How To Heal Co. Review (Mental Health Apparel)

How To Heal Co. provides mental health apparel, free therapy sessions on your first purchase and an opportunity for everyone to chip in for a great cause.

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Approximately one in five Americans deal with some sort of mental health issue. From anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder and dysthymia, much of our population is struggling with a variety of mental health symptoms. There is a stigma regarding people with mental health issues. These people are often dismissed, criticized and demeaned for what they’re going through. Many organizations have made it their focus to end the stigma surrounding mental health in order to provide better access to help and support.

I want to introduce you to an organization that puts a great deal of work into destigmatizing mental health issues. How to Heal Co. is a company that not only sells mental health awareness apparel, they believe in therapy as a tool to cope with mental health struggles like panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and rumination. Their products are quickly shipped to your home or office, and you receive a code shortly after ordering that provides you with access to counseling services that will help you through your mental health journey.

Quick Summary of How To Heal Co. Review

Products:Mental Health Apparel
Current Specials:Two free therapy sessions through BetterHelp with your first purchase of apparel.
Benefits:Could help you or a loved one cope with mental health issues, your purchases help raise funds through charities How To Heal Co. supports.
Cool designs:Yes
Pricing:Starting at $35
Where to Buy:howtohealco.com
Avg. Rating:4.9/5 (5 reviews so far)
GW Rating:4.7/5 (We love the idea of a brand legitimately working to help people and make the world a better place)

How To Heal Co. Mental Health Apparel

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Quality of Clothing
Designs and Colors
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How to Heal Co. provides apparel to help support those who struggle with mental health issues.


Introducing How to Heal Co. Mental Health Awareness Apparel

mental health apparel how to heal co

More than just apparel, How to Heal Co. is a way to start those important conversations regarding mental health. The designs are very unique, allowing you to share your mental health journey with those that you meet throughout your day. The goal is to start a hard conversation that can help you and the people you’re talking to. The company also provides you with access to free therapy sessions with your first purchase.

Two Free Therapy Sessions (Through BetterHelp) With Your First Purchase of Apparel

With your first purchase through How to Heal Co., you receive access to two free therapy sessions through BetterHelp. This can help facilitate your mental health healing journey, connecting you with an independent licensed therapist that can provide valuable information and assistance.

BetterHelp is a simple-to-use online platform that provides access to board-certified psychologists, licensed professional counselors, marriage therapists, family therapists and licensed clinical social workers. A thorough evaluation process is performed by BetterHelp to choose the best staff possible. On average, BetterHelp only accepts about 15 percent of the providers that apply.

Brand Story and Mission

how to heal co brand logo

How to Heal Co. was founded by Jessi Beyer, who has a history of anxiety, depression, disordered eating and self-harm. Her journey to healing led her to realize that people find a great deal of support from talking to other people who have experienced the same trials and tribulations. Beyer felt that these conversations were an incredibly important step towards breaking the stigma of mental health disorders so that people can find the help that they need and deserve.

How to Heal Co. cares greatly about people, the planet and most importantly, breaking down the walls of the mental health stigma. Sustainably sourced materials are used in the creation of their products; organic or Better Cotton Initiative Cotton, recycled polyester that comes from plastic bottles and beechwood. How to Heal Co. has also partnered with Sendle to offer carbon-neutral shipping options for each order at no additional cost. All packaging materials are made from completely recycled and compostable materials.

how to heal co. book

Charities How to Heal Co. Supports

Twenty percent of the profits made each month at How to Heal Co. are split between six different charitable organizations that work to end the mental illness stigma and provide support to those that need it. From advocacy to survivor resources, How to Heal Co. is taking a worldwide approach to proper mental healthcare.

Just some of the organizations that How to Heal Co. works with includes Rainn, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the U.S. and also the operator of the National Sexual Assault Hotline. K9s for Warriors is another organization that receives donations from How to Heal Co., as they provide service dogs to military veterans that are suffering from PTSD. You can find a full list of charity partners at https://howtohealco.com/pages/charity-partners.


  • Attractive apparel that starts hard conversations about mental health
  • Made from sustainably sourced materials
  • You receive two free therapy sessions with your first purchase
  • Clothing is affordably priced
  • A portion of the proceeds goes to other mental health organizations


  • They run out of stock fast
  • Limited options


benefits how to heal co apparel

In addition to all of the hard work How to Heal Co. puts into their brand to break the mental health stigma, they run a Make a Therapist’s Day Fund. Therapists are also experiencing burnout from taking on a large amount of clients and working around the clock. When you utilize your two free therapy sessions through BetterHelp, you have the option to sign up for a membership to continue your therapy. When that happens, How to Heal Co. receives a portion of that profit. All of that money goes into an account that is used to make dreams come true for nominated therapists. Every quarter a mental health professional will be chosen to receive some sort of surprise. This could be a vacation, having some of their debt paid off or redecorating their office.

Best-Selling Apparel

how to heal best selling apparel

There are a few different styles of shirts available through the How to Heal Co. website. Each has a very different design that allows you to express what you’ve been through and what you support.

Scars Tee

scars tee - how to heal co.

The Scars Tee points out that the Earth has scars too, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Despite what we’ve gone through during our own journey, we can still heal and embrace how beautiful we are. We are worthy of love and acceptance. Show your scars with this Scars Tee from the How to Heal Co.

Be Gentle Sweatshirt

be gentle sweatshirt - how to heal co.

The Be Gentle Sweatshirt reminds you that healing is an imperfect process. Make your mental health a priority, focusing on self care and support. It’s ok if the process isn’t smooth. Setbacks and challenges are perfectly normal.

True Love Doesn’t Hurt Tee

true love doesnt hear tee - how to heal co.

The True Love Doesn’t Hurt Tee raises awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence. It’s a reminder that real love is safe, supportive, and caring. Have the bravery to share your experience with other people that may be going through the same thing. You can make a big difference with this shirt, expressing that it's not ok to tolerate abuse when you're in a relationship.

Nature Heals Tee

nature heals tee - how to heal co.

The great outdoors has the potential to heal and support us during our mental health struggles. The Nature Heals Tee expresses those grounding powers of the mountains, your favorite hiking trail or even your backyard.

Survivor Tee

survivor tee- how to heal co.

Featuring a semicolon design, the Survivor Tee embraces that your story isn’t over yet. Bringing awareness to suicide prevention and mental health awareness, this shirt expresses there is so much more to experience.

Real How To Heal Co. Apparel Reviews and Rating

How to Heal Co. is getting ready to launch their product line officially, so their reviews are limited at this point in time. Some of the shirts on their website do feature reviews, stating extremely soft material, attractive designs and special meanings as customer favorites.

Alternatives Compared to How To Heal Co.

There are many mental health awareness organizations, many of which target a specific audience or specific need in the community. Here are some other websites you can check out if you’re looking to give back or purchase mental health awareness items.

Self Care Is For Everyone

Self Care is For Everyone has a huge selection of mental health awareness items that you can wear proudly in honor of your own mental health struggles or for someone that you know. Their designs are really cute, featuring slogans like “You Are Enough” and “I May Cry, But I Still Get Things Done”. Hoodies, tees, crop shirts and even posters are for sale from Self Care is For Everyone.

Own Your Stigma

Own Your Stigma is a company that focuses on discussing mental illness openly in order to remove any shame, guilt or negativity that is surrounding these issues. Their goal is to encourage everyone to embrace struggles and challenges while opening up about what you’re going through. They have a variety of items for sale, including hats, shirts and digital products. A portion of their proceeds go to different mental health organizations.

Circa 7 Mental Health Awareness Clothing & Apparel

Circa 7 Mental Health Awareness Clothing & Apparel spreads mental health awareness through fashion, art and different community events. Their motto is #TheWorldNeedsYou, which is featured on a number of their shop items. A portion of their profits are donated to different mental health awareness organizations to help the world understand that it’s ok to not be ok.

*We strongly believe that How To Heal Co. is a better overall brand than the alternatives listed above.

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The Bottom Line: Is It Worth It?

Mental illness is something that plagues many people whether it be intermittently or throughout their entire lifetime. This has always been a difficult conversation for many people to have. This has made it challenging for people to find help. One way to destigmatize mental health issues is by discussing them and putting them out there for other people to see. When you purchase a mental health-focused clothing item, you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve. You may be surprised at how many other people speak up or feel comfortable talking about their own journey once they see that you both have something in common.

Unfortunately, there is a real issue with people questioning or dismissing people’s authenticity and reliability when it’s known that they have a mental illness. Mental illness doesn’t mean you’re not a worthy person. It’s simply something you deal with from a psychological and biological perspective. There are plenty of people dealing with mental health issues that are still accomplishing their goals, giving back to the community and being productive. However, there are better ways that we as a community can support these people. Show off your support for the mental health community with pride thanks to How to Heal Co. or one of the other brands that I talked about here.

a great cause - how to heal co apparel

Tips for Success

If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression or mental illness, there are plenty of ways that you can get help. What you don’t want to do is ignore what’s going on or think that it’s going to go away on its own. Here are some of my tips for finding help if you have concerns about your mental health.

  • If you or someone that you know is in danger or in a life threatening situation, you should call 911 immediately for assistance.
  • You can reach out to 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to utilize the national suicide prevention hotline. You will be connected to the nearest crisis center that is in the Lifetime National Network of providers.
  • Speak with your healthcare provider to find out how you can go about finding support from a mental health professional. You can also reach out to your health insurance provider to see what professionals you can contact in your area and what kind of coverage you have.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t love the first counselor or therapist that you talk to. While they may be a very knowledgeable professional, their personality might not be something you’re comfortable with. It sometimes takes people two, three or four tries before they find someone that works for them.

Online Therapy Treatment Options

There are plenty of online therapy treatment options you can choose from that have helped thousands of people, and I'll list those below:


An online depression and anxiety treatment plan, Brightside offers solid help. The only thing we don't like about Brightside is they offer prescription medication, which we believe is not the way to treat mental health issues. We do, however, like their therapy services.

Go to Brightside

Get Cerebral

Get Cerebral is another online anxiety and depression platform (very similar to Brightside), offering prescription medication and therapy sessions.

Go to Cerebral

Mental Toughness Programs

75 Hard

75 Hard is a mental toughness program that was developed by Andy Frisella, founder of 1st Phorm and multiple other USA-based companies. The program consists of completing 5 daily tasks, consisting of fitness, healthy dieting, progress photo, and 10 pages of reading, for 75 straight days and is no easy task. People that complete 75 Hard have truly changed their lives resulting in high confidence and high self esteem. There are over a billion hash tags (#75Hard) on Instagram alone.

Visit the 75 Hard App

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