The 10 Best Multivitamins for Men Over 60 Years of Age

Vitamins are important for men over the age of 60, – here’s what to look for, the most important vitamins for your age and my top-rated picks.

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As we age, our nutritional needs will change, hormones shift to different levels than when you’re younger and your joints may start to feel stiff. Even the heart, lungs and cognitive health can start to decline. Men over the age of 60 experience all of these changes, and they can benefit from the use of a multivitamin supplement.

The important thing to remember about multivitamins is that you have to be careful with what’s included in them. There are formulations for women and men of different age groups. Some nutrients are beneficial during your 30s, 40s and 50s, but once you’ve reached the age of 60, your needs change.

I want to cover some of the best multivitamins for men over the age of 60 years old. This is a demographic that often gets forgotten about, though I see plenty of senior, male clients that want my expert opinion regarding what they should be taking. Women tend to take a more proactive approach to their health as they age, but men require supplementation just as much.

I’m including my top 10 product recommendations as well as some information about what men over the age of 60 should look for when shopping for a multivitamin. If you’re looking for a multivitamin that will support things like memory, prostate health, joint health and energy, you’ve come to the right place.

Should Men Over 60 Take a Multivitamin Supplement?

Men over 60 greatly benefit from a high-quality multivitamin supplement, but not every vitamin product on the market will be relevant for men of this age group. To further explain what I mean, did you know that most men over the age of 50 are not getting enough calcium from their diet? However, men over the age of 60 should avoid taking a multivitamin that contains calcium because it raises their risk of experiencing myocardial infarction. I’ll explain this in more detail later, but this is why it’s ideal to choose a multivitamin that has been formulated with senior males in mind.

When we’re younger, we’re able to consume a diet that is rich in nutrients, and we’ll benefit from them. When we age, our bodies are no longer able to absorb all of those nutrients properly. There are certain nutrients that men are slow to absorb over the age of 60, including vitamin D, calcium, B12, magnesium and zinc. This is also a demographic that tends to experience a decrease in calories each day.

What Essential Vitamins Should a 60-Year-Old Man (or older) Take?

I’ve briefly touched on some of the essential vitamins that men over the age of 60 are commonly lacking, but I would like to go into greater detail, so you understand why it’s so important to choose a men’s multivitamin supplement 60+.

elder man holding multivitamin

Vitamin B12

It is suspected that over 20 percent of the adult male population may be deficient in vitamin B12, largely because it’s a hard nutrient to absorb as a man ages. When you’re deficient in vitamin B12, this can cause cognitive decline, low blood cell count and low energy. Men over the age of 60 require approximately 2.4 micrograms of B12 daily. There are some powerful benefits of vitamin B12 for men which should propel you to take action, and in turn can help you stay ahead of future deficiency issues.

Vitamin D and Calcium

A large portion of the population in the U.S. is dealing with a deficiency in vitamin D. This is more common in men that have a darker skin color and those that live in colder climates where brilliant sunshine isn’t as prevalent on a daily basis. The body needs vitamin D in order to maintain optimal immune function as well as other bodily processes. This nutrient can also contribute to better bone health and the synthesis of testosterone.

Men over the age of 60 should be getting approximately 600 IU of vitamin D each day, but most doctors recommend that you go much higher than that (as much as 4,000 IU per day). If your doctor has recommended that you supplement with calcium, these two nutrients go hand in hand. The amount of calcium that we have in the blood is regulated by vitamin D. Vitamin D is what helps with the absorption of calcium while also regulating certain thyroid hormones. Like I said though, some men should avoid calcium, so check with your doctor before starting a supplement of any kind.


Magnesium is a mineral that has a part in more than 300 different enzyme reactions in the body. Unfortunately, magnesium levels drop as we get older due to nutrient deficiencies and issues with absorption. It’s recommended that men over the age of 60 consume less than 400 milligrams of magnesium each day, with the average daily dose being around 300 milligrams. This is enough to help prevent the development of heart disease, endocrine disorders and insulin resistance. There have been studies that show magnesium has the ability to prevent and treat certain memory-focused disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


You really only need little amount of zinc each day, but it’s still a very important mineral to have as part of your routine. The body utilizes zinc to create T-cells for immune responses, healing the skin and so much more. Men over the age of 60 should be getting up to 20 milligrams each day, but most men in this age group are deficient.


Potassium is a mineral that is found in a number of foods, and it’s also considered an electrolyte. The body uses potassium for all kinds of processes like different muscle contractions, signals between the nerves, maintaining optimal blood pressure and retaining water. It can also prevent the formation of kidney stones and reduce your risk of osteoporosis, which is something to be aware of as you’re aging.

Men are often concerned with retaining their muscle density as they age, and potassium can play a big role in this process. Potassium can reduce the acidity of the body, which promotes healthy calcium levels naturally and maintains muscle mass.

Vitamins A, C, and E

You’ll find vitamin A for men in foods like carrots, mangos, eggs, milk and beans. Men over the age of 60 should strive to consume 900 micrograms of vitamin A by way of their diet or supplements. Vitamin A protects the eyes, which is beneficial during the senior years when there is a higher risk of conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts. It also improves your ability to see clearly at night.

Vitamin C is a popular nutrient in things like fruits and vegetables, including oranges, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and kiwi. It enhances the immune system, protects your body from oxidative stress and boosts heart health. Men over the age of 60 should be getting a minimum of 75 milligrams of vitamin C per day. Vitamin C is water soluble, so you don’t have to worry about consuming too much. Your body will just expel the extra through your urine output.

Vitamin E is found in food sources like almonds, peanuts, greens and healthy oils. You should strive to consume at least 15 milligrams per day when you’re a male over the age of 60. Vitamin E can protect your skin health and boost your cognitive health.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Substantial research has been done regarding the importance of omega-3 fatty acids and how key they are for seniors. They can help protect the cardiovascular system, reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke while also aiding in the maintenance of optimal blood pressure. Omega 3s can also stimulate healthy blood circulation in a manner that decreases fibrin in the body. This is a substance that increases the risk of developing blood clots.

Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation in the body, which can benefit the male body in his senior years. Inflammation is commonly experienced in the joints when arthritis is present, which makes it hard to enjoy full mobility or a pain-free lifestyle. Arthritis is something that almost 50 percent of the adult population over the age of 65 experiences.

The Top 10 Multivitamin Supplements for Men Over 60 Years Old

#1. Autumn DNA Personalized Multivitamins

autumn dna multivitamins for men

Autumn DNA acknowledges that every person has a very specific set of health needs that are based on things like genetics, diet and lifestyle. Their Personalized Multivitamins are provided to you using special insight that takes into account your DNA. Each person receives a high-quality formulation that doesn’t include anything your body doesn’t need. These multivitamins have been designed by an expert medical team inside of an award-winning lab. After an initial test that is completely confidential, you’ll learn about the nutrients you should be supplementing with, in addition to health insights like how nutrition and lifestyle affects your body. If you’re worried about your private information floating around out there, you’ll be happy to know that Autumn DNA only tests for 500 SNP points out of over 100,000. Only the information that’s needed for your multivitamin recommendation is compiled.

The vitamins that you’ll be taking after your assessment come in individual packages (one per day). On the outside of each package, your product is labeled with your name as well as the different ingredients that are included inside. There’s no guesswork involved when taking Autumn DNA Personalized Multivitamins. I chose this product as my top supplement recommendation because it takes personalization to the next level. You don’t have to look for a supplement that’s for males over the age of 60. Your multivitamin is chosen specifically with your DNA results in mind. There really isn’t a more tailored approach to multivitamins out there.


  • Personalize your vitamin routine using DNA
  • You don’t end up taking anything that your body doesn’t need
  • High-quality formulations
  • You receive your results in a report that’s easy to understand


  • You have to go through the process of completing the testing portion of the program before you can order your supplements
  • It’s a more expensive process of obtaining multivitamins

#2. Ritual Essential for Men 50+

ritual mens multivitamin over 60 years old

This scientifically formulated essential multivitamin for men over the age of 50 contains micronutrients that can help support various key functions within the body. From supporting heart health to keeping your bones and joints strong, Ritual Essential for Men 50+ can also support a normal immune response and promote healthy muscle function. This is a well-rounded supplement that truly provides you with what you need during this point in your lifetime.

Ten traceable ingredients are included in Ritual Essential for Men 50+, including omega 3 DHA, vitamins A, D, K2, B12, E, folate, zinc, magnesium and boron. All of these ingredients come from reputable sources that are pure and safe. Made with a delayed release capsule design, your multivitamin won’t break down in your GI tract until it can be optimally absorbed by your body. I like that Ritual made this product specifically with men over the age of 50 in mind. It contains the nutrients that this demographic needs, while leaving out the unnecessary ingredients that many other brands throw in.


  • Designed to fill in nutritional gaps
  • Supports heart health with Vitamin K2 and Omega-3 DHA
  • Builds strong bones thanks to Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Boron
  • Boosts normal muscle function
  • Calcium has been left out. I talked about the importance of that for men over the age of 60 earlier on (heart health).


  • Two large capsules are the recommended dose each day
  • It may take three to four months to see the full potential of this supplement

#3. 1st Phorm M-Factor Men

1st phorm m factor men multivitamin

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1st Phorm’s M-Factor Men delivers essential vitamins, minerals and macro-nutrients to the male population to boost the immune system, support muscles, balance hormones and much more. This is a pharmaceutical-grade multivitamin that delivers the necessary amounts of micronutrients to your body using precise ratios. I like this product because it supports an active male over the age of 60 that wants to protect their joints, keep up with their muscle composition and boost immune functions. It also fills in any nutritional gaps that may exist.

M-Factor Men is formulated with A2PC, which is a unique blend of essential and non-essential amino acids that are formulated to support protein synthesis, stimulate muscle growth much more. You can even use M-Factor Men to stimulate the body’s natural hormone response in a way that protects the prostate.


  • A pharmaceutical-grade multivitamin
  • Precise ratios have been used for the formulation of 1st Phorm M-Factor Men
  • Contains A2PC, a unique blend of essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Supports muscle growth


  • This product has been formulated with men in mind, but it doesn’t specifically target one specific age group
  • Focuses on some benefits that may not be important to a man over the age of 60, such as speeding up your recovery after a workout

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#4. Primal Harvest Multivitamin

primal harvest multivitamins

Primal Harvest Multivitamin has been formulated for optimal daily support. There are 21 different vitamins and minerals included for optimal wellness. Absorption has been taken into account, and all of the nutrients are included in an easy-to-swallow capsule. With extended use you should experience more energy, a healthy immune response, increased performance and more.

Primal Harvest cares a lot about the quality of their nutrients and products. All of their items are created in a GMP-certified facility. I like this product specifically because third-party testing is used to double check the potency and purity. Also, this is a full-spectrum multivitamin that is a great foundational supplement to use as you age.


  • You can subscribe to save an impressive 20 percent and unlock free shipping
  • Contains 21 key vitamins and minerals
  • Supports energy, immune response and daily performance
  • Made in a GMP-certified facility
  • Easy to swallow capsules


  • A complete multivitamin, but it’s not designed specifically for men over the age of 60
  • Calcium is included in this formulation

#5. Complement Essential Vegan Multivitamin

complement multivitamin essentials

Complement Essential Vegan Multivitamin takes into account nutritional deficiencies and supplements with traceable nutrients that support the immune system, boosts heart health and regulates metabolism. You can also use it to support cognitive function. Third-party testing has been used to confirm how well-rounded and safe this product is.

Essenced with peppermint, Complement Essential Vegan Multivitamin is an all-in-one solution for nutrient deficiencies. It’s not necessarily designed with senior males in mind, but it’s definitely a product that would be beneficial for someone that’s concerned they have gaps in their diet. When you can’t rely on food alone, this is a way to stay healthy regardless of your age.


  • Includes eight critical vitamins, minerals and omegas
  • Beneficial for someone consuming a vegan or plant-based diet
  • Supports heart health
  • Addresses deficiencies in your immune function
  • Third-party tested


  • This is an excellent product that contains essential nutrients, but you should keep in mind that this was designed for people eating a plant-based diet. It doesn’t necessarily take into account men over the age of 60 and what they need from a nutritional perspective.
  • You receive your refills in a recyclable pouch to reduce your carbon footprint, so you’ll need to remember to keep your original container on hand

#6. Future Kind Essential Vegan Multivitamin

future kind mens multivitamins

Future Kind Essential Vegan Multivitamin supports a healthy aging process for people that are eating a plant-based or vegan diet. It supplements with some of the nutrients that people commonly experience when they’re following a specialty diet such as this. Featured nutrients include D3, B12 and omega-3 oil. It doesn’t contain anything unnecessary or artificial, so you can feel confident that this supplement is going to fill in some minor nutritional gaps for you without having to mega-dose on all kinds of vitamins and minerals.

Future Kind Essential Vegan Multivitamin can help you support healthy energy levels each day while balancing your nervous system (by way of vitamin B12). Omega-3 improves your mood and improves cognitive ability. Vitamin D has been added to support a healthy immune response. I like this supplement, because it’s something a male over the age of 60 can use in addition to most other medications and vitamins (of course, check with your doctor first). You don’t have to look through a long list of nutrients to ensure that you’re not consuming something you shouldn’t have.


  • Offers vegan multivitamin support
  • Includes omega-3, B12 and vitamin D
  • Citrus scented
  • Easy to swallow, no-nausea formula
  • Supports healthy energy levels
  • Helps you think clearly and improves your memory


  • This is a supplement that fills in common gaps that vegans and vegetarians experience. This isn’t a complete multivitamin though.
  • It’s priced slightly high considering there’s only a few nutrients in the product

#7. First Day Multivitamin for Men

first day mens multivitamin gummys

Each First Day Multivitamin for Men contains 12 organic fruits and vegetables that are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. While this is a multivitamin in gummy form, it contains approximately 80 percent less sugar than other gummy supplements. You’re consuming real food, not candy when you choose First Day Multivitamin for Men. All of the essential nutrients that men need are included in this formulation, such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, C, D3 and K. First Day opted to skip calcium, which is what you want to see in a supplement for older men.

What I like about First Day is that they have a panel of medical advisors that they consult with when making their supplements. This specific product is made using whole foods like apple, kale, broccoli, spinach, carrot, parsley, beet, green cabbage, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and tomato. If you were to try working all of those foods into your diet each day, you’d have a hard time doing so. First Day makes it easy for you to fill in nutritional gaps, so you feel your best.


  • Organic fruit and veggie blend
  • Includes nine key nutrients
  • Subscribe to save
  • Gelatin free
  • Free of major allergens
  • Contains up to 80 percent less sugar than other similar vitamins


  • Non-organic natural flavors are used
  • Less than 100 percent of daily values are used, which may or may not be a con for you

#8. Giddy Health Men’s Complete Multivitamin

giddy health mens vitamins

The specially formulated Giddy Health Men’s Complete Multivitamin capsule has been with over 400 clinical trials in mind. Its goal is to help men obtain essential nutrients that are needed for a healthier life, and optimal absorption was in mind when formulating this multivitamin with a special microbead-in-capsule design. Giddy Health Men’s Complete Multivitamin helps support cardiovascular health, which can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke as you age. You can also boost your energy levels naturally and prevent cognitive decline with nutrients like B complex vitamins, vitamin E and K2.

I appreciate the amount of research that has gone into this product from Giddy Health. They invest in various studies and third-party testing to ensure that their supplements offer exactly what you’re looking for.


  • Specially-formulated capsule
  • Boosts antioxidant consumption
  • Improves calcium metabolism
  • Boosts cardiovascular health
  • Supports immune function


  • Some of the ingredients are included at doses higher than what’s recommended daily, but they tend to be the water-soluble varieties

#9. Manna Liposomal Multivitamin

manna liposomal multivitamin

Manna believes that multivitamins are the core foundation for our health. They have addressed the issue of a supplement breaking down prematurely in the GI tract by utilizing advanced liposomal technology to create a protective coating around each nutrient. That means all of the vitamins and minerals in this product will get delivered directly to your cells for optimal absorption.

There are 22 different vitamins and minerals in Manna’s Liposomal Multivitamin that will protect you from potential nutritional deficiencies. Your immune system will receive a boost and you’ll experience a natural boost in energy to keep you going throughout the day. These nutrients and antioxidants also fight back against the natural aging process so you can reap the benefits of the fountain of youth.


  • Contains 22 key vitamins and minerals
  • Liquid formulation that absorbs better than capsules or pills
  • Provides cardiovascular, immune and energy support
  • Liposomal technology has been used to form a protective shield around each nutrient
  • Supports full body health


  • Contains non-organic natural flavors
  • Liquid multivitamins allow for better absorption, but they can be an inconvenience to some people

#10. Transparent Labs Multivitamin

transparent labs multivitamins

This potent multivitamin from Transparent Labs is designed for both active men and women. It contains bioavailable forms of essential vitamins and chelated minerals, including Chromax chromium picolinate, magnesium bisglycinate, and copper chelate. Formulated to increase absorption rate, Transparent Labs Multivitamin also includes the unique and patented KSM-66 organic ashwagandha root extract, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), CoQ10, and boron citrate to boost overall wellness. This is an iron-free formula which is gentle on the stomach.


  • Made with bioavailable forms of key vitamins and chelated minerals
  • Includes adaptogens like ashwagandha
  • Supports overall wellness
  • Iron free
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • No artificial colors or preservatives


  • An adaptogen may not be something you’re looking to take when you’re over the age of 60
  • A lot of the nutrients in this product are included at doses well over the recommended daily value

What to Know About Multivitamins for 60-Year-Old Men

As the male body ages, you’ll notice changes in your appearance, but there are also internal changes that start to occur which may not be as noticeable. The nutrients that you need can shift over the age of 60, especially as certain hormone levels start to decrease. Your joints may feel stiff and painful, your organs aren’t functioning as efficiently as they once did, and your energy levels are likely drastically different than they were when you were in your 30s and 40s.

The most essential vitamins that you should be supplementing with when you’re over the age of 60 include the B complex vitamins, vitamins C, D, E, zinc, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. Stay away from calcium, especially if you have been diagnosed with a heart condition of any sort.

Benefits of Taking Multivitamin Supplement for Men Over 60

Some of the benefits that you can experience when taking a multivitamin supplement designed for men over 60 include:

Prevention of Muscle and Bone Loss

A lot of multivitamins contain vitamin C, which can help with the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is a primary component of our bones and joints. It also helps to maintain muscle mass.

Improved Immune Function

Nutrients like vitamin C, B complex vitamins, zinc and vitamin D all boost normal immune function so your body can properly respond to any pathogens that it comes into contact with. A boosted immune system can also fight back against free radical damage.

Reduced Cancer Risk

Nutritional deficiencies can cause breaks in the normal genetic pathways of a cell that can increase your risk of cancer. Deficiencies in vitamin D, C and zinc have been studied and linked to an increased risk of cancer.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Vitamin C can reduce the amount of plaque buildup that you have in your arteries, which can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke greatly. In an indirect way, other nutrients can help with heart health as well. For example, B complex vitamins can boost your energy levels so you can be more active and keep your heart healthy. B complex vitamins also help with nervous system regulation. Your central nervous system is responsible for regulating your heart rate.

Supports Prostate Health

Vitamin D is incredibly important for prostate health. It stops the growth of prostate cells that can lead to an enlarged prostate gland.

Improved Eye Health

Vitamin A along with zinc are commonly used for supplements that can boost eye health. As you age, you’re at an increased risk of things like macular degeneration and cataracts. Your multivitamin can provide you with more eye protection than you think.

Mental Health

Your mental health is so important throughout your lifetime. Some people experience lows in their mood when they are deficient in certain nutrients like vitamin D and B complex vitamins. There may be an imbalance in your hormones as well, which can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and depression. It’s best to supplement with a comprehensive multivitamin that covers all of your bases, so your body is working as efficiently as possible to keep you healthy and happy.

So, You’re Over 60 Years Old? Avoid These Ingredients in Multivitamins

You’re over the age of 60, and we’ve covered a lot of the different nutrients that you should ensure are in your diet and multivitamin that you’re taking. However, there are some ingredients to avoid. Most supplements designed for both men and women over the age of 60 do not contain calcium or iron. Calcium may increase your risk of a heart attack and should be sourced from your diet alone. Supplementing with too much iron can result in damage of the liver, the heart and the pancreas.


There is a large variety of multivitamins and supplements that are available to men that are over the age of 60. As a registered dietitian, I always recommend that you source as many of your nutrients from your diet as possible. I understand that’s not always an option for a number of reasons, so taking one of the best multivitamins for men over 60 is a great idea.

What Is the Best Multivitamin for Men Over 60?

I spent a lot of time researching these 10 multivitamin supplement brands and the products that they offer for men that are over the age of 60. It’s critical that you investigate the specific ingredients and nutrients that are included in a supplement, to confirm that it’s going to improve your health but also not cause problems.

The product that I would recommend as a registered dietitian is Autumn DNA Personalized Vitamins. This brand doesn’t have a specific product that is used for men over the age of 60, but they provide you with access to a completely personalized approach to health and wellness. Your multivitamin will be selected based on your own body and genetic makeup. You can’t get any more exact than that.

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