Vessel Health Reviews: Worth It? A Dietitian Explores

Vessel Health is an at-home wellness tracker that provides detailed insights, recommendations, supplements, and a personalized nutrition plan based on your urine testing strip that you scan and get instant results back – they’re for sure changing the personalized wellness game!

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When our body doesn’t have the nutrients that it needs, there are many different health issues and symptoms that can present themselves. Some people can experience issues such as fatigue or headaches, while others will develop hormone imbalances or even disease.

Many people visit their primary care physician each year for a full blood panel to see if they’re deficient in anything or experiencing any kind of health concerns.

Technology has made it even easier to check on our health from the convenience of our own home. Without having to schedule a doctor’s appointment, have blood drawn and then worry about the bills that come from that, you can now use a system such as Vessel Health.

Furthermore, developments in technology have changed the way that people can secure their healthcare. Instead of a once-a-year appointment and physical, people can now check up on their bodies, nutrient deficiencies and much more using a program like Vessel Health.

This article aims to provide you all the information you need about Vessel Health in an organized fashion. I’ll cover pros, cons, what it tests for, how much it costs, alternatives and if it’s worth it.

Quick Summary of Vessel Health Review

Product:At-home wellness tracker
Testing procedure:Urine sample on a Vessel Health wellness card, then scan card for instant results
Integrated App:
Personalized Supplements:
Personalized Nutrition Plan
Brand:Vessel Health
Wellness coaching included:
Membership Pricing:click to check pricing page
Avg. Member Rating:4.4/5 ⭐ (300+ reviews)
GW Rating:4.8/5 ⭐
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What Is Vessel Health?

Vessel Health is an in-home wellness tracker that can immediately determine what your body needs at that given moment. It’s an affordable program that is consistent with its real-time results. You can keep track of your own results, making changes as you see fit to look and feel your best.

Vessel Health was previously known as Bloom. The updated company and program utilizes urination test strips that you use, and then you refer to your app to interpret your results. The data that you compile can be used to change how you eat, how much you drink and what supplements or changes you may make to your overall lifestyle to improve your health. You can utilize this program each month, on a weekly basis or you can do it daily if you find the need. 

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  • Based on your results, Vessel Health will provide you with recommendations regarding recipes, dietary changes and supplements that will help you deal with any negative results you received. 
  • You will learn how to decrease your stress levels and flush toxins out of your body using Vessel Health. This equates to a more optimal state of health. 
  • You can use your test strips and program as often as you would like. 
  • Additional guidance is available (but not included in your basic plan) at an additional fee. You will be put in touch with a qualified nutritionist that can provide you with advice based on your results.
  • You have the ability to track your changes and improvements on your own.
  • You can purchase Vessel Fuel, which is a personalized concentration of all the vitamins that you need based on your results. 


  • The program can get a bit expensive depending on what you’re looking to utilize. For example, a bottle of Vessel Fuel costs around $40 for a one-month supply. If you want to use the nutritionist consultation, this is $25 for 15 minutes. 
  • One thing I noticed about Vessel Health is its very much nutrition based. It’s optimal for someone that doesn’t like to work out regularly, but exercise can be very beneficial for one’s overall health. 

How Does It Work?

Vessel Health is very easy to utilize. You receive information with your test strips that explains how you will use the program, how to use the strips, how to download the app and how to interpret your results. If you have any questions along the way, there is customer service available to help you. 

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The Wellness Test Card

With the purchase of Vessel Health, you receive test strips that you urinate on when you’re ready to test your nutrient levels. It only takes three minutes for the test to be completed. After the three minutes is up, you simply scan your test strip using the Vessel Health app you’ve downloaded on your phone. 

Review Test Results

All of your results and recommendations will appear on your app once you’ve scanned your test strip. The information shows up immediately, along with explanations regarding the foods, supplements and lifestyle changes you should consider making in order to have the biggest impact on your life. 

Implement the Recommendations

Once you’ve made the changes that you feel comfortable with, you can see the difference in how you feel. Some people experience a boost in energy, more endurance, better quality sleep, less stress and anxiety, etc. Your own wellness is in your hands with Vessel Health. 

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What Does Vessel Test For?

All of the nutrients that Vessel tests for are based off hundreds of different studies. Each test card will look at your levels of:

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Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that aids the body in nerve function and muscle function. People who have low levels of magnesium can experience headaches, palpitations and anxiety.


Cortisol is a steroid hormone in the body that comes from the adrenal glands. When you have low levels of cortisol, you can experience trouble sleeping, low energy levels and anxiety. If you experience a lot of stress in your life, this can have a negative effect on your adrenals / cortisol levels.

Vitamin B7

Having healthy vitamin B7 levels will assist with normal metabolism functions. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a big role in our immune function. It can help you to fight off illness and it can shorten the duration of an illness. 


Our body should be functioning at a pH level of 7.4 in order for all of our bodily processes to be performing optimally.


Our bodies are mainly made up of water, so we need to pay close attention to our hydration levels. In addition to consuming enough water, we need to address our consumption of electrolytes as well. Electrolytes affect many functions in the body such as nerve function and heart health. 

Ketone A

Ketone A directly affects our energy levels and metabolism. We can gain important knowledge regarding weight loss and optimal energy if we know what our Ketone A level is. 

Ketone B

Ketone B in the body helps convert fat into energy while also lowering our blood pressure and boosting our mental activity.

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How Personalized Are Vessel’s Recommendations?

You’re obviously the person who is using the test cards, but you may be wondering how personalized these results really are. This entire program is based on scientific data. Over 350 different studies have been taken into account for this program, and you have access to this information through the app you download to use Vessel Health. 

Your results will be listed in the ranges of low, good and high. The levels that you test at will be compared to all of the most recent data that they have to make your recommendations. The Vessel Health program is always being improved upon to provide the most clear and accurate results possible. Algorithms are being fine-tuned at all times to better identify necessary foods, supplements, hydration levels, etc. 

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How Much Does It Cost?

You can tailor your Vessel Health membership as you see fit, and the most basic membership option is pretty affordable. You can spend anywhere from $20 to $350 per month. Some people will want the supplemental products and consultations, while others feel they can guide themselves to make healthy changes based on the results that they receive. 

If you opt for the weekly testing opportunity, a monthly membership costs $50 per month, and you’ll receive four test cards for that time frame. If you upgrade to the six-month membership, it costs $40 per month while providing four test cards per month. A twelve-month membership is $35 per month with four cards provided for the month. 

Some people find the need to test daily. There is a daily testing membership that costs $350 per month, providing 30 cards for that month. The six-month membership costs $280 per month with 30 cards included. Lastly, the twelve-month membership will cost $245 per month for 30 cards monthly. 

The monthly testing package costs $30 per month with one card included. The six-month package is $25 per month for one card each month. The twelve-month package is $20 per month for one card each month. 

You have the option to change your membership anytime if you decide that you want to change the frequency of your testing. You can also pause your membership or cancel if need be. A thirty-day guarantee is also included if you decide that the Vessel Health program isn’t working for you.

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Who Should Try It?

Vessel Health is a great program that works for many different kinds of people and scenarios. If you’re somebody that wants to better understand why their body is working the way it is, then it might be worth it to try one of the lower-level memberships. If you like how it works and you’re finding the results are helpful, you can always upgrade so you’re testing more often. 

If you’re dealing with serious health issues or disease, then you’ll also need to support of a trusted and knowledgeable medical professional that you can see in-person from time to time. Vessel Health works best for someone that is healthy but looking to deal with potential nutritional deficiencies. Symptoms like low energy, sleep issues and brain fog can effectively be improved with Vessel Health. 

You may not experience any of these issues but simply want to have a snapshot of what your overall nutrient profile looks like. You may be surprised at what you find out from your results. 

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Try Vessel Health Now!

Average Rating and Real Customer Reviews

Vessel Health has an average rating of 4/5 stars on the apple app store. Most members talk about how important their testing results have been for them and how it's changing their daily habits. The road to a healthier, more prosperous life starts with good, healthy habits, so it's nice to see reviewers talk about that for a change.

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Alternatives Compared to Vessel Health

Vessel Health tests for some very specific nutrients. This profile might not be exactly what you’re interested in. There are some other programs that are worth considering as well. NutriSense CGM tests your blood glucose levels to see how they respond to food, exercise, stress, and sleep. You can change up when you eat, how you eat, your exercise routine and sleep schedule based on your results. Signos CGM also tests your glucose levels to provide you with data that allows you to assess your metabolic signals and make timely changes to how you’re eating and exercising.

Zoe tests your GI health, blood fat and blood glucose levels with an at-home test kit. You’ll learn more about how your body responds to high carbohydrate foods. 

Lumen is a handheld device that you breathe into to learn more about how you can increase your ability to burn fat, lose weight and naturally boost your energy levels.

InsideTracker is a Garmin programs that allows you to pair your blood and DNA results with your activity data in order to personalize your health and wellness approach. 

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Is It Worth It? A Dietitian’s Recommendation

Out of all the similar programs that I’ve looked at, I think that Vessel Health is definitely one of the top health programs to consider trying. The fact that your results are compared to algorithms from hundreds of scientific studies shows that you’re getting beneficial information. This isn’t a program that was simply created by a couple nutritionists or fitness instructors. The data being used to make your recommendations is proven to be effective and important.

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Tips for Success from the RD  

Before you sign up for Vessel Health, spend a bit of time thinking about what you want to accomplish. This will help you determine how frequently you want to test. If you feel like you’re in pretty good health but simply want to learn more about your overall health, you can probably get away with testing monthly for a few months.

A person that wants to test each week or even each day will have health issues that they want to address. Our bodies can change quite a bit from day to day based on how we’re eating, what we’re doing and even fluctuations in our hormone levels. Make sure that you’re tracking your data using the Vessel Health app.

Depending on the results that you receive, there are a few different ways that you can proceed. For example, some people can make a few changes in what they’re eating each day in order to feel better and improve their results. Other people may not have the personal knowledge necessary in order to deal with results that may be very out of whack. This is where supplements from Vessel Health and advice from a nutritional consultation can come into play. Don't be afraid to find your own supplements as well, depending on what you need to change moving forward. 

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