Is Morning Man Greens Any Good? A Dietitian Examines

Morning Man Greens was created for men, by men, and contains 70 superfoods, vitamins, extracts and 95mg of caffeine to help men start their day off strong.

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I honestly don’t know a single man that couldn’t benefit from an increase of greens in their diet. In fact, women are much more likely to consume fresh fruits and vegetables as part of their daily diet. Just under ten percent of adult males are getting enough fresh fruits and vegetables each day. If you fall into this category, then incorporating a greens drink into your routine may be the way to go.

I’ve been a registered dietitian for almost 10 years and many of my clients take greens powdered supplements, so I’m always excited to try another greens powder and review it.

This article is going to take a look at a greens powder that was designed specifically with men in mind. The Morning Man Greens supplement contains 70 superfoods, vitamins and extracts with a boost of caffeine. This is how real men start their day if they care about their health and wellbeing.

Quick Summary of Morning Man Greens Review

Product:Morning Man Greens
Best for:Men to start their day off right
Most powerful benefit:Energy throughout the day to fight fatigue
Best Alternatives:Primal Greens, Athletic Greens, Opti-Greens 50, Gundry MD Primal Plants
Where to Buy:Morning Man Greens' official website
Avg. Customer Rating:4.9/5
GW Rating:4.6/5

Morning Man Greens

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Morning Man Greens provides all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients a man needs to start his day with over 70 superfoods, vitamins, extracts and 95mg of caffeine.


What Are Morning Man Greens?

morning man greens for men

Morning Man Greens are designed to fill in nutritional gaps that exist in a man’s diet so he can feel energized and ready to take on the day. While there is a small jolt of caffeine in each serving, this product is packed with healthy nutrients, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes that provide sustained energy without a crash. Unlike other greens powders that don’t taste great, Morning Man Greens is formulated to be a delicious beverage that you’ll be happy to consume before you leave the house in the morning.

The proprietary superfood blend includes raw ingredients such as spirulina, alfalfa powder, barley leaf, wheatgrass, acerola juice, spinach, beets and so much more. The herbs and extracts component includes functional mushrooms and ingredients such as milk thistle, rosemary leaf extract, monk fruit and hawthorn berry. Last but not least, psyllium husk powder increases your fiber intake and lactobacillus plantarum boosts gut health and immune support.


  • Contains 95 milligrams of clean caffeine
  • Provides energy, stamina and strength
  • Includes probiotics, enzymes and greens
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Doesn’t cause a crash in energy
  • Vegan friendly


  • The included caffeine might not be something that you’re looking to incorporate into your greens powder

Claimed Benefits

If you’re wondering the benefits that can be unlocked with the ongoing use of Morning Man Greens, let’s take a look at what it offers.

holding morning man greens

Could Provide More Energy

When you’re addressing nutritional deficiencies that you may have, this can have a profound impact on how you feel overall. For example, a lack of B vitamins in your diet can really impact your energy. You may feel sluggish or fight falling asleep throughout the day. Morning Man Greens are packed full of B vitamins in addition to sourcing them from other places such as spinach, alfalfa powder and broccoli flower powder. You also get 95 milligrams of clean caffeine, which is just enough to perk you up without resulting in a crash later on in the day.

May Help Regulate Bowel Movements

Gut health is a big part of overall health, and Morning Man Greens has the potential to regulate your bowel movements thanks to increased fiber intake from psyllium husk powder and the addition of lactobacillus plantarum, a beneficial strain of bacteria that can help prevent constipation and promote more regular movements.

Created By Men, For Men

The unique thing about Morning Man Greens powder is that it was created by men, for men. These greens powders are usually made for both males and females, not really taking into account what either gender really needs from a supplement like this. Its flavor has taken into account all the men that would otherwise be turned off by this product if it wasn’t palatable. If you don’t love how it tastes, it can be mixed into a protein shake or smoothie.

Learn more about the benefits here.

Key Ingredients Breakdown

bag of morning man greens

Morning Man Greens has been formulated with more than 75 vitamins, minerals, superfoods and extracts. It contains 43 condensed superfoods. As a registered dietitian, I’m always excited about analyzing ingredients in greens supplements. Let’s take a look at a breakdown of this product so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Proprietary Raw Superfood Blend

The raw superfood blend in Morning Man Greens speaks for itself. The list of what you get in each serving is impressive. One scoop includes nutrients that come from real and raw ingredients such as

  • Spirulina
  • Organic Alfalfa
  • Organic Barley Leaf
  • Organic Wheat Grass
  • Green Tea
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Organic Chlorella
  • Acerola Fruit
  • Apple
  • Broccoli
  • Mango
  • Pineapple Fruit Concentrate
  • Carrot Root
  • Spinach Leaf
  • Kelp plant
  • Blueberry Juice

Herbs, Extracts and Mushroom Complex

If the raw food ingredients in this product weren’t enough to persuade you, Morning Man Greens also features a number of herbs, extract and mushrooms such as:

  • Citrus bioflavonoids
  • Artichoke leaf
  • Citric acid
  • Rhodiola root
  • Milk thistle
  • Ashwagandha root
  • Holy Basil Leaf
  • Hawthorn berry
  • Reishi mushroom powder
  • Shiitake mushroom powder
  • Monk Fruit

Many of these ingredients are adaptogens, which can boost your body’s natural ability to deal with stress, fight back against free radical damage and promote better quality sleep at night so you feel refreshed in the morning.

Prebiotics, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

To keep your GI system regular and healthy, Morning Man has added prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes into their product. Psyllium husk fiber has also been added to increase your soluble fiber intake, which alleviates diarrhea, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Other ingredients include:

  • Bromelain
  • Burdock root powder
  • Lactobacillus plantarum

Natural Caffeine (95mg)

Ninety-five milligrams of caffeine have been included in each serving of Morning Man Greens. This is the same amount of caffeine that you would get from a single cup of coffee in the morning. However, this is a much healthier option for a morning beverage. The nutrients you’re also consuming will result in sustained energy, so you don’t notice the caffeine starting to wear off in a few hours.

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How Does It (Honestly) Taste?

bearded man with morning man greens

Morning Man Greens has really great reviews when it comes to the taste of the product. There are some greens powders out there that are really good for you, but they tend to be less than palatable. Morning Man has an earthy and sweet flavor that is tasty on its own. It dissolves really easily into a glass of water or whatever else you’re mixing it into.

When Should You Drink Your Greens: Morning or Night?

morning man greens product

Because of the caffeine content in Morning Man Greens, I would recommend drinking it first thing in the morning. Otherwise, you might be up all night. Most people who reviewed this product on the Morning Man website noted an increase in energy when they started using it daily. Why not take advantage of that energy by starting your day off with a scoop of Morning Man?

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase Morning Man Greens by visiting https://morningman.com/. The current cost of the product is $99 for one bag, but at the time of publication, the product was marked down to $89. This equates to $2.96 per serving and is about a 30-day supply. It is a bit expensive of a product, but can you really invest too much money into your health? If you’re trying to save a little money, you can buy multiple bags to get a discount and to obtain free shipping. There is a 365-day money back guarantee.

bag of morning man greens product

Real Men Provide Morning Man Greens Reviews

The results and reviews speak for themselves. If you’re on the fence about investing in a bag of Morning Man Greens to try, it’s a good idea to look through some of them before making a purchase. Morning Man has quite a cult following. They take a very different approach to marketing that is enticing to their demographic of men. You’ll surely get a laugh from some of the reviews on the website. Aside from that, people think Morning Man Greens tastes great and provides them with healthy energy each day. It’s part of many men’s morning routines, packing their day full of healthy nutrients.

Read all reviews from real men here.

Alternatives Compared to Morning Man Greens

tough man with morning man greens

I’ve covered a few different greens powder brands in my reviews, so I’m pretty familiar with this type of product. Here are some of the alternatives compared to Morning Man Greens.

Primal Greens

There are four different parts to the Primal Greens supplement. This superfood mixture blends easily into water, juice, milk, tea, coffee, smoothies, etc. With each serving you get a full panel of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. Primal Harvest is the brand that creates Primal Greens, and they are very reputable. There’s a lot to consider from their product line if you’re looking for other supplement options. They offer high quality collagen supplements, omega 3s and multivitamins.

Primal Greens is geared towards the male and female adult market, providing a healthy supplement that can help you achieve optimal health without the use of prescription medication or other pharmaceutical products. Each serving contains a superfood complex, antioxidant and mushroom blend, herbs / extracts and probiotics (3.5 billion CFUs).

Shop Primal Greens

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is similar to Primal Greens, and is another greens powder that mixes into a variety of liquids. Each serving contains 75 different healthy ingredients into your morning (or any time of day) beverage. It’s perfect for filling in any nutritional gaps that you have in your diet. This is also a product that has four different parts. This includes an alkaline, nutrient-dense superfood complex, herbs / antioxidants, digestive enzymes with super mushrooms and dairy-free probiotics.

Athletic Greens is a very popular brand that was created by Chris Ashenden. Ashenden spent a large portion of his life dealing with a whole host of gut issues. His concept for Athletic Greens was to nourish the body with a variety of nutrients that are needed in order for optimal function. This product has been formulated in a way that helps the body digest and utilize all of the ingredients efficiently.

Shop Athletic Greens

Opti-Greens 50

Opti-Greens 50 is a greens powder that is designed to promote better health of your gut by way of 50 various alkalizing ingredients. By creating a more diverse microbiome, you can promote healing and optimal health. You’ll reap the benefits of added nutrients in your diet, but you should also experience better gut health like less bloating and gas with more regular bowel movements.

All of the fruits, greens and grasses in Opti-Greens 50 are processed using a low-temperature system that preserves the nutrients. Also added to the mix are probiotics, digestive enzymes and other superfoods. The probiotics help with gut health, but they also improve the digestion of the grasses and cruciferous ingredients that are a serving of Opti-Greens 50. Over one billion CFUs of bacteria are in each serving, from 10 different strains.

Shop Opti-Greens 50

Gundry MD Primal Plants

Gundry MD Primal Plants is a quick dissolving greens product that contains 25 different nutrient and polyphenol-rich superfoods like kale, cinnamon bark, bitter melon, broccoli, pectin and green tea extract. Also included are cutting-edge digestive and metabolic support blends. This product from Gundry MD is designed to promote better digestion while increasing your energy levels. You may also experience healthier and more youthful skin. It has a very pleasant natural green apple flavor that mixes well into any liquid you choose.

Shop Gundry MD Primal Plants

The Bottom Line

Greens powders and other similar supplements are a great addition to any morning routine. This is a much different product than a multivitamin that you simply swallow each morning when you wake up. You really feel like you’re consuming a large variety of different fruits, vegetables and other beneficial ingredients that will help your body thrive. Morning Man Greens is a product to consider if you’re a man that’s looking for a product designed with the male body in mind. It’s a little on the pricey side, but you’re getting high quality ingredients with each serving.

morning man greens and mason jar

Tips for Success from the RD

I have some tips to share with you if you’re looking to incorporate more nutrients into your diet by way of food and not supplements.

  • Don’t discount frozen produce. A lot of companies use a flash-freezing process that locks in a lot of the original nutrients. You can heat frozen vegetables up to go with a meal, and frozen fruit is really great if you’re making a smoothie.
  • Take a look around the produce section at your grocery store and see what you might be able to add into your diet. Are you missing some healthy greens? Work some salads or sautéed spinach into your weekly meal plan. Carrots are a great vegetable that will fill you up. They’re also packed full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables first. If you’re not a big fan of them, simply get them over with before you start your main meal. That way, you can enjoy your food without having to worry about getting your produce quota in later on in the meal.
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