It Works Slimming Gummies Review: Worth It? An RD Examines

It Works! Slimming Gummies contains three key ingredients that could help you lose weight and slim down: Morosil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Chicory Root Inulin. Does it work and is it worth it?

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Have you been dieting and exercising but can’t figure out why the pounds aren’t coming off? There are a lot of factors that can impact your weight loss. You might not be eating the right foods or doing the right exercises, but you may also have issues with your metabolism and hormones that are holding you back. There are changes you can make that will get you back on the right path. This can include certain nutrients and supplements, such as weight loss gummies. They’re a sweet treat, and most brands pack their gummies with beneficial ingredients that aid in weight loss.

In this article I want to talk about It Works! Slimming Gummies, as well as some alternatives that you can consider if you’re looking to speed up your weight loss journey. From dropping pounds to shrinking the size of your waist, you should be able to reach your goals in a much shorter amount of time with a product of this variety.

Quick Summary of It Works Slimming Gummies Review

Product:It Works! Slimming Gummies
Key Ingredients:Morosil Blood Orange Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, Chicory Root Inulin
Claimed BenefitsCould help with weight management and shrinking waist and hip circumference
Purchase Options:itworks.com + amazon (check amazon price)
Best Alternatives:Zuzili Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Lolly Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Essential Elements ACV Gummies
Avg. Rating:3.8/5 (Over 426 reviews at amazon)
GW Rating3.3/5

It Works! Slimming Gummies

Courtney D'Angelo

Brand Transparency
Quality of ingredients
Weight Loss Results in Timeframe


It Works! Slimming Gummies has three key ingredients: Morosil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Chicory Root Inulin that claim to help you slim down and lose weight.


Introducing It Works! Slimming Gummies

it works! slimming gummies product

Slimming Gummies from the It Works! brand is made from two main active ingredients; Apple cider vinegar and blood orange. These ingredients are designed to help your body break down fat at a faster rate, as well as release fat molecules through lipolysis. Chicory root inulin along with these two main ingredients can speed up your metabolic rate. Fat is burned off faster, leading to increased weight loss. It’s a great option if you have a little bit of extra fat on your body that you can’t seem to get rid of. Specifically, fat loss will occur in the areas of your stomach, hips and thighs. The pectin in It Works! Slimming Gummies will help you feel fuller for longer periods of time, leading to decreased caloric consumption.


  • Can be used to suppress your appetite, which provides you with more self-control when it comes to cravings and overeating
  • Helps speed up your metabolism so you burn more fat
  • Can reduce the size of your hips and waist
  • Doesn’t contain stimulants or caffeine
  • Can shrink your fat cells


  • Expensive, but a subscription service is available with a discount included
  • It Works! Slimming Gummies are only available in one flavor

Claimed Benefits

benefits slimming gummies

This best selling product from It Works! is marketed as a daily supplement that can improve your metabolism and promote a healthy lifestyle. Let’s review some of the other claimed benefits that you can take advantage of.

Could Shrink Waist and Hip Circumference

Two gummies per day on a routine basis can help you ditch those love handles and flabby stomach. If you find that you have a little bit of extra fat around your mid-section, clinically proven blood orange extract along with a dose of apple cider vinegar can help.

May Help You Lose Weight (Slim Down)

You can lower your body mass index with the use of It Works! Slimming Gummies thanks to the high-nutrient and high-fiber ingredients included in its composition. You can achieve this a few different ways. For starters, inulin will help you feel full for longer periods of time. You’ll be able to decrease the size of your meals as well as skip unnecessary snacking. You’ll burn more fat and calories when you exercise, and your body will make proper use of your nutrients without turning everything into fat.

Could Speed Up Your Metabolism

MOROSIL Blood Orange extract has been shown to increase metabolism, helping you slim down quickly. This extract also helps detox your liver, so there are added benefits beyond weight loss.

Key Ingredients Analysis

ingredients slimming gummies

There are only a few ingredients included in It Works! Slimming Gummies, though they are very potent and beneficial. Let’s look at them in greater detail.

MOROSIL Blood Orange Extract (200 mg)

MOROSIL is an all natural blood orange extract that can be used for a number of benefits, such as weight loss. It comes from the juice of the moro orange without any additional or artificial ingredients added. Slightly different from your typical Florida orange, blood oranges have a very deep red fruit on the inside of the peel. Oranges used for MOROSIL typically come from Mediterranean regions.

MOROSIL has a very high antioxidant composition. Antioxidants can decrease fat reserves in the body, helping you drop pounds. Since oranges are extremely high in vitamin C, you may also notice a slight immune boost from this product. Studies have suggested that blood orange extract can help with insulin sensitivity, helping your body maintain adequate levels of insulin throughout the day. MOROSIL also contains fiber and vitamins.

The key to using MOROSIL for weight loss is also following a healthy diet and incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Blood orange extract alone isn’t going to be a miracle cure for weight loss issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar (500 mg)

Apple cider vinegar is made using a fermentation process. Apples are first cut and then mixed together with yeast in order to turn their sugar into alcohol. Bacteria is added in order to initiate fermentation from alcohol into acetic acid. The process of making apple cider vinegar can take up to one month, though more streamlined processes have been used by manufacturers.

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is extremely beneficial, and can help with weight loss in the following ways:

  • Lowering blood sugar levels naturally by increasing the efficiency of your liver and muscles to use sugar from your blood.
  • Improving the conversion of insulin to glucagon, which promotes additional fat burning.
  • An increase in enzymes used by the body to burn fat and decrease fat production.
  • Suppressing appetite directly from the portion of your brain that controls your cravings and hunger.

Chicory Root Inulin

Chicory root inulin has a very high fiber content, which means that your body takes longer and more energy to break it down. Fiber also makes you feel like you’re full for longer periods of time. For someone trying to lose weight that has difficulty with feeling hungry all the time, this can be a very important ingredient to try out. Inulin also has the ability to promote better blood sugar balance in the body, reducing your caloric intake.

Safety and Side Effects

It Works! Slimming Gummies are extremely safe because of their natural composition. There have been very few side effects reported with its regular use. When taking a high dose, you may experience nausea or stomach upset. You should also be cautious with starting this product if you’re dealing with ongoing blood pressure issues, cardiovascular disease or renal conditions.

How Do You Take Slimming Gummies?

taking slimming gummies

It is recommended by the manufacturer of It Works! Slimming Gummies that you should take two gummies at once, on a daily basis. They can be taken with or without food.

Cost and Where to Buy

These Slimming Gummies are available on many different online retail sites as well as at the It Works! website (https://shopnow.itworks.com/). Check out other sites like Amazon if you’d like to source your product from somewhere other than the brand’s site.

Real It Works Slimming Gummies Reviews and Average Rating

reviews of it works slimming gummies

On Amazon, these Slimming Gummies have a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars. There are over 400 different reviews listed as well. Some people found that they achieved very impressive results with regular use of this product in just a few weeks. It appears that the most drastic results occurred in the way of reducing belly fat and shedding a few extra pounds overall. Some people did not notice a difference even with regular use.

Alternatives Compared to It Works! Slimming Gummies

You’re definitely not limited when it comes to options for dropping pounds with the use of slimming gummies. There are many different varieties to choose from. Here are some of the alternatives.

Zuzili Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

With 500 mg of apple cider vinegar and 2 mg of ginger dry extract, zuzili ACV gummies are probably the best alternative to It Works! Slimming gummies. Zuzili Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies have some very valuable benefits for those looking to slim down, such as:

  • Supports natural appetite suppression
  • Boosts natural weight management
  • Optimizes your metabolic rate
  • Can supercharge energy levels

They're also super delicious and they have a 4.9/5 star rating with over 180 reviews, not to mention, the price fits the bill at $25 per bottle for a one-time purchase, or $20 per bottle if you subscribe.

Go to Zuzili ACV Gummies

Lolly Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar gummies from Lolly provide you with a delicious supplement packed with nutrients that will help your body thrive while you’re trying to lose weight. Not only can you boost your metabolism with the use of this product, but you can also fill in any nutritional gaps that you might have with the diet you’re following. It’s low in calories, but it contains beneficial components from beetroot and carrot juice. They are vegan friendly, do not contain any GMO ingredients and made from plant-based ingredients that have a high nutritional content. Lolly also offers other products that can help you boost your immune system, decrease hunger and cravings and much more.

The only warning I have for this product, is that it's very pricey.

Go to Lolly ACV Gummies

Essential Elements ACV Gummies

ACV Gummies from Essential Elements are made with “The Mother’, which is a combination of cellulose and acetic acid bacteria that forms during the fermentation process. This product is also fortified with B complex vitamins, which can boost your energy levels naturally and help your body break down fat and carbohydrates.

This product has a pleasant red apple flavor, it is free of dairy, gluten, preservatives and soy. It’s vegan friendly and does not contain any GMO-based ingredients. Ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, iodine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid can boost your immune system, increase heart health and reduce oxidative tissue damage.

Go to Essential Elements

Goli Gummies

Goli is a popular supplement brand that sells an apple cider vinegar gummy that can help you lose weight. Vitamin B12 in Goli ACV gummies can boost your metabolism while your body will be able to more efficiently use the nutrients that you are consuming as part of your meals. B12 also helps the body convert nutrients into cellular energy more effectively. High levels of antioxidants, vitamin B9 and vitamin B12 will improve your heart health and immune function. When you feel good, you’ll want to eat healthier and workout more, leading to a more efficient weight loss process.

Go to Goli

The Bottom Line: Worth It?

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All of the weight loss gummies that we’ve talked about here are made from natural and safe ingredients. You can use them to boost your weight loss without having to worry about any dangerous side effects. Many weight loss medications and supplements can boost your energy and metabolism but using ingredients that make your heart rate and increase your anxiety. Any of these products, including It Works! Slimming Gummies, give your body that little boost that it needs to start burning more fat and dropping pounds.

I like the concept of Lolly Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies because of how natural and safe they are. They don’t contain a long list of ingredients, but they pack a lot of punch when it comes to potential weight loss. Most users find them very easy to tolerate and see great results.

Check price at amazon

Tips for Success from the RD

If you’ve been working on losing weight but are stuck with those last few pounds, there are some tips that I’m about to share with you that can help you get past that plateau. You don’t necessarily have to do anything drastic, but some minor changes can be very effective.

Watch Your Portion Sizes

You might be consuming very healthy foods each day, but your portion sizes really matter. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget about this factor. Stick to the serving sizes listed on the outside of a package of food, and don’t go back for seconds. Foods like a veggie-packed salad are healthy, but not if you’re eating a triple-sized portion or drowning it in salad dressing.

Drop the Carb Intake

Carbohydrates can really cause your weight loss to slow down. Many people find that cutting carbs can help them drop additional pounds even when they’ve been stalled for weeks. You need to consume some carbohydrates for energy and health, but make sure they’re coming from whole foods like sweet potatoes, vegetables or whole grains like whole wheat bread or brown rice.

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