Hanacure Review: Why I Tried it for Skincare as a Man

Hanacure is a skincare brand that provides 3 main products. I found it online and decided to give it a go as I saw many women and men have success with moisturizing their skin with Hanacure’s products. This is my review.

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When you take a close look at the beauty industry, you may find that it’s largely designed with women in mind. Products that are designed to hydrate the skin, anti-aging products and items that will smooth and tighten the skin are just some of what you can purchase. As a man, I was discouraged by the lack of products marketed towards men.

I have dealt with dry skin issues for much of my life. It flares up during certain seasons and in different situations, and I like to have products on hand that I can use to not only treat my dry skin, but to prevent it as well. I’ve struggled to find products that work, but I have also had issues with finding products that aren’t made only for women. I came across Hanacure skincare, and was instantly intrigued.

What initially interested me about Hanacure is that all of their products are made using high quality, safe and thoroughly studied ingredients. Their formulations help you achieve healthier skin from deep down in the innermost layers of your dermis. They have a large selection of items, so you can really target your skincare approach based on what you need. Are you a man that’s interested in learning more about skincare? Read on to find out my opinion of Hanacure.

3 Reasons Why I (As a Man) Wanted to Try Hanacure Skincare

All in one facial kit Hanacure

Upon starting my search for a reputable and trustworthy skincare brand, I had three important things that I was looking for. This included:

#1. My Skin Gets Dry and I Was Looking for a Moisturizer

I have to be honest, I didn’t know a lot about moisturizers or hydrating the skin when I first started looking at skincare products. I was quickly overwhelmed by all of the different ingredients that were included in some of these products, and I wasn’t sure what I actually needed. What I did know is that my skin gets very dry at times, and I needed to add some of that hydration back in.

What I’ve found is that the most effective method of hydrating the skin is to repair the natural skin barrier so that your body can naturally retain more moisture on its own. There are specific ingredients and methods that you can use for this purpose, many of which are included in Hanacure products.

#2. I Wanted a Product that Uses Natural Ingredients

It’s really important to me that I’m only putting natural ingredients on my skin. The skin on our bodies is really absorbent, so if you’re applying chemicals to your skin, they’re going to be absorbed into your body. This can lead to all kinds of health issues like hormone disruption, allergies and even an increased risk of cancer.

Hanacure is free of all the ingredients that I want to avoid like strong / synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates and phthalates. You won’t find any alcohol in their products, which is really important if you’re concerned with hydrating your skin. Alcohol can be extremely drying, and unfortunately it’s often used in moisturizers and lotions that are supposed to hydrate. Commonly used natural ingredients in the Hanacure line include copper tripeptides, functional mushrooms and squalene.

#3. I Saw That Their Skincare Products Worked For Other Men and Women

As a man, I don’t mind using products that are marketed for use by women, but I would prefer to use something that I know was formulated with both genders in mind (or in my case, formulated for men). I look closely at how a company describes their skincare products; can both men and women benefit? It’s also helpful to look at the reviews that are listed on a brand’s website. You’ll be able to tell if a product is mainly used by women, or if men have found it to be beneficial as well.

Hanacure Skincare Overview (About the Brand)

top seller kit hanacure

Hanacure has their very own proprietary lab where unique formulations are created to maximize the results that you’re looking for. Science and innovation are main focuses on Hanacure, along with high quality ingredients that have been hand picked thanks to their potency and effectiveness. By avoiding artificial ingredients like parabens, sulfates and phthalates, your skin will become healthier and more radiant without risking your health. Hanacure doesn’t test their products on animals.

Hanacure is a universal skincare line that doesn’t focus on just products for men or women. They have a much more streamlined approach to skincare for everyone. Their three-step routine can work for both men and women to achieve professional results. Their goal is to improve your life by way of the health of your skin, by ensuring that you always feel like your best self.

I Tried the Hanacure Nano Emulsion Moisturizer (My Personal Review)

Nano Emulsion Moisturizer Hanacure

I tried Hanacure’s Nano Emulsion Moisturizer after doing some reading up on it. It’s marketed as being a very lightweight, ultra-hydrating moisturizer that is designed to not only improve the appearance of your skin but it also addresses the texture of your skin. Its main ingredients include peptides, squalane, sodium hyaluronate and “ruby of the forest” mushroom extract. It’s a hypoallergenic product that doesn’t clog your pores, and I didn’t find it to be very thick or greasy. I don’t like applying a product that sits on my skin for a long period of time and doesn’t feel clean. This was the total opposite of that.

What I Liked

Hanacure uses a special nanotechnology process that increases the absorption rate of this product. When you apply it, you feel like it has provided you with instant hydration. I have tried so many products that get absorbed, but they don’t feel like they’re doing much. My skin ends up feeling drier or more irritated in the long run by those products. I loved how I experienced instant relief from my dry, flaking and itchy skin when I applied just a little bit of Hanacure’s Nano Emulsion Moisturizer. There wasn’t any kind of slippery residue left behind.

What I Didn’t Like

Essentially this product is designed to be used regularly in order to repair the skin’s natural barrier and help retain moisture naturally. Maybe it’s just how I like to use skincare products, but I’m more apt to grab a product that’s going to provide me with instantaneous relief. I did get that from this product to a certain extent, but it seems like Hanacure has designed their Nano Emulsion Moisturizer to be used in the morning and night for long term results.

Also, you’re supposed to give it some time to absorb into the skin. I don’t like to rub my skin too heavily as it can make me feel itchy and irritated, and it didn’t immediately soak in.

What Could Be Improved

While I thought this was an excellent moisturizer and it was effective, I felt like it could have lasted longer on my skin. Of course, washing my hands and such would decrease the effectiveness of it. But I still felt like I wanted to re-apply it often. The goal of this product is to offer lightweight hydration, but maybe something could be done to make it hydrate the skin for longer periods of time.

Other Skincare Products by Hanacure

There are a number of other skincare products that are part of the Hanacure lineup that can benefit dry skin in addition to other things like anti-aging, skin tightness, texture and more. Let’s take a brief look at some of the other options that you can select from Hanacure, keeping in mind that a lot of their products can be used together for even better results.

The All-In One Facial Set

facial set hanacure all-in-ione

The All-In One Facial Set from Hanacure is designed to improve the appearance of your skin thanks to Octolift technology, which tightens the skin and removes impurities. When used regularly, this product can result in a more even skin tone, smoother skin and a youthful glow. With a slightly different approach to applying your skincare products, you mix two solutions together and then brush it onto your skin. After about 20 minutes you rinse the solution off and follow it up with the Nano Emulsion for maximum results. Key ingredients include beta-glucan, lotus flower, white peony, sophora root, copper tripeptide-1, palmitoyl tripeptide-1, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and camellia sinensis.

Microphol Neutralizing Cleanser

Microphol Neutralizing Cleanser Hanacure

Microphol Neutralizing Cleanser is a gentle balm that is designed to dissolve any of the environmental toxins that your skin comes into contact with each day. It builds a very luxurious lather, providing excellent cleansing effects while also hydrating the skin. It is pH neutral, so it won’t cause any irritation. Dermatologist and pediatrician approved, this product is so gentle and safe, it can be used on children’s skin. One of the main ingredients in this product is pholiota, which is a plant that retain 6000 times its weight in water. That’s impressive hydration.

How Long Do the Results Last?

I found that the initial hydration that was achieved with the use of Hanacure products was impressive. I have very dry skin, so it didn’t last all day for me in most cases. However, I could see that other people would experience more long term effects. When applied to an area like the face, it was more effective long term. The results increase when you’re combining multiple Hanacure products into your routine. They are designed to complement one another.

Possible Side Effects

It’s always a good idea to spot test a new skincare product before you apply it to a large area of your face or body. I’m very prone to reacting negatively to topical products, so this is something I do with everything I try. Hanacure ingredients are very natural and safe, so I didn’t personally have a problem with any kind of allergic reaction. Also, their products didn’t cause any kind of initial adjustment period that I had to deal with.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase all of the Hanacure products available as part of their lineup by visiting https://www.hanacure.com/. They have three main products that are currently for sale, and you can combine them together for a top notch skincare routine. There are also refills available for the All-In-One Facial set.

The current cost of the Hanacure All-In-One Facial is $110. The cost of the brand’s Nano Emulsion Moisturizer is $47 for 40 ML of product, and $100 for 100 ML. Hanacure’s Microphol Neutralizing Cleanser currently costs $28 for 50 grams of product.

Positive and Negative Reviews Summary

You can find reviews listed for each of the products that are sold as part of the Hanacure lineup. Microphol Neutralizing Cleanser has a 4.9 star rating out of five stars, with customers raving about how healthy and hydrated their skin looks. It provides a deep cleanse without stripping away the natural oils that your skin needs.

Nano Emulsion Moisturizer also has a 4.9 star rating out of five stars, offering excellent hydration with a very lightweight consistency. It seems to work well for a variety of skin types.

Alternatives Compared to Hanacure

There are some other skincare lines that I have tried for my dry skin and to help develop a good skincare routine as I get older. Here are some of my top selections.


Dermelect SErum being held by a woman

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals offers self care skin solutions by way of healthy, safe and beneficial ingredients. Designed to create a spa-like experience from home, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the results you want when you’re using Dermelect. Used by a slew of celebrities and makeup artists, you can prevent and address issues relating to fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, loose skin, dry skin and much more. Dermelect allows you to create your own customized beauty routine or you can choose their predetermined sets. This brand only used natural and professional-quality ingredients.

Solawave Beauty

collage cover of solawave products

The SolaWave skincare wand is a beauty tool that utilizes red light therapy, microcurrents, therapeutic warming and facial massage to help you look and feel your best. Regular applications get deep into the tissue of your face and neck to promote healthy skin and reduce signs of aging. It can address issues like blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and more. The therapeutic warming feature increases blood to open your pores. The facial massage feature stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

The Bottom Line: Did Hanacure Skincare Work for Me?

I personally found Hanacure’s skincare products to be very effective for my dry skin. As a man, I wasn’t necessarily using it as part of an anti-aging routine, but I suppose those benefits are something I’m achieving as well with the long-term use of these products. I love how natural and safe this brand’s products are. I haven’t had to worry about any kind of irritation, flaky skin or redness as my skin heals. It’s become part of my routine, and I see myself using Hanacure into the future to help keep my skin hydrated and healthy. I only hope that they start to come up with more products as time goes on.

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