Physio Omega 3 Review: Effective for Heart Attack Defense?

Physio Omega 3 has the potential to protect your heart and body from unwanted risks by combining DPA, EPA and DHA all in one supplement.

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Each year in the United States, there are 605,000 new heart attack cases that occur and 200,000 recurrent ones. A heart attack can be deadly, or it can leave a person with severe disabilities or health complications. Some people are at a higher risk of experiencing a heart attack because of things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or obesity. There are perfectly healthy people that suffer a heart attack unexpectedly as well.

In order to protect your heart, it’s important that you’re eating healthy, exercising regularly and living a healthy lifestyle overall. Many people utilize different supplements to boost their heart health and this article is going to take a look at a product made by Physio Tru, called Physio Omega 3 Heart Attack Defense. Containing all three main omegas, this supplement has the potential to keep your heart healthy, decrease inflammation in the body and help you feel younger than ever before. Let’s get into the details of Physio Omega 3 Heart Attack Defense.

Quick Summary of Physio Omega 3 Review

Product:Physio Omega 3
Claimed benefits:Could protect your heart health, unclog arteries and lower your blood pressure
Why it works:Physio Omega 3 works because it contains DPA – “The Missing Omega”, DHA and EPA.
Best alternatives:Gundry MD Advanced Plant Omegas, 1st Phorm Full Mega, Primal Omega
Where to buy:Physio Tru's official website
Avg. Use Rating:4/5
GW Rating:4.3/5

Physio Omega 3

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PhysioTru Omega 3 is a heart health supplement that contains DPA, DHA and EPA, making it a unique and powerful supplement for those who want to improve their heart health.


What Is Physio Tru Omega 3 Heart Attack Defense?

omega 3 heart attack defense physio tru

PhysioTru Omega 3 is a health supplement product that can protect your heart and body from a number of conditions and dangers. This includes potentially lowering your risk of a heart attack. This is a powerful and all-natural product that allows you to feel more energized and healthier each day. The main components of this product are various omegas. Typically found in foods like fish, spinach and Brussell sprouts, most people aren’t getting enough omegas from their diet alone.

Behind the Brand (Physio Tru)

Developed by a man named Dr. Sam Walters, Physio Tru Omega 3 was created thanks to years of experience in the health industry. Dr. Walters possesses a great deal of knowledge about the human body in regard to heart health. Working with many different patients over the years inspired him to create a product that would benefit both men and women who want to increase their energy levels, support heart health and protection while also promoting a healthier and balanced body overall.

Each product manufactured by Physio Tru is made with ingredients that come from the purest and highest quality sources available. Rather than trying to focus on coming up with an affordable manufacturing process or formulation, Physio Tru puts the health of their clients first. You can trust that the products you’re putting into your body are safe and effective, especially Physio Omega 3. Some of their other items include supplements to boost gut health, help you maintain healthier levels of glucose in the body and to flush out toxins.


  • Improves heart health and lowers your risk of a heart attack
  • Boosts organ function
  • Fights back against fatigue
  • Improves cognitive function and brain health
  • Made from all-natural and safe ingredients


  • Essentially, this is an omega supplement. You won’t find a number of other ingredients in this product that will benefit the heart. Though, it can be used with other supplements that could also protect your heart and lower your risk of a heart attack.

How Does It Work?

how it works - physio tru omega 3

You’re probably wondering what makes Physio Tru Omega 3 Heart Attack Defense so special compared to other heart-focused supplements. Rightfully so, as there are so many different products out there that claim to boost heart health. However, this Heart Attack Defense supplement contains a full panel of omega 3s. When consumed in certain doses, DPA, DHA and EPA can also provide heart-protecting benefits such as decreasing triglycerides, reducing inflammation in the body and reducing the risk of blood clots (just to name a few).

Claimed Benefits

Physio Tru claims that their Heart Attack Defense Omega 3 supplement can unlock a number of benefits when taken regularly. Let’s take a look at what makes this supplement so powerful and beneficial.

holding physio omega 3 supplement

Could Protect Your Heart Health

Omega 3 fatty acids are a form of unsaturated fatty acids that can reduce inflammation that exists throughout your body. When Inflammation exists at high levels, this can cause damage to your blood vessels in a way that will lead to heart disease and stroke. In addition to decreasing inflammation, omegas can also decrease your triglycerides, reduce blood clot risks and prevent irregular heart rhythms.

May Unclog Arteries

All of the omega 3s have the potential to reduce the amount of plaque that exists in the heart’s arteries. When you have a buildup of plaque that isn’t addressed, this narrowing can quickly increase your risk of a heart attack. Symptoms of narrowed arteries include nausea, shortness of breath, chest pain, chest pressure and fatigue with or without physical exertion.

Could Lower Your Blood Pressure

When your blood pressure is high, this forces your heart to work harder and faster. Putting your heart under this kind of strain can lead to an increased risk of a heart attack. High blood pressure can also lead to thickening of the ventricles within the heart, which is also a heart attack risk. Supplementing with Physio Omega 3 can help lower your blood pressure thanks to a full profile of omega supplements. The number of omegas that are needed in order to reduce your blood pressure is tough to get from diet alone, which is why supplementation is so important.

Key Ingredients Analysis

I’ve referenced the main composition of PhysioTru Omega 3 Heart Attack Defense is based on omega 3 fatty acids. Let’s do a breakdown of the different omegas that are in this product and how they’re beneficial.

ingredients physio omega 3

DPA (“The Missing Omega”): 60mg

There is a great deal of research that shows DPA is the “The Missing Omega”. It is one of the most important omegas that you should be consuming if you want to reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke. DPA has the unique ability to reduce inflammation in the body. Since inflammation can lead to anything from heart disease to obesity, it’s important that you stop it in its tracks. This supplement can also address inflammatory conditions relating to fatigue, brain fog, joint pain and more. Sixty milligrams of DPA are included in each dose of Physio Tru Omega 3 Heart Attack Defense.

DHA: 240mg

DHA is a structural fat that makes up 97 percent of the omega 3s that are found inside of your brain and 93 percent of those found in the retina of your eye. Typically found in cold water fish like tuna and salmon, DHA is essential for heart health. Studies have shown that DHA can decrease several markers of cardiovascular stress. It can also be beneficial for people who have diabetes, which can sometimes increase a person’s risk of heart disease or a heart attack when their condition isn’t managed properly.

EPA: 280mg

It’s common for people in the United States to not be consuming enough EPA as part of their daily diet. EPA has beneficial effects on the heart; it can reduce high triglyceride levels and can bring high blood pressure down to a safer level, which is why it’s so important to get it from a supplement like Physio Tru Omega 3. EPA also has the potential to boost energy, reduce pain associated with arthritis, make the joints more comfortable and even tackle depression.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid (as TG): 720mg

Omega 3 Fatty Acid sourced from triglycerides in fish oil have been included in the dose of 720 milligrams per serving. This is a pharmaceutical grade ingredient that is both safe and extremely effective.

How Long to See Results?

Because this product has been molecularly distilled to the highest possible purity, you should be able to see some results within days of starting Omega 3 Heart Attack Defense. However, it can take a number of weeks for the full potential to occur.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase Physio Omega 3 on the Physio Tru website, located at https://physiotru.com/. The current price of this product is $67 per bottle for a one-time purchase. This is a discounted amount down from the original price of $97 per bottle. I'm unsure how often their prices fluctuate or for how long discounts are run. You can also secure savings by signing up for the subscription service that Physio Tru offers. This saves you $5 per bottle for a one-time purchase.

product image - physio omega 3

Customer Protection & Money Back Guarantee

Physio Tru offers a 60-day money back guarantee for their products. If you’re not satisfied with the results that you see by this point in time, you can contact their customer service department for a full refund.

Real Physio Omega Reviews and Product Rating

Physio Tru Omega 3 Heart Attack Defense currently has a four out of five-star rating listed on their website. There are just over 100 reviews included. The most noticeable effects that people saw from use of this product is a lowering of blood pressure, lowered cholesterol numbers, decreased stress regarding heart health and better health overall. People also found this product is easy to swallow, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t cause any kind of fishy aftertaste like a lot of other omega-based products do.

customer reviews of physio omega 3

Alternatives Compared to Physio Omega 3

There is a plethora of omega 3 supplements on the market right now. While they may not all be formulated in the way that Physio Tru Omega 3 Heart Attack Defense is, there are still supplements that you should consider if you’re looking for another option. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

physio omega 3 alternatives

Primal Omega 3

Primal Harvest has formulated their Primal Omega 3 supplement with sustainably harvested Norwegian fish. Each dose includes 1000 milligrams of essential EPA and DHA omega 3s in a soft gel that is easy to swallow and doesn’t cause any kind of aftertaste. EPA and DHA supplementation will support the brain, heart, skin and body as a whole. Made in a GMP-certified facility, this product is very pure, safe and gluten-free.

Go to Primal Omega 3

1st Phorm Full Mega

1st Phorm has designed their Full-Mega supplement from fish sources such as Icelandic mackerel, herring, anchovies, and sardines. Its main goal is to boost the body’s natural inflammatory response. If you don’t think you’re getting enough omegas from your diet alone, this is a key supplement to add to your routine. All of the fish used for this product are sourced utilizing sustainable fishing methods and green technology. This is great for the planet, but also to ensure the quality of 1st Phorm’s Full-Mega. You receive 2500 milligrams of a total omega 3 concentrate in each dose of Full-Mega, along with 900 milligrams of EPA and 600 milligrams of DHA. Three-hundred additional fatty acids are also included.

Go to 1st Phorm Full Mega

Gundry MD Advanced Plant Omegas

Advanced Plant Omegas from Gundry MD is a clean and effective supplement that provides you with access to a complete plant-based source of Omega-3 fatty acids. This includes DHA, EPA and DPA fatty acids. All of which comes from fish oil sources. Also included are Omega-7 fatty acids and your 100 percent daily value for Vitamin D3. This product is designed to promote strong cardiovascular health, improve your feelings of overall well being, boost immune function and much more.

Go to Advanced Plant Omegas

The Bottom Line: Is It Effective for Heart Attack Defense?

Physio Tru’s Omega supplement comes with a complete blend of the most popular and beneficial omegas: EPA and DHA. Also included is “The Missing Omega” (DPA). Each of these ingredients comes in triglyceride form for the best absorption possible. This product is designed in a way that will maximize heart, energy, and health benefits.

A great deal of research went into the amounts that were specifically included in the final product. Physio Omega includes 280 milligrams of EPA and 240 milligrams of DHA to meet daily requirements. DHA has been included at 60 milligrams to increase the bioavailability of EPA and DHA.

In order to experience the most optimal results, Physio Tru suggests that you take two of their gel capsules each morning with a full glass of water. There are no stimulants included in this product, but an increase in energy is a side effect that a lot of people experience after just an hour or two of taking Heart Attack Defense. To prevent keeping you up at night, it’s best to take it early in the day so you can wind down before bed.

The most results you should see will occur within three to four weeks of starting Physio Tru Omega 3. Try to keep up with a routine for using this product, and you should see some pretty impressive heart health protection and benefits.

holding omega 3 physio tru

Tips for Success from the RD

Are you looking for ways to protect your heart and boost your heart health aside from just taking supplements? While the products I’ve covered in this article are extremely effective at keeping your heart health, here are some of the other tips for success that I like to share with my clients.

Cut Down on Your Alcohol Consumption

Drinking regularly or in excess can increase your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and heart attack. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a drink now and again, but you really shouldn’t be making this a nightly habit.

Work Physical Activity into Your Day

Exercise is incredibly important when it comes to heart health. After all, your heart is the largest muscle in your body. Working that muscle each day for 30 minutes to an hour can decrease your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol numbers naturally and decrease your risk of heart disease. Ideas for exercise include jogging, walking, swimming or participating in an aerobics class.

Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker, it’s imperative that you quit as soon as possible. Smoking is a leading contributor to heart disease. There are plenty of resources available that can help you quit, from counseling to medications that help you deal with your cravings.

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