Found Weight Loss Medication and Coaching (Review by a Dietitian)

Join Found is a legit weight loss program that prescribes FDA-Approved prescription weight loss medication to those who qualify, and, those who don’t can become a member of their wellness path program.

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Welcome to my found weight loss medication and coaching review, where I give my expert opinion on if it's worth joining their medication and coaching weight loss program.

If you are on a weight loss journey, chances are you’ve found multiple weight loss programs that promise results through behavioral change, specific diet plans or even prescription weight loss medication.

Perhaps you've “tried it all,” but at the same time, maybe it isn't your fault. According to the CDC, Behavior, environment and genetics play a major role in being overweight and obese. Today is about learning what found health and their weight loss program is all about to help you Go Wellness and live a healthier life.

Quick Summary of Found Health Weight Loss Review

Name:Found, Join Found, Found Health (Previously Torch)
Founders:Emily Yudofsky, Swathy Prithivi, Jack Abraham
Year Founded:2019
Primary Office:San Francisco, CA
Top Competitor:Join Calibrate
Prescription Medication:✅ (for those who qualify)
Membership Cost:$99/month
Consultation Included:
GoWellness Rating:4.9/5 ⭐
How to get started:Take the quiz (tip: it's easy and quick)
found health review quick summary
Get everything you NEED to know about found before you join, plus check out our tips for success from the RD at the end!

All About FOUND

Does it feel like your better body is hiding? Consider finding it with Found! As a registered dietician, I'm not a fan of “magic pill” promises because there's simply no reward without hard work when it comes to our bodies. Found got my attention because it’s a program that takes into account all facets of life using a holistic approach that covers nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep. The program also emphasizes mindful eating habits.

logo for join found health weight loss

Found is unique because it actually funnels members into one of two paths. The first path just focuses on personalized nutrition and movement with help from a personal coach. There's also access to the “hive mind” of the exclusive Found community. However, I'm going to be focusing a little more on the Found Rx Path because I find this option to be more intriguing. It's also the option that's much different from the traditional “wellness coach” services out there.

Here's what you get with the Found Rx Path:

  • In addition to an initial medical consultation, you have access to ongoing medical consultations. I really like this feature because weight loss is so tied to our overall health and function.
  • A personalized nutrition path that helps you figure out exactly what you should be eating.
  • A victory tracker!
  • A personalized movement path for tailored exercise.
  • Your own personal health coach! This alone might make membership worth the cost when you consider the price of hiring one on your own. You can call, text and email your coach directly!
  • Access to the Found exclusive community. This one is important to me because studies show that having support is one of the keys to forming lasting and significant health habits!
  • Prescription medication for weight loss. This is the component I'm really going to dig into in my review. I want you know what's behind this medication before you make your choice.

I want to throw out the disclaimer that I can't say which path is better for you. When you sign up for Found, the company is actually going to give you a brief survey to determine if you belong in Wellness or Rx. You'll answer some easy questions about your BMI, medical history, history with weight loss, personal goals, genetics and demographics to get your custom placement suggestion.

The final thing I'll add before diving into what my impressions of Found are is that this is a one-year program. I like the definite timeline because I feel that many programs can string you along without giving you an expectation for when you can feel like you “accomplished” something. I also like that a year gives you a nice window for doing things slowly and safely instead of getting caught up with a “crash diet” that offers overnight success that really just means dehydration and exhaustion.

How It Works

Here's the 3 simple steps you can expect to take (hint: you start by taking this quiz):

Step 1: Your Health Studied By A Dedicated Medical Provider

Step 1 with found rx plan
It's all about you at this stage in the game, and it should be!

Step 2: Personalized Health Coaching

personal health coach on found
“It doesn't matter how much they know, it only matters how much they care.” – someone smart. The team at FOUND cares 100% about you.

Step 3: Learning and Sharing in The Private Community

private weight loss community on found health
Joining found means you'll have access to the private community where you can learn how others succeeded and share your story too!

Evaluating Their Weight Loss Medication

I was able to get a look at the active ingredients in the medications offered by Found for members who are accepted into the Rx Path. While these aren't magic pills, they do contain ingredients that are known to support metabolism, fat burning and behavioral changes. Let's do a quick breakdown of how these ingredients interact with your body.

found weight loss medication

Orlistat (120 Milligrams)

Orlistat is a medication for weight loss that is available exclusively for people on doctor-approved plans for dropping pounds. Generally, it is only given to people who meet the criteria for being overweight or obese. It is seen as an important tool for people with weight-related medical issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. In addition to helping people lose weight, Orlistat has been shown to help people keep weight off after they drop pounds. How exactly does Orlistat do that?

Orlistat medication found weight loss

Orlistat actually blocks the enzyme that breaks down the fats that you consume. As a result, undigested fat is able to pass through your body with your regular bowel movements without being absorbed. While Orlistat is effective at blocking fat, it does not block your body from absorbing calories from sugar and fat-free foods. This is why dietary habits are important even when you have Orlistat doing some of the work for you. The reason why it's so important to take Orlistat under a doctor's supervision only is because you'll need to manage the fats you consume carefully. Typically, people on Orlistat should be avoiding foods that contain more than 30 percent fat. You'll also need to ensure that you're on the right blend of vitamins when taking this medication due to the way its ability to block fat-soluble vitamins will require proper supplementation with things like vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene.

Qsymia (Phentermine and Topiramate)

Qsymia contains phentermine and topiramate for an extended release that helps with appetite and behavior. First, phentermine is a widely used appetite suppressant that works in a way that's similar to an amphetamine. Topiramate is an anticonvulsant medication that is commonly used to treat seizures.

Qsymia medication found weight loss

Qsymia is intended to be used to treat obesity in combination with diet and exercise. Typically, it is recommended for people with obesity-related medical issues like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Making the commitment to take this medication is not an easy decision. While Qsymia has been shown to help many people change their habits to break free from excessive eating, I do want to share that there is a potential for addiction with this medication in some people.


Contrave is a medication for weight loss that combines two different medications to help reduce cravings and control behaviors. It is considered an anorexiant that helps obese or overweight adults to manage weight issues. While Contrave can be a powerful behavior-modification medication as far as eating portions and frequency, it is designed to be used with exercise. What's in Contrave? The first ingredient in Contrave is something called bupropion that is an antidepressant known to decrease appetite. The second ingredient is called naltrexone. Used to help people with addiction problems fight cravings for opioids or alcohol, naltrexone can help to curb food cravings.

Contrave medication found weight loss

Verdict on Claimed Benefits

Do I think Found can really help you “medicate” your way to weight loss. No! The reason I say this is because Found isn't designed to help you medicate your way to weight loss. The medication is just one component of a larger plan for changing diet-related behaviors while helping your body to transform through exercise.

benefits and components of found weight loss program
Here are the 5 components to found's weight loss program, including their medication.

According to Found, the average member loses 5 percent of their body weight in the first three months. By six months, most have lost 10 percent. The company also claims that members are able to successfully keep off weight. These are very reasonable promises from a dietician's standpoint. This looks like a very safe pace for weight loss.

I can't tell you that Found is going to work for you. What I can say is that the program really gets all of its ducks in a row when it comes to giving you tools that set you up for success.

Expert Medical Professionals

First, I like that you get a dedicated medical provider with Found. I've seen far too many people try to mess around with “diet pills” on their own. It never works. In most cases, people end up gaining more weight in the long run with do-it-yourself diet pills. Even working with a doctor doesn't always give people the support they need for actually using medications that support weight loss because they are only checking in with their doctors for routine appointments every few months. Trying to use diet pills without supervision can also be harmful because prescription medications for weight loss contain very powerful ingredients that require monitoring. Found does a good job of setting you up on a reasonable journey with clear, reasonable expectations once the prescription pad is deployed.

found weight loss coaching

Personalized Health Coaching

Next, I like that you get a personal health coach in addition to a dedicated medical provider. This is the type of holistic plan of action that is often missing when people hire “health coaches.” I like that your plan is being viewed from multiple angles by experts with different specialties. In addition to providing information, your health coach is there to provide inspiration and accountability. I can tell you right now that a plan like Found cannot work without a system for accountability built into the mix. It's far too easy for people using medications to backslide into old habits because they feel like they are “covered” by the medication. This always leads to failure. I like that Found obviously knows how important accountability is for creating a whole-picture wellness plan that's actually focused on success.

personal found health coaching
Get 1 on 1 personalized health coaching from joinfound

Dietary Transformations

Found also understands the intertwined relationship between dietary changes and movement. As a nutritionist, I commonly see people who simply want me to make them a “magic menu” that will allow them to slim down without any exercise. Found makes it very clear when you sign up that you cannot have one without the other if you're in this for the long haul!

found diet transformation

Sleep and Weight Loss

I was really excited to see that Found actually includes sleep as one of its core tenets. The relationship between sleep and maintaining a healthy weight is so overlooked by the medical community today! In a 2011 study, researchers found that insufficient sleep undermines dietary efforts to reduce adiposity. That basically means that it's harder to burn fat if you're sleep deprived! A 2012 study found that adequate sleep improves the treatment of obesity. There are actually many more studies echoing these findings. The bottom line is that so many dieticians and weight programs miss a big part of the picture by not talking about the way sleep impacts weight!

Community and Accountability

Finally, I'll share that I was excited when I saw that Found has a community aspect. The journey to losing weight can be confusing, isolating and overwhelming for many people. The truth is that making a commitment to health is a big life adjustment that can bring all types of emotions, fears and insecurities to the surface. Just knowing that you're not alone can make a world of difference. Having a supportive community can be the difference between giving up and pushing through when temptations and doubts spring up. It's also just easier to stick to a routine when you know that other people are following along on the same journey. Research shows that people who enroll in programs with friends and family see better results. The fact that Found provides members with a community helps to recreate that benefit! There's also plenty of research showing that social support for weight loss and exercise actually helps people to see lasting results.

found weight loss accountability and community
It's nice to surround yourself with others who are following the same program as you.

Sustainable and Successful Weight Loss

Does this mean that you're going to reach your goals with Found? Unfortunately, they don't hand out crystal balls when you become a registered dietician. I can say that Found will help you throw everything at your struggles with weight. If you feel like you've tried every plan before, I can tell you that you've probably never tried a plan that brings together so many different proven techniques for weight loss in one platform. However, I do want to add that Found Rx is a very serious program. Unlike many “diet plans” out there, this is a medically supervised program that's intended to help you when you feel like taking on some risks will be worth finally getting to a healthier place. I'm going to cover the side effects and safety of Found next.

Side Effects and Safety

How seriously do I think you should be taking side effects and safety concerns with Found? I want people to really dive in to do their own research before signing up. While I cannot provide you with any medical advice, I can do a quick rundown of the places where you should be focusing your research. The good news it that this is a medically supervised program.

found weight care safety

First, the components of this program that focus on diet, exercise and sleep don't raise any red flags. You should just make sure you're being honest on your survey to make it easy for your care providers to do a proper medical assessment before making recommendations. Do not attempt to hide any underlying issues!

Next, I want you to go to the manufacturer pages for Orlistat, Qsymia and Contrave to look at all of the information about side effects and complications. While these are all FDA-approved medications, they come with lists of potential side effects. You can also take a look at any warnings the manufacturers provide about certain underlying medical conditions that could make a medication a bad fit for you. For instance, the potential for addiction with Qsymia and Contrave can make you a bad fit if you're using opioids. Certain medications can also interact negatively with these medications. My concern with something like Orlistat is that you need to make sure your vitamin levels are in check with help from a daily vitamin to avoid complications. Again, the fact that you're getting a medical consultant when you join Found is going to help you address any of these issues.

Cost / Pricing Plans

Found operates on a subscription-based pricing model as they provide memberships only. The cost is $99 per month with a 30-day money back guarantee. Most people are paying between $20 and $25 per week. Honestly, that's nothing crazy when you compare that number to what I've seen people pay for personal health coaches. The positive buzz around Found is that it doesn't “get you” with all kinds of hidden fees. In fact, things like your consultation and medication are included in your membership fee.

found membership pricing monthly
The cost for found weight loss program is $99 per month and you can cancel anytime.

What is the refund policy?

If you decide the program isn't for you and you're still within your first 30 days, you will be granted a refund if you ask for one – even if you've been prescribed medications and shipped successfully to your address. An important note is that if you use Affirm, you may (or may not) be granted a partial refund.

In my opinion, you shouldn't be asking for a refund after trying a weight loss program for only 30 days. Weight loss is a long term commitment that requires hard work and dedication. If you're going to purchase, do it with all intentions of adopting a holistic approach to becoming the best version of yourself (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Join FOUND Now!

Comparison to Alternatives

It's really hard for me to compare Found to programs like WW, Nutrisystem or Noom because it's very different from anything else out there. While Found's basic, non-Rx plan does seem similar in terms of offering structure and support, the Rx plan can't be compared to these options.

It can, however, be compared to Calibrate (joincalibrate.com) because they are the same exact service – offering a personal health coach, diet and lifestyle changes, and prescription weight loss medication for those who qualify. Both found and calibrate's members have a ton of weight loss success stories. The biggest difference in join found vs calibrate is the pricing plan. Calibrate operates on a yearly commitment, while found health operates on a month-to-month pay-as-you-go. That means you can cancel anytime with found.

alternatives to found health weight loss program
The only other company (at the moment) that offers the same thing as FOUND, is Calibrate weight loss. Word on the street is Weight Watchers is coming out with a new wellness path type of weight loss program as well.

I would liken Rx to being virtually enrolled in a private medical clinic for weight loss for a year. What's really interesting is that Rx offers such extensive access to medical consulting and coaching while being in the same price category companies like WW and Noom that really only offer basic nutritional instruction and encouragement.

Common Found Questions

Is This the Same as Torch Weight Loss Program?

Yes, FOUND rebranded from Torch. So, if you were searching for “torch weight loss reviews” you are now in the right place!

Do I Have to Get My Doctor's Approval to Join Found?

This isn't required. However, I would recommend it. This is especially important if you're dealing with any medical issues or medications that you have questions about.

Does Found Ever Offer Discounts?

Sometimes they do, but not very often. If they have a special promo going on, we'll be the first to display it and we'll have them right here for you!

Are Medications Offered by Found Approved by the FDA?

Yes! All of Found’s medications are FDA-approved and have been clinically proven to help with weight loss. Obviously results vary from person to person and you'll need to find out if you qualify for the RX path after a successful doctor consultation.

How Soon Will I See Results With Their Weight Loss Program?

According to Found, most members lose 5 percent of their body weight in the first three months.

What BMI Do I Need to Join Found?

Only the Rx Path has BMI requirements. According to Found, members must have a BMI ≥30 to be accented. A BMI ≥27 will be considered in some situations.

Do I Have to Take Medication If I Join Found for Weight Loss?

No! The coaching path allows you to tap into Found's methods for nutrition, movements, sleep and accountability without taking any medications.

Real Weight Loss Journey Reviews and Ratings

Found is tearing it up on the internet, compiling exquisite reviews and real weight loss journey stories. I'll sum it up here in a second, but the main takeaway is that this weight loss program is changing lives and it's proving to be a sustainable weight loss solution.

The average rating on joinfound.com is 4.5/5 stars and continues to increase. On Truspilot, they have a small sample size for now, only 2 reviews (both negative) and both are 1/5 stars. These complaints speak about how hard it is to cancel. Here's the deal though, and I've been reviewing products online for a long time, trustpilot sometimes cannot be trusted, as they sometimes make up negative reviews to get the attention of the brand in an effort to partner to make money on advertisements. So, take trustpilot's reviews with a grain of salt (#realtalk).

real found weight loss program reviews
With an average rating of 4.5/5 stars, it's easy to see that FOUND has more positive experience than negative reviews, which tells you that it's a legitimate brand and weight loss program.

“I needed to lose excess weight for a wedding and I heard of FOUND through a friend who lost weight and lowered her blood sugar levels through their weight loss program + the wellness path. Needless to say, I stuck with it (and continue to do so) and my results are fantastic. My found health coach helped me improve healthy habits (getting rid of the bad ones).”

“They did not prescribe medications for me, but that's because I did not qualify. But, I can speak on the wellness path service they provide and it's a great accountability program and an excellent weight loss program.”

“After an online consultation, I talked about my weight loss goals and health conditions and the fact that I was really looking for personalized coaching. I tried pretty much all the weight loss programs out there. The prescription weight loss medications helped me curb cravings and found's program plus my exercise regimen has helped me lose weight.

real found weight loss reviews
3 people out of tens of thousands of people that are super happy with their weight loss results from found. Here are their positive reviews.

Here's a video that I think can help people get more of an idea of

The Bottom Line: Should You Join Found?

As a dietician, I can't provide a recommendation on the path you should take to lose weight without speaking with you directly! However, I can say that I recognize many of the proven methods for making significant life changes for your health in the Found program. If you're looking for a way to lose weight that goes above and beyond many coaching programs, try a consultation.

found legit weight loss program - join
It's all about wellness today and you can take the first step towards a healthier you by getting started on join found right now.

Our RD's Tips for Success

Here are my tips for success if you decide to join found:

Like all wellness plans, Found can only give you back what you put in! My advice is to be honest and accountable at every stage if you do make the decision to join. Start by being open and honest with your assessment! Don't let your fear of being rejected from the Rx Path cause you to provide inaccurate medical information that could put your health at risk! The last thing I'll say is that the decision to enter Found should be treated as a new beginning that requires a genuine, “all in” commitment.

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