Zuma Nutrition Review: Worth It? A Dietitian Inspects

Zuma Nutrition offers supplements to help improve your beauty, stress and mood, detoxification, and gut health.

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When you want to look and feel your best there are a lot of different components to take into consideration. For example, your gut health can translate to how healthy your skin and hair looks. A buildup of toxins in your body can affect your immune system, your energy and stress levels. Finding different ways to promote health and wellbeing in your own life can ensure that you’re feeling confident, happy and healthy each and every day.

This article is going to focus on a brand called Zuma Nutrition. Carrying a number of different products that are designed to detox your body, support lymphatic drainage, boost gut health and improve your appearance, Zuma Nutrition is a powerful asset to have in your back pocket. Let’s take a look at what this brand is based off of, what they sell and some alternatives to consider purchasing.

Quick Summary of Zuma Nutrition Review

Products:Supplements for wellness
Categories of supplements:Beauty, Brain Function, Energy, Detox, Gut Health, Immunity, Plant-Based Supplements, Stress
Who owns Zuma Nutrition:Richard Helfrich and Jordan Dorn
Coupon / Discount Code:Yes, for 15% Off use code “GW”
Where to buy:zumanutrition.com
Avg. Customer Rating:4.8/5
GW Rating:4.6/5

Zuma Nutrition

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Zuma Nutrition offers supplements to help improve your beauty, stress and mood, detoxification, and gut health.


Introducing Zuma Nutrition

zuma nutrition supplements

The Zuma Nutrition team believes that the key to finding the fountain of youth is to look internally. While topical creams, lotions and oils can benefit the exterior of your skin, making sure you’re consuming beneficial nutrients that will oxygenate and protect your cells is much more effective. A large range of beauty supplements are available to help promote healthy and glowing skin no matter what age you are.

Behind the Brand (Who owns it?)

Zuma Nutrition was created by naturopath, Richard Helfrich and holistic nutritionist, Jordan Dorn. Helfrich was inspired to change his lifestyle when he found out that he suffered from cardiomyopathy. This progressive heart muscle disease often requires a transplant at some point, but Helfrich was determined to find a way to protect and rebuild his heart. Through a path to self-discovery, Helfrich has found a way to help thousands of people. This includes a number of celebrities and famous personalities. He has also authored four books focusing on immune health and longevity.

Jordan Dorn is the co-founder of Zuma Nutrition. He is a holistic nutritionist that has dealt with addiction, depression, and anxiety in his past. Dorn discovered the relationship between his health and his micro biome, dietary habits, and nutrient deficiencies. His dedication to his own path down the road to alternative medicine and healthy lifestyle practices inspired him to work with Helfrich to develop this brand.

Category of Supplements Offered

  • Beauty
  • Brain Function / Energy
  • Detox
  • Gut Health
  • Immunity
  • Plant Based Supplements
  • Stress


  • Herbs and superfoods used are organic
  • 40 years of research and decades of experience are used to make Zuma Nutrition items
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Manufacturing processes include nanotechnology, emulsified liposomal deliveries, freeze-dried extraction processes, water extraction, supercritical C02 extraction and dual alcohol extractions
  • Third party lab testing is used to confirm quality


  • There are no products available for anyone under the age of 18

Is Zuma Nutrition a Good Company?

It appears that the Zuma Nutrition team puts a great deal of research and thought into the products that they create. They realize the link between whole body health and how you look on the outside (not to mention how you feel). They use organic and high-quality ingredients to manufacture their items in a GMP-certified facility. They also focus on sustainable farming practices and utilize third party testing to check the quality of the products that they’re selling.

Parasite Detox

zuma nutrition parasite detox

The Zuma Nutrition Parasite Detox cleanses many different types of parasites during different life stages. It also helps support your gut health so your intestines and colon are cleaner and detoxified. Parasite Detox is suspended in a water soluble liquid for a more optimal absorption rate. This allows your body to reap the benefits of the included ingredients much better than a capsule or powder would. All of the ingredients have been fresh sourced from raw ingredients in Idaho. Small batches are made at a time to keep quality consistent.

Liver Detox & Support Tonic

zuma nutrition liver detox and support

Liver Detox and Support Tonic from Zuma Nutrition contains a potent blend of seven different organic herbs that support a healthy liver. Herbs such as milk thistle seed extract have been specifically chosen to support the liver’s natural detox process. Suspended in a water-soluble liquid, your body will be able to fully absorb this product and benefit from its use.

The liver is our first line of defense against toxins that we come into contact with. Unfortunately, we put a lot of strain on our liver due to toxins in drinking water, pollution in the air around us, etc. Over time our liver can become less functional because of this constant stress. That’s where a product like Liver Detox and Support Tonic comes in. It will heal and rejuvenate the liver detoxification process while also supporting gut health and healthy metabolism.

Fulvic Acid & Trace Ocean Minerals

zuma nutrition fulvic acid trace ocean minerals

Over the course of one single day, your average person can be exposed to thousands of different chemicals and toxins. This can include chemicals in our food, cleaning products, plastics and even pollution in the air that we breathe. If our body is unable to keep up with removing these toxins from our body, this can lead to a whole host of health issues. You may experience a decreased immune response, more stress, sleep issues, GI problems and even cancer. This Fulvic Acid and Trace Ocean Minerals supplement helps support the detoxification process by addressing a cleanse at a cellular level. Fulvic acid has a very small molecular size that allows it to penetrate into cell membranes and bind to toxins so they can be removed.

Fulvic Acid and Trace Ocean Minerals supplement can also increase energy, so you feel less fatigued. Mineral deficiencies are common but can be restored thanks to the inclusion of 70 different trace minerals in this Zuma Nutrition product.

Candida Cleanse Tonic

zuma nutrition candida cleanse tonic

Candida infections are very common and often go undiagnosed by the medical community. When you leave these infections untreated, it can transfer to the bloodstream and affect your heart, brain, eyes and bones. Most people experience a candida infection because of taking antibiotics or eating a diet that is high in refined carbohydrates. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis and experiencing chronic stress can affect your microbiome in a way that is disruptive and allows the growth of candida. This Candida Cleanse Tonic helps to keep candida levels in the body at a normal level so you don’t experience symptoms. It contains Oregon grape root extract, goldenseal, cloves, ginger and Echinacea which act as anti-fungals, anti-parastics and boosts liver health. You can also use this product to treat oral thrush.

Multi-Strain Probiotic Complex

zuma nutrition multi-strain probiotic complex

Boost your beneficial gut bacteria with this multi-strain probiotic complex that has been clinically studied and determined to rebalance the gut microbiome. With regular use of this product, you should see an improvement in your digestion and metabolism. Gut health is incredibly important when it comes to our digestive health, immune function, mental health, etc. The most optimal ratio in the gut is ninety percent good bacteria and ten percent bad. The further you get from this ratio, the worse you can feel. This is when people will have trouble fighting against parasites and pathogens. You could also see improvement from the use of this product if you’re experiencing allergies, eczema or a viral infection.

Complete Amino Acid Formula

The Complete Amino Acid Formula from Zuma Nutrition supports healthy collagen synthesis in the body as well as protein synthesis. You can improve your joint health, energy levels, cognitive function and neurotransmitter balance with regular use. It contains nine essential amino acids as well as eleven other non-essential ones. It’s sourced from organic vegetables so it’s completely vegan friendly.

Amino acids are incredibly important for the body to function properly. We can’t produce essential amino acids on our own, so we must source them through food or supplements. Most people aren’t getting enough from their diet which is why products like Complete Amino Acid Formula exist.

Happy Hormones

Women produce less and less estrogen as they approach menopause. When this occurs, hormones can become imbalanced which leads to stress, thyroid issues, mental health problems and gut issues. Happy Hormones Tonic will rebalance the estrogen and progesterone balance in the body so you feel better. You can also use it to treat PMS symptoms and restore energy levels. Active ingredients are chasteberry, evening primrose extract, wild yam and black cohosh.

Pricing and Where to Buy Zuma Nutrition

You can visit https://www.zumanutrition.com/ to look through their different product categories and options. Prices vary depending on what you’re looking for, and you can save some money by pairing some of the selections together into bundles. Roughly, many of the popular products cost around $50 or so for one bottle.

Real Zuma Nutrition Reviews and Average Rating

Ratings and reviews are included for each individual Zuma Nutrition product. They have a very loyal following of clients that are thrilled at the results they’ve seen with regular use of Zuma supplements.

The Happy Hormones Tonic has a five out of five star rating with more than 95 positive reviews. It’s helped people deal with dramatic hormone imbalances, low energy and GI issues relating to hormones.

The Parasite Detox Tonic has a five out of five star rating with more than 300 reviews. It’s helped people skip harsh prescription medications while detoxing their body and promoting healthier liver function.

Read more reviews here.

Alternatives Compared to Zuma Nutrition

zuma nutrition alternatives

Looking for similar products to Zuma Nutrition? Here are some alternatives.

1st Phorm Liver Detox

1st Phorm’s Liver Detox supplement addresses all of the toxins that we’re exposed to each day. It focuses on liver health and support (as well as the kidneys) since this is the organ in the body that we rely on most to protect us from these harmful substances. Ingredients include turmeric, burdock root, milk thistle, dandelion root extract and artichoke extract. It’s a very safe and natural supplement.

Go to 1st Phorm Liver Detox

Chef V Detox

Chef V is such a great brand (read review) because they use nutrition to support and detox the body. This 21-day detox is just one of the programs that they offer. It’s designed to remove toxins, parasites and other materials from the body, so you feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of the three weeks. Organic juices are the basis of this detox, providing you with an exceptional amount of nutrients. Your products are shipped to you fresh each week. The quality is impressive, and you receive additional support in the form of emails, recipes and more.

Go to Chef V Detox


ColonBroom has gone to great lengths to develop products that help the gut thrive. Their product helps the body reset and detox from things like toxins and parasites. It has a very high fiber content from psyllium husk so it will get your gut and metabolism moving. ColonBroom has the potential to boost liver function, increase energy levels and decrease unwanted GI issues like bloating and gas.

Go to ColonBroom

Primal Harvest Gut Restore

Primal Harvest Gut Restore supports a natural immune response while increasing your energy levels so you feel amazing. It also helps with gut health, so you experience less bloating, gas and constipation. The main ingredients are prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. CoreBiome Tributyrin is also included to strengthen the gut barrier and Powerful B. longum BB536 promotes regularity.

Go to Primal Gut Restore

The Bottom Line: Is it worth it?

worth it zuma nutrition supplements

Zuma Nutrition and the other products that I’ve included as potential alternatives are made from natural and high-quality ingredients that are very beneficial to the body. They all have the potential to detoxify the body in various ways while improving symptoms that you may be experiencing. From gut health to mental health and everything else in between, I’m confident you’ll benefit from one of the products that are listed in this article.

Tips for Success from the RD

Looking for ways to keep your body as clean as possible (in addition to using detox supplements and programs)? Here are some healthy tips you can utilize.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is a major component of our body, and we need to keep a steady flow of water going into our body in order to help flush out toxins and hydrate the body. Make sure you’re drinking purified water. Otherwise, you’re simply exposing yourself to more things that you don’t need in your body like particulates, chlorine, etc.

Eat Whole Foods

Eating healthy whole foods regularly will increase your fiber intake which keeps your gut healthy and moving. Whole foods also have a very high nutrient composition.

Get Your Workout On

Make sure you’re exercising at least a few days per week for a minimum of thirty minutes. The goal is to sweat so your body has the ability to release toxins from the body. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water before, during and after your workout to increase the effectiveness of this process.

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