Tempest Alcohol Recovery Review: Is It Legit? (Join Tempest)

Join Tempest is a legit online telehealth alcohol recovery treatment program that aims to help you or your loved ones’ relationship with alcohol.

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Alcohol recovery should provide you with a safe and beneficial experience to better yourself. When it comes to a life that is free of alcohol consumption, there are specific steps that need to be taken to ensure long lasting results. The first step is considering what program or option you should choose for your specific journey. It’s really important that you not only address your relationship with alcohol, but you can also learn about any underlying mental health conditions that fuel your drinking, deal with childhood trauma that you’ve carried with you into your adulthood and determine if the relationships in your life are healthy.

There are plenty of in-person alcohol rehab facilities across the country that you could attend if you were looking for that kind of assistance. However, there are many people with alcohol issues that still have responsibilities at home that prevent them from picking up and leaving. You simply might not feel like checking yourself into a program is the route you want to take for what you're going through. You may not even feel like you have a problem at all but just want to stop drinking. There are online resources that can help you remove alcohol from your life without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Tempest is an alcohol recovery program that is completely online, though you can utilize local counselors in your area based on recommendations from Tempest. Some people like to have that in-person support to compliment what they're working on online. Tempest uses a series of online lessons from knowledgeable professionals along with coaches and a supportive online community to get you the help you need to change your life moving forward. Your relationship with alcohol can completely change based on the information and tools that you learn from this recovery program.

Quick Summary of Join Tempest Alcohol Recovery Review

Product:Online alcohol recovery treatment
Brand:Tempest (Join Tempest)
Founder:Holly Whitaker, CEO and Founder of Tempest
Best for:Help you or your loved ones' relationship with alcohol
Membership Pricing:Starting at $41/month
Average Member Rating:4.8/5 ⭐
GW Rating:4.9/5 ⭐
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What Is Tempest?

what is tempest

Tempest is a digital recovery program that is geared towards people who aren’t necessarily alcoholics, but they want to stop drinking. The Tempest methods are more holistic based, so there aren’t medications to use through the process. The digital course if eight weeks long, educating users on the benefits of living a sober lifestyle. Different services are available depending on what a person feels like they need. New content is added each week with aftercare services available. You can also sign up for information about different counselors and services in your area.

Marketed towards demographics that have been previously underrepresented in society when it comes to alcohol recovery programs, Tempest is beneficial for women, the LGBTQ+ community and many more people. It doesn't exclude anyone. In fact, the Tempest community is a big part of recovery. You have the opportunity to connect with other people that are trying to make healthier choices in their life just like you are. You learn a lot from hearing about other people's experiences and life. Their challenges may be very similar to what you're going through.

Is it a legit, reputable brand and service?

Different styles of recovery programs are in place all across the U.S. and world, but we’re seeing a change in what certain alcohol recovery programs are using and how they’re structured. Tempest has a core set of curricula that you gain access to when you sign up. In addition to that information, there are other things available like podcasts, book recommendations, Q&A sessions, meetups, etc. The goal is to build up your tool kit of things that you can use to remain sober into the future.

As for the legitimacy of this program, it makes sense. We’ve seen a big shift towards a more telehealth-based approach to care since the pandemic began. Not only is this form of healthcare convenient, but it’s very effective. In some cases, people are more apt to seek care if they can do so conveniently and privately. The information provided through Tempest is all clinically based, there are plenty of supportive materials and you have the option to seek ongoing care through the company or elsewhere. While this is very different from a rehabilitation program, it seems effective for the person that isn’t dealing with a severe alcohol addiction. It likely works much better for people that are simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle and want to avoid alcohol.


  • You don’t have to be an alcoholic to join Tempest. It benefits anyone that simply wants to stop drinking, even if their drinking isn’t daily or excessive.
  • It’s an affordable program that provides you access to plenty of helpful resources.
  • You can receive treatment from the comfort of your own home. Many people avoid alcohol treatment because they don’t want other people to know what’s going on. This is a very discreet option.
  • Plenty of free resources and tips are available through Tempest before you even sign up.
  • Tempest is a holistic-based approach to sobriety.


  • Your accountability is really up to you. If you’re a true alcohol addict that is out of control with their problem, you may need more supervision than what Tempest provides.
  • The cost of Tempest can get expensive if you feel that you need ongoing assistance well into the future in order to remain sober.

Online Alcohol Treatment Offered by Tempest

Tempest is built on a foundation and it all intertwines together to make this program effective. Below, I’ll discuss those in full detail, so you know what you’re getting when you sign up.


There are two different membership options provided by Tempest. The first membership is $41 per month. This is a community, connection and care option that provides you with the tools that you need to stop drinking. You receive access to lessons led by experts, community support by way of over 35 different weekly support group meetings, live workshops, study groups, tips, daily motivation and Care Team guidance the whole way.

The other membership option is $41 per month as well, but there is also a $299 one-time fee that includes four different sessions with a recovery coach. Your goal will help you develop your goals, track your progress and make changes accordingly. The rest of the membership is the same as the basic option.


Once you’ve enrolled with Tempest, you can start up with the Foundations course. In this course you learn all about different treatment options that you can use for your own recovery along with peer support and guidance from experts in the field. Some of the topics discussed include Guiding Framework and Practices, the Physiology of Alcohol and the Brain, Willpower, Routine and Ritual and much more.

online alcohol treatment offered by tempest

1:1 Coaching

Some people need that one-on-one support from a professional to stay on track. When you opt for the Tempest 1:1 coaching, you’ll talk through your issues with alcohol so you can embark on a journey to recovery. Your support counselor will also help you stay on track with your goals. The goal of your coach is to provide an understanding and supportive environment to grow and recover.

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How Much Does Tempest Cost?

The most affordable Tempest plan available starts at $41 per month. Tempest also accepts payments using your health savings account or flexible spending account. You can save up to 30 percent when you sign up for the annual membership.

The tier of service that you choose will determine the features that you can take advantage of. For example, you can secure one-on-one sessions with a recovery coach. Four separate counseling sessions are included at an additional cost of $299 (flat rate).

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Does Online Alcohol Treatment Actually Work?

The digital Tempest program is a holistic based approach to alcohol recovery. Its clinically proven structure has helped people reduce their cravings, give up drinking entirely and reduce the number of drinks being consumed. The program focuses on a four-part process that is designed to look at your thoughts, body, relationships and environment in order to make your recovery successful. Meditation, breathwork, movement, cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology are key components of understanding why you drink and how you can stop.

The seven-step manifesto of Tempest is very realistic and supportive. The steps include:

  • Seeing a future without alcohol. The prospect of a life without drinking doesn’t have to seem overwhelming or stressful. Usually, alcohol is causing plenty of problems that can be fixed with a recovery program.
  • You don’t have to be diagnosed as an alcoholic to participate. You simply have to be concerned with your alcohol consumption while wanting to make a healthy change in your life.
  • You don’t have to hit rock bottom in order to make a change. If alcohol is keeping you from living the life that you want, Tempest is an option to take advantage of now.
  • You have multiple options for your recovery. There’s no one method of getting through it.
  • You won’t waste your time learning about how alcohol is unhealthy. You’ll get right down to learning about giving it up.
  • Tempest was created by people who went through recovery. Their experience is what will help you.
  • Tempest is a community of people that want the same thing that you do. You can quit alcohol with the help of other people. This is so much easier than going through the steps alone!
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Honest Member Reviews Who Battled Alcohol Addiction

There are a lot of favorable reviews for Tempest online. On their website, people rave about the organic and natural process of eliminating alcohol from their lives. For some people, simply changing their support network and learning about why their brain works the way it does is enough to deal with the desire for alcohol.

The recovery coaches at Tempest seem to provide very appropriate support that is customized for each member. Support groups and independent appointments are a very warm and welcoming environment where real feelings and concerns can be shared.

Tempest conducted a series of studies in 2018 in partnership with Buffalo and Syracuse Universities. Of the members profiled at Tempest, 53 percent of people experienced a reduction in their cravings for alcohol after starting the program. Fifty percent of people drank less over the course of thirty days. Lastly, 66 percent of people using Tempest drank less when they did drink.

honest member reviews tempest alcohol recovery

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Join Tempest Compared to Alternatives

Tempest isn’t the only online addiction recovery program. There are others that are extremely successful as well. Monument is another option that you may want to look into. This company works with you to come up with a very personalized approach to care. You have access to professionals, support groups, medication and much more in order to stop your use of alcohol long term. It all starts with a quick three minute assessment to get you on track with Monument.

Monument looks closely at the different aspects of your life that may be affecting your drinking habits. There’s been an increase in alcohol consumption since the pandemic began, but people also drink because of stress at work, relationship issues, grief, trauma and much more. You choose your membership based on how much support you need over the course of a week.

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Ria Health, Lion Rock Recovery and the Life Process Program are other reputable programs that you can use online to reduce your alcohol consumption and dependency.

tempest compared to alternatives

Is It Legit? Final Verdict

A lot of people are dealing with an unhealthy consumption of alcohol on a regular basis. This toxic relationship can range from drinking in excess a few times each month to drinking daily and all day. Even though a person’s relationship with alcohol can differ from another person’s, alcohol is something that many people can benefit from giving up. Turning towards a substance to deal with your emotional pain or stress in your life isn’t ever a healthy coping mechanism.

Alcoholism can be treated through a 12-step program, but there are online options available through the world of telemedicine. You can receive a diagnosis, come up with a personalized care plan and learn all kinds of information about recovery from a program like Tempest. While Tempest might not be for everyone, it is an accessible option for people who would otherwise forgo treatment.

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