Vitamin Bounty Keto Review: Worth It? A Dietitian Examines

Vitamin Bounty holds a strong grip in the keto supplement sector, which we’ll go over in full detail in this review.

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By now you’ve probably heard about the ketogenic (keto) diet and know a little bit about it. It’s a very beneficial system that helps you lose weight, increase your energy levels, control your appetite, increase focus and even reduce your risk of diabetes. However, there’s a very specific meal plan that you need to follow in order to make this process more successful. There are even supplements and products that can help boost the results you see.

I want to take a closer look at the Vitamin Bounty product line. This is a brand that sells products that really help you lose more weight and experience increased energy while following your diet and exercise regimen. You can also avoid any setbacks or side effects when you complement this lifestyle with products like the Get into Keto Bhb Ketone Drink, Burn on Keto calorie burning supplement and the Tune Your Keto Multivitamin.

Quick Summary of Vitamin Bounty Keto Supplements Review

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Vitamin Bounty Keto Supplements

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Vitamin Bounty provides the ultimate answers for your keto supplement needs, as they have something for the complete beginner to get you started to the advanced person looking to get the full benefits from living the keto lifestyle.


What Is the Vitamin Bounty Keto Supplement Line?

vitamin bounty keto supplement line

Vitamin Bounty has a vast product line, but they have a specific category dedicated to keto supplements. This is designed to help you recover faster from your cheat days, fill in any nutritional gaps that you’re experiencing and supercharge your ketosis. The goal is to boost what your body does naturally so you feel your best each day. Some of their specific keto products include:

Get Into Keto – Exogenous BHB Ketones

get into keto vitamin bounty

We’re all human and it’s unrealistic to think that we won’t slip up on our diet or have a cheat day here and there. If you’re following a keto diet very strictly and have a cheat day, you might end up feeling lousy the next day. If you supplement with the Exogenous BHB Ketones supplement from Vitamin Bounty, you’ll avoid missing your keto mark. You can also use it at the start of your keto journey to avoid keto flu, which are some unpleasant symptoms that can occur when your body is adjusting.

Stay in Keto – MCT Oil Powder

stay in keto vitamin bounty

Stay in Keto- MCT Oil Powder is a very versatile product that you can add into any of your daily beverages (both hot and cold) for a quick boost of energy and focus. It’s made from organic coconuts and fats that are easy for your body to digest and make use of. It also contains organic acacia fiber and the probiotic L. acidophilus. Get ready for better digestive health as well!

Burn on Keto

burn on keto vitamin bounty

The Burn on Keto supplement by Vitamin Bounty is infused with BHB, which is a naturally produced ketone in the body. It’s what our body uses for energy when we don’t have enough glucose present. This is a great supplement to use to help take your workout routine to the next level. You’ll have more endurance, more motivation and plenty of energy to achieve your personal goals.

Crush On Keto – Cherry Pre-Workout

crush on keto vitamin bounty

Preparing for your workouts is just as important as recovery. This Crush On Keto Pre-workout powder gives you the energy that you need to get through a workout while enhancing your endurance levels and speeding up recovery. This is a special formula that won’t make you feel jittery like a lot of other pre-workouts will. It contains a precise combination of Ketones and beta-alanine that work fast in the body.

Tune Your Keto – Multivitamin

tune your keto vitamin bounty

It’s really important that you pay close attention to the nutrients that you’re getting from the diet plan that you’re following, regardless of what that is. The Tune Your Keto Multivitamin is designed to fill in those nutritional gaps that might be present with a formulation of magnesium, potassium, MCT oil, vitamin A, vitamin C and much more. This helps your body remain in a ketogenic state.

Digest On Keto – Probiotics with Digestive Enzymes

digest on keto vitamin bounty

You’ve probably realized by now that I’m a big supporter of probiotic supplements to keep your digestive system on track. The Digest on Keto supplement contains a panel of probiotics along with digestive enzymes. This is designed to help you address and prevent any digestive problems that you may be experiencing from the keto lifestyle. Stomach pain, constipation and diarrhea are just some of the things your body might experience when you’re starting out.


  • These supplements are all keto-friendly and sugar free
  • Designed to function as a compliment to the steps you’re already taking during your ketogenic journey (diet and exercise)
  • Many Vitamin Bounty products contain plant-based digestive enzymes to help you breakdown food
  • Ingredients come from high quality and natural sources
  • Prevent nutritional deficiencies, increase energy and prevent GI issues with Vitamin Bounty keto supplements


  • There may be a period of digestive upset while your body gets used to being on these supplements and following a keto protocol
  • Results can vary from person to person

Claimed Benefits

benefits vitamin bounty keto

Vitamin Bounty products have very distinct purposes. You’ll find a number of products as part of their lineup that you may find very helpful while you’re living a keto lifestyle. In general, there are a number of benefits that the brand boasts.

Higher Energy

Your workout is a very important part of your keto lifestyle. It’s ideal to have enough energy during these workouts so you can achieve all of your goals. Vitamin Bounty has formulated their products to boost your energy levels thanks to naturally occurring ketones, electrolyte supplementation, beta-alanine and L-citrulline.

Better Digestion

The keto diet in general has the potential to balance your gastrointestinal system and boost digestion. Consuming less carbs may affect your gut in ways you didn’t expect. You can adjust and boost your gut health with probiotic supplements from Vitamin Bounty. You can also cut down on bloat and make your digestive system more efficient.

Increased Immunity

Who can’t benefit from a boost in immune function? Whether you’re exposed to a lot of germs at work, your kids bring home a lot of illness from school or you have health issues that make you at higher risk of developing complications from an illness, you can increase your immune function with Vitamin Bounty Keto Supplements. The gut health supplements boost your immune system since much of our immune response comes from our gut. A lot of the additional nutrients in their multivitamin supplement assist as well.

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Ingredients Analysis

ingredients vitamin bounty keto

Paying close attention to what you’re putting into your body when you’re trying to remain in a ketogenic state is ideal, and you can do this by watching the ingredients that are in the supplements that you’re using. Ingredients vary from product to product with Vitamin Bounty supplements.

BHB Ketones

One of the main ketones found in the body. It’s naturally produced, but we can benefit from supplementation. Our bodies use Bhb as energy when glucose isn’t in abundance.

MCT Oil Powder

Fractionated MCT oil powder in Vitamin Bounty products is sourced from organic coconuts. These medium chain triglycerides help boost performance, reduce body fat, help with the development of lean muscle and aids in weight loss. It’s also a healthy source of natural fat.

Acacia Fiber

Acacia fiber is a prebiotic fiber that boosts gut health.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

The is a beneficial bacteria that is often found in the small intestine of the body. This is where your food is mainly being digested. Lactobacillus Acidophilus helps produce lactase and other vitamins while preventing diarrhea and other intestinal upset.


Calcium is used to keep your bones strong while assisting with numerous bodily functions.


Magnesium is a requirement for energy production, building muscle and maintaining healthy nerve function. Your body also uses magnesium to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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Cost and Where to Buy

You can view and purchase the different Vitamin Bounty Ketone supplements that I’ve talked about here by visiting the Vitamin Bounty website at https://vitaminbounty.com/. Products retail for anywhere from $23.99 to $82.99 for the bundled items. You can piece together the items you think you might benefit from, or choose one of the sets that the brand recommends because they work well together.

Alternatives Compared to Vitamin Bounty Keto

There are a number of supplement brands that manufacture keto-based products if you’re not interested in the Vitamin Bounty brand. From powders to oral capsules and even coffee-based products, here are some of the top brands and products to consider.


deltaG has a few different product types for the keto lifestyle. This includes their performance products, overall health items, ketone coffee booster and a tactical supplement for high performance recovery.

Their products are on the high end of the price spectrum, but they use high quality ingredients to provide you with what your body needs to lose weight, maintain your goal weight, exercise at an optimal level and much more. deltaG has pre-workouts that get you the fuel needed for an impressive workout every time. Their recovery products are consumed thirty minutes after your workout has ended to speed up healing time and boost nutritional consumption.

Beam organics

Beam Organics is a keto friendly product line that isn’t just for people living a keto lifestyle. These are versatile products that you can choose to boost energy, get a more restful night of sleep, speed up recovery and encourage a sense of calm.

Their products are unique, so you can use them however you choose. Their tinctures can be added to your smoothies or beverages. They have a really tasty nighttime cocoa product that you drink hot to get your body and mind ready for bed.

Average Rating and Vitamin Bounty Keto Customer Reviews

There are thousands of reviews listed on the Vitamin Bounty website and they are very favorable. The Get Into Keto – Exogenous BHB Ketones is one of the most popular products with 1,171 reviews. People have used it to get back to a state of ketosis faster, to boost energy levels and to tackle challenges with a ketogenic lifestyle.

The Burn On Keto is another popular product with 1,020 reviews. People have found this product to dramatically boost their energy levels without causing any jitters. They have also helped with weight loss and reducing cravings.

customer reviews vitamin bounty keto

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The Bottom Line: Are These Keto Supplements Worth It?

A lot of foods are eliminated from a keto diet, which can leave you with some serious nutritional deficiencies. I like keto supplements that help to fill in these gaps. It’s also nice to find a pre-workout supplement that compliments your keto lifestyle. Being able to get in a good workout each session is imperative if you want to maintain a healthy weight and look great. The Vitamin Bounty brand is nice because their products are designed with ketosis in mind. They want to help you achieve your goals even on those tough days where you just can’t seem to get it right.

The Vitamin Bounty Keto Supplement lineup is quite affordable, considering the great results it can give you in a short amount of time. Your workouts become more effective and more efficient with the use of these products. Your keto diet won’t seem so overwhelming when you’re consuming additional nutrients. You’ll feel better and not struggle with your lifestyle when you have support from a brand such as Vitamin Bounty.

worth it - vitamin bounty keto

Tips for Success from the RD

A keto lifestyle can help you achieve some short term goals, but it’s easy to fall off track. If you’re committing to a keto lifestyle long term, I have some tips that can help you.

Learn As Much As You Can

The keto diet is a much different one than many other diets that focus on counting calories, removing refined sugars or increasing protein intake. You need to learn quite a bit about achieve a ketogenic state and remaining there to see results. I recommend reading as much as you can about keto diets before you get started. Make sure you have your meals planned, your exercise regimen ready and purchase supplements and products that you want to use.

Forget About Temporary Swaps

Get rid of the foods that no longer serve you and don’t intend to go back to them. Clean out your cupboards and refrigerator, swapping your non-keto friendly foods for items that are now going to be your go-to selections. If you truly want to change, you’ll need to stick with what works. Don’t put temptations right in front of your face where you have to constantly fight them. Get rid of them entirely. You can’t cheat if there’s nothing to cheat with.

Join a Community

If you’re someone that would benefit from peer support or being held accountable, see if there’s an online keto community that you can join. This is a great way to get meal ideas, get advice for challenges that you are facing and much more.

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