ONNIT Total Human Review: A Dietician Examines Ingredients, Safety And Benefits

Onnit Total Human targets your overall wellness and human optimization, combining all of their best-selling supplements into a day and night pack so you can get promising results.

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Welcome to my ONNIT Total Human review article, where I show you the onnit total human day pack and night supplement pack, plus whether or not they are safe and effective.

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Product:ONNIT Total Human®
Founder:Aubrey Marcus, CEO
Year Founded:2010
Parent Organization:Unilever, United States
Headquarters location:Austin, TX
Supports Wellness:
Supports Sleep:
Supports Focus:
Avg. User Rating:4.6/5 ⭐ (1,000+ reviews)
GoWellness Rating:4.5/5 ⭐ (Critic rating)
quick review summary for Total Human®

What Is Onnit Total Human?

We all want whole-body, whole-person wellness. That's why Onnit Total Human is so appealing. As a registered dietician, I get asked about this popular product all the time. People want to know if this vitamin regimen can really offer “total supplementation” that takes the place of their current daily vitamins. There's no way to give an honest review of Onnit Total Human without simply diving into the ingredients to vet their efficacy and safety.

box of total human by onnit supplements for wellness
Optimize your life with TOTAL HUMAN

I just want to talk about what makes Total Human different from other supplements before I begin dissecting the ingredients. Onnit brings together compounds that are carefully clustered to help target specific systems in your body. Unlike a standard multivitamin, this supplement actually groups specific ingredients to help support the brain, bones, joints muscles and more instead of just “checking boxes” on daily values. It's also formulated to support “vitality” by “feeding” the body's need for energy, mood and well-being. You're actually getting the power of seven different popular supplements from the Onnit brand in this system. Do note that this is a system instead of a daily vitamin.

power from onnit total human
If you live an active lifestyle, then you know what it feels like to be powerful in the moment during your workouts. Total Human helps with that.

Total Human does something interesting by splitting your “vitamin” doses into day and night packs. The thought process behind this is that the body needs different vitamins and minerals based on the time of day. The system is all about optimizing your body's natural flow to create the peaks and valleys of energy needed for both daytime alertness and the evening slowdown. I think this can change the way we all look at vitamins even if we don't ultimately settle on this option!

As a dietician, I've seen the way that so many of us are failing to regulate our bodies properly based on the natural sleep-awake cycle that actually dictates so much of how we perform, feel and function. There's an emphasis on respecting the body's needs based on that natural 24-hour cycle within this supplement system that I think is missing from nearly every other supplement system I've seen out there. However, anyone considering using Total Human should still dive in to consider how the ingredients will fit their needs before signing up for a subscription. Next, let's see exactly how the ingredients packed into Total Human rank in terms of providing the support and fuel the body needs.

Total Human Day Pack

This is the “daytime vitamin” component. It's designed to fuel mind and body for better focus, energy and performance. Ideally, you'll be popping this every morning to get revved up for work, workouts or everyday life. It's hard to give a complete overview of all of the ingredients packed into the Day Pack because it actually encompasses four different products.

onnit total human day pack supplements

Included Products With Day Pack:

  • Alpha Brain
  • Shroom Tech SPORT
  • Stron BONE
  • Total Human B Complex
alpha BRAIN, Shroom Tech SPORT, Stron BONE, Total Human B Complex (day pack)
These are the images of the individual supplements that make up the day pack. Included in the day pack are Alpha BRAIN, Shroom Tech SPORT, Stron BONE, and Total Human B Complex.

Yes, you're getting Alpha BRAIN, Shroom Tech SPORT, Stron BONE and Total Human B Complex in every serving. While I can't cover every ingredient, I do want to sprinkle in some thoughts on the ingredients that really got my attention because they're often overlooked by other vitamin manufacturers striving to offer complete products even though they are so important!

ingredients of day pack - total human


Vitamin E (as D-alpha-Tocopherol): 22 mg (33.3 IU)

While vitamin E is found naturally in many foods, most people still don't get enough of it through diet alone. That's why it's such a popular supplement. Vitamin E is thought to promote healthy skin, reduce inflammation, help with wound healing, improve cognition and potentially help to prevent certain cancers. It's even used to treat heart disease.

Vitamin K2 (as Menatetrenone): 30 mcg

K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for strong bones because of the way it helps the body to utilize calcium. In addition, it helps to promote everything from heart health to sharper brain function. Vitamin K2 also helps to support the immune system. There's even some chatter that it might aid in cancer prevention.

Copper (as Copper Bisglycinate Chelate): 667 mcg

We actually need copper to properly utilize iron. In addition, copper is essential for generating the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that fuels the body! We also know that copper plays a key role in protecting our DNA from oxidative damage. There's also some vanity to supplementing with copper. It helps to promote healthy skin, stronger hair and collagen production.

Manganese (as Manganese Bisglycinate Chelate): 667 mg

The big job of manganese is to help the body utilize essential vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin C and choline. Manganese also helps with mental sharpness, liver function and immune response. It may also help to protect against disease with help from its supercharged antioxidant properties.

Potassium (as Citrate): 26 mg

Potassium helps to regulate fluid balance in the body. It's also important for regulating heart rate. It even supports healthy muscle and nerve contractions for peak physical performance.

pros cons total human daily pack


  • You're getting four products in one.
  • Support for brain, bones, tissue, cardiovascular endurance and more.
  • Designed to support cellular activity.
  • A good balance of vitamins focused on both short-term performance and long-term disease prevention.
  • Lots of support for muscles and nerves. This is sometimes overlooked by common vitamins.
  • It combines vitamins that cost a lot on their own into one format.


  • It's possible that some of the specific vitamins and minerals added may not be necessary for you if you're already getting them naturally through diet.
  • Sensitivity to one ingredient could make the entire system a bad fit for you. For instance, someone who can't tolerate krill oil may not benefit from the Day Pack.
  • This system is a little pricey. I'll get into that more with my pros and cons for the Night Pack!

Total Human Night Pack

onnit total human night pack supplements

The Total Human Night Pack ensures that you don't let the sun set on getting optimal supplementation for the twilight hours! The Night Pack is all about recovery. In addition to nourishing your body with the raw materials needed to awaken recharged in the morning, this formulation actually helps you to feel restful when you should be resting. Let's take a look at the ingredients that make this after-dark supplement cocktail so special!

Included Products With Night Pack:

  • New MOOD
  • VIRUTech
  • Key Minerals
onnit total human night pack supplements
New MOOD, VIRUTech, Key Minerals are what's included with the night pack.
night pack - total human


Vitamin D (as D3 Cholecalfierol): 12.5 mcg (500 IU)

What can't vitamin D do? Unfortunately, many people are deficient in vitamin D without knowing it. In addition to promoting healthy bones and teeth, vitamin D also helps to boost brain function, immune function and the nervous system. It can also help to regulate sleep. There's even emerging evidence that vitamin D aids in cancer prevention.

Niacin (as Inositol Hexanicotinate): 15mg NE

Niacin's big ticket to fame in the medical community is that it has the potential to help lower cholesterol levels. In fact, it's commonly prescribed to help increase the “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol while reducing the “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol from the bloodstream. We also know that it's essential for brain function.

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI): 10mg

Vitamin B6 is one of those powerhouses now finally getting attention! First, B6 is vital for brain development, the nervous system and the immune system. There's also evidence to suggest that B6 may help to improve cognitive abilities to the point that it can actually help to prevent Alzheimer's disease. B6 may also have antidepressant properties.

Magnesium (as Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate): 20 mg

Magnesium is a big one for fighting inflammation. It can also help to prevent muscle pain and cramping. Magnesium actually supports more than 300 functions within the body! In addition to helping with everything from brain function to muscle health, magnesium may also help to improve mood.

pros and cons total human night pack


  • Night Pack packs a big punch by bringing together the heavy hitters as far as supporting brain health.
  • Many of the vitamins and minerals in this pack offer benefits for long-term cognitive function.
  • I like the use of muscle-building vitamins to help with recovery while you rest.


  • I'm just slightly concerned about interaction potential with some of the ingredients listed. For instance, niacin can interact negatively with certain medications. Just make sure you're checking the ingredient list against any medications you're using to ensure that no contraindications are in play.
  • You may already be getting the full amounts needed of some of the vitamins in the Night Pack based on your diet.
  • Price! I promised I'd cover the price when I got to my pros and cons for Onnit Night Pack. This system costs around $137 a month. While that might make your jaw drop, I can say based on my experience of putting together custom supplement plans for my clients that it would basically be impossible to bring all of these ingredients together in one place on your own for any less. What's more, trying to recreate this on your own will be difficult to do because you won't be able to optimize dosages for individual vitamins and minerals the way that Onnit does for its formulas.

Both Packs For Your Wellness Foundation

Both Packs from The Total Human are designed to lay the foundation for healthy supplementation daily. The main purpose is to make sure you're at your very best, whether you have a big presentation at work or you want to optimize your wellness for better sleep, performance and peace of mind.

both total human packs

Here are the products used to support general wellnesss:

  • Shroom Tech IMMUNE
  • Krill Oil
  • Spirulina & Chlorella
supplements for wellness both total human packs
Shroom Tech IMMUNE, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella are the general wellness products in both packs.

Verdict on Claimed Benefits

It's easy to say that Onnit Total Human lives up to its promises because the company doesn't make any crazy claims about this product. This isn't being peddled as a “miracle pill” to make you a superhuman specimen. It only promises to serve your needs as a total human by providing a careful formulation that nourishes all of your body's systems. While I can't tell you that Total Human is going to make you healthier, happier, better at working out or better at your job, I can tell you that all of the right ingredients are lined up to help your body operate optimally.

onnit total human benefits

I also have to share that taking Total Human can't be your “only plan” for living better. Like any supplement, this system is designed to enhance the efforts you're making for diet, exercise and proper sleep. You can't expect this system alone to give you the power to perform like a professional athlete if you're not eating a balanced diet that allows you to take in vitamins and minerals naturally.

benefits of total human

I can definitely see how this combination of ingredients can provide the right support to boost energy, mental clarity and general well-being. In addition to setting you up to be able to “be your best” today, this system also lines up key ingredients that people who are on the cutting edge of research believe will help to prevent disease, reduce cognitive decline and reverse oxidative stress. The fact that Onnit has produced a vitamin system that actually takes the importance of sleep into account blows my mind! I'm impressed by the way the Night Pack is formulated to help people actually get their bodies in the right zone for rest when they should be resting. I often wonder if this alone would help more people to lose weight, feel sharper and be healthier.

get in shape with onnit total human

Cost, Savings and Where to Buy

You can purchase a 30 day supply of Total Human® for a one time price of $137.95, or you can subscribe and save, which costs $117.26 (15% off). The subscription is designed for every 30 days. Here's the rest of their prices, based on a daily supply pricing model:

Total Human®One Time CostSubscribe & Save
30 Day Supply$137.95$117.26 (15% off)
60 Day Supply$275.90$234.52 (15% off)
90 Day Supply$413.85$351.77 (15% off)
7 Day Supply$39.95$33.96 (15% off)
cost of onnit total human supplements

The best part about buying Onnit's Total Human is that you're getting their supplements at a major discount. In fact, it's a 40% total savings purchasing TOTAL HUMAN vs buying each of it's component supplements individually (mentioned above). It's a big time product, and it comes at a big time discount.

It's best to purchase Total Human at ONNIT's official website. They have the best pricing there and you're dealing with the brand itself. I cannot stress how many times people get frustrated buying it at amazon and the product just isn't the same. I encourage you to always buy directly from the brand and not use third parties.

For more savings, you can also subscribe to their email address and save an extra 10% off your order by clicking the lower left floating button (located on their website) and going through the sign up process.

Real Reviews and Ratings

Onnit Total Human exists in that rarified stratosphere of products on Amazon with nearly perfect reviews! It currently stands at 4.7 out of 5 stars based on reviewer feedback. What's more, nearly all of the thousands of customer-generated and blog-based reviews online for Total Human are overwhelming positive! People are having really great experiences with this system.

real customer reviews on total human 1
real customer reviews on total human 2

Does Onnit's Total Human Really Work?

Onnit Total Human delivers what it promises. While I can't formally prescribe this product to anyone who isn't one of my clients, I can say that Total Human is definitely worth taking a look at if you're searching for the best vitamin system online. I think that they way Onnit decided to break up this product into separate day and night versions is revolutionary. The simple fact is that the body needs different things at different points in the 24-hour cycle of a day. In my practice, I've seen the way poor sleep sabotages the best efforts at living a healthy, productive life. That's why seeing the vitamins and minerals that help create a natural “winding down” process each night to set your body and mind up for recovery is so exciting for me!

does total human by onnit work?
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