Form Health Review: Effective for Weight Loss? A Dietitian Examines

Form Health is a holistic weight loss program that uses prescription medication as a secondary method as well as supplying members registered dietitians and other professional support at a very affordable cost – all in an effort for long-lasting weight loss results.

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Making the resolution to lose weight is something that many people do at different points in their life. Some people have struggled with their weight since they were very young. Other people are looking to shed a few pounds after getting older and gaining a little weight. There are new moms that want to get rid of those last stubborn pounds that have hung on after the baby was born. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to look into different weight loss options before jumping on board with any kind of diet plan or fitness routine. You want to choose something that’s going to be healthy, safe and right for your body.

I wanted to take a more thorough look at a weight loss company that I had heard about from one of my colleagues. While we know a lot about diet and nutrition in our field of work, we know that there are a lot of different factors that go into losing weight.

Form Health takes a medical approach to weight loss by pairing each patient with a team of medical experts and providing evidence-based care backed by research. Care is delivered through telehealth which provides patients with tools for losing weight, and access to their care team so they have support and accountability throughout their journey. Accountability is something that a lot of people require in order to stick with a weight loss regimen.

Similar, but not to be confused with Found RX weight loss program, Form Health is actually cheaper, provides an actual dietitian included in your membership and allows insurance.

Let’s talk a bit more about what Form Health is, what format they use to keep you on track and how likely it is that you’ll achieve your goals with this company. 

Quick Summary of Form Health Weight Loss Review

Product:Holistic Weight Loss Program (prescription medication and wellness coaching)
Best for:Those who have tried everything to lose weight and it's just not happening
Brand:Form Health
Founder:Evan Richardson
Headquarters:Boston, MA
Where to buy:formhealth.co
Rx Medication✔ (for those who qualify)
Cost:$99 per month with insurance, $199 per month w/o insurance
Takes Insurance
Subscription Option:
Dietitian included in purchase✔ (for 30 days)
Avg. Customer Rating:4.7/5 ⭐ (40+ reviews)
GW Rating:4.9/5 ⭐ (Outstanding)
form health weight loss program summary review

What is Form Health (A Holistic Approach to Medical Weight Loss)?

holistic weight loss program - form health

Form Health is a medical weight loss practice that is taking advantage of the recent popularity of telehealth to provide people with a new option for weight loss. This is a medically supervised program that pairs each user with a board certified doctor and a Registered Dietitian who specializes in weight loss. The team  will review the patient’s medical history, weight loss history, preferences, and current diet / lifestyle. Once your assessment has been completed, you’re given a personalized weight loss plan to use moving forward.

Your personal weight loss plan will incorporate a number of science-backed methods for losing weight including nutrition, physical activity, behavior changes, and, if appropriate, a prescription for FDA-approved weight loss medication. You also get access to the Form mobile app when you can log your weight and food, review educational materials, and have unlimited support from your care team through regular one-on-one video visits and messaging.

The Form Health Program Includes:

With Form Health, you receive the support of an expert medical team who design a personalized weight loss program that may include FDA-approved medication as appropriate, one-on-one video visits your doctor and Registered Dietician, unlimited access to your care team via messaging, access to Form Health resources full of educational materials, weight and food tracking ability, an online support community, and much more.

form health weight loss program dietitian included
This is where Form Health really shines compared to other (similar) weight loss programs.


  • A lot of people have trouble with a weight loss plan that is a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s nice that Form Health pairs you with a dietician and medical professional that will talk with you to figure out what your goals are and what the best approach is for you.
  • Form accepts most insurance, including Medicare, which makes the program very affordable. If you have an HSA/FSA account, you can use that account for reimbursement.
  • I like that this weight loss plan incorporates a few different strategies for each person using it. Because of my career field, I care a great deal about the food that people put into their bodies. The nutrition aspect of this program is great.
  • You have access to other people using Form if you’re someone that wants to connect with other similar people that are going through what you are. You can gain support, encouragement and valuable information from people who have been using Form longer than you have.
  • The app is extremely easy to use. I’ve navigated through some of the other weight loss apps that are popular right now, and this is one of the most comfortable to use.


  • I wish there was a little more information available for the fitness aspect of weight loss. It’s definitely part of the Form approach, but I’d like to see more resources available like online classes, etc.

Prescription Weight Loss Medication Path

form health prescription (rx) weight loss path

A good weight loss plan is designed to help you lose weight and then keep it off long term. When appropriate, Form doctors can prescribe FDA-approved weight loss medications that can help curb your hunger and cravings. They can help you lose as much as fifteen percent of your body weight when you’re using medication along with a healthy diet and workout routine. You’ll learn more from the doctor that you’re working with, but these medications are indicated for people with a BMI of 30 or higher.

You’ll also be required to keep in routine touch with your medical professional, as they will monitor your medication use. If you want to do some additional research of your own, Form frequently uses the medications:

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What If I Don’t Qualify for RX Weight Loss Meds?

form health weight loss qualify rx medications

In order to qualify for the Form Health program and weight loss medications, you have to be eighteen years or older, have a BMI of 30+ or 27+ with certain weight-related comorbidities, and you must be under the care of a primary care physician that you’ve seen at least once in the past year. If you do not meet these requirements, then Form might not be the weight loss program for you.

All of your medications are going to be billed through your insurance provider. Your usual co-pays and deductibles will apply. If you’re using the self-pay plan, you are responsible for the cost of any medication you use.

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How Does it Work?

weight loss program form health how it works

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the different aspects of Form Health. They all go hand-in-hand in order to help you lose weight while building new habits to help keep it off.

The Use of Your Personal History with Weight Loss

The journey that you’ve gone through with weight loss is likely much different than what someone else has gone through. The medical team at Form Health is going to talk with you to understand your reasons for wanting to lose weight, what you’ve found challenging throughout your weight loss journey and what your goals are. They’ll even work with your primary care physician and review your medical records. Everything is taken into account so you’re receiving a highly personalized and safe weight loss plan for you. I like the thoroughness of this program. This is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Using the App

The Form Health app is compatible with both iOS and Android. You’ll use this app to track your food (No calorie counting! You’ll upload pictures of what you eat) and weight, access educational materials, connect with your team for video visits and ask questions as they arise via messaging. You can text with your team on an unlimited basis. There are conversations going on all the time.

Focusing on Your Meal Plan

Form doesn’t limit what you’re eating to the point where you find it difficult to stick with your plan. You’re also not required to purchase any kind of pre-packaged foods. The Form Health program focuses on whole foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meat, whole grains, and healthy fats. It’s not about being restrictive, but about learning how to eat more healthfully while still enjoying the foods that you love. If you have any allergies or restrictions, your team will work with you on that.

The Development of Your Fitness Routine

Your Form team will help you develop a physical activity plan that works for you. They will meet you where you are and provide practical guidance on how to include more movement in your day in a sustainable way. Whether it’s walking around your neighborhood, introducing a yoga practice or trying a fitness class;  you’ll develop a plan that is comfortable for you to accomplish.

The Use of Medication

Medication is useful when you’re trying to lose weight because it can help curb hunger and cravings. It’s most effective when paired with lifestyle changes like eating healthy, well-rounded meals and incorporating more movement in your day. Your medical professional will determine if medication is right for you and will be there to monitor and make any adjustments to your medication  if needed.

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The Community Aspect

A community can help keep you engaged and motivated during your weight loss journey. Form offers an optional Facebook group, classes on nutrition and other topics, and even cooking demonstrations that you can use for your meal planning. You aren’t required to participate in these offerings, so feel free to focus on your own weight loss journey if that’s what you’re more comfortable with.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

On average, Form Health patients lose 15% of their starting body weight in 12 months. A healthy weight loss journey isn’t about quick results that are unsustainable. Instead, you should expect to lose about 0.5 to 2 pounds per week. Your doctor and dietitian will track your weight loss to understand what’s working and make changes to your plan if necessary. It’s important that you’re honest with your team so you can work together to accomplish your goals.

weight loss with form health

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Cost and Pricing Options

If you have insurance, Form costs $99 per month which covers everything including dietician visits and educational content. The visits with your doctor will be billed through the insurance, along with any medication that you end up using. You’ll be responsible for any co-pays or deductibles, just like you would at any doctor’s office.

If you don’t have insurance coverage that can be utilized, you can still sign up. It will cost you $199 per month, and you can choose to put that amount through your HSA or FSA if you have one.

Ratings and Reviews: What Are Members Saying?

I’ve done some looking around on the internet to see what other people are saying about Form Health. I also asked some of my colleagues what they think. They have a very high rating online, and there are lots of favorable reviews out there. 

The most favorable reviews raved about Form’s ability to work directly with a doctor and dietitian who help them learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle through an evidence-based approach. Such a personalized approach has been useful for helping everybody lose weight, even when the initial information provided isn’t exactly what is going to work for them. This program doesn’t focus on a fad diet, which is what many people said was always the problem for them.

On trustpilot, Form Health holds a strong 4.7/5 star rating, see that image below:

overall customer rating form health

The most favorable reviews raved about Form’s ability to help them learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle through an evidence-based approach. Such a personalized approach has been useful for helping everybody lose weight, even when the initial information provided isn’t exactly what is going to work for them. This program doesn’t focus on a fad diet, which is what many people said was always the problem for them.

form health weight loss customer review

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Alternatives Compared to Form Health Weight Loss Program

I find that Form is quite a bit different than the other weight loss programs out there, but there are a few others that are gaining popularity rapidly. This includes Noom, Found, Calibrate and Fella for men.

Noom focuses quite a bit on your calorie intake, and you have to report everything that you’re consuming. At first this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s daunting to keep up with a program of that type.

The biggest difference between Form and Found or Calibrate is that Form connects you directly with a doctor and dietitian who specialize in weight loss. You meet with your Form doctor and dietitian each month so they really get to know you and can provide personalized support and encouragement throughout your weight loss journey. With Found and Calibrate, you’ll have one short visit with a doctor to get a prescription for medication, but never see them again. You'll need to take this into account before choosing!

Found and Calibrate work a lot with medication in order to lose weight, where I feel like Form uses medication as a supportive method. It’s not the main focus of weight loss. I like a more long-term approach to losing weight and keeping it off.

Why Consider Prescription Weight Loss Medication?

consider prescription weight loss medication form health program

You may be wondering if medication is right for you and your weight loss journey. At first it might not be. That’s why I like Form. You can still use this program without taking any kind of medication. If you hit a plateau and feel like you still have progress that you want to make, weight loss medication may be something that you add on at some point.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all weight loss medication is safe for all people. Fortunately, Form Health’s doctors will review your medical history to ensure they prescribe a medication that is safe for you and they only prescribed FDA-approved medications. You can also talk with your own primary care physician before starting any kind of medication to see what they think.

Worth It? Final Verdict

If you’re looking to finally lose some weight, increase your mobility, improve your heart health and feel your best, then I think it’s absolutely worth a shot to try Form Health. You’ll learn some very valuable information from this program that you can use throughout your life, even if you don’t keep up with the program in a few years. You can easily maintain things on your own like the diet plan, workout routine, etc.

form health worth money

Tips for Weight Loss Success From The RD

It’s important to remember that your weight loss journey is unlike anybody else’s journey. Your body and metabolism work a very specific way, and it’s important that you find a program that will take your personal information into account. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for potential failure if the program you choose isn’t for you.

Don’t become stressed out if you’re not seeing results immediately. It may take some time for you to figure out the right way to eat, how to workout and how to develop this new lifestyle and routine moving forward. If you’re not seeing results, talk to whoever you’re working with. Maybe it’s your personal trainer, your doctor or the Form Health team.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you’ll need to change your lifestyle entirely. Don’t jump into any fad diets that force you to dramatically reduce your calorie intake. Try to make changes that are going to be doable for many years into the future.

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