Immuno 150 Supplement Review: Legit? A Dietitian Examines

Immuno 150 is a immune defense supplement that is formulated with a blend of minerals and vitamins, but is it worth it? Find out!

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Nobody likes feeling sick or under the weather. When you’re not at peak performance, you can’t do the things that you love. Work, exercise, spending time with your family and getting things done around the house become a major challenge. To prevent illness and to shorten the duration of your illnesses, boosting your immune system is ideal. There are a number of ways you can focus on your immune health. From taking vitamins and supplements to getting enough sleep at night, some minor changes can make a big difference.

A weakened immune system can lead to more infections that may be hard to treat. There are chronic health issues and diseases that can negatively affect the immune system, but a lot of times simpler things are to blame such as lack of sleep, poor diet, dehydration and a sedentary lifestyle. Filling in the nutritional gaps that you may be dealing with from a poor diet is a great place to start. Not only will you be boosting your immune system, but you may find that you experience other health benefits as well.

In this article I’m going to look at Immuno 150, which is a nutrient and mineral-dense supplement that provides your immune system with optimal support. Not only can it help protect you from illness, it can treat a variety of other issues in the body from inflammation to low energy.

Fast Summary Table of Immuno 150 Review

Product:Immuno 150 Immunity Supplement
Key Ingredients:70 Trace Minerals, 13 vitamins, 17 antioxidants, 17 herbs, 18 amino acids, and more
Claimed Benefits:Could help improve your immune system
# of servings:30
Capsules per serving:5
Third-Party Tested:Yes
Official Website:immunity150.com
Buy at Amazon:Check price at amazon
Best Alternative:1st Phorm Immune Health (Only $39.99 with higher quality ingredients)
Average Customer Rating:4.2/5
GW Rating:3.2/5

Immuno 150 Immunity Supplement

Courtney D'Angelo

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Immuno 150 is a blended vitamin and mineral supplement that claims to help improve your immune system.


Introducing Immuno 150 for A Healthy Immune System

immuno 150 product

If you’re eating a healthy diet each day, this is a great place to start in regard to immune health. However, you might not be taking full advantage of the nutritious and beneficial ingredients that are on this Earth. Immuno 150 is a specially formulated supplement that strengthens the immune system in order to prevent premature aging, sickness, disease, weakness and much more. The main focus of this supplement is its 70 different plant-based colloidal minerals with 80 nutrients. It’s a supplement unlike any other of its kind.


  • Contains 150 ingredients that provide the nutritional support your body needs
  • Promotes anti-aging
  • Made from organic, hydrophilic, non-toxic, UDAF inspected and USDA certified ingredients
  • Supports heart, liver, brain, immune and eye health just to name a few
  • Can naturally balance blood sugar levels
  • Does not contain artificial ingredients


  • One serving size is five capsules

Claimed Benefits

in kitched with immuno 150 supplement

The amount of benefits Immuno 150 claims their product can provide is impressive. It seems that many consumers have experienced a vast amount of positive results with regular use, so let’s take a look at what the brand advertises you can achieve with their product.

Optimized Health

Immuno 150 contains 150 different synchronized ingredients that provide your body with nutritional support to avoid a large number of diseases and ailments. Rejuvenating the body and promoting healing from the inside out can be achieved thanks to quickly dissolving capsules that allow for optimal absorption.

Could Improve Immune System

Various ingredients in Immuno 150 promote a healthier immune system overall. Lycopene is a beneficial antioxidant that protects your heart and prevents cancer. Vitamins A, C and E have been included to boost your immune health as well.

Increases Energy

The oxygen radical absorbance capacity of Immuno 150 is 42.000, which supports your immune function, overall health and also increases your energy. When your body is receiving supplemental nutrients, it doesn’t experience deficiencies that can make you feel tired. The ingredients in Immuno 150 provide your body with essential nutrients like B complex vitamins, which provide ample natural energy.

May Increase Happiness

Many of the ingredients in Immuno 150 can boost your mood. It’s an incredibly affordable product that boosts your intake of B vitamins, magnesium and calcium, all of which can increase feelings of positivity and happiness.

Ingredients Analysis

ingredients of immuno 150

Let’s break down some of the specific ingredients that have been included in Immuno 150’s special formulation.

Omega 3-6-9 EFA’s

Omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids are all very important dietary fats that benefit the body. They all provide very specific health benefits for your joints, heart and eyes. It’s very important that the right ratio of these fatty acids are used for optimal benefits, and Immuno 150 has gone to great lengths to ensure their product is formulated in a way that will provide exceptional benefits.

70 Plant-Based Trace Minerals

Trace minerals are important so that your body can perform its daily functions and processes as efficiently as possible. Trace minerals include iron, chromium, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese and selenium, though there are many more. Immuno 150 contains 70 different plant-based trace minerals that facilitate different biochemical reactions in the body.


Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that is produced by the body naturally. The cells in your body use CoQ10for different growth and maintenance processes. As we age, our body will produce less CoQ10, making it important to supplement. Levels have shown to be lower in people dealing with specific medical conditions such heart disease.

Lutein for Eye Health

Lutein is a carotenoid that is found in different fruits and vegetables. There is a high concentration of Lutein in the macula of the eye, which means that we need to consume enough lutein each day to maintain optimal eye health. Immuno 150 contains lutein to prevent conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts.

Lycopene (Powerful Antioxidant)

Lycopene has a vast profile of health benefits such as protecting the body against free radicals, preventing cancer and decreasing inflammation. This is a key ingredient in Immuno 150.

Safety and Side Effects

It’s important that you pay close attention to the safety and side effects of a product that you’ve chosen to take each day. Doing your research ahead of time will ensure that you’re making the right choice. Immuno 150 has been used by many people with great results. It’s an extremely complete supplement that has helped people eliminate the use of certain prescription medications, alleviate pain in the body caused by inflammation and boost the immune system in a way that leads to fewer illnesses over the course of a year.

Cost and Where to Buy

For more information on Immuno 150, you can visit https://immuno150.com/, or you can purchase it at amazon. One thirty-day supply costs $49.95, but you can save money by purchasing a few bottles at a time.

bottles of immuno 150 supplement

Go to Official Website

Check price at amazon

Honest IMMUNO 150 Reviews and Average Rating

Immuno 150 reviews can be found on multiple retail websites online. For example, their Amazon rating is 4.4 stars out of five stars. After regular use, people start to experience more energy and endurance. It appears that illnesses will not be as long as usual in certain people, and some users even commented on a more positive mood. You can also view reviews on the Immuno 150 website.

Alternatives Compared to Immuno 150

immuno 150 alternatives

Optimal immune health can be achieved through the use of other products and supplements. Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives compared to Immuno 150.

1st Phorm Immune Health

When it comes to health and wellness, your immune system is the first thing that you should think of. Stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and illness can all affect our immune system function and our bodies as a whole. Supporting the immune system can ensure that you well feel good each day and thrive throughout your lifetime. 1st Phorm’s Immune Health supplement is designed to support healthy immune function through a specific blend of ingredients such as vitamin C, zinc, copper, elderberry and green tea extract.

Go to 1st Phorm Immune Health

Primal Harvest Immune Defense

Primal Immune Defense is a doctor formulated supplement from Primal Harvest, and it features essential vitamins like C, B6, D3 and K. Zinc along with 7 billion CFU’s of L. acidophilus and Bb-06 probiotics promote a health functioning immune system and overall wellness. This product is free of gluten, soy and gelatin. It’s made in a GMP-certified facility in the United States.

Love Complement Vegan Multivitamin

This Vegan Multivitamin from Love Complement is designed to fill in any nutritional gaps that you may have in your diet due to utilizing a plant-based diet. While you’re in the process of following a very healthy diet plan to promote wellbeing and health, there may be specific nutrients that you’re not getting enough of each day. Love Complement includes B12, D3, DHA, K2, iodine and magnesium. It does not contain any artificial ingredients or fillers.

Go to Complement


Immuneti has been doctor formulated to provide essential immune support through antioxidants and nutrients. It can prevent symptoms as well as reduce the severity of symptoms when you come into contact with a cold or flu virus. You can use Immuneti to boost heart health, improve the quality of your skin, decrease inflammation, improve respiratory health and support weight management. Ingredients include vitamin C, D3, zinc, garlic bulb and elderberry to name a few.

The Bottom Line: Is Immuno 150 Legit?

There are many essential nutrients that our body needs in order to thrive. This includes things like protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and so on. When you look at the composition of Immuno 150, you see a product that contains 150 different beneficial ingredients that your body can use to accomplish all kinds of things from decreasing inflammation to boosting immune health.

I recommend taking a closer look at this product to see if you think it’s something you would benefit from. We all deal with illness and various health issues from time to time. Having the proper support in place so you feel your best as quickly as possible is a great way to achieve longevity throughout your lifetime.

Our Recommendation

  1. 1st Phorm Immune Health (much cheaper and a better overall product)
  2. Love Complement Vegan Multivitamin (built to help boost immune system)

Tips for Success from the RD

Looking for other ways to boost your immune system beyond taking a supplement each day? There are some lifestyle changes that you can make which will help your body fight off illness if you do come into contact with something foreign that wants to keep you in bed for a few days.

Pay Attention to Your Sleep Routine

Getting enough sleep each night is very important. This is a time when your body will do the most healing. Shoot for eight hours of sleep each night, but you should also make sure that you’re getting quality sleep. Your bedtime routine is very important. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to wind down before bed so you’re falling into a deep sleep for the majority of the night.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

People that fall within the obese weight range typically have lower functioning immune systems. This can put you at risk of developing complications from an illness, even if it’s something minor to start out with. Exercise each day, eat a healthy diet and watch your weight to make sure that your body mass index is between 25 and 30. If you're having difficulty losing weight, there are a number of resources you can use such as online diet programs and weight loss medication that your doctor can prescribe to you.

Avoid Infection

Constantly coming into contact with germs and illness can weaken your immune system and your body. Practice proper hygiene as a way to avoid getting sick in the first place. This includes washing your hands thoroughly throughout the day and any time that you are somewhere where germs are present, like in a bathroom or public space.

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