Vitamin Energy Shots Review: Effective? A Dietitian Examines

Vitamin Energy aims to provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals into a robust “shot” to help boost energy that claims to last up to 7 hours, or even more.

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As a dietitian, I don't necessarily recommend supplements to my clients because I'm a firm believer (and so are my peers) that any one of us can get all the vitamins and minerals from what we choose to eat – a specific diet with specific foods geared towards a common goal – Go Wellness!

Those who lack energy, or need an energy boost during the afternoon slump tend to gravitate towards an afternoon cup of coffee or energy drinks (like Redbull or Monster). Surprisingly so, one of the most common questions I get from those who feel they are low on energy is, “is it fine for my health to consume energy drinks?” The answer is so simple, and that is, if you stick to foods that provide energy, you'll have energy.

The question then becomes, can there actually be a supplement that packs all those vitamins and minerals from the energy foods into one small shot… a vitamin energy shot?

It's definitely a concept I wanted to explore, that's for sure.

I'll always be pro-diet, eat healthy, drink plenty of water… ultimately I believe in changing your eating habits to achieve optimized wellness. However, I love writing about new brands and products in the wellness space, especially because many of my clients like to read my thoughts on them. Plus, if it is something that could help people achieve more energy through vitamins and minerals, I'd love to help as well.

If you're someone who is on a wellness journey, but find yourself low on energy during the most important time of your day, then Vitamin Energy may be a good solution for you. We'll get into the details during this article or why it is becoming super popular, but more importantly, the ingredients behind it that make it very effective to stay energized for up to 7 hours all while getting the proper nutrition as this supplement is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Quick Summary of Vitamin Energy Shots Review

Product:Vitamin Energy Shots
Best for:Those who need more energy through vitamins and minerals without caffeine, like coffee and toxic energy drinks
Brand:Vitamin Energy
Cost:From $24.95 (8 Bottle Bundle Pack)
No sugar crash:
Keto Friendly:
Avg. User Rating:4.7/5 ⭐ (Over 100 reviews)
GW Rating:4.5/5 ⭐

Introducing Vitamin Energy

Vitamin Energy is a collection of dietary supplements that contain a whole host of different antioxidants and vitamins that will nourish, heal and protect the body. Their products are also designed to provide you with plenty of energy through caffeine and B-vitamins. I know I personally strive to stay as healthy as possible. I simply don’t have time to be sick, and I know other people feel this same way. As a dietician I know the ways to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle, but it’s nice to use supplements as a way to cover those gaps in our diet.

Depending on what you’re looking to accomplish with a supplement, there are different options through the Vitamin Energy lineup. If you’ve tried similar products before and have experienced that energy crash halfway through the day, I know what you’ve gone through. I find that this product line provides a lot more energy for a longer period of time.

introduction vitamin energy


  • This is a much healthier way to boost your energy levels than drinking cup after cup of coffee every day. Not only will you naturally boost your energy levels, but you can also boost your immune system, so you stay healthy and feel your best.
  • A lot of my clients complain that they start to experience brain fog halfway through the day. This product helps you stay alert throughout the entire day, and you’ll start to wind down like normal at the end of the day.
  • If mood is an issue for you or you experience things like anxiety, panic attacks or depression, the B-vitamins in these products are a great way to boost your mood.
  • Working out if an important part of your lifestyle, and Vitamin Energy products can help you recover from these workouts faster so you can get back at it sooner.
  • The price points for the different Vitamin Energy products are affordable.


  • If you’re looking for these products for the first time, make sure that you have the right brand. There are some other similar products on the market that you can easily confuse with this Vitamin Energy.
  • The experiences that one person has with the product will vary from the next person that tries it. The only way to know how it will benefit you is to try it for yourself.

Products (Shots) Overview from Vitamin Energy


The Vitamin version of this product is designed to naturally boost your energy levels whether you’re going through a normal workday, working out, doing a sports activity, etc.

It includes vitamins B3, B6, B12, magnesium, potassium and caffeine.

You can consume one bottle each day for the most consistent results.

vitamin overview


Vitamin Energy Immune contains Vitamin D, B12, B3, B5, B6 and B12 along with caffeine. It’s a single bottle that’s ready to drink, and you should consume one bottle per day to boost your immune system regularly enough that it helps to keep you healthy.

immune overview


The Vitamin Energy Cocktail supplement is a very well-rounded product that contains a lot of ingredients that will boost your energy, your immune system and much more. It contains vitamins (Vitamin A, C, D E, folate, Riboflavin, Thiamine, B12), minerals (electrolytes), herbs, caffeine and antioxidants.

You can drink one bottle per day to support a healthy immune system.

cocktail overview


There are a lot of things that can contribute to low mood, including low energy, lack of B-vitamins and much more. The Vitamin Energy Mood+ contains Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 along with natural caffeine. It provides you with a very natural energy boost that will improve mental clarity.

It can be consumed each day, and you can also use it to support healthy weight loss while improving your overall gut health.

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Vitamin B12 is necessary to the body if you’re looking to keep your cells and body healthy. It’s also used in the synthesis of iron, so supplementing with it can prevent anemia in some cases. We can also use B12 to boost our immune system, so we stay healthier through cold and flu season.

b12 overview

Ingredient Analysis

Each Vitamin Energy product has been made with certain ingredients in mind. While an energy boost is something you’ll receive with each of these products, there are other ingredients included that will provide you with things like workout recovery, increased focus and a boosted immune system. Let’s take a look at the different ingredients that Vitamin Energy includes in their products. This will help you make a decision regarding which of their products you want to try out first.

ingredient analysis

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, can be found in many different fruits and vegetables. It’s water soluble, so you can’t overdose on it. It’s also a very powerful antioxidant, so it helps to boost your immune system, protects your connective tissues, protects your bones and helps you maintain healthy skin and nails.

ingredient analysis vitamin c

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is known as Niacin, and it is needed by the body for things like brain function, joint health, maintaining a healthy cholesterol ratio in the body and managing a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B3 also plays a big role in the overall energy production in your body.

ingredient analysis vitamin b3

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is necessary for proper immune system function along with a well-balanced nervous system. Brain development thrives with the supplementation of Vitamin B6. It can also aid in the function of your immune system and hemoglobin formation.

ingredient analysis vitamin b6

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is something that we need to consume regular amounts of in order to maintain our energy levels, to form red blood cells in the body and for DNA synthesis. Vitamin B12 can help prevent osteoporosis by increasing your bone density.

ingredient analysis vitamin b12

Vitamin D

It’s important that we consume enough Vitamin D throughout the year. In the warm summer months, we get a lot of our Vitamin D from the sun. However, supplementation is important in the winter when we’re not getting outside as much. Our bodies use Vitamin D to maintain healthy bones and teeth, protect against cancer and help us fight off illness. Low levels of Vitamin D can result in anxiety, depression and low energy levels.

ingredient analysis vitamin d

Verdict on Claimed Benefits

Energy Levels

Products often claim to do a lot of different things, and personal experience usually determines whether or not those things are true. When it comes to Vitamin Energy boosting energy levels, I’ve found this to be true. In addition to the caffeine that’s in the products, the vitamins that are used are all known for increasing energy levels in the body.

verdict energy levels

Overall Health

Making sure that you’re consuming the right vitamins and minerals each day is what will help your body function optimally. A lot of us have gaps in our nutrition, whether we realize it or not. Even people who eat a very healthy diet will have days when they’re just not getting enough of something. The Vitamin Energy lineup is a convenient way to boost some of these vitamins that contribute to our overall health.

verdict overall health

Antioxidant Support

Antioxidant supplementation is a great way to boost our immune systems. Whether you’re looking to prevent a cold, the flu or Covid-19, the antioxidants in Vitamin Energy can’t hurt you.

verdict antioxidant support

Weight Management

Whether or not you’ll be able to manage a healthy weight with the use of Vitamin Energy is up for debate. Some people will find that they are able to work out more efficiently with an increase in energy. This can help to maintain a healthier weight. Other people may not find that this is the secret to their weight loss, and that’s ok. It serves plenty of other purposes.

verdict weight management

Immune System

Boosting your immune system is definitely something that you’ll be able to do with any of the Vitamin Energy products, especially the Immune+ products. These are vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will help your immune system function as optimally as possible.

verdict immune system

Cost and Where to Buy

The cost of Vitamin Energy products is quite affordable. Whether you’re looking for one of the drinks or the capsules, you’ll find that the average cost of one product is approximately $29.97, sometimes on sale for $24.95 for a top-selling bundle of 8 bottles. The products can all be found on the company’s website, and there are other retailers online that you can purchase from, such as amazon.

where to buy and cost

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Alternatives to Vitamin Energy

There are obviously plenty of energy-boosting supplements out there, but not many that rely on pure vitamins and minerals, or even clinically tested, healthy ingredients. That said, there are a few Vitamin Energy alternatives if you don't think it's a good fit, but maybe looking for something similar. NoonBrew is perfect for those needing a jolt of energy during the afternoon slump time (2PM) instead of drinking coffee. ONNIT New Mood provides a sense of calm, but also can help with focus. Herbaly Wellness Tea is great if you're looking for a focus-type of herbal tea, as well as Tenzo Matcha Tea (which is probably better than Herbaly). And, finally, for those who love the immunity-boosting supplements (which also provide us energy) take a hard look at Immuneti Nutrition, a brand that has been gaining positive momentum based on great results from their customers.

Are These Vitamin Energy Shots Effective?

People who have used Vitamin Energy products claim that they work. You’ll typically experience that initial boost in energy, and the other benefits are something that you’ll have to wait to see if they are present. For example, you might not know that you’re getting an immune boost until you realize that you’re fighting off an illness and have an easier time doing so. Personal experiences will vary.

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Tips for Success from the RD

As a registered dietician, I always recommend doing your research before you start using any kind of products or supplements. We should always be very careful with what we’re putting into our bodies. It’s also really important to think about what you’re looking to accomplish with your health. Do you want increased energy levels? Is immune function something that’s very important to you? Is your mood suffering and you want a method of boosting that on certain days? I like that Vitamin Energy has a variety of products that you can choose from. This really lets you tailor your experience how you see fit.

Keep in mind, these products are not recommended for women who are pregnant or are nursing. You should also check with your doctor before starting any kind of supplementation regimen if you're dealing with any chronic health issues or conditions.

Rd tips for success
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