Review of ONNIT Total Gut Health: Is It Worth It? A Dietitian Answers!

ONNIT Total Gut Health helps you optimize your gut health, providing digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics and betaine HCI.

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I can probably speak for all dietitians when I say that a day doesn't go by without someone asking my opinion on ONNIT Total Gut Health. I'll admit that I'm excited that people are finally beginning to understand the holistic connection between gut health and overall health. Bad gut biome symptoms drag you down with low energy, heartburn, constant sickness, a suppressed immune system, constipation, bizarre food cravings, skin rashes, brain fog and much more.

Does that mean I think ONNIT hits the mark with this supplement? ONNIT Total Gut Health makes some big promises about optimizing your health by transforming your gut. Here's what the company claims its Total Gut Health product can do:

  • Helps to break down food and absorb nutrients.
  • Aids in immune-system support.
  • Helps to promote healthy gut flora.
  • Assists with the digestion of major macronutrients.

I think the best way to really understand how ONNIT's product for gut health works is to dive into the ingredients. I also want to talk a bit about why these types of supplements are even necessary. Finally, I'll give you my dietician's take on whether or not I think this product is worth your time and money, much like I did when I detailed a review of ONNIT Total Human.

Why Consider a Probiotic Supplement to Help Your Gut Microbiome?

It's very easy for the gut to get out of balance. One thing that very few people are told is that the simple act of taking antibiotics can have severe negative effects on the microbiota. I've dealt with many clients who suffered with unbalanced guts for years after taking antibiotics because they weren't aware that antibiotics are considered gut disruptors. Antibiotic use without proper probiotic supplementation can lead to reduced species diversity, altered metabolic activity and the selection of antibiotic-resistant organisms. This can result in everything from digestive discomfort to infections. It's actually recommend that you take a probiotic before, during and after completing a cycle of antibiotics for this reason.

woman working out with healthy gut microbiome

The other common cause of an overgrowth of bad gut bacteria is diet. Sugary and fried foods allow bad bacteria to grow wild in the gut. Stress and depression can also increase gut barrier permeability.

I suppose I should back up to explain exactly what probiotics do in the body. Probiotics contain the good live bacteria found naturally in your body. Your gut is in a constant balancing act consisting of good and bad bacteria vying for power. Having the perfect balance promotes optimal health.

Probiotics ensure that bad bacteria won’t overtake good bacteria. Maintaining the right levels of good bacteria helps to promote immune function while also controlling inflammation. Good bacteria are responsible for:

  • Healthy digestion.
  • Stopping bad bacteria from making you sick.
  • Supporting cells that line the gut to prevent bad bacteria from entering your blood.
  • Breaking down and absorbing medications.

Probiotics are helpful for everyday health and vitality. They can also be essential for preventing certain disease and health conditions like autoimmune disorders and thyroid issues. Probiotic use can potentially protect you from diarrhea, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, heartburn, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, gum disease, lactose intolerance, eczema, upper respiratory infections and sepsis.

πŸ€” Not sure you have a healthy gut microbiome? There are a number of great brands that allow you to test your gut health from home. Be sure to check out our best at-home gut microbiome tests to get started in that process.

Quick Summary of ONNIT Total Gut Health Review

Product:Total Gut Health
Founder:Aubrey Marcus (linkedin profile)
Product Best For:Optimize your gut health with digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics and betaine HCI
Price:$75.90 for 1x purchase or $64.52 if you subscribe
Subscription option:βœ”
Major Claimed Benefits:Promotes healthy gut flora, helps break down food and absorb nutrients, strengthens immune system, assists with digestion of macronutrients
Keto Friendly:βœ”
Servings Per Container:15
Avg. User Rating:4.5/5 ⭐ (150+ reviews)
GW Rating:4.7/5 ⭐
onnit total gut health reviews summary

What Is ONNIT Total Gut Health?

This brings us to ONNIT Total Gut Health. This product contains digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics and betaine HCI. It is also a keto-friendly, vegan product that's free of dairy, soy and caffeine.

onnit total gut health supplement

I want to briefly go over what the ingredients of ONNIT Total Gut Health look like. First, I love that this regimen blends prebiotics and probiotics because they work synergistically. While probiotics help you to grow new healthy gut bacteria, prebiotics stimulate the growth of the good bacteria you already have. Take a look:

  • Probiotic Blend: ONNIT Total Gut Health actually has five different bacteria types (Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium lactis).
  • Prebiotic Blend: Organic Jerusalem artichoke root extract (900 milligrams) and organic dandelion root (600 milligrams).
  • Betaine HCl: Increases stomach acid for better food absorption.
  • Saccharomyces Boulardii: This is a yeast that helps to keep bad bacteria growth in check.

The full ONNIT Total Gut Health ingredient list contains things like pepsin, organic fennel seed, enzymes and various trace minerals. I don't want to bore you by going line by to line to explain what things like beta glucanase, protease and lactase do. However, I will say that I'm really impressed with the way this product is put together to support the digestive system.

Side Effects of ONNIT Total Gut Health

ONNIT Total Gut Health doesn't have any side effects that I'm aware of. I'll give a warning that taking any probiotic can cause some bloating and gas while your gut adjusts to the influx of new healthy bacteria. I also want to comment on the fact that it's important to maintain a healthy diet when introducing a probiotic supplement like ONNIT Total Gut Health into your lifestyle.

Eating unhealthy foods while taking ONNIT Total Gut Health can actually counteract the products benefits. This includes things like sugar, alcohol, corn oil, artificial sweeteners and cured meats. You could also experience exacerbated bloating and gas if you combine this supplement with a sugary, greasy diet.

onnit total gut health side effects

Dosage and Suggested Use

If you're familiar with ONNIT products, you probably already know that this company has its own way of doing dosages. Taking this probiotic supplement isn't as simple as popping a pill every day. There's actually a system here.

Your Onnit Total Gut Health kit is going to come with 15 packets with seven capsules in each packet. I don't really need to go into this too deeply because ONNIT provides instructions on how to take this supplement for you to read when it arrives at your house. ONNIT recommends taking one packet with your largest meal each day for best results.

grabbing onnit total gut health dosage

Verdict on Claimed Benefits

Does Onnit Total Gut Health really work? I can't tell you how this product is going to interact with your specific gut flora. All I can say is that the ingredients are definitely there for providing what's needed to promote the growth of healthy bacteria for a healthier gut that can benefit everything from your immune system to your brain.

I like the mix of different bacteria types I see. I also like that ONNIT appears to understand the importance of using the right combinations of enzymes and trace minerals to actually help new healthy bacteria to proliferate. There aren't any red flags sticking out at me in terms of the ingredients I see. I also think that the “promises” made by ONNIT as far as helping to break down food, aid in immune-system support, promote healthy gut flora and assist with the digestion of major macronutrients are all very consistent with what I'm seeing when looking at what's contained in the formula.

I think that ONNIT Total Gut Health can definitely play a role in healing your gut if you have symptoms of something being off with your microbiome. However, I don't think this is only a product for the desperate. The way this supplement helps your body to absorb micronutrients more effectively means that it has the potential to make the healthy eating choices you're already making do more for your body.

onnit total gut health benefits explained

Cost and Where to Buy

How do you actually get your hands on ONNIT Total Gut Health? You have a few different options. ONNIT products are sold at various vitamin shops and health stores. ONNIT also has an Amazon store where you can purchase ONNIT products like ONNIT Total Gut Health through Amazon. You can also purchase directly from ONNIT's website.

Next, I'll break down the cost of ONNIT Total Gut Health. You can choose to purchase this product in 15-pack or 30-pack varieties. The cost for the 15-pack option is $28.46. The 30-pack option is $56.93. Keep in mind that these are the prices I was dealing with when recently shopping for ONNIT Total Gut Health. I can't guarantee that you'll see the same price. You may actually be lucky enough to catch one of the deals that ONNIT seems to offer pretty frequently to get a percentage off if you do decide to try ONNIT Total Gut Health.

cost total gut health buy onnit website

Trust Ratings and Customer Reviews

This is one of the most popular products offered by ONNIT. In fact, it's pretty hard to find any bad reviews for ONNIT Total Gut Health. The key points that people really seem to like about this product are:

  • It doesn't taste bad.
  • It's easy to take.
  • It doesn't cause upset stomach.

As one of the larger supplement brands, ONNIT is able to deliver consistency and quality control. This is so important when it comes to a product that contains very sensitive ingredients. I think that going with a company with such a highly respected reputation can be important when it comes to something like gut health because trying experimental things can really be dangerous.

customer review of onnit total gut health - 5 star
5 star customer review - onnit total gut healh

Worth It? Final Verdict!

Do I think ONNIT Total Gut Health is worth it? First, I really think that a probiotic can be essential for getting your health on track if you feel like something is holding you back from having the energy and mental clarity needed to feel your best. ONNIT Total Gut Health is a really great place to start if you're looking for an easy, highly tolerable probiotic formula that is capable of doing what it claims to do.

You can probably find single-pill probiotics on the shelf of your grocery store for much less money. However, I'd be concerned over the fact that those products may not do much for actually providing the right combination of probiotics, prebiotics and other ingredients to truly make a difference. ONNIT products do typically come with a premium. While ONNIT Total Gut Health is no different, I think the investment is more than fair for getting your gut in balance.

onnit total gut health worth it dietitian

Tips for Success from Our RD

Any supplement is only as good as what you do with it! If you're considering ONNIT Total Gut Health, I highly encourage you to make this product part of a bigger gut-smart plan. Try to avoid sugary foods, fried foods, excessive carbs and alcohol while using Total Gut Health to restore bacteria balance. You can potentially undo the benefits if you're eating foods that don't give good bacteria a fighting chance.

While this supplement can be powerful, I do also recommend remembering to eat some foods that have natural probiotic qualities. The easiest way to do this is to simply have some yogurt. Kefir, soft cheeses, sauerkraut, kombucha and miso soup are all easy options for fitting probiotic foods into your diet.

This is also a good time for me to say that the easiest way to maintain a healthy gut microbiome is through a varied, natural diet full of things like leafy greens, healthy dairy and lean meats. Avoiding processed foods is one of the best ways to maintain perfect levels of good bacteria. However, we can all use a little help from time to time!

Lastly, I want to remind you to look over the list of ingredients carefully when you're ready to take ONNIT Total Gut Health. This is something I recommend when taking any supplement. You want to make sure that you don't have allergies to any of the ingredient on the list. If you're taking any medications, it's always wise to talk to your doctor about the potential for any interactions with medications before you rip open that first ONNIT Total Gut Health packet. Were you thinking of trying a probiotic? There's no reason why ONNIT Total Gut Health shouldn't be on your list of finalists!

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