G Plans Weight Loss Medication Ozempic Review – It Works, But Be Cautious

G-Plans weight loss medication provides anyone with chronic weight management a chance to try Semaglutide. But, there are cautions that I’d like to address.

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When companies like Found, Calibrate and Form Health arrived in the weight loss space, it opened up this idea of GLP-1 medications being the solution to people who battle obesity or type 2 diabetes.

To me that’s where it should stay because I do believe these medications can help people who are obese or have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. And at the end of the day, there are clinical trials that show GLP-1 weight loss medications working vs a placebo. 

However, I’m not naive to the fact that many people around the world are trying like heck to get their hands on Semaglutide, Ozempic, Wegovy, or other FDA-approved GLP-1 weight loss medications, even if they aren’t medically diagnosed with obesity, type 2 diabetes, or chronic weight management.

So this brings us to what everyone came here for – G-Plans Weight Loss Medication.

People want to know if this is the answer to their weight loss foes. Is it legit? Can G-Plans weight loss medication really help me lose 15-20 pounds “easily?”

When I say “easily” I’m referring to their marketing claims. When you land on the G-Plans’ medication web page, it reads,

“Weight Loss made easy with a prescription to semaglutide.” And, “Get approved with this 5-min quiz, no insurance needed.”

Well, I decided to take the quiz to see if G Plans was really trying to help me or were they just trying to sell their weight loss medication? I’ll share my quiz experience after we go over the key points!

Key Points To Know About G-Plans Weight Loss Medication (Semaglutide)

  • G-Plans weight loss medication offers a prescription to semaglutide. This means you could be eligible for Ozempic, Wegovy or other similar Rx weight loss medications.
  • The approval process is a big unknown. I took the quiz myself (see my experience in the next section of this review). Overall, it seems pretty easy to get a prescription. I would really encourage anyone who is going to purchase to know the risks involved with this type of medication, and be sure to speak with your doctor.
  • The quiz took me 5 minutes, it’s very straightforward and provides nice graphs plus a plan to hit your weight goal.
  • You get a meal plan with your purchase of the monthly fee, which is nice because anyone who takes this weight loss drug should be hitting their protein goals and getting enough exercise.
  • Semaglutide (FDA-approved weight loss medication) has been tested multiple times in clinical trials. There are a lot of trusted brands out there that say it works (like Harvard). To me, it’s mainly for people that struggle with obesity, are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes or have serious weight conditions.
  • Semaglutide works because it is an appetite suppressant. However, a major concern, according to Peter Attia MD, is that many patients using Semaglutide lose a lot of muscle mass when dropping weight – this can cause a lot of health problems. The answer is to eat enough protein every day, strength train, hydrate and eat healthy foods.
  • There is a current offer of 30% off the $129 sticker price, which would get the price down to $99.

Here’s Peter Attia MD Talking About Cautions With Weight Loss Drugs Like Semaglutide

This is a great video to watch because Dr. Peter Attia has real patients using Ozempic and he talks about how the weight loss medication does work, but his major concern is that people are losing too much muscle mass.

I think the bottom line is if you are approved with G Plans Weight Loss Medication, you’ll also need to pair it with a healthy, high-protein diet and strength training program. Otherwise, you’ll do what most of his patients do – lose the weight you want, but you’ll lose a lot of your muscle and that’s just not healthy.

Watch Peter Attia, M.D.'s video below to see his take on it:

My Experience Taking The Quiz

I decided to take the quiz and go through the process to see what it’s all about, and if they would pre-approve me even though I’m not obese nor am I a type-2 diabetic. Are they just trying to sell their weight loss meds, or are they actually trying to help me?

Upon opening up the G-Plans Weight Loss Medication Quiz, it states that “this quiz will quickly pre-approve you for semaglutide.” They show you what to expect:

  • #1 – Quiz assessment for pre-approval
  • #2 – Telehealth doctor appointments will need to be made in the G-Plans app. It appears that you need this visit to get the prescription. At first glance, I like to see this because it seems like you at least need to talk to a doctor before approving you, but we’ll see what really happens!
  • #3 – Get your medication (if you qualify). It states that you can get it delivered to your door or pick it up at a local pharmacy.

The quiz began by asking me my current age, sex, height, my current weight and what my weight goal is.

I am 6’ 205 pounds and I’m working to put on more muscle and bulk up to 215 lbs. But, for the sake of this article I put my weight goal is to get down to 190 lbs. G-Plans correctly calculated that my goal was to lose 15 lbs.

The next part of the quiz asked me if I had any underlying health issues, if I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and if any of my family members are obese.

I answered these questions very honestly, which were I did not have any underlying health issues, I was not, nor have I ever been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, no one in my family is obese, I am not obese, etc.

The next part of the quiz shocked me.

It took me to a new screen and all of the sudden I was approved for the prescription plan! The quiz then said based on its calculations I can 100% lose 15 pounds in 2 months with their prescription plan. It then asked me if I was satisfied with losing 15 lbs. in 2 months. So, I pushed it a little and checked the box that I wanted to do it faster.

Guess what happened?

The quiz said that I could lose 15 pounds on October 4th, I took the quiz on September 4th. So basically G Plans said I'll lose 15 pounds in one month. Check out the screenshot below to see what I’m talking about – it shows a graph of the date I took the quiz and my goal weight on the 4th of October.

weight goal in a month

At the end of the quiz it gives you an option to see your results if you put your email in the form. So, I gave up my email to see my results.

approved for prescription plan

The results page is basically a sales page. It showed me that I was approved for the medication, but only for 15 minutes with a countdown timer (lame). The results page also showed me what was included with the purchase, which was:

  • Prescription to Wegovy or Ozempic medication (cost of medication is NOT included)
  • Telehealth doctor appointment and 1-on-1 dietitian guidance
  • Weekly updated diet plan based on metabolism
  • Daily nutrition curriculum
  • Metabolic test report
included in the purchase price

And then when I scrolled down, there was a check out button and two options to choose from.

A 30% off monthly price of $129, which comes out to $99, but you pay $198 today ($99 per month after that) – this saves you money in the long run.

Or, a $129 per month fee ongoing.

They do have a 1-Mo Weight Loss Guarantee.

costs of g plans medication

I didn’t buy either plan, obviously because I’m just testing out the quiz. I’m guessing that after your purchase you’ll be directed to that telehealth visit in their app.

My Honest Thoughts On The Quiz

Overall, I was pretty disappointed that I was approved for their prescription medication plan. In no way, shape or form should I be approved for a weight loss prescription plan. I am not obese, I’m not even close to having type-2 diabetes, and my BMI is very healthy. Also, I’m 6’ 205 lbs, mostly muscle, barely any fat because I work my butt off in the gym and eat super healthy (and I don’t drink alcohol much). But here G Plans is dishing out approvals for their prescription weight loss medication.

It 100% seems like they are just trying to sell their product, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they are truly trying to help people.

I guess anyone can get their hands on this stuff, and that just doesn’t sit right with me.

I do believe that GLP-1 weight loss medication can help people who struggle with obesity or have major weight-related conditions, especially when eating a high protein diet and committing to a strength training program. But, I do not believe that just because you need to lose 15-20 pounds, you should get access to it.

The only thing some of you will be excited to hear is that it appears that they will approve anyone for the medication, which leads me to my next point – risks.

What Are The Risks Involved?

I strongly encourage you to watch this video created by Dr. Lee-Shing Chang, an Endocrinologist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. He talks about the associated risks involved and things to look out for before taking Semaglutide.

Is G-Plans Weight Loss Medication Worth It?

I believe weight loss medications like semaglutide 100% work in terms of losing weight. The #1 problem that the majority of users face is that they lose muscle mass with their weight loss. This can cause serious health problems down the road.

I do like how G-Plans offers a meal plan with the purchase of the monthly package, as well as 1:1 time with a dietitian. I don't see anything about a strength training program or G-Plans harping on hitting the correct amount of protein per day based on your body weight goals.

In my opinion, G-Plans Weight Loss Medication would be worth it as long as you eat enough protein per day, strength train and exercise, get plenty of sleep, hydrate and eat healthy foods. If you're just going to take the medication and call it a day, you'll be like many of Dr. Peter Attia's patients losing a lot of muscle mass and it won't be good for your long term health.

The new term all of these doctors are using is “chronic weight management.” So if you fall into this category, you should be eligible for the prescription medication.

You can take the quiz for yourself and see if you get approved. The only thing I'd say is you better know the cautions, risks, side effects and safety concerns before going on any of these weight loss medication drugs.

Other than that, G Plans is an excellent wellness brand. They've been in the weight loss space for a long time now and they continue to help people reach their weight goals. I believe that they have the customer's best interest in mind. The weight loss medication they offer is FDA-Approved, which adds that safety net to the product.

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