Get Rid of Bloating With These Detox Drinks

Let’s just call it how it is – bloating sucks! But, there are specific detox drinks that can help with bloating.

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When you’re bloated, you feel like your stomach is very full and tight. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve eaten too much, but rather your stomach has filled up with a large amount of gas that’s making you feel uncomfortable. This can occur because of food sensitivities, hormonal changes and digestive issues. You may or may not notice that your bloating has caused a distended abdomen. A lot of people confuse this condition for an abdomen that is experiencing water retention, built up waste or loose skin. These are different issues that would require different treatments.

It’s normal to experience bloating once in a while. Maybe you’ve overindulged in some of your favorite foods or you’re prone to bloating during the period of PMS. This bloating should subside relatively quickly. If it does not and you’re very uncomfortable, you should reach out to a medical professional for more advice.

There are many supplements for bloating relief, but, in this article, I want to talk to you about the use of detox drinks for bloating. There are a number of products that contain natural and safe ingredients which are beneficial for your gut and can reduce instances of bloating. Before I cover some specific products that you may be interested in, I want to talk a bit more about bloating and what exactly causes it, so let’s get started.

What Causes Bloating?

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There are a number of things that can cause bloating. One or more of these factors may apply to you, and your bouts of bloat may have different causes each time, so it’s a good idea to know the different risk factors.

A common issue is constipation. This is when you are having fewer bowel movements that normal, and your GI system isn’t working as efficiently as it should be. Bloating occurs because waste material has more time to ferment and release bad bacteria. Constipation doesn’t just mean you can’t use the bathroom, it can also reflect the need for straining to start or finish a bowel movement, very small and hard pieces of stool that you can pass and not feeling like you’ve completely emptied your bowels after using the bathroom.

Unbalanced Gut Bacteria

If you don’t have enough beneficial bacteria inside of your gut, this can prevent a proper digestive process. You can end up feeling bloated from very normal foods. If you have too much bad bacteria present, this can also lead to bloating. This issue is often treated with the use of probiotics or fiber added to the diet which will help feed the beneficial bacteria.


This is a condition that results in delayed stomach emptying. Since the digestive process is delayed, this leads to bloating, nausea, constipation and even bowel obstructions.

Food Sensitivities

Many people have foods that just don’t agree with them. It’s common to experience bloating when you consume foods that are known for producing large amounts of gas, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and beets. Some people have issues with dairy, refined sugar and refined carbohydrates. Take note of how you feel after eating certain foods and see if you can reduce your instances of bloating by not eating those foods frequently or in large amounts.

Can Detox Drinks Help with Bloating?

There are many methods of treating and preventing bloating. One of them is the use of detox drinks. These drinks generally contain different soothing and gut-boosting ingredients that can reduce inflammation, balance the bacteria in your gut, get things moving again and reduce gas. If you do happen to indulge in foods that make you bloated, your body may be better equipped to handle that meal so that you don’t feel so uncomfortable. Not to mention, these drinks can often help with weight management, a healthier immune response and decreased inflammation in the body.

Most detox drinks don’t have to be consumed on a daily basis. You can utilize them periodically when it’s convenient for you or you feel like you need a reset. I’ll be talking about products with varying consumption recommendations, so stick around to hear more about those.

What to Look for in an Effective Belly Bloat Detox Drink

There are some different features and ingredients that you’ll want to look out for if you’re in the market for a belly bloat detox drink. The following are just a few of the details that a detox drink should offer.

Natural Ingredients (Organic)

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If you care enough about your body to utilize a detox drink to eliminate toxins, waste and provide other health benefits, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re opting for something that is made with all natural ingredients. Organic ingredients are preferred whenever possible. Just some of the components that are often used in a detox drink include fiber from things like psyllium husk, probiotics to replenish your beneficial gut bacteria, fruit and vegetable juices for added nutrients and plant-based ingredients like aloe vera to help decrease inflammation and promote healing.

Addresses Beneficial Bacteria (and Bad Bacteria)

Your gut microbiome is an incredibly important part of your overall health, and it can directly impact whether or not you experience bloating from food or other causes. In order for your gut to properly react to foods and other things that you put into your body; you need to have more beneficial bacteria than bad bacteria. A lot of people are dealing with an imbalance in good and bad bacteria. This can be addressed with the use of different bacterial strains found in probiotics.


There are some pretty harsh detox supplements that can do more harm than good. They can move through your gut too quickly and end up dehydrating you, depleting your necessary electrolytes and potentially even causing infection. If you stick with detox drinks that contain fruit and vegetable juices, herbal ingredients and only things from nature, you should be able to experience a gentle detox that won’t harm you.

Reputable Brand

Always purchase your detox drinks and other health supplements from reputable brands that are legitimate and transparent about their company. It should be easy for you to find out what’s in a product, why it’s in that product, where those ingredients are sourced and what kind of testing is used to confirm safety and quality. It also helps if you can view positive customer reviews on their website or on other websites to see what people experienced in real life with the use of that product you’re considering.

Can You Get Rid of Bloating Without the Use of a Detox Drink?

A detox drink is a great way to get your gut in check and reduce bloating, but there are other changes that you can make to your diet and lifestyle which will help reduce bloating in the future.


Probiotic supplements can be used on a daily basis to help introduce beneficial bacteria into your microbiome. This can assist with better digestion of food, an increased absorption of nutrients, decreased inflammation, less gas and more efficient metabolism.

Adding Fiber to Your Diet

When you increase fiber in your diet, this helps with bowel regularity. This efficiency can reduce bloating instances, while also more efficiently eliminating toxins from your body on a regular basis, balancing your blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol buildup, protecting your heart and assist with weight management. This fiber can come from healthy fruits and vegetables, or a supplement that contains a natural ingredient like psyllium husks.


Regularly exercising can help keep your GI system moving, but it can also help strengthen your core and eliminate bloating that way.

Increase Your Water Intake

When you drink enough water, this will encourage motility within your GI tract. The food that you eat will be digested and then passed through your intestines and colon so you expel waste material frequently enough that bloating will not occur.

Avoid Fast Food and Processed Food

These food choices are typically very high in fat and salt but low in fiber. This will cause your body to retain a lot of water and slow down your digestion process. Not to mention, processed food doesn’t contain a lot of nutrients, so it’s not good for your body.

Here Our My Top Detox Drinks That Can Help Get Rid of Bloating

Let’s take a look at some of my top detox drinks that can be used to get rid of bloating and prevent it from coming back in the future.

#1. Colon Broom

colon cleanse colonbroom

Health and wellness are so important to me, and Colon Broom by Max Nutrition, LLC provides me with the opportunity to really keep my gut health in check. When used regularly, this organic product can help you manage things like bloating, diarrhea and constipation. It’s a powdered product, so you simply mix it into any liquid of your choosing before consuming it. It’s high in fiber, so Colon Broom acts as a detox to remove waste and toxins from the body. It’s also a great complement to your weight loss routine, to lower glucose levels naturally and to even improve your mental health. The main ingredient in Colon Broom is psyllium husk sourced from the seeds of the plantago ovata plant.


  • Helps with weight loss by removing excess waste from your body
  • Improves satiety
  • Reduces constipation
  • Eliminates and prevents bloating
  • Boosts your mood
  • Increases energy levels
  • Reduces harmful toxins


  • Contains stevia as a sweetener
  • Includes non-organic natural flavors

#2. Chef V 21-Day Detox

chef v green drink ingredients

If cleanses and detox products aren’t all that new to you, then you might be willing to try more advanced cleanse. The Chef V 21-Day Detox is essentially an organic juice cleanse that includes professional guidance from Chef V. It has been known to cleanse the body while also aiding in weight loss. It can help you keep your unhealthy cravings at bay and boost your metabolism.

This program is broken down into a few different concepts. Days one through seven consist of learning how to develop a healthy routine. You then proceed to days eight through 10, which include a 3-day cleanse. The rest of the program focuses on following your new, healthy routine. Your 21-day program will provide you with a series of juices, green drinks, soups and protein shakes along with a thorough description of how to proceed.


  • You don’t feel hungry throughout this process
  • Plenty of nutrients are included in the products
  • You receive a good deal of guidance and information
  • You learn healthy habits that can impact your life for the better
  • Reduce bloating and other GI disturbances


  • It’s a lengthy program that you have to be committed to for the full 21 days

#3. Primal Greens

primal greens product with veggies

This nutritional supplement from Primal Greens includes more than 50 different fruits, vegetables, herbs, adaptogens, probiotics, digestive enzymes and functional mushrooms in each serving. It’s also a powdered supplement that provides you with better gut health, balanced hormones, less bloating and increased energy. Primal Greens is also effective if you suspect that you’re dealing with nutritional gaps in your diet.

Primal Harvest’s Primal Greens tastes pretty good compared to other similar green drink products. Primal Harvest states that you should be able to see results in as little as one month, but three months may be needed to really see a big change in your overall health.


  • No side effects
  • Boosts your natural immune response
  • Increases energy levels
  • More than 3.5 billion CFUs included
  • Helps with gut health
  • Supports healthy weight management


  • Has a slightly earthy flavor
  • The bag design can get a little messy

#4. Mixhers Hersmoothie

Hersmoothie Mixhers

All of the ingredients inside of Mixhers Hersmoothie are completely natural, free of gluten and plant based. There is nothing artificial to worry about, and it’s a totally sugar free product. This smoothie makes it easy to focus on your gut health, thanks to ingredients such as glucosinolates, apple cider vinegar, antioxidants and probiotics. If you love the concept of a nutritional smoothie but don’t like to be bothered with making it, this is the product for you. Mixhers Hersmoothie can balance your gut health and microbiome, eliminate toxins from the body, aid in weight loss and so much more.


  • Boosts your gut health naturally
  • Aids in a normal metabolism
  • Supports the digestive process and reduces bloat
  • Helps detox the body from toxins and waste material


  • Contains stevia as a sweetener
  • Contains non-organic natural flavors

#5. 1st Phorm Opti-Greens 50

opti-greens 50 1st phorm

1st Phorm Opti-Greens 50 is a green superfood powder that can help you build up a strong and healthy immune system while also keeping toxins out of your body and regulating your GI health. Each serving of Opti-Greens 50 includes 50 alkalizing ingredients that the body will utilize to help support a strong immune system. Nutrients come from things like natural fruits, vegetables and grasses with digestive enzymes, probiotics (5 billion CFUs), carotenoids, bioflavonoids and phytonutrients. This product is made using a low-temperature process that helps retain all of the beneficial components of the ingredients. It is considered to be the most complete greens powder on the market.

If you deal with persistent bouts of bloating, you will see a fast transformation in your gut health when you start using Opti-Greens 50 on a regular basis. It ensures that you’re properly digesting the food that you eat. It also helps regulate your glycemic response to food.


  • A very complete and health greens mixture
  • Helps reduce bloating
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Provides fast results
  • Regulates your glycemic response after eating


  • It’s a bit of an investment at just under $70 for one bag (you can subscribe to save a little bit of money)

#6. Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse

summary info skinny cleanse raw generation

The Skinny Cleanse from Raw Generation includes a unique blend of raw fruit and veggie drinks that provide your body with the nutrients that it needs to thrive while. It can help regulate your bowels, reduce bloating and assist with weight management. People report feeling more energetic once they’re done with this cleanse. There are options for a two-day cleanse or a 10-day cleanse, both of which include tasty juices with flavors like Sweet Greens juice, Citrus Carrot juice, Sweet Roots juice, Tarte Greens juice and Cool Greens juice. Everything comes flash frozen, and you simply thaw them and use them when you’re ready.


  • Contains various vitamins and minerals that aid in weight loss
  • Promotes optimal gut health
  • Increases your immune response
  • A stimulant free option for increased energy
  • Cleanses and resets your gut


  • Contains tree nuts
  • Products arrive frozen so you have to plan ahead

#7. Lemonkind 3-Day Master Juice Cleanse

lemonkind 3 day master cleanse

This Lemonkind 3-Day Master Juice Cleanse is a low-calorie and low-carbohydrate option that consists of 24 drinks. These drinks are made from a wide range of fruits, vegetables and organic superfoods like turmeric, chia, lavender, French rose petals and acerola. It’s perfect if you’re looking to reap the health benefits of cleanse but you don’t want to dramatically increase your consumption of sugar and calories. This is also the only cleanse that contain allulose, which is a non-GMO low-calorie monosaccharide sourced from fruits. It helps with weight management and is safe for diabetics to use.


  • A low calorie, low sugar option
  • Contains a large amount of nutrients in each drink
  • Tastes great
  • Helps with weight management
  • Decreases inflammation in the gut


  • Designed for experienced cleansers, so this might not be a great place to start if you’re new to detox drinks and cleanses

The Bottom Line

Bloating is never a comfortable experience, and it can make you feel really self-conscious. I’ve found that focusing on my health and wellness routine makes a big difference in the amount of bloat I experience, so I’ve started using detox drinks regularly to achieve excellent gut health.

The products that I’ve informed you about in this article can make a rather big impact in how you feel each day. You’ll notice you’re bloated less often; you feel like you’re digesting your food more efficiently and you’ll have more energy than ever before. Also, removing toxins from the body by way of a detox drink or cleanse can really impact your health long into the future. Why not try one out for yourself to see how you feel?

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