TUSKI Water Flosser: Effective for Teeth Cleaning? We Review

The Tuski Water Flosser provides a superior way to clean your teeth and keep your gums healthy over the traditional floss method, but is it as effective? This article will help you decide.

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Developing and maintaining a proper oral care routine is extremely important. Not only is this important for the health of your teeth and gums, but oral hygiene affects your entire body. Fresher breath, shinier teeth and healthy gums are just some of the noticeable signs that you’re taking care of your mouth, but oral hygiene can also prevent blood sugar issues, heart disease concerns and much more.

In addition to visiting a dentist periodically, the steps that you take at home to care for your teeth and gums is important. Brushing and flossing should be done on a regular basis. There are other tools that you can use to take your oral hygiene routine to the next level. For example, a water flosser is a great way to clean deep in between your teeth and along your gum line. It’s affordable and very simple to use.

Benefits of Water Flossing Your Teeth

Water flossers use a strong jet of water to clean food, bacteria and plaque from in between your teeth and even below your gum line. This tool takes flossing to a deeper level, so you don’t have to worry about invasive or involved procedures at your dentist’s office. You can prevent a great deal of tartar and plaque buildup with a water flosser or waterpik.

Can Be Better Than Using Traditional Floss

Traditional floss has to be manually fed in between your teeth in order to remove any buildup or debris. Some people have trouble with this process or have factors to take into consideration that make flossing difficult (braces, bridges, etc.) Some people just don’t like to spend time tediously flossing in between each tooth. A water flosser can be used as an alternative. It’s sometimes better than traditional floss because of the pressure that’s used for cleaning purposes. You can get a deeper and more effective clean with a water flosser.

Cleans Bacteria from Deep Spots in Teeth

We have billions of bacteria living in our mouth at any given moment. That’s why it’s so important to regularly brush and floss your teeth. A lot of this bacteria is hiding in the tiny nooks and crannies of your mouth, and it can be quite hard to reach them. A water flosser will shoot jets of water in between your teeth to flush out any bacteria that is present. This would otherwise be left behind from brushing or traditional flossing.

Quick and Easy

There are a few different water flosser designs. Most of them are quite easy to use. You simply have to fill up a small reservoir with either plain water or a mixture of water and mouthwash. You then choose the setting that you want to run the flosser on. Most units allow you to choose between different pressure levels. It takes just minutes to run through the tank of water. You simply let your flosser air dry until the next time you need to use it.

Quick Summary of the Tuski Water Flosser Review

Product:Tuski Water Flosser
Claimed Benefits:Removes plaque from treated areas, removes bacteria, helps clean teeth, quick and easy
Cost:$89.99 for 1, $138.99 for 2, $177.99 for 3
Free Shipping:Yes, they ship anywhere in the world
Ship Worldwide:Yes
Better than traditional floss:For some people, yes
Key Technology Used:360 degree rotatable nozzle, Jet tips, 4 different modes, cordless and waterproof
Average Customer Rating:4.5/5 (Over 100 reviews)
GW Rating:4.6/5
summary information tuski water flosser

Tuski Water Flosser

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Overall Quality
Brand Transparency
Ability to Clean Between Teeth
Ability to Clean Gum Areas


Packed with claimed benefits and innovative technology, the TUSKI Water Flosser can help you clean your teeth and keep your gums healthy.


Introducing the Tuski Water Flosser

the TUSKI Water Flosser black and white

The Tuski Water Flosser is a very simple and compact product that utilizes high pressure water technology to clean deep in between your teeth and gums. After regular use you’ll notice that your gums are healthier, your breath is fresher, and your teeth appear whiter. It takes approximately thirty seconds for you to run through the cleaning cycle.


  • The Tuski Water Flosser unit is waterproof, so you can take it in the shower with you to minimize messes
  • Provides 360-degree coverage
  • USB rechargeable and the charge will last for about 20 days
  • Cordless design allows you to travel with your Tuski Water Flosser


  • Only comes in white or black
  • Small tank design. Some units come with a bigger reservoir

Claimed Benefits

TUSKI Water Flosser benefits

There are general benefits that you get when you’re using a water flosser, but the Tuski Water Flosser claims their unit can provide a number of benefits when you use it properly and regularly.

Removes Plaque from Treated Areas

The Tuski Water Flosser allows you to direct a strong burst of water into different areas of your mouth where plaque might be located. This pressure combined with different pulsations can quickly get your mouth super clean in a way that regular floss cannot.

Removes Bacteria Deep Between Teeth

Regular brushing isn’t usually effective enough to get all of the bacteria out from in between your teeth. You can use the Tuski Water Flosser to get a more effective clean so that you reduce your risk of bad breath and even blood clots that can travel to your heart.

Helps Clean Teeth for People with Braces, Implants, Filling, Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

If you have braces, dental implants, fillings, crowns, bridges or veneers, brushing and flossing can be a big challenge. All of these things can make it hard to get your mouth totally clean. A water flosser is extremely important if you have hard to reach areas that can get pretty gunky. Not to mention, a water pick can often be gentler overall than manually brushing and scraping away at your teeth.

Quick and Easy, Better Than Floss

You can purchase floss as thread that you wind around your fingers and feed in between your teeth. You can also buy small floss picks that you work around your teeth. Regardless of what tool you’re using, it’s much quicker and easier to use a water pick. It takes just seconds to prepare, and the Tuski unit runs through its cleaning cycle in just thirty seconds. You can repeat if it’s necessary.

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The Technology

TUSKI's technology

The Tuski Water Flosser has an innovative design that provides you with a cleaning like you’ve never had before. Let’s break down some of the features that this unit has.

360 Degrees Rotatable Nozzle

This tip of the Tuski Flosser can rotate 360-degrees. That means you can adjust it anyway that is necessary in order to get behind and in between all of your hard-to-reach areas. Some flossers don’t have this feature, and it can be difficult to manually move the entire unit in the direction you need it to go.

Jet Tips

Your package comes with two jet tips that fit onto your flosser. This means you can use one and keep the other for another time when it’s time for a fresh tip. You can also share the flosser with your spouse or someone else in the home. You switch out the tips and share the base.

4 Different Modes and Pressure Settings

There are four different pressure settings that you can choose from. This includes normal, soft, pulse and DIY. You choose what you use based on what’s comfortable for your mouth. Some people have very sensitive teeth and gums, so you’ll want to stick with a gentler setting.

Cordless and Waterproof

The entire flosser is cordless, so you don’t have to worry about being plugged in anywhere while you’re using it. You simply charge it periodically so it’s ready to use whenever you need it. You can expose your Tuski to water, so feel free to fill it up and take it in the shower with you. Make it part of your shower routine for a quick oral cleaning!

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Cost and Where to Buy

pricing and purchase of TUSKI

The TUSKI Water Flosser costs $89.99 for 1, $138.99 for 2, or $177.99 for 3. You can buy it on their official website, which they provide free shipping. They also ship worldwide. I believe it's full of value because it lasts a long time and you would be saving money in the long run from purchasing floss all the time. Furthermore, if you use it the right way, it really cleans the space between your teeth and can keep your gums healthy.

Real Tuski Reviews and Average Rating

The average rating of the Tuski water flosser is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. The most favorable and preferred features include the length of time that the unit works without having to be recharged, the strength of the water pressure that is applied at the highest setting, the short duration of time that is needed for a cleaning and the quality of the cleaning that you achieve. Tuski also has a great customer service department if you have any issues that need to be addressed.

customer reviews and rating tuski water flosser

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Alternatives Compared to Tuski Water Flosser

TUSKI water flosser alternatives

Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser

This battery-operated water flosser is compact and can be taken on the road with you when you travel. It removes up to 99.9 percent of plaque from treated areas. It’s 50 percent more effective than just using floss alone. It runs off of regular batteries, so you don’t have to worry about charging it. A five-ounce water reservoir runs for about 30 seconds. For under $50, this is a great flosser to try out if you’ve never used this technology before.

Nicwell Water Dental Flosser

This rechargeable dental irrigator comes with four different floss modes as well as five tips. Two of them are the standard tip style while the other three consist of different tools that you can use to get a deep clean. A 360-degree rotating head makes it comfortable to use your flosser in the shower, bathroom or wherever you need it.

Portable H2ofloss Water Flosser

This super affordable flosser comes with five different modes and six tips. A rechargeable lithium battery can charge quickly and last for about 15 uses. A waterproof design allows you to take your flosser in the shower, but it also helps to prevent leaks if you’re using it at the sink. The unit is lightweight and features a rotating head design.

The Bottom Line: Is It Effective for Teeth Cleaning?

It’s easy to quickly brush your teeth and feel like you’re done with your oral care routine. However, you’ve left behind a lot of residual tartar buildup, plaque, bacteria and food particles. When you don’t tend to these things, you can end up dealing with dental issues, infection, etc. Investing in a water flosser can ensure that you’re getting a deep clean from home in between your professional cleanings and checkups.

The Tuski Water Flosser is a convenient and affordable product to purchase and it takes your oral care routine to the next level. I like that it’s waterproof, so I can use it right in the shower without making a mess of my bathroom vanity. It’s also convenient that it can be used up to 20 times before having to recharge. Not only will you notice the difference of a Tuski cleaning, but your dentist will probably notice a difference as well.

TUSKI Water Flosser on bathroom sink

Tips for Success

Developing a good oral care routine is imperative if you want to have healthy teeth and gums for the duration of your lifetime. You can work with your dentist to determine where you need to improve, but I would also like to share some tips with you.

  • Use a toothpaste product with fluoride to protect the surface of your teeth.
  • You should be brushing your teeth at least two times per day. Flossing should also be done routinely to get rid of any buildup. It doesn’t really matter if you floss before or after brushing, but some people prefer to brush after to remove anything that has been loosened up.
  • You should see your dentist once per year for a routine checkup and cleaning. Your dentist can let you know if there are specific areas of your mouth that need to be cleaned better or addressed If you experience any pain or issues in between those visits, make sure you call to set up an appointment.
  • Smoking is something that can quickly damage and destroy your teeth. If you’re a smoker, take the necessary steps to quit as soon as possible. This is beneficial for your oral health but also for your overall health.
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