Microbe Formulas Review: Effective for Detoxing?

Microbe Formulas is a supplement brand that prides themselves on science-backed data for their guided detox protocols that get proven results.

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I sometimes feel like my clients quickly become overwhelmed with all of the different aspects of health and wellness that exist. As a registered dietitian, I often have to come up with individualized plans for people based on symptoms or issues that they’re having. Sometimes, I assist my clients with achieving a certain goal.

I have found that it’s extremely hard to address whole body health without some sort of assistance. By assistance, I mean with the help of supplements or dietary changes. Sometimes there’s just one or two specific nutrients or ingredients that can make a big difference in how somebody feels or how their body functions. There are other situations where it becomes necessary to supplement with full-profile multivitamins, herbal adaptogens, etc.

In this review I’m going to introduce you to a brand called Microbe Formulas. This company has been around since 2017. They sell products to support gut health and immune function, drainage, full-body health and more. Let’s take a closer look at the Microbe Formulas brand, in addition to some of their best-selling products.

Summarizing My Microbe Formulas Review

Supplement brand:Microbe Formulas
Best Sellers:Intestinal Mover, BioActive Carbon BioTox, Tudca Complete, Mimosa Pudica Seed, Formula 1
Detox Protocol:A 4-step holistic approach system designed to detox your body from toxins to improve gut health, lose weight and transform your health.
Pricing:Starting at $34.95 and ranging up to $999.95 for the complete foundational protocol.
Purchase at:Official website
Best alternatives:Chef V, Zuma Nutrition, Colon Broom, Primal Total Cleanse, Toxin Rid
Average Customer Rating:4.8/5 (Thousands of customer reviews)
GW Rating:4.4/5

Microbe Formulas

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Microbe Formulas is a supplement brand that prides themselves on science-backed data for their guided protocols that help many customers.


What Is Microbe Formulas?

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Back in 2017, two doctors joined together with the dream of starting their very own supplement company. Microbe Formulas strives to make supplements that are beneficial for all kinds of aspects of your health like gut balance, immune function, detoxes, cleanses and more. Some of their products will help remove unwanted pathogens from the body, while others are focused on reducing toxins that have built up over time. There’s quite a long list of supplements to choose from, with each one offering its own set of benefits.

Microbes Formula has a set of core values that focuses on loving oneself, to uplift and encourage others. Giving fully to those around you shows great excellence and integrity. By living in alignment with your inner voice, you become bigger than just yourself. This mind, body and spirit approach has led to the development of high quality, versatile and pure products that take healthy living to the next level.

Are These Products Safe?

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After doing a great deal of research on Microbe Formulas’ products and recommending them to many of my clients, I am very confident that this is a safe brand. All of their products contain very pure and safe ingredients, designed to provide specific benefits.

When it comes to detoxing and cleansing safety, Microbe Formulas is one of the best – they make all of their products with science-backed data.

I also like that Microbe Formulas is a very transparent brand. When you click on a specific product on their website, you’ll find that there is a great deal of information available for you to review. This isn’t generic content that is found for each product sold, rather there are frequently asked questions listed on the brand’s website, you can learn more about the key ingredients used for that product and there is even information on how to take that product. I encourage you to look around the Microbe Formulas website to find out more (https://microbeformulas.com).

Best Sellers

There are some top products that are sold through Microbe Formulas. I want to review the best sellers, so you have a place to get started with your search for high quality and beneficial supplements.

best sellers microbe formulas

Intestinal Mover

This drainage support product promotes gentle bowel relief and optimal digestive function by way of 12 different herbs and botanical ingredients, including BioActive Carbon. Very specific ratios have been used to increase the absorbance and efficacy of Intestinal Mover so it can increase the amount of water that’s absorbed into your stool to allow for more comfortable and regular movements. You should also see a change in how your body digests the food that you eat and experience less bouts of bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

BioActive Carbon BioTox

BioActive Carbon BioTox can be utilized on a regular basis to offer support for the body’s natural ability to detox itself by way of the gut. It also helps create a more diverse microbiome and boosts cellular, digestive and immune health. BioActive Carbon BioTox contains fulvic acids, humic acids, and polysaccharides to support cellular repair and detoxification. This supplement has a low pH level, so it isn’t prematurely broken down by the digestive system.

Tudca Complete

tudca complete microbe formulas

This is an all-in-one drainage and digestive support product that increases healthy bile production while also maintaining kidney and liver function. A blend of tauroursodeoxycholic acid, BioActive Carbon, N-acetyl cysteine and six different botanical ingredients including beetroot, marshmallow root, milk thistle, and parsley, Tudca Complete from Microbe Formulas is key for the body to perform its own detoxification.

Mimosa Pudica Seed

mimosa pudica seed microbe formulas

This product is made from the seed of the Mimosa pudica plant. While it only contains one ingredient, this product can be used to cleanse the body and support the gut quite effectively. Mimosa Pudica Seed is a fat-soluble ingredient that creates a gel-like substance when it combines with water. It will act as a very sticky material that will reduce intestinal buildup and detox accumulation as it makes its way through the body.

Formula 1

Formula 1 from Microbe Formulas contains various herbal ingredients that boost immune function and provide digestive support. Alma, clove, vidanga, neem and BioActive Carbon are just some of what’s included in this product. BioActive Carbon has been used thanks to its composition of fulvic acids, humic acids and polysaccharides that support cellular repair and the natural ability for our bodies to detox.

The Microbe Formulas Foundational Detox Protocol

The Foundational Protocol from Microbe Formulas is a four-phased holistic approach to supporting your body’s own ability to detox from toxins, parasites and other harmful intruders. It’s a bit of an involved and lengthy process, but this investment can really transform your health dramatically. Let’s break down this detox protocol.

detox protocol microbe formulas

Step 1: Energy and Drainage

There are four different products from Microbe Formulas that are used for step one of the Foundational Detox Protocol. This includes BioActive Carbon BioTox, Intestinal Mover, TUDCA Complete and BioActive Carbon Minerals. When used together according to the included instructions, this phase of the protocol can really help optimize your digestive process, so you experience healthy drainage and regular bowel movements. You also reap the benefits of increased cellular energy production. Increased energy is incredibly important when you’re trying to detoxify the body. With kidney and liver support, your body will be able to cleanse away the things that you don’t benefit from.

Step 2: Gut and Immune Support

The Gut and Immune Support phase of this protocol incorporates five different products. This includes BioActive Carbon Foundation, TUDCA Complete, Formula 1, Mimosa Pudica Seed and MitoRestore. By nurturing your gut microbiome, you’ll experience a healthier balance of beneficial bacteria that can help provide you with detox benefits while also supporting your body’s cellular energy production.

Step 3: Whole Body Immune Support

Whole body immune support is provided by step three of the Microbe Formulas Foundational Detox Protocol. Mimosa Pudica Seed, BioActive Carbon Foundation, Lymphatic Complete, Formula 2 and BioMolecular Oxygen are the products you will use a number of times per day to continue with ample drainage and detoxification, boosting your immunity and to promote systemic detox. By this point you should start to experience more energy and you’ll feel better overall.

Step 4: Systemic Detox

The Systemic Detox portion of this protocol is the fourth and final stage. There are four products included such as Lymphatic Complete, BioActive Carbon MetChem, BioActive Carbon Iodine and BioActive Carbon Minerals. By diving deeper into the detox process, there will be more support provided to the body’s natural ability to fight back against free radicals. This will also replenish deficient minerals and help you embrace wellness moving forward.

Pricing and Where to Purchase

You can find all of the Microbe Formulas products on their website, which is located at https://microbeformulas.com/. The price points vary depending on what product you’re looking at. It’s a little bit of an expensive product line in general, but you’re getting very unique and beneficial products from your investment. A product such as TUDCA Complete will cost you $89.95 for a one-time purchase. The entire detox protocol costs $999.95 at the time of writing this article.

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Customer Reviews and Product Ratings

Ratings and reviews are listed on the Microbe Formulas website. The rating varies based on the specific products outlined on the website, but they all tend to be around 4.5 stars to five stars out of five stars. Reviews are listed as well, with certain products having more feedback included than others. The Mimosa Pudica Seed supplement has well over 1,000 reviews, while something like the Formula 1 supplement only has 230+ reviews.


There are some other products, supplements and cleanses that you can use to achieve similar results to the Microbe Formulas lineup. Let’s take a look at some of my more affordable suggestions.

Chev V

Chef V, also known as Veronica Wheat, started out on the path to health and wellness by creating different fruit and vegetable drinks for her clients and friends. Eventually, her concept took off and became used for detoxes and cleanses. The green drinks that were once part of the Chef V meal delivery service have now become a beneficial source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. When consumed prior to a meal, they can increase your nutrient intake from the foods you’re eating.

Chef V now sells different raw juices, green drinks and cleanses that are all delivered fresh to your doorstep. These products have helped people lose weight, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes and so much more.

Learn More about Chef V

Visit Official Website

Zuma Nutrition

The Zuma Nutrition brand looks inward to achieve health and wellness in addition to beauty and youthfulness. They sell not only supplements containing organic ingredients, but they also offer topical beauty products. From oxygenation of your internal cells to increasing your collagen production, you can use Zuma Nutrition products to promote clear skin, a healthy gut, boosted immune system and so much more.

Zuma Nutrition utilizes a specific manufacturing process that focuses on nanotechnology, emulsified liposomal deliveries and a freeze-dried extraction process. Third-party testing is used to confirm the quality and purity of each of the Zuma products.

Learn more about Zuma Nutrition

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Colon Broom

A product from the Max Nutrition lineup, Colon Broom is a digestive support product that contains fiber from the psyllium husk seeds of the plantago ovata plant. This is a powder-based supplement that can easily be combined into any liquid you choose. With such a high fiber composition, you can use this product regularly to promote more regular bowel movements, balance your blood sugar levels, improve your mental health and detox from chemicals and built-up waste material.

Colon Broom is a gentle colon cleanse that can help get things moving more productively from a GI standpoint. By increasing the number of beneficial bacteria that is in your gut, you will see a transformation in not only how you feel but how you look as well.

Learn more about Colon Broom

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Primal Total Cleanse

Primal Harvest has created their Primal Total Cleanse, which is a capsule-based detox that contains different strains of probiotics and herbal extracts like fennel seed powder, aloe vera leaf powder, pumpkin seed powder, ginger, licorice, acai berry and goldenseal root just to name a few. This product is designed to support the healthy function nof your kidneys and colon along with your digestive system so it’s easier to remove toxins and waste from the body.

People have used Primal Total Cleanse to boost their metabolism, increase energy levels, increase the intake of antioxidants and reduce bouts of constipation and bloating. There are many other benefits that come from the use of this product.

Learn more about Primal Total Cleanse

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Conclusion: Should You Try Microbe Formulas?

I see Microbe Formulas as a very prestigious, high-quality supplement company that offers a lot of benefits to its clients and potential clients. If you’re looking to take better control of your health using very specific ingredients, then this would be a good brand for you to try out. I like their individual products that are designed to offer things like gut support, immune support and drainage assistance, but it’s also really nice to have access to such a diverse and versatile detox protocol. While it may be a bit expensive, there are people dealing with health issues that they want to treat naturally. The cost is well worth the investment if you think about how it can change your life for the better. You could use this product to recover after exposure to something very toxic, but it’s perfectly usable for someone that just wants to reset their body overall.

From my professional experience, I’ve found product brands like Microbe Formulas to be very positive and helpful. I’ve recommended these products to my clients and will continue to do so. I encourage you to read more about what they have to offer by visiting their website. You may not be willing to jump on board with their total cleanse protocol right away, but maybe try one of their other supplements to see what you achieve. You can incorporate other products into your routine as you see fit.

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