Cometeer Coffee Review: Worth It? Let’s Find Out!

Cometeer Coffee developed a proprietary extraction system, flash freezing their brewed coffee into frozen pods – that look like hockey pucks – that lead to great tasting coffee.

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If coffee has been your go-to morning beverage for years now, you’ve probably tried many different kinds. From various flavors to the hot or iced varieties, coffee can provide you with a quick pick-me-up that gets you moving in the morning. It can get expensive to purchase your coffee from a coffee shop each morning but brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home isn’t as hard as you think. You don’t need a fancy machine or elaborate equipment. You don’t have to grind your own beans at home. There are convenient options that taste great and are affordable.

Cometeer is a coffee subscription company that we’re going to be taking a look at in this article. This coffee brand has simplified the process of making coffee so that you can have a great brew each day without spending loads of time on the brewing process. Their frozen coffee capsule turns into a steaming cup of delicious coffee in just minutes. Let’s take a closer look at Cometeer to find out if this is your new go-to product in the morning when you need that caffeine jolt to get started with your day.

Quick Summary of Cometeer Review

summary cometeer coffee drinks
Product:Cometeer Coffee
Multiple Flavors to choose from:Yes
Key Benefits:Pure roast, flash frozen to preserve the flavor and quality, powerful brewing process, can make hot coffee, iced coffee or specialty coffee.
Amount of coffee in each capsule:26g
Cost:$64 per box + free shipping (comes in around $2 per cup of coffee)
Subscription service only:Yes, but you can cancel anytime
Website / Coupons:cometeer.com
Average Rating:4.7/5 (Over 3,500 reviews)
GW Rating:4.6/5

Cometeer Coffee

Courtney D'Angelo

Brand Transparency
Quality of Coffee
Easy to make


Cometeer Coffee provides a subscription-based pre-made coffee that is flash-frozen to help keep the quality and potency of their coffee.


Introducing Cometeer Coffee

coffee puck cometeer

Cometeer strives to provide coffee lovers with an extremely fresh cup of coffee. Their coffee pods arrive at your doorstep in eco-friendly, recyclable packages. What’s unique about this brand is that their pods are kept frozen until you’re ready to use them. They don’t take up a ton of space but make room in your freezer for your first Cometeer shipment.

The Cometeer coffee brand brews their product with beans that they source from some of the top roasters in the U.S., such as Red Bay, Onyz, Counter Culture and Birch. It is made at ten times the strength of a regular cup. Once the coffee is made, it is flash-frozen to preserve the flavor and quality as much as possible. There are a few different varieties to choose from.

How Strong Is Cometeer Coffee?

strength of cometeer coffee

One serving of Cometeer Coffee is brewed a total of ten times the strength of a regular cup of coffee. This equates to 26 grams of coffee in each capsule. It’s not instant coffee, so you don’t have to worry about getting the product to dissolve. It’s also not diluted by the freezing process, so you get a rich flavor while drinking the entire cup.

Flavors to Choose From

cometeer flavors of coffee

Cometeer prides themselves on working with some of the top roasters in the country so you have access to a load of flavors and varieties. These roasts are taken to the next level with the Cometeer brewing and freezing process. This includes:

Counter Culture

Counter Culture has been around for over 25 years, producing a high quality, great-tasting coffee product.

Bird Rock

A brand that focuses on quality with each cup of coffee that’s made from their roasts.

George Howell

Made from some of the best coffees on earth, George Howell utilizes regional and single farm-sourced coffees.


Birch cares about great coffee as well as the human experience.


A group of coffee enthusiasts created Equator back in 1995. They are still focused on providing people with the best coffee experience possible.

Joe Coffee

A New York-based brand, Joe Coffee focuses on specialty coffee varieties.

Red Bay

Red Bay strives to take coffee to the next level and function as pioneers in the coffee industry.


Onyx never expects you to settle for a bad cup of coffee. They are an awarded independent coffee company that focuses on the training of their baristas and roasters while providing customers with brand transparency.


Science and artistry are used to unlock the amazing flavor of Klatch coffee products.

Go Get Em Tiger

This brand cares about the coffee experience in addition to producing a high-quality beverage.


  • Bold flavor that lasts until the very last drop
  • Roasted from some of the best beans in the country
  • Cometeer uses a unique flash-freezing process to produce a tasty and pure product
  • Subscription service makes it easy to obtain your coffee supply
  • No matter how you take your coffee, Cometeer provides you with a very palatable place to start
  • You can try multiple roasts in one order


  • You have to wait for the coffee pod to melt, which may take a few extra minutes than you’re used to. Simply go about the rest of your morning duties while you wait.

How Much Does Cometeer Coffee Cost?

pricing cometeer

Depending on which selections you make for your Cometeer box, they're usually around $64 per box, which ends up being about $2 per cup of coffee. This is a slightly higher price point than you would experience with a bag of coffee and a traditional coffee maker, but this is far less than you would spend at a local coffee shop, Dunkin Donuts, or Starbucks. Your delivery comes to you properly packaged and completely frozen (packed with dry ice) so that you don’t lose any product before you have a chance to get it into the freezer.

How Does Cometeer Brew Their Coffee?

cometeer brewing coffee

A unique extraction process is used by Cometeer to utilize the high-quality beans and roasts that they acquire. This process has taken into account all of the different variables that exist when you are making a cup of coffee. All you have to do is melt one serving of their product and enjoy.

Use of High Quality Coffee Beans

Cometeer works with some of the best roasters in the United States, sourcing their products from some of the best coffee farms all over the world. Each brew is made intricately to bring out the exceptional flavor in each coffee bean, whatever unique notes they may be.

The Perfect Brewing Process

Impressive technology allows Cometeer to preserve flavor and aroma in each capsule. The brand has an impressive total dissolved solids count and extraction levels. Even the best baristas in the nation can’t make a cup of coffee as delightful as Cometeer. The best part is you get consistency with this brand. You don’t have to worry about which barista is working that day to ensure you get the flavor you’re craving.

-321 Degrees Fahrenheit

Once the extraction process has taken place, liquid nitrogen is used to lock in all of the flavor and freshness that’s present. It doesn’t take long to complete this step, but it’s an important part of the process. You can keep Cometeer in your freezer for months and it will still taste great when you make it. No preservatives or artificial ingredients are used in the manufacturing process.

Learn the entire process here

Claimed Benefits of Melted Coffee

benefits melted coffee

Melted coffee may be something you’ve never heard before, even if you’re an avid coffee drinker. Cometeer produces a great tasting cup of coffee while cutting back on waste production. The capsules are recyclable since they don’t contain any grounds in them. The capsule has already been made with recyclable materials. Cometeer has an 18-month shelf life, so nothing goes to waste. You simply grab a single pod when you’re ready to make a cup of coffee.

Strong Coffee: Pure Flavor (26 grams of coffee in each capsule)

Each capsule of Cometeer coffee includes 26 grams of coffee. This results in a very potent cup of coffee that tastes great and pure. You can drink it anyway that you like; using your favorite creamer, adding sugar or drinking it black.

Always Fresh Tasting Coffee

The flash freezing process used by Cometeer ensures that the coffee is preserved right when it’s at its best point. The flavor doesn’t become diluted or watered down by being frozen. You’ll feel like you’re drinking a cup of coffee that was just made from freshly ground beans at that very moment.

Can Make Hot or Iced Coffee Anytime

You don’t have to use Cometeer to just make a hot cup of coffee. You can still use their products when you have a craving for a cup of iced coffee or when the weather turns warm and you still want your caffeine fix.

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Real Cometeer Reviews and Average Rating

There are over 3,500 reviews on the Cometeer website, with an average rating of 4.7 stars out of five stars.

Customers love the high-quality taste and purity of Cometeer coffee. It’s been compared over and over again to some of the best coffee shops in the U.S., but you can make the perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home. Some people even take the pod on-the-go with them, letting it melt during their commute to work.

The only thing that people complained about is the potential for larger pod sizes or larger shipments. There have been no complaints about flavor or quality.

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Alternatives Compared to Cometeer

cometeer alternatives

Coffee pods have been around for a number of years now, and there are some alternatives that have the potential to provide you with the same great cup of coffee that you get from Cometeer. Let’s take a look.

Javy Coffee

Javy Coffee sells coffee concentrates that make a quick and tasty cup of coffee in just seconds. It is available in their original flavor, or you can purchase other varieties such as caramel, French vanilla and mocha. It’s affordably priced at just over $20 per bottle.

Go to Javy Coffee


VitaCup pods not only produce a great tasting cup of coffee, but they also contain beneficial nutrients and ingredients (ginseng, B complex vitamins, turmeric, MCT oil) that take your coffee to the next level. Perhaps the most popular product is the VitaCup low acid coffee. They have a huge selection of products such as:

  • Keto Max Coffee
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Beauty Coffee
  • Genius Vanilla
  • Focus Coffee
  • Slim Coffee
  • Low Acid Organic

Go to VitaCup

The Bottom Line: Is It Worth it?

cometeer cup of coffee worth it

Coffee pods are an excellent way to make a cup of coffee from home. I hate having to pay out a ton of money each day on my way to work just to get a tasty cup of my favorite morning beverage. It’s nice to be able to use the machine I have but upgrade the type of pods that I’m using. I am impressed with the quality of coffee that you get from Cometeer. This brand has really perfected their method of getting the purest and most delicious, concentrated pods available.

Tips for Success from the RD

Making the perfect cup of coffee doesn’t have to be achieved by only the professionals. You can learn to make your own coffee at home in order to save money and increase convenience. Here are some of my tips for making a great cup of coffee.

  • Consider purchasing a pod or concentrate that’s already flavored. Some people like to stick with a basic brew and then add their creamers later on. If you use something that already has flavor to it, you can often drink it without adding any more sugar or flavorings. The flavor stays much more pure.
  • Drink your coffee immediately when it’s hot and the flavor is rich. We all know what it’s like to have a busy morning and your cup of coffee gets cold. Make it at the last second when you’re ready to drink it.
  • Use filtered water for your coffee. Not only is this a healthier option, but filtered water will elevate the flavor of your morning cup.
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