Ritual Protein Powder Review: Worth It? A Dietitian Examines

Ritual protein powder offers three specific plant-based protein powders: Daily Shake 18+, Daily Shake 50+ and Daily Shake Pregnancy & Postpartum to help support the nutrient we need the most during key life stages.

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Protein powder is a very popular supplement that is used to help build muscle, fill in nutritional gaps, repair tissue and even aid in weight loss. There are countless protein powder brands on the market, containing all kinds of ingredients. Some are safer and more beneficial than others, which is why it’s important to fully research a protein powder brand that you’re considering.

Ritual is a vitamin and supplement company that also offers a few different protein powders to their client base. They offer safe and clean products that are good for you. They tailor their products to your age and your nutritional needs. There is even a protein powder supplement for pregnant and postpartum women that’s part of their product line.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect protein powder to add to your daily routine, let’s take a closer look at Ritual protein powder.

Quick Summary of Ritual Protein Powder Review

Products:Ritual Protein Powder (Daily Shake 18+, Daily Shake 50+, Daily Shake Pregnancy & Postpartum)
Best for:Plant-based, clean, sugar-free protein powder to help support the nutrient demands depending on your age, pregnancy or postpartum life stages.
Key Ingredients:Organic pea protein, L-Methionine, Choline, Fermented Sugarcane (Reb-M)
Key Benefits:Helps build lean muscle, supports satiety, supports brain health, supports bone health
Price:From $40
Third party tested:
No artificial flavors:
GW Rating:4.7/5 ⭐
ritual protein powders summary review

An Overview of Ritual’s Protein Powders

ritual protein powder product

Ritual bases all of their vitamins and supplements off of very clean ingredients that they’re very transparent about. Rather than taking a very one-size-fits-all approach to protein powder, they have broken down their product line into different categories. You can find a powder for people 18 and over, people over 50 and women who are pregnant or postpartum. Their website is very easy to scroll, with products broken down into very specific categories. You can find out about what’s in a specific protein powder that you’re considering without having to do too much research of your own on the Ritual brand.

Ritual was created by Katrina Schneider when she was pregnant. She was discouraged by the types of prenatal vitamins that were available, so she set out to create her own product using safe ingredients. This business venture eventually branched out to include protein products. Every one of Ritual’s protein products have been made with extreme attention to detail, using only the healthiest ingredients possible. Ritual protein powders are completely free of fillers and artificial ingredients. You can even use their website to trace the manufacturer of each ingredient used.


  • This is one of the most transparent protein powder brands you’re going to find. Ritual isn’t trying to hide anything from their consumers.
  • A subscription service allows you to receive your products without having to worry about reordering all the time.
  • Protein powders of this quality are usually very expensive. Ritual is rather affordable.
  • All of the packaging that Ritual uses is made from recycled materials.
  • All of Ritual’s protein powders are plant based and free of all of the major allergens.


  • Most of their savings comes from adding on other products at the point of checkout and receiving a discount or using their subscription service. If you’re not interested in either of those options, expect to pay full price.

Ritual Daily Shake 18+ Protein Powder

ritual 18 plus daily protein powder

Most protein powder brands have a couple of products that are marketed towards everyone. Ritual breaks down their protein powder lineup into different categories so you’re receiving the nutrients that your body specifically needs at this point in your life. The 18+ protein powder contains ingredients that are designed in muscle growth and improve your workout.

Key Ingredients

Pea Protein

The base of Ritual protein powder is a plant-based pea protein that is organic and non-GMO. The growing process takes place in the U.S. with regenerative farming practices.


The subtle flavor of Ritual is thanks to vanilla bean that is sustainably harvested in Madagascar.


This essential amino acid builds bone strength and promotes brain health.


Choline is a nutrient that many people in the 18 to 50 age range are deficient in. It provides nervous system support, boosts liver function and improves memory and brain function.


There are 20 grams of plant-based protein in Ritual protein powder that is designed to stimulate muscle protein synthesis in the body. The goal is to build lean muscle mass. Choline is included to support brain health since there are approximately 88 percent of adults in the 19 to 50 age range that are deficient in this nutrient.

You’ll also feel fuller throughout the day, helping you lose weight if that’s your goal. Ritual protein powder also helps to support bone health.

Ritual Daily Shake 50+ Protein Powder

ritual protein powder daily 50 plus

Designed to help the 50 and over crowd develop and maintain lean muscle mass, Ritual’s Daily Shake for 50+ contains higher levels of calcium to maintain bone density. It’s a sugar-free formula that’s safe and convenient for daily use.

Key Ingredients

Ritual Daily Shake for 50+ contains the same pea protein base as the other Ritual varieties, but with high levels of Calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. This ingredient is beneficial for bone health, but it also reduces muscle loss and helps with muscle development.

Iron is included in Ritual protein powder for improved muscle growth, to help you feel full longer and for heart health.


When you reach the age of 50, your nutritional needs change. You’ll also find that your body responds to exercise differently. It may be harder to maintain your muscle mass, which is why Ritual has made this protein powder specifically with the 50+ crowd in mind. It’s designed to support your fitness journey while ensuring that you have all of the nutrients that you need at this point in life.

Ritual Daily Shake Pregnancy & Postpartum Protein Powder

ritual pregnancy postpartum protein powder

The Daily Shake for pregnancy and postpartum women is designed to provide the body with nutrients that are needed for pregnant mothers as they go through nine months of pregnancy, as well as postpartum women that are recovering and lactating. This protein powder is designed to keep your energy levels up while ensuring that you are consuming enough protein and nutrients. Any woman that’s been pregnant knows what a marathon pregnancy and the postpartum phase can be. This protein powder is the product you need to boost your endurance.

Key Ingredients

Choline has been added to this protein powder variety to help with the mother’s health, but Choline also helps to prevent neurological issues in a fetus.


Pure vanilla from Madagascar makes for a protein powder that’s easy on the palette. Pregnant women and women in the postpartum phase often have food aversions and are bothered by strong smells. This is a subtle flavor that is easy to tolerate.


L-Methionine is included in Ritual to provide a complete amino acid profile so the body can grow and function from the perspective of the body's tissues and organs.


Ritual Daily Shake for pregnancy and postpartum women contains 20 grams of plant-based protein to help meet nutritional demands. There are 250 milligrams of Choline included which is a key nutrient for fetal neurodevelopment. Ritual protein powder can also help you build more lean muscle mass and retain bone density.

Is Ritual’s Protein Powder 3rd Party Tested?

A lot of protein powders contain high amounts of lead. Ritual believes in the quality and transparency of their product, so they are third party tested to ensure their products are safe and nutritious. It’s a good idea to check with your doctor before starting any kind of supplement regimen, but Ritual is a very clean product that you can feel safe about using regularly.

ritual protein party third party tested

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase Ritual protein powders on their website at https://ritual.com/shop-protein. You can purchase single bags or subscribe to save money and make it easier for you to get your protein powder on a regular basis. A single bag of protein powder costs $40 regularly.

cost of ritual protein powder

Reviews of Ritual’s Protein Powders

One thing that’s missing from the Ritual website is customer reviews. I like to see what other people think after using the product. Fortunately, there are some reviews on the internet from people who have researched and tried Ritual. They are all very favorable.

Ritual has invested in university-led clinical trials for their women’s essential vitamin, and we know that their products are third-party tested. I believe that this is a brand that truly stands by the products that they put out.

ritual protein powder real customer reviews



If you don’t think that Ritual is a good protein brand for you, there are a number of other options that are worth looking into further. Let’s take a look at some brands I’ve researched, but you should feel free to come up with your own ideas. Just make sure that you’re taking the time to really consider what’s in the protein powder that you may consume.

ritual protein powder alternatives

1st Phorm Level-1

Phorm Level-1 is a whey-based blended protein powder that is digested and absorbed at a fast rate into your bloodstream. It also contains protein that will digest at a slower rate, providing you with fantastic results. It’s also low in calories, so it's a great option if you’re looking to lose weight.

Go to Level-1

1st Phorm Phormula-1

The base of Phormula-1 is a hydrolyzed whey protein powder. It will help you increase your muscle mass while also reducing the amount of time you spend recovering from your workouts. It’s ideal for people looking to build muscle in the gym on a regular basis.

Go to Phormula-1

High Impact Plant Protein

Another plant-based protein powder option, High Impact Plant Protein contains a unique blend of plant proteins, HMB, vitamin D3, chromium, chlorella and digestive enzymes. The unique ingredient combination is designed to help with muscle development and preserving muscle mass.

Vega Protein Powder

This no-prep protein powder helps you to increase your protein intake throughout the day in a convenient and healthy way. Vega’s protein comes from non-animal products, rather from nuts, beans, legumes and grains. Various flavors are available at affordable price points.

Worth It? A Dietitian's Real Recommendation

I love the Ritual brand because they’re so transparent with their products. It’s really hard to find a brand that isn’t trying to sugar coat the fillers and artificial ingredients that they’ve put into their products to reduce the manufacturing cost. Not only does Ritual list all of their ingredients on their website, but they are also third party tested to ensure quality. A great deal of research has gone into each of their ingredients. They are sourced reputably with the best potency possible.

When you’re consuming protein powder, you’re likely paying close attention to your health. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get in shape or get through the challenges of pregnancy, having enough protein in your diet is ideal. Ritual’s products are clean, and you can rest assured that you’re putting something into your body that’s beneficial. I absolutely believe in this brand and what they sell. If you’re looking for a protein powder supplement, Ritual is a great product line to try out.

ritual protein powder well worth it

Tips for Success from the RD

Selecting a protein powder can be a challenge. While I greatly recommend checking out Ritual, I want to share some other tips with you that can help you out when picking a product you can trust.

  • Think about the source of the protein in the powder. A plant based protein is very clean and safe. It’s also a great option if you’re vegan or vegetarian and would rather not consume something animal based like milk.
  • The less ingredients included in a protein powder, the better. Stay away from products that have a lot of unnecessary fillers. This is where the unhealthy aspect of protein supplements comes in.
  • The more protein that’s included per serving, the more you’re going to get for your money. If you have to put multiple scoops of protein into your shake each day, you’ll be refilling your product frequently. This can get costly.
  • Determine what your goals are. You may want to lose weight, consume more protein to live a healthy lifestyle or you may have gaps in your nutrition that need to be filled. The product that you choose should be geared towards your needs.
  • Protein powder can help you lose weight, but make sure that you’re not consuming something that’s too high in protein or empty calories.
  • Protein powder is a great way to build muscle, but make sure you’re combining it with a healthy exercise regimen.
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