Is DoFasting Legit? Review of the App And Supplements

DoFasting is an intermittent fasting tracking app, along with other features, that help you stick to your weight loss plan and help you lose weight.

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Intermittent fasting is a process that is very popular for weight loss, to balance your blood sugar levels and to even boost your cognitive function. This process involves setting aside certain times each day when you will not eat your meals. When you fast, your body will burn away the glucose that your body has stored up in the liver. When you are eating three meals a day with snacks in between, this doesn’t allow for your body to use your liver’s energy collection for proper fat burning. You’re not removing food groups; you’re simply fasting in predetermined chunks of time.

In order to properly schedule these times and chart them, there is an app called DoFasting that can be used. This is a subscription-based service that not only tracks your fasting for you, but it also gives you fitness and food recommendations to help you achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Quick Summary of DoFasting Weight Loss Review

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DoFasting is a fasting tracker app that helps you lose weight with the help of the intermittent fasting concept. The app currently has a 4/5 star rating with over 520 reviews, but as far as what it's for (intermittent fasting tracking), it's really great.


What Is DoFasting?

fasting solutions UAB dofasting for weight loss

DoFasting is run by Fasting Solutions UAB, which is located in Lithuania. The company’s goal is to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle through different tools, including their intermittent fasting app. You can check out their Facebook page, which includes reviews from people who have found the DoFasting program helpful, along with people who are part of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss community.

DoFasting provides you with around the clock access to your fasting tracker as well as meal ideas, and different workout routines that will supplement your fasting lifestyle. There are educational articles included on the app that help you fully understand the process of fasting. Subscription plans vary as there are three different choices.

DoFasting also offers supplements that can be used to achieve your weight loss goals and get through your periods of fasting. These gluten-free and vegan supplements are made using organic and safe ingredients to increase your nutrient and fiber intake.

The 16:8 Intermittent Fasting Concept: How Does It Work?

The 16:8 intermittent fasting concept involves limiting your consumption of food and beverages that contain calories to eight hours per day. For the next 16 hours, you can drink water but not eat any food. The cycle can be repeated as often as you would like. Some people fast in this way for one to two days per week in most cases. The purpose is to better control your blood sugar levels and potentially lose weight.

The 16:8 concept isn’t too difficult to follow. A portion of those 16 hours is spent sleeping at night and you'll hardly notice that you're not eating. You can work the remaining hours of fasting into your schedule with relative ease, preventing any major disruptions to how you’re eating or what you’re choosing to eat. It’s one of the more flexible forms of fasting, which makes it a popular option. Because of the longer lengths of time of eating / fasting, this is where a lot of people find an app helpful for tracking purposes.


  • DoFasting helps you keep track of your fasting easily and conveniently with just a few taps of your screen
  • Science suggests that intermittent fasting can help boost your metabolism to aid in weight loss
  • You can use fasting to loser your insulin levels
  • Fasting can help you regulate your hormones and your sleep cycle
  • Supportive materials like recipes, research and much more


  • DoFasting is subscription based, so you will have to pay to use this service
  • It can be challenging to partake in intermittent fasting when you’re never done it before, especially if you are someone that eats small meals frequently throughout the day

Is It Worth It?

dofasting app is worth the money

The DoFasting app is very easy to use once you have taken the initial quiz and have set up your account. This is an app and program that is backed by research, and you’ll receive legitimate information that benefits your health and body. Rather than just offering an app that helps you track and time your fasting, you may find their articles and information very helpful during this journey. I find it’s a straightforward program that is just one extra tool to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals, so I think it’s worth considering a subscription if you know that fasting is the route you want to take. If you’re unsure of the benefits you’ll experience with fasting or aren’t completely on board yet, you may want to look into DoFasting a little more before committing.

Claimed Benefits

benefits of dofasting

There are a lot of benefits that you can experience when you use the DoFasting app and program. The company shares a lot of information with their users to make fasting easier, simpler and more effective.

Healthy Weight Loss

While intermittent fasting has whole body benefits, it’s most frequently used for weight loss. DoFasting allows you to track your fasting to maximize the pounds you drop. It’s important that your body is getting enough nutrients over the course of a 24-hour period, but your metabolism benefits from pausing for certain amounts of time. This switches your body over to a process of burning off its energy reserves and burning fat. DoFasting not only helps you keep this process organized, but their supplemental information may be something that you really benefit from. When you do eat meals, you can use their recipes to provide your body with optimal nutrition while limiting calories and fat content.

Custom Fit Intermittent Fasting Schedule

DoFasting allows you to choose your fasting schedule and the app will then follow that program. We talked a little bit about the 16:8 fasting schedule already, but there are other options as well. It’s important that you’re not pushing your body too far with fasting. If you need to change the time schedule that you’re following, you’re able to do this with the DoFasting app. There are also pre-set time frames that you can select if you want to try something out but don’t know what a proper fasting period would look like. Always listen to your body and stop the fast if you're not feeling well.

Great for Beginners and Pros

This is a versatile app in the sense that you can use it when you’re new to the world of intermittent fasting, but it’s something you can use long term as well if you’re someone that likes to fast often. Beginners will likely benefit from the supplemental information more than someone who knows a lot about fasting. You can use the app as long as you want, as long as you’ve signed up for your subscription and are staying current with payments.

Guidance to Reach Your Health Goals

You may know that you want to lose weight but it’s difficult to know where to start. Deciding to use intermittent fasting is sometimes overwhelming. You can reach your health goals with the guidance that DoFasting provides. This brand helps you keep track of your data; gives you tips to keep your fasting moving along and you can read more about other people’s fasting journeys to find inspiration and support along the way.

Form Strong, Healthy Habits

DoFasting educates its users on the process of fasting and the potential benefits. You have to wait approximately eight to twelve hours in order for your body to even enter a state of fasting when stored glucose will start to be used in addition to fat and ketones. As your period of fasting goes on longer and longer, you’ll start to see more healthy changes in your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, weight, etc. This process is beneficial to the body and keeping up with periodic fasting can be a very healthy choice when done right. This app helps support your journey in a way that helps you develop good habits so you’re not just blindly fasting with the hope of losing weight.

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The DoFasting App

dofasting app

You can choose a few different subscription options for the DoFasting app. A one-month subscription is available along with a three-month and six-month option. You save quite a bit of money by committing to multiple months of the app. For example, one-month costs $33, while a six-month signup costs $11 per month. That’s a savings of about 75 percent.

You’ll be provided with access to simple fasting tracking, delicious recipes, science-backed educational materials and so much more. DoFasting even has their own personal trainer that posts workouts on the app based on physical activity level.

The DoFasting Smart Scale

On the DoFasting website you can purchase supplemental materials and items that will help you with fasting and your weight loss journey. The DoFasting Smart Scale has four high precision sensors that connect with your smart device to monitor things like weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, bone mass, etc. You receive recommendations based on your results just from stepping on the scale periodically.

Their Weight Loss Supplements

dofasting weight loss supplements

You can use intermittent fasting to get your gut and body back in check, but it’s important that you’re still getting plenty of nutrients, fiber and so on. DoFasting has a few different supplements that can help with weight loss.

DoFasting Appetite Suppressant – The Essential Fiber Complex

This fiber complex supplement contains glucomannan and cellulose to help you better control your cravings while you’re fasting. This is a supplement that you can take during the period of fasting that you’re completing so you can better stay on track. You may also experience less bloating, more beneficial gut bacteria and lower cholesterol numbers.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

dofasting apple cider vinegar gummies

Apple cider vinegar gummies have become very popular thanks to their health benefits. It’s much easier to take a gummy than it is to drink ACV straight, and you can use the DoFasting version of this product to increase your intake of B6, B12 and folic acid. Apple Cider Vinegar also helps reduce gas / bloating, curbs your appetite and boosts your metabolism. This product doesn’t contain any artificial additives.

Real DoFasting Reviews and Average Rating

The DoFasting app has a four out of five-star rating on the apple website. Over 500 different reviews paint an accurate picture of what you can expect from this program. Many people have found this app to be helpful when tracking their fasting. It’s very easy to use, allows you to track multiple bits of information and frequent updates provide you with new features.

There are people who have experienced a pretty substantial weight loss when using both the tracking function of the app as well as the supplemental materials. One person lost over seven pounds in their first week. Use of the DoFasting supplements has helped people feel less hungry while fasting.

Weight Loss Program Alternatives Compared to DoFasting

dofasting alternatives

There are many different weight loss and fasting apps available. There may be features on the DoFasting app that you don’t like, or you may be interested to find something else that offers more support. Let’s look at some alternative to DoFasting.


The Noom app comes with a food logger so you can keep track of what you’re eating. You’ll have a better awareness of when you’re typically eating and how long you’re fasting in between meals. Noom has a lot of resources regarding different fasting methods (16:8, 5:2, Eat-Stop-Eat) you can use and you track them all using their app.

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An online nutrition plan app that allows you to track your meals, fasting, customize your weight loss plan and maintain your weight loss, G-Plans uses your specific metabolic type to make recommendations. They also have a G-Plan community where you can get in touch with other people just like you. Share tips about your fasting journey and gain support during this process.

G-Plans is comparable to Noom (see our G-Plans vs Noom comparison). Both are robust apps that allow you to track pretty much everything.

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ProLon Diet

The ProLon diet is focused on getting your body nutrients while incorporating fasting into your weight loss plan. It supports metabolic balance from fasting while still allowing you to eat certain foods and beverages. There is a coach led fasting group that you can join as well as a Facebook fasting group to optimize your fasting period.

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Found Health (we detailed this RX weight loss program here) provides you with easy and convenient access to medical, nutritional and exercise guidance from the experts that know what will work. You will be assessed by a medical professional when you sign up. They will tell you if weight loss medication is something that you might benefit from. You will also remain in touch with your coach to help you stay on track.

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Fella Health

Designed for men, Fella Health is a telemedicine weight loss clinic that you can access online. Your metabolic assessment will determine what weight loss medication you should use to achieve your fitness goals. You also receive one full year of coaching to help strengthen the psychological aspect of weight loss as well as to improve your eating and exercise habits.

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The Bottom Line: Is It Legitimate?

legit app dofasting weight loss

The DoFasting app is a legitimate program that you can use to track your fasting. If you’re interested in learning more about DoFasting, then you’re probably involved in some sort of weight loss program or healthy journey. It appears to be a very simple to use app that has a lot of useful information on it. Their program is backed by science and research, and there are plenty of happy users of DoFasting that have seen great results. If you’re interested in fasting and would like support along the way, I recommend giving this app a try.

Tips for Success from the RD

Fasting isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve never done it before. Not only is this process about abstaining from food for a certain period of the day, but it’s really important that you’re getting the right nutrients in your diet when you do eat. I have some helpful tips that you can follow if you’re going to be fasting in the near future.

Stay Hydrated

Fasting from food doesn’t mean that you have to give up fluids. In fact, it would be quite dangerous to stop drinking for many hours at a time. Most fasts allow you to drink water in addition to things like green tea.

Distract Yourself

This process is going to be even harder if you’re just sitting at home obsessing about the minutes passing until you can consume your next meal. Try to plan some activities for the days that you’ll be fasting so you don’t think about food too much. Maybe plan of starting a new book or going for a slow walk.

Maximize Your Meals

When it’s time to eat prior to a period of fasting, make your calories count. Pack as many nutrients as you can into a meal without overeating. Some fasts allow you to eat certain foods during the period of time when the fast is occurring. Consume healthy and nutritious foods like avocado, greens, apples, nuts, lentils and beans.


You’ll find yourself getting quite cranky if you try to take on too much when you’re fasting. Your brain may work at a slower rate and your body may lack energy. If you’re feeling up to it, try some yoga. You should avoid doing your typical strenuous workout until you’ve eaten again.

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