Unbloat Reviews: Effective for Combating Bloating? An Expert Answers

Unbloat is a doctor-formulated “bloating” supplement that helps combat bloating with 40 premium ingredients highlighted by 21 enzymes, and, what’s more is that with a subscription, you have access to free on-demand consultations from the founder (Dr. Shilpa Mehra) herself – #value.

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Life feels heavy when you're bloated. Bloating causes us to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. It's also a sign that something is off in your body. A product called Unbloat promises to end bloating using an all-natural, doctor-approved formula.

Is Unbloat the key to finally feeling like you should? As a registered dietitian, this formula really stands out from other options because it contains probiotics, prebiotic fibers, key digestive enzymes and some herbal ingredients. So many formulas out there only focus on “getting rid of excess water” for temporary relief instead of supporting your gut for a bloat-free life. Take a look at what you should know if you're floating the idea of trying Unbloat to end bloating.

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What Are the Main Causes of Bloating?

We all bloat for different reasons. The important thing to know is that bloating isn't normal just because you experience it constantly. Some people simply believe that they are “prone to bloating.” The reality is that your body is bloating in response to something.

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Quick Summary of Unbloat Review

Product:Unbloat (fight bloating supplement)
Founder:Dr. Shilpa Mehra (linkedin) Gastroenterologist at Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey
Ask live questions to Dr. Shilpa Mehra:✔, with subscription
Price:$59 for a 1x payment, or $49 if you subscribe
Coupon Code:GW (15% off)
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Avg. User Rating4.9/5 ⭐ (Over 100 reviews)
GW Rating:4.7/5 ⭐ (With a doctor-formulated product that specializes as a Gastroenterologist, you won't find a better supplement that combats bloating)
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What Is Unbloat?

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Let's talk about Unbloat. What makes this product really fascinating is that it's been formulated to address all of the major causes of bloating. While its job is to get rid of bloating, the truth is that this product is really all about creating balance. Here's what Unbloat claims to do:

  • Ease stomach bloating.
  • Reduce abdominal pain/discomfort.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Improve mood.

You may be wondering how a product that claims to reduce bloating can be linked to things like your mood and immune system. It's actually not that mysterious at all once you have an understanding of the gut-body connection.

Improving Immune system through the gut

Most people don't realize that 80% of the immune system is actually housed in the gut! Unfortunately, this is something that the medical community has ignored for far too long. Most doctors did not even ask patients questions about digestion and gut health when they showed up for help with illness, pain or autoimmune issues up until very recently. As a dietician, I prioritize conversations about gut health whenever clients are struggling with health issues that don't have very clear causes.

Mood boosting through a healthy gut

I don't want to skip over the fact that Unbloat also claims to boost mood. Can this be real? Again, it's a case of understanding the important role the gut plays in overall health. Gut bacteria manufacture roughly 95% of the body's supply of serotonin. Serotonin is one of the most important hormones produced by the body because it's tied to mood, emotional stability, cognitive function and mental clarity. Many issues with mood and mental illness start in the gut! While I am not a psychologist, I can speak as a dietician to say that many people are probably stuck in loops of trying to treat issues that are biologically rooted in a gut imbalance using therapies and medications that aren't addressing the underlying problem.

Helping you get your gut in balance

The bottom line is that healing the body very often starts with healing the gut by getting it in balance. That's why I get very excited about products like Unbloat because they help people to address the underlying, gut-level causes of health imbalances. Unbloat supports these three areas:

  • Healthy digestion
  • Weight management
  • Bowel regularity
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It's so important for all of these areas to be covered when you're getting your gut in balance because the gut is such a complex landscape. Healthy digestion is crucial because improper digestion can lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria that will ultimately overtake good bacteria. This is where you run into issues with illness, exhaustion and mood. Weight management is also an important aspect of stopping bloating because we know from research that being overweight is linked with low bacterial diversity that is linked with impaired glucose homeostasis, higher low-grade inflammation and other serious health issues.

Finally, using a natural and gentle product that supports bowel regularity is also so essential when tackling bloating. Constipation is one of the biggest causes of bloating. It can also lead to poor gut health. When stool stays in your colon for longer periods of time, this allows bacteria to ferment to create more gas and bloating. Many people who struggle with slow bowel movements turn to laxatives that are harsh on the digestive system. This can actually cause your gut health to worsen in the long run even though it provides an immediate feeling of relief. A product like Unbloat helps to get your body back on a cycle of regularity.

I think it's obvious why someone who struggles with bloating would consider Unbloat. I'm about to dive into the pros, cons, whos should use it, and the ingredients used in this product to help you get a better picture of how it supports gut health to end bloating. First, let's run through the pros and cons.


  • I love that it has probiotics and prebiotic fibers. These are the keys to restoring a healthy gut.
  • It's easy to take two pills per day.
  • Puts everything in place to tackle bloating from all causes.
  • Free of dairy, gluten, soy, GMOs, nuts, shellfish, sesame and preservatives.
  • Appropriate for vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, gluten-free and paleo diets.
  • Can generally be taken with other supplements.


  • Not a rapid treatment system. You'll need to give it a full two weeks before you experience benefits.
  • No options for customized formulas.
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Who Should Use Unbloat?

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Unbloat is for anyone suffering from bloating. While my one complaint about this product is that you can't get any sort of custom formula, this is also one of the assets. This bloating supplement has been designed to address all of the core causes of bloating for everyone. While it can generally be taken regardless of factors like age, health conditions or existing supplementation, I suggest asking your doctor before you begin an Unbloat regimen.

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Key Ingredients

I breezed through some of the ingredients that make me really excited about Unbloat. I want to go a little deeper to talk about how these ingredients help to support gut balance to stop bloating.

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Folate (Folic Acid): 500 mcg

Folate is an important water-soluble vitamin that our body needs to produce DNA, RNA, bone marrow and blood cells. It also transforms complex carbohydrates into simple sugars for energy. Folate is essential for healthy digestion.

Magnesium (Magnesium Citrate): 70 mg

Research shows that magnesium may help with weight management due to its influence on regulating blood sugar and insulin levels. This same research also shows that magnesium can help to reduce water retention and bloating. As a result, magnesium is so important for both long-term weight management and immediate bloating relief.

Probiotics for Gut Health: 37 mg

Good gut health is really all about having the right balance of probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that keep your gut healthy. When good bacteria levels become depleted, illness moves in. Many people don't realize that healthy bacteria will not become restored without intervention. It's very easy for the gut to become unbalanced. Factors like antibiotics, stress, infection and poor dietary choices can “kill off” good bacteria. Probiotics can influence your body’s immune response like almost nothing else!

Prebiotic Fiber: 276 mg

Prebiotic fiber is finally getting the attention it deserves! While it's nice to see the use of probiotics in the Unbloat product, I'm even more excited that this company has decided to maximize the benefits of its probiotics by adding prebiotic fibers. Prebiotic fibers are very interesting because they actually aren't digestible by your body. Their role is to travel to your lower digestive tract to serve as food sources for the good bacteria in your gut! You can see why so many products that only offer probiotics just don't go far enough for creating sustained benefits.

21 Important Enzymes to Break Down Foods: 40 mg

While most people have never been told about the importance of digestive enzymes, the truth is that your digestive system cannot thrive without the right balance of enzymes. The enzymes selected for Unbloat work with chemicals like bile and stomach acid to efficiently break down food particles during digestion. This is where you're going to see that smoother digestion without pain or bloating. What's more, your body is finally going to be able to use nutrients in the most efficient ways possible for building muscle, supporting cellular function and providing energy.

Nutrients for Bowel Support: 198 mg

I love that Unbloat doesn't stop its work in the microbiome. While supporting gut health using probiotics and prebiotics is essential, the truth is that the digestive system is bigger than just the gut. Many people who suffer from bloating also experience irritated, irritable bowels.

Bloat-Fighting Herbal Formula: 78 mg

Unbloat's use of natural herbs to calm the digestive system can provide relief if you've been dealing with an irritated tummy. In addition to soothing the stomach, these herbs also help to fight bloating related to inflammation. Peppermint leaf, fennel seed, ginger root, turmeric root, milk thistle and spirulina algae have all been used for centuries as digestive aids for relaxing the intestinal muscles to relieve pain and pressure.

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Main Benefits

Let's cover what you have to gain by losing your bloat with Unbloat.

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No More Bloating

If your gut is off balance, it's very reasonable to expect that you're going to see a reduction in bloating once you begin taking a supplement like Unbloat. The fact that it covers every base in one supplement helps to erase the trial-and-error problem that we often run into when trying to fix digestive issues. I think you could easily spend 10 times the amount of money on individual supplements without ever getting the right balance of dosages.

Boosted Gut Health and Immunity

I think I was pretty thorough up above regarding the link between gut health and your immune system. Unbloat is fantastic when it comes to aligning probiotics and prebiotics to help good bacteria reconquer your gut. If your bloating is accompanied by sluggish digestion, constant sickness or sensitivities to foods, I think there could really be something here for you.

Maintaining Healthy Weight

In addition to promoting better digestion to help your body use the food you eat more efficiently, Unbloat actually uses ingredients that go beyond the digestive tract. The magnesium in Unbloat really intrigues me because it's linked with regulated blood sugar and insulin levels.

Feeling Confident Again

Living a bloated life is such an unpredictable, frustrating way to be. You never quite know how you'll feel, how your clothes will fit or how certain foods will trigger discomfort. I've seen the way that some of my clients can fluctuate by several pounds on any given day due to bloating. A product like Unbloat can be great for making you feel like your body isn't your enemy. Feeling lighter and freer can definitely make you feel more confident.

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How Much Does It Cost? Where Do You Buy Unbloat?

Unbloat costs $59 per bottle. While things can change, I'm seeing that the company is offering free shipping. Bumping up to a two-bottle supply costs $108. You can also stock up when you get three bottles for $147. Customers save 17% when they subscribe for automated orders. The best way to buy Unbloat is to order at Unbloat.me to make sure you're getting an authentic product!

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Alternatives Compared to Unbloat

The truth is that there are many anti-bloating products out there. Most are focused on reducing water weight in the short term. The closest fit to Unbloat is FLATTER ME by HUM Nutrition. FLATTER ME uses natural ingredients like ginger, fennel and peppermint. However, FLATTER ME only offers 11 enzymes compared to Unbloat's 21 enzymes. It also pales in comparison when it comes to Unbloat's powerhouse delivery of probiotics and prebiotics. Be careful about bloating supplements that are just cleverly marketed laxatives!

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Is It Effective? A Dietitian's Recommendation

Unbloat isn't a magic wand that can cure all of your deepest digestive issues. It may not go far enough if you have a severe bacterial issue. However, the average person suffering from bloat for any reason ranging from poorly balanced gut bacteria to constipation will probably see big changes when it comes to feeling lighter and freer. You may find that you feel healthier and more energetic simply because of the way this formula supports mood-linked serotonin production, a healthier immune system and general wellness that extends beyond your gut!

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Do I recommend unbloat? Yes, thumbs up 👍!

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Tips for Success From the RD

My biggest tip is to be consistent with taking your Unbloat if you start this supplement. The ingredients aren't meant to be “quick fixes.”

It's going to take at least two weeks for the ingredients to begin building up healthy bacteria to provide you with long-term bloating relief.

While Unbloat can do a lot of the heavy lifting for getting rid of heaviness in your digestive system, this supplement can't “do it all.”

You can enhance the benefits by eating a healthy, balanced diet full of gut-healthy foods like yogurt, leafy greens and unrefined carbohydrates.

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