Eddie by Giddy Review: Is the Eddie Device Effective for ED?

Eddie by Giddy was built to treat erectile dysfunction and performance unpredictability.

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Erectile dysfunction refers to a man not being able to get an erection and / or maintain that erection for an appropriate length of time. This condition can greatly affect a man’s sex life and his relationships by negatively impacting his self-esteem. It’s estimated that about one third of men experience this condition at some point in their lifetime. There’s no need to suffer. There are a number of erectile dysfunction remedies that can provide assistance with this annoying condition.

Instead of taking prescription pills for ED (which often come with some dangerous side effects), I want to introduce you to a device that can help you get harder and longer erections. In this article I’ll be reviewing Eddie by Giddy. By working with the body’s physiology, Eddie provides fast relief from erectile dysfunction so you can enjoy sex better and for longer periods of time.

But First, What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

A man’s penis must be fully erect in order to have sex. During the entire duration of sexual intercourse, the penis must remain hard. When a man experiences the inability to maintain their erection and this occurs frequently, this is considered to be erectile dysfunction. If this happens once in a while, there really isn’t much cause for concern. You could just chalk the situation up to getting over an illness or being tired. However, ongoing problems with your erection warrants further investigation into why this is happening.

Your chance of experiencing ED will rise as you get older. The problem is caused by not enough blood flow to the penis, and the muscles don’t relax. This is a common issue for men over the age of 60. Though, there are perfectly healthy, young men that also deal with ED. If you have the desire to have sex but you feel like your penis isn’t reacting how you would like it to in the moment, then you may be in the process of looking into ways to remedy this problem. From pills to penis pumps, there is a lot to consider.

Quick Summary of Eddie by Giddy Review

Product:Eddie by Giddy
Best for:For any man who experiences ED – Eddie by Giddy is best for helping men obtain and sustain an erection.
Why men (and women) love it:Most people who've used Eddie speak of the results – it does what it's suppose to do.
Pricing:$188 – rebills every 4 months ($47 per month)
Where to Buy:Shop Eddie here
Avg. User Rating:4.9/5
GW Rating:4.6/5

Eddie by Giddy

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The Eddie by Giddy helps men with erectile dysfunction – it's a small, comfortable device that you put on your penis to get an erection and maintain it during intercourse.


What Is Eddie by Giddy?

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Eddie by Giddy is a class II medical device registered with the FDA that helps you obtain and maintain an erection. Its design has a “U” shape and wraps around the penis. Working with the body’s natural shape and function, Eddie’s purpose is to prevent the urethra from being constricted during sex. Similar to the application of a cock ring, Eddie has a slightly different design that utilizes a tension band wrapped around the open end of the ring to apply pressure. There are even augmentation ridges around the band, so your partner experiences more pleasure during sex. You don’t have to wait around for pills to kick in when you use this product. You simply put it on and you’re ready to go.


  • Helps you sustain a harder penis for a longer period of time
  • Benefits your sex life
  • Increases the pleasure of your partner
  • No dangerous side effects
  • Comes with multiple fittings to achieve perfect and personalized sizing


  • Some reviews state that it may take a few tries to get the fit right. However, it seems like Giddy has a very good customer service department that is willing to help you get it right.

How Does the Eddie by Giddy Work?

holding eddie by giddy

Giddy recommends that you try on your Eddie alone, so you get the hang of it and spend some time figuring out the fit of the unit. Put it on the base of the penis, directly in front of the testicles. The opening of the horseshoe-shaped unit should be facing down. It’s really easy to put on, so you can slide it on during foreplay or intercourse. You’ll quickly get the hang of it, and you won’t even notice that it’s there. The goal is to promote proper blood flow into the penis during sex, so you don’t lose your erection. Shaped much differently than a circular cock ring, the Eddie matches the oval shape of the penis for increased performance and a more comfortable experience.

When Do You Put Eddie On?

eddie by giddy with band

You can put the Eddie on when you’re erect or flaccid. Some men like to get it out of the way and put it on before they become intimate with their partner so there’s no real interruption. If you’re using a condom, you could put the Eddie on at that point as well. The goal is to put the Eddie on before you’re in the middle of sex with your partner. It works best if you have it on at the start, so you can maintain your erection and not have to try and get it back.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

eddie ED products

The Eddie should work almost immediately once you put it on. The goal is to promote optimal blood flow to the penis while you’re wearing your device. Once you have it on, the penis will be held in a natural position that prevents constriction of the blood vessels to and in your penis. After a few minutes you should see a dramatic change in your erection. This is a much safer and faster process than having to take an erectile dysfunction pill hours before you want to be sexually active.

How Do You Size an Eddie Giddy?

When you first order your Eddie, you’ll need to select a size based on things like your condom size, penis size when erect and penis size while flaccid. There are four different sizes available: A, B, C and D. Eddie is capable of fitting about 98.99% of men. The size you choose will be based on the circumference of your penis. Also taken into consideration is the frequency of your ED symptoms. With your Eddie ring you also receive three comfort bands and three sport bands that you can use when you’re wearing the device. On the Giddy website there is a guide on how to choose the correct size.

Check your size here.

Cost and Where to Buy

The Eddie by Giddy can be purchased on the Giddy website, which is located at https://eddiebygiddy.com/. Currently the cost of this unit is $188, which works out to be about $1.55 per day. However, can you really put a price on a satisfactory sex life? Free resizes are available if you don’t find the Eddie you chose to be comfortable. Also, free shipping is offered with every order. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee offered if you’re not happy with your Eddie device.

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Real Eddie by Giddy Reviews and Product Rating

For a product like this, you want to read real-life reviews. Giddy can express how wonderful their product is on their website, but hearing real men say this product has changed their sex life is really what will result in your buying an Eddie of your very own. You’ll be happy to know that Eddie has a rating of five out of five stars (reviews are provided by Trustpilot). There are 16 pages of reviews listed. Upon scrolling through some of the reviews, many have expressed this product helping them get harder for longer periods of time. Even men who tried oral medications and didn’t have success with them were able to find the results they were looking for with Eddie.

It seems that the only issue some men had with their Eddie were with the sizing. But like I mentioned earlier, Giddy is good about helping you find the perfect fit. It appears that they'll help you with a replacement if you're not comfortable with the product that you ordered.

Read all reviews of Eddie here.

Alternatives Compared to Eddie by Giddy

eddie by giddy alternatives

There are other erectile dysfunction products that you can utilize if you want to try something other than Eddie, or you’re looking for a secondary product to keep around if Eddie just isn't cutting it on any given day. Here are some of the options I recommend.

For Hims ED

For Hims is a website that provides you with easy access to erectile dysfunction medications online. These are FDA-approved products that come in affordable generic options. Some of the most commonly ordered medications on the website are Stendra, Viagra and Cialis. You don’t have to worry about waiting for an appointment with your doctor to secure your medication, and the process of ordering and receiving your products is very discreet when you work with For Hims. If you’re a bit self-conscious about your ED, this is a great alternative to an in-person chat with your doctor that makes you feel bad about yourself. All of the licensed providers on the website understand what you’re going through, and they’ll help you determine what your best course of action is so you can boost your self-esteem, enjoy sex more and be able to please your partner in the bedroom.


REX MD is another website that you can use to purchase generic ED medications. You start by scheduling a free telehealth consultation. This is where you will receive information and a prescription for an ED medication that should help with your situation. Your product will arrive via free shipping from a reputable, US licensed pharmacy. If you’re able to find more affordable pricing somewhere else, REX MD will match that price. From Cialis to Viagra and everything else in between, you will soon be on your way to harder and longer erections thanks to REX MD.

You can also order other medications through REX MD, such as pain relief medication and drugs to help you with hair loss. Over the counter immune support and testosterone support is also available.

With all of these ED products as alternatives, I still believe Eddie by Giddy is a superior ED product. It's nice to see other options, but you don't find anything better than Eddie right now.

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The Bottom Line: Is It Effective?

If you’ve just recently been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, it makes sense to me that you would want to start out with a non-pharmacological approach to your condition. I like that Eddie is something that you use only when you’re going to be intimate with your partner. You don’t have to take medication beforehand, so it’s nice to just live in the moment and not have to think ahead so much.

Giddy has ensured that their Eddie product comes in a variety of sizes so you can find something that’s comfortable for the size and shape of your penis. You also get the multiple attachment rings that you can try on to get an even better fit. While it might seem like a little bit of an investment, your love life is worth it isn't it?

ED product eddie effective

Tips for Success

Instead of stressing out about your erectile dysfunction and making matters worse, here are some of my tips for success that can help you tackle this condition with confidence, so you get back to connecting with your partner.

Get More Physical Activity (Besides Sex)

Participating in regular physical activity like running, walking or swimming can greatly decrease your risk of erectile dysfunction. This is especially helpful if your BMI is in the obese range, as larger men tend to have a more difficult time sustaining an erection.

Eating Properly

Focus on eating a diet that frequently incorporates things like fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Limit your alcohol intake and stay away from processed foods. You truly are what you eat, and you can't expect your body to function at an optimal level if you aren't taking care of yourself from a diet perspective.

Pay Attention to Your Heart

Heart health has a major impact on your penis. If you are dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar numbers, you are probably dealing with poor heart health. This puts you not only at a higher risk of heart attack and stroke, but also erectile dysfunction.

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