Best Organic Multivitamin for Men (RD’s Top Picks)

Going with an organic multivitamin as a man can help give you clean nutrients in your daily diet, here’s what you need to know and our best rated products.

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In a perfect world, we would get all of our essential vitamins and nutrients from our diet alone. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a diet that’s versatile enough that this occurs all the time. Even the healthiest eaters will tend to have gaps in their nutritional intake now and again.

When it comes to diet, women tend to be healthier eaters than men. Men are known for eating more meat and less fruits and vegetables than the opposite gender. This can result in men being deficient in a lot of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, iron, B vitamins and calcium. This is where a multivitamin comes into play.

There are general multivitamins being sold in health food stores and online that provide a pretty comprehensive approach to filling in nutritional gaps. However, men have quite different nutritional needs than women do. Utilizing a multivitamin specifically created with men in mind that can help target those specific nutrients for a variety of health benefits. Selecting an organic option often provides you with access to whole food ingredients without the addition of anything artificial.

In this article I’m going to outline some of the best organic multivitamins for men, as well as the different things you should take into consideration when you’re shopping for a multivitamin for men.

What Makes a Multivitamin Organic?

When you’re shopping for a multivitamin, organic is preferred. Organic multivitamins will not contain any artificial ingredients or chemicals. This means your multivitamin will be easier to absorb while eliminating the risks that come from chemical exposure. Companies that manufacture organic multivitamins have a very strict set of standards to follow that have been put into place by the U.S Department of Agriculture.

What to Look for in an Organic Men's Multivitamin

Just checking the outside label of a product to see if it’s organic isn’t enough when you need to find a multivitamin that is high-quality and safe. Here are some of the things that you should look out for in a men’s organic vitamin.

mens organic multivitamins

Ingredients Made from Organic Foods Grown Without Pesticides

The organic label can only be included on a product that has been verified by the USDA as such. That means the ingredients that are used in that specific product have been sourced from organically grown foods without the use of any pesticides, fertilizers or artificial chemicals. Those harsh chemicals and additives can put you at a higher risk of developing disease, cancer and other health complications.

Look for 100% Natural on the Product’s Label

Try to find a product that contains as many natural ingredients on the label as possible. As a dietician I always recommend to my clients that they see how many ingredients they recognize or can pronounce. If you see whole food ingredients that are part of a person’s everyday diet, you’re looking at something with quality. If there are a bunch of inclusions that aren’t easy to pronounce and you have no idea what they are, you’re probably not dealing with something that was naturally sourced. Stay away from those kinds of products at all costs. A company will often label their product as 100 percent natural if they meet the criteria for doing so, so you’re aware of the kind of product you’re getting if you buy from them.

Reputable Brand

I understand that all brands need to start somewhere, but I prefer to shop with companies that are reputable and established. You can trust their products more when you see that they have a pretty good following of clientele. Does a brand have an accessible customer service department that you can contact with your questions and concerns? Do they list real life reviews on their website? How long has a brand been around? These are all questions to ask when looking for a men’s organic multivitamin.

Honest Customer Reviews with Good Ratings

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a men’s multivitamin from an in-person store or through an online retailer like Amazon, as long as you know you’re getting a legitimate product. I like to take an extra step and visit the website for that specific company’s product. One thing I look for right away is honest customer reviews and ratings. If nothing is listed, this typically makes me question the reputability of a brand or product. If this information is included, I want to know how many reviews are on there and how many of them are positive. I also take a look at any negative reviews that are on a website to see if there’s anything I should be watching out for.

The Seven Best Men’s Organic Multivitamins You Can Find

#1. Ritual Essential Multivitamin for Men

ritual organic mens vitamins

The scientifically developed multivitamin from Ritual has been designed for men between the age of 18 and 49 to help fill in any nutritional gaps that exist in their diets. A delayed capsule design prevents this multivitamin from breaking down too early in your GI tract. That’s a problem that occurs with a lot of supplements and it decreases the bioavailability of a product. Real, whole-food, traceable ingredients are used for Ritual Essential Multivitamin for Men, including non-soy vitamin K2 and omega-3 DHA from microalgae, vitamin D3 from lichen and vitamin E from mixed tocopherols.


  • Delayed-release capsule design for increased absorption rate
  • No nasty aftertaste
  • Vegan friendly
  • Made from traceable ingredients
  • Transparent brand
  • No artificial colors or additives
  • Free from major allergens


  • Calcium and vitamin C have been left out of this formulation
  • It can take three to four months to see results from this product

#2. Autumn DNA Personalized Vitamins

autumn dna multivitamins organic

Instead of wasting money on products that you don’t need and won’t benefit from, Autumn DNA has created a personalized approach to multivitamins for men (and women). Utilizing advanced DNA research and a lifestyle assessment, you receive only the nutrients and ingredients that your body will utilize for your specific needs. Algorithms are used from your data to determine the best multivitamin routine. All of your products are sent to you in nice little packets (one per day), labeled with your information and what’s included. This is a great way to optimize your health and wellness routine without using a trial-and-error approach.


  • Personalized approach to wellness and supplement use
  • Takes into account your DNA and lifestyle
  • You receive high-quality supplements based on your needs
  • Your data is not stored, and everything is handled in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • You can upload existing data from Ancestry.com or 23andMe.com


  • Algorithms are used to determine what you need rather than specific blood tests or assessments
  • You’ll need to invest in a DNA kit to start out with if you don’t already have this data available elsewhere

#3. Primal Harvest Multivitamin

primal harvest multivitamins organic

This Primal Multivitamin (read review here) from Primal Harvest offers optimal nutritional support through 21 different vitamins and minerals. All it takes is one capsule per day to fill in nutritional gaps, enhance your energy levels, boost immune function, keep your skin healthy (by way of antioxidants) and even improve your mood. This full-spectrum multivitamin for men (and women) is made using a science-backed blend that includes all of the elements you need in order to build a strong nutritional foundation.


  • Contains 21 key vitamins and minerals
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Supports healthy energy
  • Boosts your immune response
  • Safely made in a GMP-certified facility


  • Some of the ingredients are included at mega-dosed amounts
  • Contains gelatin, which some people avoid

#4. 1st Phorm M-Factor for Men

1st phorm m factor men organic vitamins

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1st Phorm M-Factor for Men has been made with active men in mind. It offers vital micronutrient support through a specialized delivery system to ensure that your body is getting what it needs so you feel energized, strong and focused. All essential vitamins and minerals have been included in precise ratios to meet the demands of your body. Made with men in mind, 1st Phorm M-Factor for Men contains A2PC, which is a unique blend of essential and non-essential amino acids that boost protein synthesis, stimulates muscle growth and reduces your recovery time. Whether you’re training hard in the gym, or you just live a very active lifestyle, I recommend using this product as part of your daily routine.

I suggest you take a look at this product on the 1st Phorm website (https://1stphorm.com) to get an idea of what’s included in this formulation. There is a full panel of nutrients included, the A2PC amino acid blend I referred to above as well as a Superfood Antioxidant blend that contains high-potency nutrients from papaya leaf, spirulina, ginger, garlic and wheatgrass just to name a few.


  • Maximizes natural energy levels
  • Addresses nutritional deficiencies
  • Increases macronutrient intake
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Stimulates muscle function
  • Balances hormone levels


  • You may have to take this product twice per day if it’s a particularly heavy training day for you. It might be hard to remember to take it again in the afternoon.

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#5. First Day Vitamins for Men (Best Organic Men’s Multivitamin Gummy)

first day organic mens vitamins

First Day’s Men's Daily Provisions multivitamin is my top pick for an organic men’s multivitamin. This is a gummy supplement that is for males over the age of 17. It contains a unique fruit and vegetable blend along with nine key nutrients that support an active and modern lifestyle. Chock full of antioxidants and phytonutrients, Daily Provisions contains real food, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting into your body. This is a simple approach to filling in nutritional gaps for vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, C, D3 and K.

This is my favorite multivitamin pick by far, thanks to how simple yet effective it is. You don’t have to worry about a long list of ingredients that you probably don’t need most of what’s included. Rather, you’re just getting the essentials that a lot of men are deficient in. First Day takes the less is more approach, which is why a lot of the amounts are set at less than the daily recommended allowance. This is a complement to a healthy diet and lifestyle.


  • Comes in a tasty gummy drop
  • Contains an organic fruit a vegetable blend of ingredients
  • Nine key nutrients included
  • Free of all major allergens
  • Vegan friendly
  • Contains 80 percent less sugar than similar men’s multivitamins


  • Two gummies per serving, and not every man is interested in multivitamins in gummy form

#6. Giddy Health Multivitamin for Men

giddy health organic

Giddy Health Multivitamin for Men is based on decades of scientific research and more than 400 clinical results. Designed to provide men with access to essential nutrients and health support, Giddy Health Multivitamin for Men supports healthy nerve function, protects cardiovascular health, boosts the immune system and improves metabolism all while filling in nutritional gaps that may exist in a man’s diet. The capsule design has been created with a high bioavailability rate in mind and includes B complex vitamins, D3, K2, E, magnesium, selenium and zinc.


  • Designed to help men obtain essential nutrients
  • Based off of decades of scientific research
  • Supports heart health
  • Boosts immune function
  • Maintains a healthy antioxidant balance
  • High bioavailability


  • There are complementary products that you can purchase to support prostate health and libido, but these ingredients are not included in this multivitamin formulation

#7. Vous Vitamins

vous vitamins organic

Vous Vitamins takes the guesswork out of the nutritional aspect of your lifestyle. A brief assessment provides a board-certified physician with information about your diet, exercise routine, lifestyle and health issues so you can then receive a personalized recommendation regarding the type of multivitamin product you should be using. The multivitamins themselves have also been formulated by physicians, and I’m a big fan of this product based on its reputability.

Vous Vitamins is based on the research done by the brand’s co-founders, Romy Block, MD, and Ariel Levitan, MD. You can indicate if you’re looking to boost your mood, you don’t feel like you have enough energy, your workout routine puts a good deal of strain on your body, etc. All of these things will be addressed with your multivitamin recommendation.


  • Customized vitamin plan based on advice from physicians
  • Subscribe to receive regular deliveries
  • Takes your unique nutritional needs in mind
  • Formulated by physicians
  • Doesn’t contain unnecessary ingredients


  • You will have to start out with an assessment in order to receive personalized recommendations moving forward. Don’t expect to order your product on the first day.


As a registered dietician, I’ve spoken with a lot of men that assume they’re probably lacking nutrients in their diet. However, not many of them have taken a proactive approach to finding a multivitamin that is designed with their needs in mind. As a person ages, it becomes harder and harder to obtain all of the essential nutrients that the body needs from diet alone. That’s why I recommend finding a multivitamin that can fill in those gaps and keep your body functioning as optimally as possible. I also recommend finding an organic product if possible, so you don’t have to worry about putting anything dangerous or unnecessary into your body.

Should You Go for a Male-Specific Organic Multivitamin?

If you’re a man that needs to start taking an organic multivitamin, I absolutely recommend that you start your search by looking at products that are male-specific. The reason for this is that men have very different nutritional needs than women. Our bodies function differently, there are different hormones that come into play and diet is very different between the two genders. It makes perfect sense to me that you try and obtain a multivitamin that is as specific to your body type as possible in order to reap the most benefits.

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