Immuneti Review: A Dietician’s Take On Ingredients, Benefits & Safety

A super-wellness product filled with vitamin C, Vitamin D and many other essential nutrients, Immuneti provides an opportunity to improve your overall health (plus Tim Tebow endorses it)!

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Hello! Welcome to my Immuneti review, where' you'll learn all about this supplement that aims to improve your immune system.

Someone probably recommended Immuneti to you if you want to boost your immune system. Of course, pretty much everyone is looking for ways to supercharge their immune systems these days. Is this popular product really the key to better health in a bottle? As a dietician, I'm always wary of products that make big health claims. It takes knowing what's in Immuneti to understand how this product offers immune support. While it's touted as an immune-boosting superstar, Immuneti may also have something to offer for anyone simply looking for an improved immune system and better overall health.

Without any further ado, let's get it started!

Quick Summary of Immuneti Review

Supplement Name:Immuneti
Best For:Immunity Support
Founder:Dr. Amy Shah, MD
Influencer Backed By:Tim Tebow
GoWellness Rating:4.5/5 ⭐
immuneti review quick summary

What Is Immuneti?

The first thing that got my attention about Immuneti is that it was actually developed by a woman named Dr. Amy Shah who is a board-certified physician with training from Columbia, Cornell and Harvard. While it's not uncommon for physicians to peddle vitamins and supplements, I like that Dr. Shah actually developed Immuneti as a professional with a background in both nutrition and immunology.

This is not a supplement that's being marketed by a “celebrity doctor” who didn't even have a hand in the development the product. Let's put that on our “pros” list from the beginning. However, I will add that Immuneti has been endorsed by some heavy hitters who know a thing or two about maintaining peak health. Yes, well-known figures like Tim Tebow, Venus Williams, Maria Menounos and Molly Sims have all posed with their Immuneti bottles.

immuneti supplement for immunity support
Immuneti is for… well… immunity support.

I also like that Immuneti contains all of the key vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that I tell my clients to take for everyday health. That includes staples like vitamin C and zinc. However, this product brings it up a notch by putting things like elderberry, Echinacea, garlic bulb extract and black pepper fruit extract into one supplement to avoid the need for you to chase around all types of pills and powders at your local health-food store. That's the other great part! You're not dealing with any complex powders, smoothies or “pink drink” nonsense with Immuneti. Taking this product is as easy as popping your daily vitamin. You just need to swallow two relatively small capsules daily with a little water.

Does that mean it has my seal of approval? I don't think anyone can decide that this is the answer to their health concerns until they really pop open the lid to see what's inside. Let's go ingredient by ingredient through a bottle of Immuneti before I reveal where I come down on this product. I'll start by giving you the rundown of the pros and cons of taking Immuneti.

pros cons immuneti supplement


  • Very easy to take!
  • You're not dealing with powders, potions, mixes or aftertastes.
  • Supports your immune system.
  • Packed with things that are good for skin health.
  • Packed with things that support respiratory health.
  • Packed with things known to support a healthy heart.
  • Provides lots of antioxidants.
  • Might help you power through a cold or flu more easily.
  • Provides a good variety of ingredients at a great price when compared to competing products.
  • It's a GCMP-certified product.
  • It's a gluten-free product.
  • It's an allergen-free product.
  • It's made in the USA.


  • Some of the ingredients could create adverse reactions in some people even though they are natural. I'll dive into that in greater detail in just a second!
  • While Immuneti can help to support your body in an “overall” sense, I can't link it to supporting weight loss or weight management based on the ingredients.
  • This won't be a good fit for pregnant or lactating women.

What Are the Ingredients in Immuneti?

Let's go down the list of what's in Immuneti. You've probably at least heard of all of the ingredients in this product already. However, I want to break down what we know about the health benefits of what's packed into each capsule to help you decide if this is what you're looking for in a health aid.

reviewing ingredients in immuneti

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): 330 Milligrams

You already know vitamin C as the “cold killer.” Vitamin C is an antioxidant that's essential for forming blood vessels, cartilage, muscle and collagen! It's also a “body healer.” Vitamin C can be especially important if you lead a “fast life” because it's effective for fighting the free radicals that ravage the body due to sun exposure, tobacco smoke, X-rays and background radiation. There's also some evidence to suggest that vitamin C may help in the prevention of some cancers.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol): 25 Micrograms

Researchers call vitamin D deficiency the “ignored epidemic” due to the fact that a billion people around the world are currently deficient in vitamin D. Shockingly, most Americans don't get enough vitamin D. The reason why vitamin D is so important for humans is that it plays key roles in boosting the immune system, strengthening bones, strengthening muscles and improving heart function. Vitamin D is also believed to impact everything from mood to sleep.

Zinc Citrate: 11 Milligrams

A secret weapon against cold and flu symptoms, zinc is known to help with everything from your immune system to your skin. Recent studies show that zinc many be an effective acne treatment. The bottom line is that zinc is important for both feeling and looking your best.

Elderberry Fruit Extract: 380 Milligrams

Elderberry has come into fashion as a “cold cure” in recent years. While it's currently the darling of the holistic wellness crowd, elderberry has actually been used by natural practitioners for centuries. Elderberry is one of those all-around health aids that is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. It's believed that this fruity wonder can help to boost your immune system, reduce stress and offer some heart protection. The best part? Elderberry is a true “cold and flu rescue” for people who need to get better in a pinch. In clinical studies, elderberry has been shown to reduce cold duration and symptoms.

Garlic Bulb Extract: 200 Milligrams

This is the powerhouse ingredient against oxidative damage! In fact, the ancient Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese all knew to use this natural wonder medicine as a wellness potion long before it caught on as a popular wellness aid in the modern era. It's believed that supplementing with garlic can help to increase antioxidant enzymes, reduce oxidative stress, detoxify the body of metals, reduce bone loss, boost athletic performance, prevent dementia and Alzheimer's, improve cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure for what adds up to a longer, healthier life! Studies show that garlic can even help to prevent the common cold!

Echinacea Purpurera Plant Extract: 200 Milligrams

Has anyone ever suggested that you take Echinacea for a cold? Derived from the coneflower plant, Echinacea is known to boost the immune system. In addition, this flower's ability to function as an antioxidant links it with benefits like lowering blood sugar, reducing anxiety and fighting wrinkles! There's even evidence that Echinacea can help to inhibit cancer growth.

Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) Fruit Extract: 5 Milligrams

An active compound called piperine that is found in black pepper is believed to have strong antioxidant properties. Researchers believe that piperine is powerful enough to reverse damage caused by free radicals. Black pepper is also thought to boost brain performance to the extent that it may even act as a preventative measure against conditions like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Verdict on Claimed Benefits

It's impossible for me to tell you that Immuneti is going to boost your overall health without conducting my own clinical trial with you as a patient. However, I can look at the vast body of clinical research that has been done over the course of several decades on all of the active ingredients in Immuneti to form an impression as a dietician.

immuneti claimed benefits verdict
As a dietician, I always want to show my clients the truth about supplements.

These are powerful, proven vitamins and antioxidants that have been shown to protect and fortify various systems throughout the body time and time again by researchers. I'm particularly excited about the way the ingredients chosen for Immuneti help with immediate needs like “cold prevention” (immune health) while also fortifying your health against long-term, degenerative issues like dementia, Alzheimer's, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, oxidative stress and more.

Side Effects and Safety Concerns

Is there anything about Immuneti that raises my alarm bells as a dietician? Not specifically. However, I do want to give you the same rundown that I give all of my clients whenever they are thinking about trying any new vitamin or supplement. The body is in a very delicate balance.

immuneti review side effects safety

Taking high doses of any vitamin or herb can be dangerous if you're not paying attention to what you're doing. This is especially true with something like zinc. I know people sometimes experience digestive issues when they're taking high doses of zinc for too long. What's more, high doses of some vitamins can actually interfere with the absorption of some other essential vitamins. Technically, any supplement can cause stomach cramps or nausea if you have a sensitivity. I see this more frequently with something like Echinacea than I do with something like elderberry. It can also be complicated if you're on any medications that can interact negatively with certain herbs.

Immuneti really doesn't have any “red flag” dangers associated with it due to the very natural list of ingredients it offers. However, you have to do your research based on your specific health needs to make sure it offers the right amounts for you. I always suggest that people reach out to their doctors to get the “okay” before starting a new supplement routine. The key thing with this product for most people is just to make sure you're not getting “too much” of any particular vitamin or herb based on any other supplements you're already taking.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can buy Immuneti directly from the manufacturer. I love that! The fact that the company offers free shipping on your orders means that the price is really in line with what you'd pay at your local vitamin store. If you want to try one bottle that will give you a one-month supply, the cost is $29. However, buying in bulk slashes the price pretty dramatically. Last time I glanced, Immuneti was offering a per-bottle price of $13.30 when you buy four bottles at a time. It works out to getting a free bottle.

purchase immuneti on official website
Just add to cart when you get to their official website.

Immuneti Comparison to Alternatives

I don't know that there's a total apples-to-apples comparison between Immuneti and another product out there. I like this better than something like an Emergen-C that's really marketed as powerhouse of vitamin C that people rely on as a “cold crutch” whenever they don't want to be sick. Force Factor Immunity is probably the product out there that's most similar to Immuneti. I personally think that Immuneti does a better job of offering a product that's designed a little better because it focuses on maximizing a handful of ingredients instead of throwing everything at you in smaller doses. VitaPost Immune Support is another product I'm inclined to like. While I am intrigued by the vitamin E, green tea beta-glucans and various mushrooms infused into VitaPost's immune-boosting variety, I still don't think the arrangement of ingredients is as good as Immuneti's for providing strong immune support without complex ingredients that could be hard to tolerate for some.

Real User Reviews

I dug into many of the customer reviews on verified buyers to see not only how they are liking it, but also why they were interested in immuneti in the first place. On amazon, there are 10,900+ reviews with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars, with 80% of those ratings being 5/5 stars, and an additional 12% being 4/5 stars. Only 8% of people had a 3/5 star or below customer experience with immuneti. That's really not a lot of negative reviews considering there are almost 11,000 ratings just on amazon alone.

ratings and reviews of immuneti supplement

Not only is Immuneti loved by many of their loyal customers, it's also trusted by Tim Tebow and his wife, Demi. They have been recently quoted saying that they use Immuneti for vitamin C for immune system support, vitamin D to support bone health and increase their general health as a staple.

“It has improved my skin health and my overall immune function because I'm getting the essential nutrients that my body needs in my diet.”

“My immuneti review: Overall, I look and feel great as it has helped me with healthy weight management, a great source of vitamin D, and my immune health has 100% improved.”

“I'm always looking for a better way to take vitamin c to improve immune function so I can fight the common cold.”

“The antioxidants in this supplement really help improve my gut health and heart health.”

There isn't any supplement out there that's perfect, which is why we like to include some of the negative reviews, so you can weigh the good and the bad for yourself:

JJ said, “I ordered this for the D3, I received a different bottle with no D3.” This complaint was on amazon, and we always recommend to purchase directly from the company's website, not amazon, to avoid things like this.

After reading all of the other complaints, they are mainly the same – people ordered what they thought was going to be Immuneti and didn't get exactly what they ordered. These people felt cheated. Again, purchasing directly from Immuneti's website is way better than buying it on amazon.

Go to Immuneti's Official Website

The Bottom Line: Is Immuneti Legit?

I like that there isn't a lot to warn people about with Immuneti because the company doesn't complicate things by adding overly exotic ingredients to its formula. It's packed full of well-tolerated, natural ingredients that have been carefully studied for safety and efficacy, therefore Immuneti is 100% legit. I'll call it the health aid that's surprisingly effective even though it doesn't hold any surprises! My final tip is to just make sure nothing within the very “clean” ingredient list interferes with existing health conditions or medications. Let your doctor know that you're thinking of supplementing with the core ingredients in Immuneti before you make it part of your daily wellness plan!

immuneti advanced immune defense formula
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