Keto Cycle Diet Review: Is The KetoCycle App Worth It?

The Keto Cycle Diet App helps those who follow the keto lifestyle, with features such as data tracking, meal planning, fitness and nutritionist support.

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Let’s be honest. There are a lot of different diet plans out there. You’ve probably tried a number of them. From diets that restrict your calories to those that eliminate certain food groups, there are a lot of different methods you can consider if you’re looking to lose weight. Some diets are much more effective than others, and some are easier to follow for a more long-term basis. If you’re looking to not only lose weight but also keep it off, it’s really important that you find something you can utilize on an ongoing basis. While a crash diet may provide you with fast and effective results over the course of a few months, you’ll probably end up gaining that weight right back.

One diet that a lot of people have effectively used for long term weight loss is the keto diet. This is a low carbohydrate, high fat diet that is actually quite easy to follow once you learn the basics and get the hang of it. To make the process easier, there are certain programs and apps that you can use to keep you on track. I’m going to be talking about the Keto Cycle App in this article. It’s a great tool that helps you learn the basics of the keto lifestyle while helping you stay accountable and focused on your goals.

Overview of a Keto Diet

As I previously mentioned, a ketogenic (or keto) diet focuses on eating foods which contain minimal amounts of carbohydrates and higher amounts of fat. It’s very similar to the Atkins diet, which was popular many years ago. By reducing your carb intake and replacing it with healthy fats, your body will go into a ketogenic state. This is a metabolic state where your body will very efficiently burn fat to produce energy. This also allows for fat to be turned into ketones inside of the liver, which produces energy for your brain to function.

In addition to weight loss, the keto diet can also keep your blood sugar levels balanced as well as your insulin levels. Increased ketones in the body provides benefits such as better endurance and improved brain health.

Quick Summary Review of KetoCycle App

Product:KetoCycle Diet App
Key Features:Data tracking, keto academy, nutritionist, meal plans and more
Benefits:Could lose weight, improve health, increase energy levels
Free to download:Yes
Cost:2-Month Membership: $16.50 per month, 4-Month Membership: $11.50 per month, 6-Month Membership: $11 per month
Where to download:KetoCycle official website
Avg. Customer Rating:4.7/5
GW Rating:4.5/5

Keto Cycle Diet App

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The Keto Cycle Diet App helps people who want to live the keto lifestyle – to lose weight, get healthier and feel better about themselves inside and out.


What Is the KetoCycle Diet App?

keto cycle diet app product

The KetoCycle Diet App is used to help people throughout the process of following a keto lifestyle. From breaking down your macronutrients to ensuring you get enough calories and nutrients throughout the day; you can use this app to stay organized and on track. You’ll be able to learn what are acceptable foods and beverages as well as what you should avoid.

You are asked to complete a questionnaire when you get started with the KetoCycle Diet App. Your answers will help determine what plan you will follow moving forward. The goal is to prevent you from having to focus too much on your diet, which can slow down your progress or decrease your motivation. The app itself is very easy to navigate, and you’ll learn a lot from it.


  • Provides you with knowledge regarding a ketogenic diet and lifestyle
  • Allows you to choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian lifestyles
  • Physical activity is monitored
  • Takes existing health conditions into consideration
  • You get to choose a few different food items that you can’t live without


  • Upon completion of the initial survey, you may need to wait a day or two to receive your initial plan and course of action

Does The Keto Cycle Diet Work for Weight Loss?

weight loss keto cycle diet app

The keto diet itself is extremely effective when it comes to weight loss. Limiting foods that cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to spike can put you in an unstable state that prevents a proper fat burning process. It can also affect your mood, sleep cycle, endurance, etc. It has been scientifically proven that existing in a ketogenic state is good for your health and will help you drop pounds.

The KetoCycle Diet App provides you with a method of staying organized when you’re utilizing a keto diet for weight loss. Many people find it overwhelming to keep track of what they’re eating or what they should be eating. Macronutrient information can be nearly impossible to sort through on your own. This app on your smart device makes it really easy to stay focused and educated on what you should be doing to lose weight and feel good about yourself.

Claimed Benefits

The KetoCycle App claims to provide a number of benefits when being used as part of your diet plan. Here’s what’s available to you.

benefits ketocycle diet

Could Lose Weight with the Keto Diet

The Keto diet and lifestyle is a very effective way to lose weight and keep it off. This app allows you to create the body that makes you happy and helps you feel energetic, focused and healthy.

May Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness

The food that you put into your body each day will affect your overall health. The KetoCycle App allows you to take control of your health by selecting the foods that will nourish your body while dropping pounds.

Could Provide More Energy throughout Your Day

The KetoCycle Diet App allows you to do the things that you love with the people that you care about while still staying on track and seeing results.

Key Features in the App

This app provides some key features that makes it effective and sets it apart from its competitors. Let’s break down what’s included.

app features keto cycle

Shopping List

To make the process of grocery shopping easier when you’re on a diet, the KetoCycle Diet App helps you quickly compile a grocery list that you can utilize when you’re walking through the aisles at your local store. Your list will reflect the meals that you will be preparing throughout the week. The ingredients that will be listed on your shopping list are commonly found in most grocery stores so you’re not searching all over the place for a specialty item.

Data Tracker

You can use this app to track your health and progress all in one place. You don’t have to keep an eye on your meal planning in one place, reference macronutrients somewhere else and contact your support team elsewhere. This is a one-stop location for all of your keto diet needs.

Keto Academy

Keto Academy is a source of detailed, expert-crafted advice for keto beginners. Think of it as your centralized guide for all things weight loss.

Meal Planner

There are approximately 10,000 different recipes listed on the KetoCycle App. You can pick and choose the ones that you want to eat on any given week. You can utilize the same ones over and over if you’re a creature of habit or keep switching things up to stay interested in your diet plan.

Effective Workouts

An important complement to a great diet is exercise. This will help you burn faster and get your body into better shape. You can access a number of workout routines through the app. Variety is available to keep your body working hard and burning fat.

Nutritionist Support

If at any point you feel that you’re in need of assistance, you can get help and advice from a specialized team of keto experts right through the contact portion of your KetoCycle App.

How Much Does the KetoCycle App Cost?

pricing ketocycle diet app

Downloading the KetoCycle App is completely free, but you will then have to sign up for a plan that costs $11 on a monthly basis. KetoCycle sometimes reduces the cost of their programs by almost $10 off each month. If you need to purchase additional resources through the program, this will increase your cost as well. For example, there is a Keto dessert book that is about $10. You can also set up a nutritional consultation for approximately $30. A personalized workout plan can be accessed for $14.99. What you decide to spend will really determine how you’re going to use the KetoCycle Diet App to achieve your weight loss goals.

Here is the pricing membership plans you can choose from:

Pricing PlanPrice Per WeekPrice Per Month
2-Month Plan$3.80$16.50
4-Month Plan$2.65$11.50
6-Month Plan$2.54$11
ketocycle app pricing plans and costs

Real Keto Cycle App Reviews and Average Rating

There are a number of personal stories listed on the KetoCycle Diet App website that you can take a look at if you’re interested in learning more about how people have utilized this program to lose weight and keep it off. What I find most impressive is that this diet and app has been effective for people not just looking to lose weight, but to lose weight that has been gained by a health condition of some sort. For example, a woman that was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 18 was able to use the KetoCycle App to drop a substantial amount of weight in just four months.

before after review of keto cycle

Read all reviews here.

Alternatives Compared to Keto Cycle Diet App

There are similar apps and programs that you can use to accomplish your weight loss goals. The following are some alternatives compared to the Keto Cycle Diet App.


The Noom diet app can be downloaded onto your tablet or phone for access to the program. Noom is focused on logging your different meals and snacks so you can check in with your weight loss on a daily basis. You should also log your exercise activity. A virtual coach works with you throughout the process of the program to ensure that you’re focused and seeing results. This is also a way to stay motivated and accountable. You will be matched with other Noom users that are on the same path that you are.

Noom focuses on consuming foods that are low in calories but also takes a psychological approach to dieting. If you’re someone that is prone to overeating because of stress or you binge eat when you’re feeling emotional, you can use Noom to tackle your challenges. You have the ability to dictate how much weight you want to lose and Noom will provide you with guidance moving forward.

Visit Noom

G Plans

G-Plans is an interactive app that provides access to a specific nutrition plan that can be changed according to your body type and weight loss needs. It’s a very customized approach that takes your goals into consideration. G Plans is similar to hiring a personalized nutritionist to provide you with information on the different meal plans that you should be utilizing based on your metabolic body type. An initial quiz will help you get started with G Plans, determining what your metabolic type is and what foods are optimal for weight loss.

Learn more about G-plans and Noom.

Visit G-Plans

1st Phorm App

The 1st Phorm Fitness App can be used to lose weight, gain muscle and get help with your nutrition plan. It also provides you with a method of exercising more consistently and effectively. If you need a change from your mundane routine or you’re just not getting the results that you want, this is all in one fitness app for you. You can even join online challenges (with prizes) that keep you motivated.

Visit 1st Phorm App

Klinio Diet App

Klinio is used by people with diabetes that want to lose weight in order to manage their condition more effectively. This is a personalized and science-based solution for not only diabetes but also pre-diabetes. The process starts by taking a quiz that will outline how Klinio can help you. Klinio takes into account your dietary needs, your weight loss goals, your exercise routine and your health. You are paired with a virtual caregiver that will guide you through the journey to success.

To learn more, read our review of Klinio Diet App.

Visit Klinio App

The Bottom Line: Is the Keto Cycle App Worth It?

Since this is a completely free app to download, I would absolutely recommend downloading the KetoCycle Diet App and taking a look around at its design and features. If you’re happy with what could be accessed through the app, you can go ahead and sign up for a plan. I know personally that the keto diet can help you lose weight, keep your weight down and also help you feel really good. If you’re easily affected by spikes in sugar caused by carbohydrate consumption, you’ll probably love how you feel after you’ve gotten used to a keto diet. This app makes it really easy to stay focused and on track with your weight loss goals, meals, exercise, etc.

keto cycle diet worth it

Tips for Success from the RD

Are you looking for ways to boost your current weight loss plan? Here are some of my tips for success that can help keep you on track.

Be realistic with your goals

Too many people set the bar too high, which only results in disappointment. When you’re considering how much weight you want to lose, be practical. You’re not going to lose tens of pounds during the first month of your diet and exercise routine. It’s also common to lose a bunch of weight initially, and then the weight you lose will become smaller as time goes on. It’s important to realize that you can still lose weight long term, you just have to stay consistent. Don’t set goals that will only disappoint you.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Weight loss should be a process that benefits you over the course of your life. You don’t want to crash diet in preparation for a wedding or event that’s coming up. If you do want to look your best for something that’s approaching, give yourself plenty of time to see results. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself that will only lead to disappointment when you’re not reaching your unrealistic goals that have been set.

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