Eat Porta Review: Is This Italian Food Delivery Worth It?

PORTA is an Italian food delivery service that comes frozen so that you can make your Italian dishes on your own schedule. Choose from pizza, pasta and desserts – all made by PORTA with high quality ingredients from Italy.

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After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is cook a big meal. It’s so much more convenient to eat out, but that’s a time-consuming process that requires you to pick a restaurant, wait for a table, decide on your order and wait for everything to be brought to your table. It can often be very expensive as well. What do you do when you have a taste for good quality food but don’t want to make it yourself and don't want to leave the house? You turn to Porta.

Imagine having classic Italian meals delivered right to your door with only having to select your items online. From pizza to pasta and desserts like tiramisu and panna cotta, you can feel like you’re eating at a classic Italian restaurant without having to leave your kitchen. Porta is a company that has real world chefs prepare a wide variety of Italian foods. They are then flash frozen and shipped right to your doorstep. You select your favorites online and they’re delivered to you periodically in your customized box as part of your subscription service.

Quick Summary of Eat PORTA Review

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Eat PORTA Italian Food Delivery

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Delivery Process
Authentic Italian Taste
Easy to heat up the frozen food


PORTA, or Eat PORTA, is a legitimate Italian meal delivery service, serving classic Italian dishes, such as pizza, pasta and dessert. The ordering process is super simple, it's affordable, and definitely worth trying if you like Italian food.


All about Porta (Eat Porta) Italian Food Delivery

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High quality ingredients are used for every Porta recipe. This is frozen food taken to a whole new level. It takes 15 minutes or less to heat your foods, and they’re still rich in flavor. The best part is, you didn’t have to spend any time shopping for the ingredients, prepping or cooking. The cleanup is as simple as can be!

Delivery Zones

Porta is currently delivering their products to a pretty vast area. You can receive their products if you live in the areas of Sarnia, Stratford, Port Stanley, Hamilton, Toronto and Niagara Falls. You can visit the Porta website for more information. Simply enter your postal code to see if you can place an order from where you're located.

When Will PORTA Be Available in My Area?

Currently the Porta service is available in selected areas of Ontario. The company plans to expand their services in the near future so keep an eye on their website to see when you can order. The goal is to eventually ship to the entire Canadian area as well as the U.S. The next phase of shipping will include the rest of the province.

A Little Bit About the Brand

Porta was created by Cosimo Mammoliti, who was raised by Italian immigrants that were looking for a better life in Canada. With them they brought along all of their classic Italian comfort food. This company has been family run for more than 25 years now, with more than 12 different bakeries and restaurants included. Porta was created as a way to reach even more people in North America.


  • Fresh ingredients are used to create classic Italian recipes that can be reheated with ease at home
  • You don’t have to worry about preparation or cleanup
  • Pizza, pasta and desserts are included in the menu
  • You customize your own box with the foods that you love
  • Cooks in minutes
  • Affordably priced if you take into account the quantity of food that you receive


  • Shipping areas are limited right now, but it will be interesting to see how this expands in the near future
  • Allergy information is somewhat limited. There are risks of cross contamination in their facility for many of the major allergens

How Does It Work?

eat porta order and delivery

The Porta website is designed very well. It’s a simple site that allows you to quickly peruse all of the different menu items that they offer. You can select what you want to purchase, and all of those items will be saved in your cart. When you are ready to complete your order, shipping and billing information will be needed. You can choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries.

I like this company because their food looks amazing. They have a lot of variety, so you can easily reorder from Porta without having to repeat the same items over and over again. Since they offer a variety of shipping opportunities, it’s nice to have options.

Italian Food to Choose from On the PORTA Menu

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I find it’s difficult to choose what you want to order from Porta each time. There’s so much variety and so many delicious looking meals to choose from. While it sounds like pizza, pasta and dessert are limited menu items, there are actually many options in each category.


eat porta pizza

Pizza is the absolute perfect comfort food. Porta has eight different varieties to choose from. The classic cheese and pepperoni is amazing, but the Margherita is a close second if you’re looking for something simple. The Pasqualina is an amazing take on the classic cheese pizza, featuring mozzarella, gorgonzola, fontina and mascarpone cheeses. On those adventurous dinner nights I recommend the Carmela, which features mushrooms and truffle oil. The Rocco is a spicy pizza option with mushrooms and soppressata. The Gennaro has amazing flavor with sausage and onions.


eat porta pasta

After a long work day there’s nothing I crave more than a big bowl of pasta. It’s a family favorite that everyone can dig into. The Napoli dish from Porta is a classic option with tomato sauce and spaghetti. Roma is a penne dish that is mixed with garlic, tomatoes and red chili peppers. A classic Bolognese is available, Modena ravioli with spinach and ricotta and the Torino ravioli is made with braised beef. If you’re in the mood for pesto, choose the flavorful Genova. The Pescara pasta dish is a classic tomato sauce with lamb meat.


eat porta dessert

After your meal is over, a nice sweet treat completes the at-home dining experience. Porta doesn’t just stop with their entrees. They offer classic Italian desserts that are unlike anything you’ve ever tried. The Dolci Assortiti includes four different containers or tiramisu, chocolate mousse, butterscotch budino (The chef’s favorite) and panna cotta. You can also order four packs of those desserts. All of the options are creamy, sweet and delicious.

Ingredients Analysis from Italy

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Porta believes that the quality of food is determined by the quality of the ingredients that it’s made with. All of their products are made from only the best ingredients they can source right from Italy. Let’s take a closer look.


All of the flour that Porta uses for their pizzas comes from a family-run mill in Le Marche, Italy. It is a third generation company that makes exceptional products.

100% Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

The one hundred percent Coratina extra-virgin olive oil used for all of the pizzas and pastas on the Porta menu comes with a close family friend that lives in Puglia. They make the oil exclusively for Porta.

San Marzano Tomatoes

The flavor and quality of the tomatoes used in Italian cooking is very important. Porta uses only San Marzano tomatoes from Campania.

How Much Does a PORTA Subscription Cost?

Each Porta pizza is priced at $11.99. Each pizza serves one person.

An order of pasta serves two and it costs $18.99 each.

One four-pack of desserts is $15.99 each.

You can also purchase gift cards for someone that lives within the delivery zoning. This food is too good not to share with someone else!

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Real PORTA Italian Food Reviews and Average Rating

Over 80 different reviews are featured on the Porta website. They are all very favorable, with happy clients raving about the quality of the food. People claim these are the best pizzas they have ever eaten and the pasta is fresh and reheats beautifully. Of course, the desserts taste authentic and delicious. People have used Porta for weeknight dinners as well as for entertaining guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the Porta meal delivery service, a lot of useful information is included on their website. I also want to go over some of the most commonly asked questions here, so you can get ready to order your very own box or Porta food!

Is PORTA a Subscription Service?

Porta is indeed a subscription service. You can choose between weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries. It’s a very flexible service, so you can change your selections or skip a delivery whenever you want. You are given a selection deadline, and all of your changes must be in by that point in time.

How Many Items Can I Order?

You can choose between the Porta small order box, which contains six items, or the medium box which includes nine items. There is also a large box which allows for 15 different menu items.

How Long Does It Take To Cook a PORTA Meal?

It takes less than 15 minutes to cook a meal from Porta. Depending on what you order, items will be cooked in either the oven or on the stovetop. Instructions are provided with your order.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

You have the option to unsubscribe from Porta at any time. You simply visit your account page on the Porta website. Click on the ‘cancel subscription link’ and you’re good to go! There are no cancellation fees or harassing emails.

Is PORTA Vegan?

There are not any vegan options available through Porta at this time, but they are working to develop some vegan options for future menu releases.

Do The Pizzas Come In Different Sizes?

All of the pizza through Porta is 10 inches in size. This is perfect for one person, and they fit conveniently in your freezer.

Is The Whole Menu Frozen?

Porta flash freezes their food in order to preserve its quality and flavor. This also makes it a lot easier to transport everything. Luckily everything can be cooked within 15 minutes and you’re not required to thaw anything beforehand.

Is PORTA Worth It? Final Verdict

italian meal delivery eat porta worth it

There are a lot of meal subscription services out there. Some of them provide you with access to different frozen meals, meat and other foods. There are fresh deliveries that provide you with all of the different ingredients needed in order to cook a meal yourself.

I like Porta because you get everything sent to your door and it barely takes any time to heat it up. The flavor is outstanding and you don’t feel like you’re eating a previously frozen meal. There’s no shopping involved, you don’t have to prep the ingredients and cook them and you throw all of the trash right into the garbage when you’re done. Yet, you’re still sitting down to enjoy a really tasty and healthy meal that your whole family will love. I’m often turned off by some of those subscription recipe boxes because they include recipes for some really different meals that I wouldn’t otherwise try. Classic Italian comfort food is something that everyone can enjoy – PORTA is 100% worth it!

I recommend spending a little bit of time looking through all of the different meal options that are available through Porta. It’s actually difficult to figure out what you want to put into your first order because there are so many amazing options. If you’re not sure about the brand, order a small box to start out with. You can upgrade your order at any time once you fall in love with Porta.

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