Farmer’s Fridge Review: Worth It? A Dietitian Tries It

Farmer’s Fridge is a healthy meal delivery service that offers fresh, ready-to-eat meals for busy people.

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Has life become very hectic lately? Do you find yourself going and going from the moment you wake up until the time when your head hits the pillow at night? Between accomplishing all of your work tasks, taking care of your family and trying to fit time in for yourself, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day. To reduce the amount of time that you spend in the kitchen preparing your meals, there are a number of subscription and online services that send fresh or frozen meals right to your doorstep. I’m not talking about those frozen TV dinners that you grew up eating. I’m talking about fresh, delicious and nutritious meals that don’t take more than a few minutes to get ready.

Farmer’s Fridge is a brand of fresh products that are delivered right to your doorstep. Each meal will remain fresh for about three to four days, providing you with healthy options throughout the day and week. They have a large selection of menu items to choose from, and you’ll be shocked at how tasty all of them are. In addition to their delivery service, there are also Farmer’s Fridge vending machines across the U.S. In this article I’m going to talk more about Farmer’s Fridge, in addition to some of the alternatives you can try out as well.

Quick Summary of Farmer’s Fridge Review

Brand:Farmer's Fridge
What they offer:Fresh, ready-to-eat healthy meals
Meals:Breakfast, salads, bowls, sandwiches, snacks
Delivery zones:Enter your zip code here
Cost:Starting at $6
Coupon / Where to buy:farmersfridge.com
Avg. Customer Rating:4.8/5
GW Rating:4.5/5

Farmer's Fridge

Courtney D'Angelo

Brand transparency
Quality of ingredients
Taste of food
Delivery service


People go with Farmer's Fridge because they provide fresh, ready-to-eat, healthy meals, which is perfect for those who want to eat healthy and don't have the time to cook their meals.


Introducing Farmer’s Fridge

farmers fridge brand

Farmer’s Fridge began as a vending-style option for healthy meals and snacks. Their network was quite small to start out, but they now have more than 400 different refrigerated vending machines all across the United States in places like hospitals, airports, offices and college campuses. They expanded their business to provide their meals directly to people’s homes at the beginning of the pandemic. They now deliver to 40 states with plans to expand.

All of Farmer’s Fridge foods are made with fresh, whole food ingredients. Their kitchen facility makes each meal from scratch, packs it and sends it directly to your home. Each meal contains a full serving of fruits and vegetables in one convenient container.

This is also a company that cares a great deal about giving back to the community while taking care of the planet. Inventory is carefully planned to reduce potential waste. All of the leftovers are composted by hand and meals are donated to a variety of community organizations. In the past two years, more than $500,000 in food has been donated by Farmer’s Fridge.


  • Meal selections include items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert
  • Does not automatically renew without your confirmation
  • Referral links are available for discounts
  • Farmer’s Fridge has a large selection of options
  • Healthy, nutritious and delicious meals to help you maintain optimal health


The servings may be a bit large for you. But there’s definitely enough food to fill you up.

How Does Farmer’s Fridge Work?

how farmers fridge works

The Farmer’s Fridge website is extremely easy to navigate. You click through the items, filling up your cart with what you want to receive. There are all kinds of options, including cobb salad, Buffalo chicken salad, apple cinnamon oats and cookie bites. The website will notify you when you’ve filled up your box. Shipping costs are low, and you receive extremely fresh food with each delivery.

Delivery and Fridge Menu

menu farmers fridge

As you’re navigating the Farmer’s Fridge website, you’ll notice that there is a menu for delivery items as well as a menu for fridge items. You’ll want to click on the delivery menu if you’re looking to have items shipped to your home. You can also view the fridge menu if you’re interested in purchasing their items from a vending location nearby.


I’m a big fan of salads myself, and I love seeing new and exciting salad combinations. Farmer’s Fridge has some great items that you can have shipped right to your door, including the classic cobb salad (with turkey), caprese salad with fresh tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella and more, a Mexican elote salad complete with crunchy tortilla strips, apple pecan chicken salad and grilled chicken Caesar salad. There are plenty more to consider as well. Dressing is included with each salad variety.


The bowls from Farmer’s Fridge are nice because they are a bit heartier. They work well for a large lunch or a light dinner. They typically contain some sort of grain, whether it be rice, quinoa or couscous. The Baja bowl is really tasty, combining quinoa with bean, corn, onions, jalapenos and roasted potatoes. You get that taco vibe while consuming much healthier ingredients. The Thai noodle bowl includes Thai noodles, sautéed vegetables and a sesame ginger sauce. Other varieties include the pesto pasta bowl, burrito bowl and the almond butter oats bowl.


Instead of skipping breakfast in the morning, grab a convenient Farmer’s Fridge item out of your refrigerator. You can eat it when you get to work. Some of the options include berries and granola Greek yogurt, pineapple coconut chia pudding and chocolate chia pudding.


Farmer’s Fridge even offers a few different sandwich wraps. They may the perfect lunch that energizes you for the rest of the afternoon. Their options include the Napa chickpea wrap, turkey, apple and white cheddar wrap and the Italian turkey wrap.


When you get hungry in between meals, make sure you’ve added a few Farmer’s Fridge snacks to your delivery. You can enjoy foods like the pineapple coconut chia pudding or chocolate chia pudding for a quick pick me up.


It’s important that your meals contain some degree of protein in order to provide your body with healthy energy. All of the protein sources used for Farmer’s Fridge products are very lean and healthy. Some are even plant based. Chicken, turkey, chickpeas and nuts are just some of the ingredients that provide protein in these products. The fridge locations sell small containers of grilled chicken that you can add to any of your meals for a quick protein burst.


Complement your meal with a healthy drink like Brew Dr. Kombucha Love. This brewed tea has a healthy dose of probiotics in it that will help regulate your gut health.

My Favorite Farmer’s Fridge Foods

my favorite farmers fridge foods

While I’ve tried a number of the Farmer’s Fridge foods, there are some that stand out as my absolute favorites. I tend to add them to my delivery time and time again.

Greek Salad

More than just a vegetable-based salad, there is pasta included in this salad from Farmer’s Fridge. Rotini is layered on the bottom with tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, olives and feta on the top. It comes with a delicious Greek dressing as well.

Pesto Pasta Bowl

The pesto pasta bowl is the perfect summer lunch, and I’ve even eaten it for dinner with one of the desserts. This bowl includes rotini noodles, tomatoes, mozzarella, spinach and a creamy pesto sauce that’s to die for.

Napa Chickpea Wrap

The Napa chickpea wrap is my go-to when I need a fast lunch but don’t have a lot of time to make something. It includes a chickpea salad that is completely meat-free. Chickpeas, red onion, currants, vegan mayo and apple cider vinegar are all combined with other spices to create a very unique and delicious combination. It’s wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla.

Is Farmer’s Fridge Good for Weight Loss?

weight loss farmers fridge

The great thing about Farmer’s Fridge is that you’re getting very balanced meals without having to worry about menu planning on your own. If you’re concerned with eating right in order to lose weight or keep the weight off, this is a great opportunity to have nutritious options brought right to your home. The serving sizes are usually pretty adequate, though some of the salads do come in some pretty large containers. However, you’re filling up on healthy vegetables and fruits in most cases. The carbohydrate content is rather low, which is what often packs on the pounds for many people. While this isn’t a weight loss meal program, it’s something you can use for your own healthy lifestyle that’s focused on weight management.

Where Are Their Ingredients Sources From?

Real, whole foods are brought into the Farmer’s Fridge scratch kitchen to create all of these delicious meals. The company works hard to source the best possible ingredients from partners that believe in proper treatment of their employees while treating the environment as ethically as possible.

How Much Does Farmer’s Fridge Cost?

cost farmers fridge

Your typical Farmer’s Fridge item can cost anywhere from $6 to $9. You pay a flat shipping cost that’s under $10, and the company will let you know on their website how many containers you can fit into your shipping box. You can choose to reorder whenever you want, changing out items to try new concoctions.

Real Farmer’s Fridge Reviews and Average Rating

Farmer’s Fridge has built up quite a positive customer satisfaction rate for both their vending machines and their meal delivery service. There are reviews listed for each of their items, with about 100 or so reviews listed for them. Customers express how fresh and tasty the foods are, it’s a convenient meal option when you’re having a busy week and it’s a very affordable. There is a five out of five star rating for the different products available through Farmer’s Fridge.


alternatives farmers fridge

If you’re interested in trying some of the other at-home meal delivery services that are out there, here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from some of the more well known options.

Simply Good Jars

Simply Good Jars are very similar to Farmer’s Fridge products. These are chef-made meals that are nutritious and ready to eat. No additives or preservatives are used to keep these items fresh, rather an patent-pending process is used to provide you with the freshest items possible. Flavor and quality is preserved for meals like SouthWestern cobb salad, smoked salmon bowl, simply Greek and heavenly pesto. You can have Simply Food Jars delivered to your home if you live in the areas of NYC, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Harlem, Long-Island City and Philadelphia. They also have a store locator on their website if you’d like to check them out in person.

Go to Simply Good Jars

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon allows you to pick a plan, customize your meals and then have them shipped right to your door. This is clean eating at its finest with a large selection of bowls, meals and even smoothies. All of these ready to eat meals are plant based using unprocessed ingredients, non-GMO items and nothing artificial. Their popular selections include tofu and veggie noodles, vegan meatball and marinara noodles, red curry noodles, roasted cauliflower grain bowl, red lentil dal soup, blue majik smoothie, coconut lime smoothie and mango guava smoothie. This is just a small example of what’s included in the Splendid Spoon menu. They have one of the most extensive catalogs I’ve seen online.

Go to Splendid Spoon

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest provides you with easy access to chef crafted foods that use whole ingredients that are delicious and nutritious. Delivered straight to your door, you can easily consume your five servings of fruits and vegetables without having to worry about grocery shopping and prep work. Daily Harvest works directly with the farmers that they use to source their ingredients, ensuring that you get the highest quality ingredients possible while helping to protect the planet. Smoothies, harvest bowls, harvest bakes, flatbreads, soups, crumbles, forager bowls and even lattes are included as part of the Daily Harvest menu.

Go to Daily Harvest

The Bottom Line: Is It Worth It?

farmers fridge worth it

Leading a hectic life can quickly result in you grabbing foods that are convenient, but probably aren’t the healthiest option. Fast food and takeout only take minutes to obtain, but you’re consuming processed ingredients that are high in fat, cholesterol and sodium. If you want to eat healthy, whole foods are the best choice. However, whole food prep tends to take up a lot of time. You can easily use Farmer’s Fridge or one of the other options I’ve covered in this article to have healthy, whole food-based meals brought to your doorstep each week. You don’t have to worry about prepping, cooking or cleanup. You simply grab what you need, and you can head right out the door with something that’s going to fill you up and provide you with excellent nourishment.

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