Provitalize Probiotics Review: Effective for Menopause Relief?

Provitalize Probiotics contains clinically researched ingredients and is an all-natural weight management probiotic that helps alleviate menopause symptoms.

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When you arrive at the point in your life when you’re approaching menopause, you may start to notice some changes happening to your body. I know what you’re thinking. You had to go through so much when you were in the midst of puberty. If you were pregnant and had a baby, your body changed dramatically at that point in time as well. Now you have to battle back against things like menopausal weight changes and mood fluctuations.

Have no fear, there are a number of methods you can use to keep your body in check and live a happy and healthy life throughout the time of menopause. You’ll come out on the other side looking and feeling better than ever.

This review is going to take a look at a product called Provitalize. As a registered dietitian, I have many female clients that ask about menopause supplements and if any of them actually work. Our team also interviewed Kimberly Langdon, MD of Medzino for the ingredients analysis section to get an expert's opinion on Provitalize's unique probiotic strains.

This is a probiotic supplement that can help you tackle things like belly fat, bloating, gas, imbalanced hormones, slow metabolism and hot flashes / night sweats. You wouldn’t think you could get all of this relief in one product, but I’m here to tell you that you can.

Quick Summary Review of Provitalize Probiotics

Product:Provitalize Probiotics
Best for:Menopause relief
Symptoms it can help with:Hot flashes, menopause belly fat, night sweats, bloating, gas, imbalanced hormones
Pricing:$49 for a one-time purchase, or $39.20 if you subscribe (saving 20%)
Shop page:Provitalize product page (save 20%), or at amazon (full price)
Advantage ordering on official website:Free worldwide shipping, 90-day money back guarantee
Avg. Customer Rating:4.8/5 (Over 2,000 reviews)
GW Rating:4.5/5

Provitalize Probiotics

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Transparency of Brand
Quality of Ingredients In Product
Effectiveness of Menopause Relief
Overall Value


Provitalize is considered by many women as an effective, all-natural, weight management probiotic to help relieve menopause symptoms.


What Is Provitalize Probiotics?

product image - provitalize probiotics

Years were spent researching the different ingredients that are now included in Provitalize Probiotics. With the goal of finding natural relief from a variety of menopause-related symptoms, a holistic blend of nutrients, bacterial strains and extracts was created by the Better Body Co. team. Each capsule contains hand-picked, high-quality ingredients so you make the most out of your supplement use.

There are three strains of probiotics in this product. They’re grown in a lab to ensure quality, and they can help pre-menopausal and menopausal women fight back against things like weight gain and bloating. This is a product designed to get your gut health back on track. Since your gut plays a very large role in your overall health, this is a fantastic product to try if you’ve been dealing with unpleasant hormonal symptoms.

Behind the Brand: Better Body Co.

The Better Body Company is a team of expert problem solvers and product formulators, utilizing the help of health experts and naturopaths that are interested in creating formulations that work in the way that they are intended. The mission of this company is to re-think how the supplement industry functions, by focusing primarily on gut health. Better Body Company has helped millions of people meet their goals, whether it be losing weight, tackling gut health issues or balancing hormones. All products are created in a GMP manufacturing facility.


  • Helps you lose weight so you can enjoy a flatter stomach, thinner thighs and a slender face
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Balances your hormones
  • Increases energy naturally
  • Helps you fight back against the unwanted symptoms of menopause
  • Reduces belly bloat and promotes regularity


  • You may find that there is an adjustment period once you start taking this product. This is normal when using probiotic supplements.

Alternatives: What Is Similar to Provitalize?

If there’s something about Provitalize that prohibits you from using it, there are some alternatives that you can take into consideration. Here are my recommendations and the most similar menopause products to Provitalize.

Opositiv MENO (Best Provitalize Alternative)

provitalize alternative - meno

These menopause vitamin capsules from OPositiv provide a daily, hormone-free option for multi-symptom relief. Containing potent ingredients like black cohosh extract, ashwagandha, chasteberry, vitamin D3 and vitamin B6, you can use OPositiv MENO for symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, low energy and mood swings. This isn’t a probiotic-based product like Provitalize, but it has the herbal angle that can still provide adequate relief. It’s recommended that you use this product for two to five months for consistent results.

HUM Fan Club

product image - hum fan club menopause

HUM Fan Club is an estrogen-free, non-hormonal, clinically studied supplement that is based on a unique probiotic formula. This product can address 11 different symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause. Key ingredients include Siberian rhubarb, patented probiotics and grape seed extract.

Bonafide Relizen

bonafide relizen product alternative

Bonafide Relizen is a hormone-free, natural menopause supplement that provides exceptional relief for women that are experiencing menopausal hot flashes and night sweats. It’s designed to help you stay cool and dry all day and night. Exclusive Bonafide pollen is the key ingredient.

Estroven Menopause Weight Management

estroven product image

Estroven Menopause Weight Management has been specially formulated to help manage your weight prior to and during menopause while also offering relief from hot flashes and night sweats. This is a hormone-free option that contains black cohosh extract and the clinically proven CQR-300.

See how two similar products stack up against each other – Provitalize vs. Estroven!


menofit product image alternative

MenoFit was designed with menopausal weight gain in mind. This is a clinically tested product that contains naturally sourced ingredients. It offers complete menopause symptom relief thanks to 28 different ingredients such as probiotics, herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Claimed Benefits of Provitalize

woman enjoying provitalize benefits

The Better Body Company has a lot to say about their Provitalize product. Let’s take a look at some of the claimed benefits of this product.

Could Help Combat Menopause Weight Gain

The fluctuations in hormone levels that you experience during menopause can make it very difficult to maintain a healthy weight. You can utilize Provitalize for this purpose, thanks to a unique probiotic strain included in its formulation called L. Gasseri. This bacterial strain has been clinically studied to a great degree, and it shows that you can experience a significant impact on stubborn menopausal fat when you use it on a regular basis. This can help you maintain a healthy body weight while also being able to comfortably stay there. Having this benefit makes provitalize a top supplement for menopause belly fat.

May Relieve Hot Flashes

Those menopausal hot flashes can occur at any moment, and they’re incredibly uncomfortable. You can have them in the middle of the summer when it’s already hot outside (making them feel worse), but they occur in the cold winter months as well. Provitalize contains moringa leaf extract, which has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes. Hot flashes are just one of them. Not only will you be able to skip right over those hot flashes, but it should help you keep those heart palpitations at bay as well.

Could Help with Night Sweats

Have you woken up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat since starting menopause? Moringa leaf extract can help with this as well. When used regularly, you’ll stay dry and cool at night, so you wake up feeling refreshed and comfortable.

May Improve Energy Levels

Menopause can make you experience dramatic dips in energy. You can use Provitalize to skip right over those afternoon energy slumps. The thermogenic strains of bacteria in the product help heal the gut from the inside out. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, and you’ll have plenty of energy throughout the day before winding down in the evening. This burst of energy comes from increased nutrient absorption as well as better gut health overall.

Could Stabilize Mood Swings

Menopausal mood swings are generally caused by fluctuating hormones. These changes can occur without warning and for no real reason, and they can cause a great deal of inflammation in the gut. You can battle back against this inflammation with the use of probiotics.

May Improve Gut Health

Beneficial probiotic strains introduce good bacteria back into your gut. If your microbiome isn’t quite as diverse as it should be, you can use a product like Provitalize to get back on track. Improving your gut health is helpful for your hormones / menopause, but it also helps with GI issues, bowel regularity, immune health and so much more.

Key Ingredients Analysis

ingredients in provitalize

There are some very specific ingredients included in the formulation of Provitalize. I’m going to break them down for you, so you understand why each of them has been included. This is one of my favorite sections being a dietitian, but I also was able to get ahold of Dr. Kimberly Langdon, who specializes in gynecologic diseases and get her expert opinion on the probiotic strains that you'll read below.

Thermogenic Probiotic Blend (L. Gasseri, B. Breve, B. Lactis)

The three thermogenic probiotics included in Provitalize are lab-grown strains that can help women maintain a healthy weight, reduce bloating, improve gut health and balance hormones. The included bacteria strains are:

L. Gasseri

My take: This thermogenic probiotic strain has been proven to aid in weight loss. It supports the reduction of fat specifically around the middle of the body, which is important if you’re dealing with menopause-related belly fat.

Dr. Langdon's take: “L.Gasseri (SBT 2055): A thermogenic probiotic strain studied to impact weight loss, L.Gasseri supports the reduction of fat around the midsection and prevents menopausal belly fat from accumulating.”

B. Breve

My take: B. Breve has been proven to reduce fat mass overall when used on a regular basis. It helps improve your metabolism while also decreasing any inflammation that is present in the body.

Dr. Langdon's take: “A thermogenic probiotic strain studied to reduce fat mass, B.Breve helps reduce fat mass naturally by improving metabolism and lowering inflammation.”

B. Lactis

My take: B. Lactis can help you maintain a healthier body mass index. It keeps your weight under control as well as decreases inflammation and keeps cholesterol low without the use of prescription medication.

Dr. Langdon's take: “A thermogenic probiotic strain studied to manage BMI, B.Lactis helps to keep weight, cholesterol, LDL and inflammatory levels healthy.”

Turmeric / Curcumin

Turmeric (or curcumin) is a phytoestrogen supplement that provides extremely powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. This can help with weight gain, pain in your joints, bloating and much more. The quality of the turmeric in Provitalize is exceptional. It contains 95% curcuminoids.

100% Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract

The Moringa tree is known as the Miracle Tree, and with good reason. The leaves of the tree contain a large number of vitamins and minerals that can help improve metabolism function, reduce inflammation and control hot flashes.

Curry Leaf Extract

This natural herb is very rich in vital nutrients such as phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, C and E. Curry can help your body support a healthy cholesterol ratio while also regulating blood sugar levels and alleviating indigestion.

Bioperine Black Pepper Extract

Bioperine is a patented form of piperine. When you combine piperine with curcumin, this enhances the absorption of curcumin by as much as 2,000%.

How Fast Does Provitalize Take to Work?

Some people report that they experienced results after taking Provitalize for just a couple of weeks. However, the most benefits will be prevalent after about eight weeks' time. This is how long it will take for your hormones to balance, your metabolism to function more efficiently and for fat to be burned off.

Who Should Try It?

woman trying provitalize

There are so many different benefits that you can achieve with the use of this product. It’s beneficial for any woman that is struggling with the symptoms of menopause. You don’t have to experience all of the symptoms associated with this time in your life. However, if you’re finding it challenging to lose weight, deal with ongoing hot flashes or cope with unstable moods, it may be worth a shot to try Provitalize for a number of weeks to see how you feel. The ingredients used have been carefully selected to reduce belly fat, boost weight loss, increase your metabolism, prevent hot flashes, increase energy levels, limit your food cravings and support optimal joint health. What is there not to love about this product?

Who Shouldn’t?

If you are currently taking medication for a diagnosed health condition, you’ll need to consult your doctor before starting this supplement. Also, women who are pregnant should not use Provitalize. Because this product can decrease inflammation in the body, you should use caution with this supplement if you’re already on a regimen of blood thinners or NSAIDs.

Safety and Side Effects of Taking Provitalize

provitalize bottle and capsules

In general, Provitalize is very well tolerated by the general female population. It’s made using very high-quality ingredients that are naturally sourced. It is created in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. Testing is used to confirm its safety. It’s a stimulant-free product that shouldn’t affect your blood pressure in any way.

If you do experience any side effects that concern you, stop taking Provitalize and speak with your doctor. Make sure that you’re following the recommended dosage of two capsules per day. Provitalize suggests that you take both capsules first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Cost and Where Can You Purchase the Product?

You can find Provitalize on the Better Body Company website, located at https://betterbody.co/. The current cost of this product is $49 for a one-time purchase. This is a one-month supply of product. You can subscribe to save 20 percent on your orders, and free shipping will also be included.

You can also find Provitalize on Amazon. I found that the Amazon listing that offered the product from The Better Body Company store was at a lower price point. Just make sure that you’re ordering from a reputable seller.

Real Provitalize Reviews and Product Rating

On the Better Body Company website, Provitalize has an almost perfect, five out of five-star rating. There are over 1,500 reviews listed. Amazon has a very impressive number of reviews listed on their Provitalize listing through The Better Body Company. There are over 17,000 ratings. It’s remarkable the number of women that have experienced a profound change in their menopause symptoms. From getting rid of hot flashes to being able to transform their body into what it was prior to menopause, this is a legitimate product that you should really consider trying if you’re struggling with your symptoms.

customer reviews of provitalize

The Bottom Line

So many women feel like they need to suffer through menopause. Some women are lucky enough to experience very minimal, tolerable symptoms. Other women struggle immensely. If you’re dealing with weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, palpitations, low mood or other menopause-related symptoms, you’re not alone. You’re one of the many women between the ages of 40 and 55 that are dealing with this.

Luckily, there is help available. You can use a product like Provitalize to alleviate many, if not all of your symptoms. It’s not a long-term supplement that you have to remain on for the rest of your life. You can use it to get through the worst of your menopause, so you emerge healthy and happy for the next period of your life.

bottle of provitalize probiotics for menopause

Take Home Tips From The Dietitian

To help you get through menopause as comfortably and healthy as possible, I’d like to share some of my tips for success with you.

  • Pay close attention to what you’re eating each day. Many women find relief from cutting their fat intake and increasing the amount of fruit, vegetables and whole grains that they eat. Also, don’t skip any of your meals. This can cause certain hormones to be released into the body that can cause hot flashes.
  • Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep at night. Strive for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. This will help decrease inflammation in the body, boost your energy levels during the day and balance your hormones.
  • Avoid alcohol at all costs. Drinking on a regular basis can result in inflammation, unbalanced hormones and poor gut health. It can also raise your blood pressure, which is something some women deal with during menopause.
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