The 5 Best Mushroom Coffee (An RD’s Top Picks)

If you’re looking for the best mushroom coffee brands on the market today, here are my top picks after analyzing ingredients, taste and effectiveness.

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Waking up in the morning can be a difficult task. You roll over and hit that snooze button multiple times, eventually roll out of bed and then drag yourself to the kitchen where you make your morning cup of coffee. Once you’ve had your jolt of caffeine, you’re ready to get started with your day.

The problem is, coffee isn’t all that healthy, especially when you’re drinking it in large quantities. Coffee consumption can interfere with your sleep, raise your heart rate and raise your blood pressure. If your coffee habit has gotten out of hand, you might be looking for alternatives. Mushroom coffee is a much healthier option to consider drinking each morning and afternoon. Some brands even make evening blends that help with a good night’s sleep.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

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Mushroom coffee comes in a couple different forms, depending on what brand you’re considering. Some companies combine traditional coffee with a blend of functional mushrooms. This lowers caffeine content while adding healthy nutrients. You can also find mushroom coffee products that only contain mushrooms if you’re looking to completely drop your coffee habit. Mushroom coffee usually contains a blend of lion’s mane, cordyceps, chaga and more.

How to Choose a Great Mushroom Coffee Product and Brand

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You have a lot of options available to you at your grocery store or online. A little bit of research and consideration is necessary to ensure that you’re picking a product that will provide you with the most nutritional benefits as possible. Some of the factors you should be thinking about include:

High Quality Ingredients

Many of the mushroom coffee blends on the market are made from organically grown mushrooms and other organic ingredients. If you’re looking to consume a healthier beverage during the day, you may as well determine if you’re buying a product with high quality ingredients. In addition to the mushrooms included in the product you buy, look into the safety and health benefits of anything else that has been added.

Transparent Brand

A reputable mushroom coffee brand should be completely transparent with what is inside of their coffee blend. Not only should they list included ingredients, but their website should be informational in regards to the benefits of their product, how their product is made, where their ingredients are sourced and so on.

Amount of Caffeine

You’re likely looking at mushroom coffee because you want to reduce your coffee / caffeine consumption. Most mushroom coffee brands will detail how much caffeine is in each serving of their product. Consider these amounts carefully to ensure you’re lowering your intake.

Reasonable Pricing

Break down the cost of a mushroom coffee product per cup. Some brands will do this for you, so you know exactly what you’re investing your money in. A daily coffee habit can be quite expensive, especially if you’re buying Starbucks everyday on your way to work. Making your own mushroom coffee at home is typically going to be a more affordable option.

Top-Rated Mushroom Coffees (and best brands)

I’ve broken down some of the top mushroom coffee brands so you don’t have to spend hours researching what you want to buy. Of course, there are many more out there.

#1. RYZE Mushroom Coffee

great mushroom coffee brand - RYZE

RYZE Mushroom Coffee is a healthier alternative to a traditional cup of coffee. Functional mushrooms are combined with coffee to provide a healthier energy boost. RYZE has also added MCT oil in their product, which helps to create a very creamy texture. A lot of mushroom coffee products are grainy, making them much different than a smooth cup of coffee. MCT oil has a number of health benefits, including reducing your risk of heart disease, boosting your immune system and increasing your metabolism.

RYZE has a very natural and earthy flavor. While it’s a different taste than traditional coffee, it’s one of the easier mushroom coffees to try. The best part is, you get a healthy shot of energy without experiencing any kind of crash later on in the day. Lower caffeine content means less jitters as well.


  • Contains MCT oil for a nutritional boost. It also makes the product creamy.
  • RYZE contains coffee, which may be what you’re looking for if you aren’t ready to give up coffee completely.
  • Affordable in comparison to traditional coffee and other mushroom coffees.


  • If you’re trying to give up coffee, RYZE might not be your best option. Though, it’s a good opportunity to slowly wean down from your coffee habit without having to go cold turkey.

Cost and Where to Buy

RYZE Mushroom Coffee can be bought online through the RYZE website as well as other websites. One package of RYZE contains a thirty day supply of mushroom coffee, and it costs just $36. That’s a dramatic decrease in cost compared to what you’re probably spending when you drive through your local coffee shop on your way to work each day. You can save some money by selecting their monthly membership. You receive a $6 discount on each package of coffee.

#2. Mud WTR Mushroom Coffee

excellent mushroom coffee brand MUD\WTR

MUD WTR mushroom coffee is used as a coffee replacement thanks to its coffee-free ingredient list that includes functional mushrooms and other natural ingredients. Some of the blend contains lion’s mane, chaga, cordyceps and reishi mushrooms. A low level of caffeine comes from black tea in the product. The unique flavor of MUD/WTR comes from cacao, cinnamon and other spices. The combination of ingredients has been constructed to make a healthy coffee alternative that tastes great.

The ingredients that are used in MUD/WTR are organic, and the brand sells a nighttime mushroom coffee blend that helps provide you with a restful night sleep through ingredients like turkey tail and ashwagandha.


  • MUD/WTR contains no coffee.
  • Has a much lower caffeine content than regular coffee.
  • A nighttime formula is available if you need help with getting enough sleep or improving the quality of your sleep.
  • Has a nice earthy and warm flavor thanks to the added spices in the product.


  • Doesn’t have a great consistency, but you can play around with how you make the product to try and improve upon it.

Cost and Where to Buy

The MUD/WTR Morning Ritual Kit and Evening Ritual Kit start at $40 and go up from there. MUD/WTR also sells other products that you can use with their mushroom coffee, including different creamers and sweeteners. You can purchase the product through their website using the link below.

#3. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

outstanding mushroom coffee brand four sigmatic

Four Sigmatic is a mushroom coffee brand that also markets different plant protein supplements and other wellness products based on their mushroom blend (which contains high levels of chaga mushrooms). Their goal is to provide a jitter-free product that still provides you with energy for the day ahead. Four Sigmatic is unique because they attempt to hide the earthy mushroom flavor that’s common in these types of products. It has a much nuttier flavor.

You can subscribe to the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee membership plan which allows you to swap out different products as you see fit. You can also cancel your membership at any time.


  • A coffee alternative that is made from a unique mushroom blend that is also very nutrient dense.
  • Easy to use product that you simply mix with water.
  • Made with organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients.
  • You can save money on their monthly subscriptions.
  • International shipping available.


  • Four Sigmatic has a slightly bitter flavor that can take some getting used to.
  • Definitely one of the more expensive mushroom coffee brands.

Cost and Where to Buy

While it’s a bit expensive, Four Sigmatic often runs sales and offers discounts on their products. On average, their Morning Routine coffee costs $40 for two bags. Each bag contains 32 servings. You can purchase their products on their website as well as on other online retail sites.

#4. Laird Superfood Mushroom Coffee

top mushroom coffee brand Laird Superfood

Laird Superfood was created by a surfer that was looking for a different plant-based product to drink in the morning that would provide healthy energy while still tasting great. His coffee blend was quickly passed on to friends and family that fell in love with the recipe. In 2015, Laird Superfood became an official product.

Their mushroom coffee comes in a few different roasts, each one containing a special blend of Peruvian coffee beans and functional mushrooms such as chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. You can use the Laird Superfood Mushroom Coffee as you would normal coffee, through a drip, French press or cold brew.


  • Contains coconut oil and coconut milk powder for a creamy texture.
  • Energy sustaining fats will help to keep you full throughout the day.
  • Provides you with a healthy boost of energy that won’t cause unwanted side effects.
  • Laird has a very vast product line that contains creamers, mushroom coffee, protein powders and much more.


  • You can taste the coconut in the product. This might not be preferred by everyone.
  • Slightly difficult to mix the product so everything dissolves.
  • Laird has a high price point.

Cost and Where to Buy

The Laird Superfood website has their full range of products, which vary in price. If you’re looking for a mushroom coffee blend, you can expect to pay about $15.95 for one 12 ounce bag. The price goes up from there are you purchase their higher end coffees or additional products.

#5. NeuRoast Mushroom Coffee

good mushroom coffee brand NEU ROAST

Coffee is combined with a blend of organic superfood mushrooms to make NeuRoast Mushroom Coffee. The functional mushroom blend contains lion’s mane for increased focus, cordyceps for energy, chaga for an antioxidant boost, reishi for better focus and turkey tail for gut health.

Each serving of NeuRoast includes 65 milligrams of caffeine per serving as well as 1000 milligrams of mushroom extract. There are no fillers or artificial ingredients added.


  • Comes in decaf, which is nice if you want to reap the benefits of mushroom coffee without having to deal with any side effects of caffeine.
  • One of the more affordable mushroom coffee brands.
  • Caramel pecan and chocolate hazelnut are available in addition to the classic roast and decaf varieties.
  • Doesn’t cause a mid-day crash in energy or focus.
  • Beneficial for energy, digestion and immune function.


  • You get that earthy flavor as well as some fruity undertones. Not everyone will enjoy its unique taste.
  • Less popular than other brands. It’s not available through as many retailers.

Cost and Where to Buy

This is a rather affordable mushroom coffee brand. Neu Roast sells bundles of their coffee at the price point of two packages for $39. They run a variety of discounts, often bringing the bundles down to $30 each.

Know This about Mushroom Coffee before Buying

all about the top mushroom coffee

When you purchase mushroom coffee, you should know that you’re buying a substitute for your traditional coffee. It may have a different taste, and it will feel differently when you consume it. However, this is usually a favorable experience. You can still enjoy increased energy and focus throughout the day, but you won’t have to deal with stomach upset, jitters, anxiety or a caffeine crash a few hours later.

What Are the Benefits

Mushroom coffee has many more health benefits than you would get with traditional coffee. It has the potential to boost your immune system thanks to components such as polyphenols, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and carotenoids.

There’s less caffeine in mushroom coffee, so you get a healthier type of energy boost that won’t disrupt your sleep or make you feel wired. If you’re someone that’s sensitive to caffeine, mushroom coffee may be the perfect alternative for you.

Functional mushrooms have the potential to decrease inflammation in the body. If you deal with chronic pain or inflammation, you may find that this healthier alternative actually helps you feel better.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The side effects that come from regular consumption of mushroom coffee are generally pretty beneficial. These brands choose their mushroom blends based off functional mushrooms that can help with a variety of bodily functions. Mushrooms can improve digestion, boost immune function, increase mental clarity and boost energy.

Who Should Consider Trying It?

Mushroom coffee is a great coffee alternative for anyone that is looking to decrease the amount of caffeine that they consume on a regular basis. Many of these mushroom coffees come in decaf if you don’t want to consume any caffeine. Other brands have caffeinated versions, but they are much lower amounts than traditional coffee.

If you’re used to experiencing jitters, digestive issues or an energy crash after you drink traditional coffee, mushroom coffee may be a great option to consider.

Is It Really A Good Alternative to Coffee?

Mushrooms provide a great nutritional boost that whatever they are added to. They also have a very earthy flavor, which works well as a warm coffee beverage. With more than 64 percent of Americans drinking coffee regularly and many of those people experiencing unwanted side effects from their coffee habit, it makes sense that mushroom coffee is a successful business.

If you’re on the fence regarding mushroom coffee, I recommend that you try one of the brands that I’ve talked about. There is a distinct taste, so the best way to form an opinion is to try it for yourself.

Final Thoughts

recommended mushroom coffee

Mushrooms aren’t something that many people think of when they’re in the mood for a cup of coffee, but the concept of mushroom coffee isn’t as new as you think. During World War II, there was often a shortage of coffee beans in many countries affected by the war. Finland was the first place to start using mushrooms as a substitute. While the substitution eventually lost some of its popularity, we’re seeing many brands harness the power of these functional mushrooms to market a healthier beverage option for coffee lovers.

Recommended Brands (You can't go wrong with)

The brands that I’ve discussed are just some of the varieties that you can purchase if you’re interested in trying out mushroom coffee. They are great, and here are the links if you want to learn more:

#1: RYZE (Official Website)

#2: MUD\WTR (Official Website)

#3: Four Sigmatic (Official Website)

#4: Laird Superfoods (Official Website)

#5: NEU ROAST (Official Website)

Tips for Success from the RD

If you decide to make the switch to mushroom coffee or at least substitute some of the coffee you’re consuming each day, there are some tips that can help you enjoy this alternative even more. For example, some mushroom coffee blends don’t dissolve as nicely as you would hope. If you think you’re going to be picky about the consistency of your coffee, research brands to figure out which ones will be creamier. The ones that contain coconut oil or MCT oil tend to have a better texture. Some of them can actually be brewed, which also results in a nicer beverage experience.

You can use most mushroom coffees like you would traditional coffee. If you have a favorite creamer, this may help make the transition smoother. You can also buy specific creamer products from the mushroom coffee brand that you’re buying. Don’t be afraid to experiment with cold brews and other coffee recipes.

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