Top 5 Menopause Probiotics for Women

Find out what our best probiotics for menopause are, as well as the important probiotic strains to look for.

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Sudden weight gain, menobelly, bloatedness, and hot flashes are the hallmarks of menopause. 

But the good news is recent studies have shown probiotics can have a positive effect on these menopause symptoms, making menopause more bearable and less troubling for women (hurray!)

During menopause, hormonal imbalance can cause harmful bacteria overgrowth leading to increased frequency and intensity of hot flashes, bloating, joint pain and weight gain. This is because the healthy microbial cells are responsible for regulating and supporting nearly every vital function in your body, including weight management, vaginal health, mood, and bone density.

Supplying your gut with a healthy dose of healthy probiotics helps to restore a healthy balance of bacteria and improve your overall health. 

But did you know that not all probiotics are the same? There are different types of probiotics (called species). We combed through over 100 different probiotic studies and shortlisted 5 probiotic species that show the most potential in helping you to keep menopause symptoms under control.

5 Best Clinically Studied Probiotic Species for Menopause Symptoms

Species 1: L. Gasseri

Weight gain and hot flashes are the two most common symptoms1 affecting women during menopause and they can start as early as early 40s during premature or peri-menopause.

Multiple studies discovered that Lactobacillus Gasseri (L.Gasseri) can tackle these symptoms effectively.

Two separate studies2,3 on different L. Gasseri strains (SBT2055 and BNR17) saw a significant reduction in body weight and visceral fat (fat that wraps around our belly and is hardest to lose), while another study4 on L. Gasseri CP2305 demonstrated significant relief for vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes, chills, excessive sweating, and palpitations.

Species 2: B. Lactis

Bloating is not a unique condition to menopause but many women in menopause often cite bloating as a common symptom5.

B. Lactis is one of the most studied probiotic strains proven to alleviate bloating symptoms. A study on 60 patients6 including a group with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) saw significant improvements in bloating. Researchers also concluded that bloating relief doesn’t happen with any probiotic. You have to pick the right species and B. Lactis is one of them.

Species 3: L. Plantarum

Declining bone and joint health is commonly associated with menopause, as lower estrogen levels during menopause mean less hormones to prevent inflammation and protect joints. Experts such as Dr. Jen Gunter7 explained that menopause accelerates the decline and women are more susceptible to osteoporosis once they enter menopause.

Fortunately, several studies on L. Plantarum found a positive effect on improving joint health. A study in 2019 found that postmenopausal women8 who took one capsule containing 2 strains of L. Plantarum and 1 strain of L. Paracasei saw lower lumbar spine bone loss compared to women who didn’t.

Species 4: L. Reuteri

Another probiotic that has shown positive effects on bone and joint health is L. Reuteri. L. Reuteri was found to suppress bone tissue loss9 associated with estrogen deficiency. Another study10 on a different L. Reuteri strain (ATCC PTA 6475) also found similar impact on bone health in 76-year old women after a year of consumption.

Species 5: B. Breve

As mentioned earlier, weight gain affects many women during menopause. Some women enjoy a healthy weight and work hard to maintain an attractive figure, but they may experience sudden weight gain during menopause.

An interesting study11 on pre-obese individuals found that B. Breve was effective in helping them to maintain their body weight while the other group who did not take the B. Breve probiotics experienced increased body mass.

5 Important Things To Look Out For When Buying Probiotics for Menopause

Third Party Certification

The FDA doesn't require third-party verification. However, responsible and honest supplement manufacturers get third-party verifications as an act of good faith to provide transparency and distinguish products. Certifications verify ingredients and quantities claimed on the label. Look out for these important certifications before buying a supplement – GMP, USP, NSF, Certified Organic, NON-GMO certified.

Clinically Studied Ingredients

Never buy a supplement just on ‘hearsay' or just because it has ingredients that are used in traditional medicine. Let the facts speak for themselves. Always look out for clinically-studied ingredients whose efficacy are supported by a body of evidence.

Beware of Fakes

Sadly, according to the New York Times,14 one in four products sold on Amazon is fake. This is especially true of nutritional supplements. Avoid buying supplements on Ebay. When you buy from Amazon, ensure you buy from the manufacturer’s Amazon store. Otherwise, buy directly from the manufacturer’s website. Buying fraudulent products may cause nasty side effects — be extra cautious about authenticity.

Look for Products Made in the USA

All supplements made in the USA are regulated by the FDA. Ensure products you buy come from FDA regulated facilities using GMP certified manufacturing processes. Many supplements, especially those purchased on eBay and Amazon come from China and abroad. One study found 60%-70% of these ‘foreign’ supplements do not contain the ingredients or quantities claimed on labels15

Money Back Guarantee

A risk-free guarantee lets you try supplements without fear of losing your money. If you try the product and don’t experience the results simply contact the manufacturer for a refund. Look for companies who have a “no-bottle-return' policy. This allows you to finish the supplements without incurring any risk. And it's also the best sign of how confident the company is in standing behind their promises.

Our 5 Best Menopause Probiotic Products in 2023

#1. Provitalize 

first choice Provitalize

Why we like Provitalize

Provitalize is the only probiotic in our list that contains all 3 of the best strains for women experiencing menopause.  It’s uniquely marketed as a thermogenic probiotic with fat-burning & metabolism-boosting properties. According to their official website, over 1,200,000 women have shed the stubborn weight with just two capsules a day. The thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon, Trustpilot & Okendo are undeniable proof that Provitalize is worthy of our top spot.

In addition to probiotics, Provitalize contains a herbal blend with demonstrated benefits for premenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal women including turmeric root extract, moringa leaf extract, and curry leaf extract. Together these have been shown to combat inflammation and bloating, decrease hot flashes, joint pain, and support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Bioperene (black pepper extract) and sunflower lecithin are shown to enhance absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial properties of herbal formulas.


  • FDA, GMP, and Certified Organic
  • Vegan, keto, paleo friendly
  • 100% natural, safe ingredients
  • Thermogenic herbal assisted probiotic formula
  • 14,138 Amazon reviewers report 84% positive results
  • 4 Star Trustpilot rating
  • 62 Billion CFU
  • Clinically proven probiotic strains
  • Vegan DR CapsTM ensure the probiotics reach your gut safely
  • Independently verified by Eurofins Testing Laboratory
  • 90 day money-back guarantee


  • No free trial
  • <10% report no weight loss

#2. **Best Value** Slim Gut Bundle (Provitalize + Previtalize)

Provitalize and Previtalize 2

Want 50% faster visible weight results from Provitalize? Then the Slim Gut Bundle is for you. This holistic bundle combines the weight-management powers of Provitalize with ‘super fiber’ prebiotics in Previtalize.

The probiotics in Provitalize feed on these ‘super fibers’ to multiply faster in the gut. This means women can see faster visible results such as reduction of belly fat & cravings.

These healthy fibers include fructooligosaccharides, galactooligosaccharides, and inulin. Previtalize also aids digestion and stabilizes mood naturally. 

We listed the Slim Gut Bundle 2nd only because it costs more than Provitalize alone. Other than that, we believe it’s the best-value-for-money bundle in the market right now.


  • FDA, GMP, and Certified Organic
  • Vegan, keto, paleo friendly
  • 100% natural, safe ingredients
  • Thermogenic herbal assisted probiotic formula
  • 2,530 Amazon reviewers report 84% positive results
  • 4 Star Trustpilot rating
  • 62 Billion CFU
  • Clinically proven probiotic strains
  • Clinically studied prebiotics
  • Vegan DR CapsTM ensure the probiotics reach your gut safely
  • Independently verified by Eurofins Testing Laboratory
  • 90 day money-back guarantee


  • No free trial
  • Slightly more expensive than Provitalize alone. 

#3. Ritual Synbiotic+

ritual synbiotic

Ritual Synbiotic+ is a prebiotic + probiotic + postbiotic combination that contains two probiotic strains, BB-12 and LGG.  BB-12 is B.Lactis, which helps to alleviate bloating symptoms. We ranked it third as the product seems to be well-formulated and includes prebiotic at the same time.

Apart from bloating, Ritual Synbiotic+ also helps to support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, gut barrier function, and immune health.


  • Uses a delayed-release capsule to help probiotics reach the colon.
  • Contains 11b CFUs for digestive support
  • Clinically studied probiotic strains
  • Made in a cGMP facility
  • Rated 4.2 stars on Amazon


  • Only 30-day money back guarantee

#4. Women’s Dual Action

Align uses two specific probiotic strains, La-14® & HN001 that aim to address vaginal health and dryness. It also aims to promote bacteria and yeast balance. We ranked it fourth as it is one of the few probiotic products that is designed for vaginal wellness.

Apart from feminine health, it also aims to alleviate bloating symptoms with B. Longum, one of the probiotic strains that is clinically studied with a positive impact on bloating symptoms.


  • Contains three probiotic strains that help with bloating and vaginal health
  • Sold on Amazon
  • Made in a cGMP facility


  • Only 60-day conditional guarantee
  • Only 800+ reviews on Amazon
  • Contains some fillers

#5. Menofit

We listed Menofit fifth because it contains probiotics together with an herbal formula. It also contains L. Gasseri, L. Plantarum, and L. Reuteri, which help with weight and bone health. However, it contains only 25 billion CFUs of probiotics, which suggest a lower dosage of probiotics per serving. Additionally, vitamins and herbs in the Menofit formula have been shown to increase energy, reduce food cravings, and alleviate menstrual cramps. 

However, some of the ingredients fall under the category of “traditional medicine,” and rely on historical, anecdotal evidence rather than clinical studies. 


  • Clinically studied ingredients
  • 2,805 Amazon reviewers report 86% positive results
  • Good customer support
  • 100% natural, safe ingredients
  • 90 day money-back guarantee


  • Not GMP, and Certified Organic
  • Not all ingredients are clinically studied
  • Expensive
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