlanGreen Drinks, Protein Shakes, Detox SoupsBOLD Claims: Lose up to 20 lbs with their 5 day cleanse (this is what they claim, NOT what I believe)4.4/5
Sparn Detox1-7 Day Detox (Juice Cleanse) PlansSmoothies or Juices (your choice)Sparn doesn't come out and say how much weight you can lose, but they do use the words “big weight loss”4.3
Splendid Spoon1 Day ResetDetox Soups, Smoothies, and moreSplendid Spoon also doesn't claim any number of pounds you'll lose4.2/5
Raw GenerationSkinny Cleanse, Protein Cleanse, Lower Sugar Juice Cleanse, Detox CleanseGreen Juices, Protein SmoothiesRaw Generation claims you can lose up to 15 lbs4.1/5
OWL Venice4, 6 and 8 Day Reset CleanseElixirs, Broth and JuicesOwn Venice claims you can lose up to 10 lbs4/5
Pulp & PressThe Kickstart, The Reset, The Original, The Complete Cleanse, Green CleanseJuices, Elixirs and SmoothiesPulp & Press claims you can lose up to 15 lbs3.9/5

How Does a Cleanse Help You Lose Weight?

how cleanses help with weight loss

The results that you experience from a cleanse will really depend on what the cleanse is, how long it will take and what it entails. If you’re doing a weight loss cleanse, there are a number of changes that will occur within your body to make you feel healthier and look amazing.

Improves Gut Health

The concept of a cleanse that improves gut health will focus on removing solid foods or food groups from your typical diet. By doing this, you’re taking a break from certain toxins and ingredients. Your gut and immune system will both benefit as a result. The fact is that your gut will heal, become more balanced and receive more nutrients than it normally does, and your immune system becomes stronger.

Helps with Digestion

A proper cleanse gives your GI system a break. Depending on what you eat regularly and how your body responds to those foods, you may have damage to your stomach and intestines that is causing you to experience things like bloating, diarrhea and food intolerances. You may find that your digestive system works much more efficiently after you’ve gone through a cleanse (or two). A cleanse can also help balance the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Reduces Inflammation

Cleansing your body of toxins by way of a cleanse can fix a lot of the issues that cause inflammation in the body. This includes leaky gut issues, balancing gut microorganisms and eliminating foods that cause inflammation. Fruits and vegetables are great way to reduce inflammation, and that’s what is included in most cleanses.

Curbs Food Cravings

Flushing your body of the excess fluid that it’s retaining can help you battle those food cravings that you get periodically. When you clean out excess waste, reduce inflammation and boost your metabolism through a cleanse, you’ll find that your body no longer looks for those unhealthy foods that really just don’t benefit you.

What to Look for

looking for weight loss cleanse

Weight loss cleanses can include many different products and rules. Some are much more extreme than others. What you are willing to contribute to your cleanse will determine the outcome and how much weight you may lose. Here are some of the things that you should pay close attention to when weighing the pros and cons of a specific cleanse.

Juice Cleanses and Soup Cleanses Are Best for Weight Loss

If you want to shed as many pounds as possible during your cleanse, juice cleanses and soup cleanses are a great option. These cleanses limit your calories, they rid your body of bloat and they can help you drop some of the fluid your body is retaining. This can all add up to a number of pounds in just a couple of days. I like these cleanses because you still get to fill up on some basics, which prevents you from feeling really hungry the whole time.

Healthy, Clinically Studies Ingredients

When you choose a reputable brand for cleanse products, they are using clinically studied ingredients and science to provide you with results. Some of the ingredients you may come across in many of these cleanses include healthy greens, cucumber, lemon, turmeric, ginger, beets and apples. They all detoxify the body, regulate the gut and help maintain efficient metabolism.

Happy Customer Reviews with Results

While we know that results will vary from person to person, it’s a good idea to learn more about what some people have experienced. This gives you a prediction of what you might be able to achieve, with your own cleanse journey. Try to find a company that advertises their reviews right on their website. If you don’t see any of this information, you might wonder why that is. They might not have a good following yet. Their products simply might not be as effective as you would hope.

Weight Loss Cleanse Reviews

Now that we know the basics of a cleanse for weight loss, we’re going to take a look at the six best cleanses you can purchase for the intent of losing weight.

#1. Chef V Cleanses for Weight Loss

best rated weight loss cleanse - chef v

We chose Chef V's detox cleanse as the best detox cleanse for weight loss because the proven system that Chef V has created, along with their all-natural ingredients to make things effective, smooth and gentle.

Chef V is a woman owned and operated nutritional company that sells a few different cleanse products. You can do a quick 24-hour cleanse if you’ve never gone through this process before and want to try it out before committing to too much. You can even embark on a 21-day detox if you’re more adventurous.

What’s Included?

The duration of cleanse that you choose will determine what’s included in your shipment. However, the general protocol involves green drinks, protein shakes and soups. They all contain specific ingredients that are designed to cleanse your body, increase your energy levels, boost your metabolism and eliminate toxins.

  • Contains hearty products that will help to keep you feeling full longer
  • You have the option to purchase products in a bundle so you can do a cleanse with your family, spouse or friends
  • Makes your skin and hair look healthier
  • Your products are delivered right to your house fresh just in time for you to start your cleanse
  • Liquid based cleanse that eliminates solid meals from your diet for the time being
chef v cleanse for weight loss

#2: Sparn Detox Juice Cleanse

sparn detox juice cleanse for weight loss

The Sparn Detox Juice Cleanse consists of high fiber smoothies and juices of different varieties. You get plenty of nutrients during your cleanse while flushing your body of what it doesn’t need. You can choose between a one-day cleanse for weight loss or go for an entire week to see dramatic results.

What’s Included

A one-week cleanse for weight loss from Sparn includes six juices per day, 42 juices in total. Some of the varieties include Apollo Smoothies, Elias Smoothie, Alena Smoothie, Nike Smoothie and Artemis Coconut Water. Sense a trend? This brand wants you to be the most powerful and healthy version of yourself.

  • These juices are cold pressed, removing their fiber content for high nutrient composition
  • Variety is key if you want to find it easy to keep going with your cleanse. This brand provides you with that
  • You can use these products to promote weight loss, reset your gut and increase energy levels
  • You can select certified organic ingredients
  • Sparn restricts your coffee intake during the duration of your cleanse.
  • You are encouraged (but not prohibited) to limit or eliminate your other meals during your cleanse as much as possible.

#3. Splendid Spoon Soup Reset

splendid spoon reset soup cleanse weight loss

The Splendid Spoon Reset Cleanse literally helps you to periodically reset your body and gut after many days of eating high calorie, low nutrient foods. Giving your stomach a rest will allow you to feel better and more energetic. You’re restricting your calories while still consuming food that will keep you going for the duration of your cleanse. You can use just one soup for one meal, or you can choose to eat these products for an entire day.

What’s Included?

Splendid Spoon has a one-day cleanse and reset program that consists of five completely different soups. This includes their cauliflower potato chowder, garden minestrone, butternut turmeric, lentil kale and cauliflower tikka soup. You also get green juices and are encouraged to drink plenty of water.

  • This doesn’t feel like a cleanse because you get so many different products to use over the course of the day
  • Each soup is a different variety
  • Contains 1200 calories over a 24-hour period
  • There are five soups available. You don’t have the option to select from a larger menu

#4. Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse

raw generation weight loss cleanse

The Skinny Cleanse from Raw Generation contains a menu of fruit and vegetable juices designed to provide you with ample nutrition while helping you achieve your weight loss goals, boost energy levels and feel healthier overall. You’re encouraged to avoid dairy, grains, and alcohol throughout the process and afterwards to help maintain your results.

What’s Included?

You get to choose from a cleanse that’s two days long all the way up to a ten-day cleanse. You’ll receive juices that include flavors such as Sweet Greens, Citrus Carrot, Sweet Roots, Tarte Greens and Cool Greens.

  • Completely raw and plant based
  • Does not contain preservatives
  • You have control over your cleanse with this brand. You choose when you drink your products, and you can carry the leftovers over to the end to extend your cleanse.
  • You can eat raw fruits and vegetables or nuts if you’re still hungry
  • All of the Raw Generation products are made using a flash freezing process, so you’ll need to thaw your products out before using them.

#5. Owl Reset Cleanse and Detox

owl reset weight loss cleanse

The Owl Reset Cleanse and Detox uses the power of ancient Chinese medicine, chronobiology and ayurveda to provide you with powerful and potent broths and shakes that will help boost gut health and maintain efficient digestion. You can choose from a four, six or eight day program.

What’s Included?

Included in your cleanse package will be six to nine broth elixirs (vegan, chicken and beef), six to nine ‘Mylkshakes’, instructions, group support access and a 15-minute online coaching consultation.

  • Tasty flavor concoctions that will satisfy your hunger for the duration of your cleanse
  • Gets you back on track with healthier eating habits
  • Contains healing herbs, minerals, collagen, protein and superfoods
  • Gluten free and dairy free
  • Does not contain and inflammatory ingredients
  • The shakes come in powder form, so you’ll need a blender to make them yourself

#6. Pulp and Press “The Green Cleanse”

pulp and press weight loss cleanse

The Complete Cleanse from Pulp and Press will help you drop a few pounds while leaving your body feeling refreshed and reset. The organic ingredients in these products have been chosen to detox the body and hydrate you. You get a variety of cold pressed juices with added probiotics and smoothies.

What’s Included?

A three-day cleanse consists of 21 bottles of product. Your regimen actually varies quite a bit and consists of drinks such as the Hulk, Quench, Beta Blaster and Surge. It’s recommended that you drink your juices about two to three hours apart for the best results, consuming plenty of water as you go along.

  • This is one of the biggest selections of flavors I’ve seen from a cleanse
  • Added probiotics helps to get your gut in check
  • You can purchase wellness shots from Pulp and Press to use for a quick pick-me-up
  • You can purchase their products individually if you aren’t interested in doing a full cleanse but want to reap the benefits of these nutritional drinks
  • Probiotics in these products are super beneficial, but you may find that you experience a little more digestive upset at the start of the cleanse if your body isn’t used to this

Frequently Asked Questions

asking questions on cleanses for weight loss

Do you still have questions about the process of going through a cleanse for weight loss purposes? Let’s take a look at some of the questions that people commonly ask before taking on this commitment.

What Type of Cleanse Is Best for Weight Loss?

The best cleanse for weight loss will somewhat restrict your calories while providing your body with all of the necessary nutrients that you need to feel good each day. Ingredients that focus on resetting your gut health are also important. You should still feel energized and focused regardless of whether you’re doing a one-day cleanse or a one-week cleanse.

How Much Weight Can You Lose From a Cleanse?

The amount of weight that you lose from a cleanse will depend on its duration. If you’re doing a 24-hour program, your results will likely include a few pounds that come from restricting calories and dropping water weight. A longer cleanse may allow you to achieve about one pound per day on average.

How Do You Cleanse Your Body to Lose Weight?

You cleanse your body to lose weight by consuming very high nutrient foods or drinks while temporarily cutting back on meals and foods that have high calories but not a lot of potent nutrients. Keep yourself extremely hydrated during this process as well. The cleanse that you choose will come with instructions that you should follow carefully in order to get the best results.

What Ingredients Are Most Important for an Effective Cleanse?

We’ve looked at a number of different cleanses, and you may have noticed that they often contain a lot of the same ingredients. That’s because there are certain superfoods that offer up a high nutritional profile. This includes ingredients like apple, spinach, kale, cucumber, orange, carrot, turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne, probiotics and more.

The Bottom Line

You should be proud of yourself for wanting to commit to a weight loss cleanse. This shows how serious you are about getting healthy. These cleanses really differ quite a bit from one to another. It’s really important that you look closely at what a cleanse consists of, what you’ll be expected to consume and whether or not you like the ingredients that are included in the cleanse. You should choose something that you know will keep you feeling satisfied while helping you lose weight and feel your best overall.

A lot of my clients ask about cleanses as a means to lose weight faster, and, although they work sometimes, it's not a long-term solution. That said, I highly recommend Chef V for their detox and cleanse solutions, as well as others on this list.

Tips for Success from the RD

This isn’t an easy process for everyone, though the benefits are really worth it. Here are some of my tips to help you get through the process of cleanse regardless of how many days it is.

Minimize Your Exercise

Many cleanses say that you can continue to work out, and you should keep up with your physical activity. However, you may not want to push yourself too hard during a cleanse. Your body is already doing a lot of work while flushing out these toxins and waste. Make sure that you take plenty of time to rest while doing a cleanse.

Listen to Your Body

It’s very important that you really look at how you’re feeling during a cleanse. If you start to feel unwell or are having a reaction to the protocol, stop immediately.


Drink plenty of water during your cleanse. This will help your body flush out toxins and keep your hydrated.

Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep at night while you’re completing your cleanse. This will help to boost the results that you experience.

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